InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 9-4-08

 A 1st appearance from 1977 makes it to the Hot Picks!





Marvel Spotlight # 33 Marvel is reaching back into the vault once again to bring the fans a new perspective on an old character. Dead of Night featuring Devil Slayer # 1 will be written by horror novelist Brian Keen of The Rising and Dark Hollow films. Get the first appearance of this devil from a 1977 comic Marvel Spotlight # 33. At a mere $17 this comic is a steal. If Dead of Night sells out, which it probably will, Marvel Spotlight # 33 will be the comic to have along with your Dead of….issue.

New X men # 37 Magik is returning to Marvel this week with the release of X Men The return of Magik # 1. The comic will bring Magik back into the X Men chaos as well as give a deeper look into the origins and makings of the character Magik. Make sure to go back into the back issue bin and pick up New X-Men # 37. This origin issue serves up as being a catalyst to the Return of issue. Also look to the Magik mini series from 1985. These issues served up as semi-origin issues. Both issues are coming in at an affordable $5. Now go make some magic and make these issues disappear in the back issue bins.

Others to watch for………

Vampirella Quarterly Summer 2008  Anarchy Studios/Harris Comic will release an early Halloween treat with this extreme variant for only $19. Extreme, like in only 500 copies made. Franchesco provides the variant; we provide the info, you provide the CGC insurance, you provide it for Ebay $$$$$,……now go buy it!




Sub-Mariner The Depths # 1 Another year, another Namor number one issue. This character can not hold a solo series. History has proven this time after time. The mini’s fare no better. He’s one of those heroes that need to be a role player, not the leader. Marvel promises the story of the ages for our water boy hero. Yada yada yada….. Maybe this will be the time? No. Will this be one of those quick hits? Yes. Buy, read, enjoy, sell.




Marvel Apes # 1 Marvel is going full tilt on this monkey deal. Pulling out all of the variants for random titles and not apologizing for it. It looks quite silly and forced. Maybe this will hit, maybe not, either way this monkey business will not stand on its own for long. King Kong, Planet of The Apes and Curious George among some others are the only monkeys to sustain the test of time. Sorry Marvel, you do indeed look like you’ll be slipping on a banana on this one.



See you next week.

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 8-27-08



Looks like JSA has a NEW villain to deal with, and his name is not Loki!






Amazing-Spider-Man # 569  First there was Venom, then Carnage and now Spidey will have a new thorn in his side and it’s name is Anti-Venom. Yes we know, not much of a name, but hey we’ve all heard worse. Marvel is not revealing whether or not Anti-V is a villain or a hero. Either way, this comic looks to be one of those must haves.





Skaar # 3  What more can be said about Skaar?! This comic is mucho caliente (very hot, for the non speaking Spanish community). Okay as if the hype machine isn’t big enough with this comic. Marvel says it has a shocking second story by the great Butch Guice himself. Buy this comic, buy this series, and buy it now!






Runaways # 1  This is the 3rd launch of this series, but this time we have Humberto Ramos taking the penciling duties and man does it look sweet. Bring the artistry of Ramos, a number one issue and Hollywoodtalking about this as a motion picture¦..nuff said.






Kickass # 4  Nicolas Cage just jumped on board the Hollywood/Comic Book gravy train once again. Set to start shooting in the fall in Canada, Kickass is going to do just that at the box office, kick ass. Issue #4 introduces us to Hit Girl. A nine year old that will turn this comic upside down. With the introduction here, Cage joining the fray and Matthew Vaughn directing, the Kickass series is good pick up. Did we mention that Vaughn has been tapped to direct some character named Thor!? Cool huh?!





Justice Society of America# 18 Geoff Johns has JSA on top of the reading charts for a reason. The guy knows how to write a good story. If judging a book only by its cover, JSA is in a world of trouble with the introduction of Magog. Not too keen on the name, but we’re not telling Magog that! Looking like a descendant from Asgard, this villain named Magog hopefully will stand on his own.






Other Comics To Watch For……..

Family Dynamic # 1  DC treats us to an all new team for kids.








Halloween 30th Anniversary  Michael Myers as the boogieman for 30 years now?! WOW!







Wizard Magazine # 204  This month Wizard Magazine pays homage to a fallen hero in the comic industry. Michael Turner will be missed. Buy this Wizard and share in the memories of a man that inspired many. Godspeed Michael.


See you next week.

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 8-20-08

Layla, you’ve got me on my knees……..







Amazing Spider-Man #568.  – This new storyline was featured in major magazines and newspapers around the states. It also got some media play. Why? Not really sure honestly. All we know is that it’s supposed to change things for spidey. AGAIN?! It’s rumored that Joe Q has an “out”to fix spidey back to the way most of the things were for Peter before he went and ruined everything (just kidding Joe!). So will New Ways To Die bring it? We say unfortunately no. Changes are good for a character, too many MAJOR plotlines becomes extremely redundant. So why pick ASM #568 this week then? Take a look at the variant cover. That’s a 1:25 ratio variant by none other than the living legend himself John Romita Sr. Spider-Man, Romita Sr. and a 1:25 variant cover equals gold.


 X-Factor Special Layla Miller  Layla is a mutant that will help change the landscape of the mutants as we know them. Well that’s what the hype machine; umm we mean that’s what Marvel was saying. When this X-Factor special comes out get House of M #4 before she really starts changing stuff. Layla just might be a force to be reckoned with. Might be, but you never know!…..stay tuned.




Others to watch for………

Final Crisis Legion of 3 Worlds #1 – A crisis comic finally makes the cut after weeks of missing it. Is this THE return of Superboy?! If not, return this comic to your LCS and ask for your money back.





Superman Batman #51Lil’ Supes, Lil’ Bats, Lil’ League, wow that’s a lot of lil!, but a first appearance of Superman, Batman or Justice League in any facet commands some sort of attention no matter how little or small (sorry just had to!).




See you next week. Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


InvestComics Comi Hot Picks 8-13-08

Batman will NOT R.I.P.!




 Tony Daniel Variant cover to Batman #679


 Astonishing X-Men #26  Part 2 of the new mega team of Warren Ellis and Simone Bianchi. Part 1 sold out quick and is on its way this week with a 2nd print. This comic will be a sell out as well, so don’t wait too long to pick this one up.



Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe This comic has a long history of being one of the best one shots ever made. The original one shot back in 1995 was the first time Garth Ennis ever wrote a Frank Castle story. Needless to say Ennis has made himself out to be a fan favorite when it comes to writing Punisher stories. Get the original and store it in a nice place. Get this reprint this week and READ it. You’ll love it. One more thing, if you can get your hands on the secret Skrull Variant buy it and sell together with the original 1995 issue, it will punish on the bids!


Secret Invasion Inhumans #1  Here’s a Hot Pick that will probably pay off next year. Written by TV’s Heroes Joe Pokaski, this comic according to Marvel is going to set up some major events for 2009. So get this comic now instead of trying to beat everyone else to the long boxes when that event starts shaping up. 


Batman #679  What more can possibly be said about this storyline that has not been said already here at InvestComics every single week? R.I.P. has become THE Batman event of the summer. Actually, it has become THE DC event of the year! Give kudos to DC for delivering an outstanding comic. Grant Morrison is on top of his game and Batman fans are along for the ride! And look at that Variant from Tony Daniels, TD is on top of HIS game as well.

Others to watch for……… 

Welcome To Hoxford #1  Horror writer/artist extraordinaire Ben Templesmith gives his newest creation. Read this one with dim lights, the future looks bright for this comic.

See you next week. Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


Comic Books To Film







Captain America First Appearance And Thor First Appearance Should have A Secure Spot In Your Collection!

Well before the Avengers movie hits, we’ll see Captain America and Thor make their marks on the silver screen. Do not get caught without these 2 comic books if you are looking for a nice return on your Investment. The same holds true with the first Avengers comic book. Do you remember the X-Men comic and how well that did when it gained household name status? The Avengers are headed that way, so act now.


InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 8-6-08

 Venom Year One?





 Robin #176

Every week Batman’s R.I.P. is making the cut somehow. This week comic fans the 2nd part of the transformation of Tim Drake. Will he become the NEW Dark Knight? Another griping tale from DC is coming at us and you better be ready. Forget that Crisis stuff; THIS is where the action is!!   


Venom: Dark Origin #1.One of Spider-Man’s Greatest foe is about to get a˜Year One’ treatment. Artist extraordinaire Angel Medina teams up with writer Zeb Wells in what will probably be a good read. The investment side to this comic does not look too shabby either, but it will be a comic that will be searched for later on down the road when the Venom movie comes out. Sony pictures announced just last week (coincidence?) that they are looking to grab Venom from Spider-Man 3 to take a lead in what they say was a strong and interesting character that needs to be a main attraction. Now back to comic book world. If Sony pursues this, they are going to look for a “beginning”some place. That beginning could very well be Venom Dark Origins #1. No rush at all to get this comic. It’ll be around for quite some time. Venom looks to hit the silver screen in 2012.





OKKO Cycle of earth #1.Continuing the Okko hit series comes to Earth.












Wolverine: Killing Made Simple #1.Another Wolverine comic?  Yes. Can we ever get enough of these? No. It’s Wolverine! Besides with the names Christopher Yost and Koi Turnbull attached, this is a must get!












Amazing Spider-Man Family #1.Another Spider-Man comic? Yes. Can we ever get enough of these? No. It’s Spider-Man!






 Detective Comics #847. Another R.I.P. crossover! Get all of these crossovers and sell on Ebay as a bundle. Someone will buy it and thank you.





See you next week. Invest wisely.

Jay Katz