InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 1-28-09

icfrontpage12809.gif When Mega French comic publisher Soleil teamed up with Marvel it seemed to have success written all over it…… 





Soleil (meaning ‘Sun’) is becoming the premiere European comic company and it shows no signs of slowing down. Thanks to the new merger, Soleil’s comics will now be available for the first time in the U.S. Especially with the backing of the biggest comic company in the world Marvel, it’s sure to prosper to heights of greatness. So with the first Marvel/Soleil release, Sky Doll, it came in with a very strong showing. Now enter Scourge of the Gods. This comic will follow suit with the good run that Sky Doll had or even better. Click the Hot Picks this week and you’ll get the full Marvel solicit for Scourge of the Gods. Nothing else is looking as fruitful as this comic this week, so come inside and check out some other cool things coming out this week as well as some great looking covers. 

scourgevariant1.gifScourge of the Gods #1scourgeofthegods1.gif



Writer :  Valrie Mangin – Paul Benjamin

Artist : Aleksa Gajic

Manufacturer / Publisher :  Marvel/Soleil

Description : “After a thousand years of peace, the Orbis – the Roman Galactic Empire that thought itself almighty – trembles down to its foundations. The Huns, savage warriors that came out of nowhere, are trying to conquer it. King Attila has already pillaged and burned dozens of planets without any legion being able to stop him or even slow him down. And unfortunately for Rome – Kerka, the Hun’s goddess of chaos herself – is back. But the Gods have a taste for tragedy: Kerka has been reincarnated in the body of Flavia Aetia, a young Roman girl. Is Flavia truly this macabre divinity? Is she the by-product of a terrifying plot? Or is she only the victim of a terrible destiny? A free adaptation of Hun king Attila and the Roman general Flavius Aetius’s confrontation, SCOURGE OF THE GODS replays the eternal struggle between order and chaos on the galactic level. Halfway between sci-fi and heroic fantasy, the huge epic fresco proclaims antique grandeur as well as the barbarism that lies in our future.” 

Here Is some great eye candy coming this week – Covers Of The Week 











Also coming this week……. 



Abonmination Bowen Statue retail $220.00 – Go to the Bowen Designs web page, this photo does this gorgeous statue no justice. 





Hulk VS – DVD – Who doesn’t like a good fight? Get double the action with the release of Hulk VS. The metal boned freak and The God of Thunder take on the Green guy with anger issues. Fun! 






Ralph Magazine – Okay what exactly is ‘Ralph magazine’? Who cares?? Meet the ‘NEW’ Jennifer Hawkins this week. The new?? Wow, out with the old i guess…… 






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InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 1-21-09







Hot on the heels of the successful mini epic Secret Invasion comes Dark Reign. The reign will fall quite heavy on the Marvel Universe as well as demand……

Look for a very quick second print to follow in the coming weeks. Of all of the Dark Reign number one issues to coming out, there is one you should be looking for, the NYCC Variant from Midtown Comics. The cover is beautifully done by Adi Granov with the Iron Patriot holding the America flag. The message boards are hot with the question, who is the Iron Patriot? Marvel Comics once again has created the buzz as they always seem to do with their comics and Dark Reign looks like it’s going to be a fun ride! Click above to see a full cover of the very cool Dark Reign number one NYCC Midtown Comics Variant as well as this week’s other Hot Picks. 
 Dark Avengers # 1



Amazing Spider-Man # 583(2nd Print)

Last week saw this comic sell out quickly. This week will see this comic sell out quickly. Look for a third print VERY soon as Obama fever is still extremely hot right now. 

Spider-Man Noir # 2
The Second issue of this Hot series continues. 

Here Are some other comics to check out this week……. 

Faces Of Evil Deathstroke # 1

One of DC’s most Interesting characters gets his own book (again). Who cares, one of these days DC will make ‘movies’ once again and Deathstroke will be in the middle of the madness (hope hope). Until then, this comic will be a nice add on to your collectiion. 

 Mysterius: The Unfathomable # 1

Another interesting comic from DC this week…. 

Dark Delicacies # 1

Some of the biggest writers in the horror industry come together for this quarterly release. Awesome cover too!


 Maxim Magazine # 134

How did this make it into here?!? Wow look at that though, the REAL swimsuit issue comes out this week as only Maxim can do it! Nice cover…or lack of.  


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InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 1-14-09

icfrontpage11409.gif Geoff Johns has a knack of telling some very well written stories more often than not. The New Krypton storyline is one of those examples of Geoff hitting his stride……



Action Comics # 873 (wow 873 issues!) is the finale of the New Krypton storyline written by you know who. It’s not the ‘finale’ of a good storyline that brings this comic to the Hot Picks this week, it’s Geoff Johns changing things for Superman in ways that DC is calling it a ‘cosmically important status quo change’. Okay DC so you got our attention, now please deliver! In a comic book release week in which Marvel will once again steal some very serious spotlight from DC and the rest of the comic book land with the release of Barack Spidey, it would be nice to see this comic slide right under the radar and surprise everyone. And by the way, Newsday, The Chicago Tribune and CNN have already reported on Amazing Spider-Man # 583. Good luck getting your hands on that one.

 Action Comics #873



Amazing Spider-Man # 583 Every now and then a comic book comes along that just HAS to be in your collection. It falls into that category of MUST have because of the significance of it. Spider-Man 9/11 issue, Death of Captain America and now Spider-Man and the president elect Barack Obama. The issue has sold out virtually everywhere. If you can find it, buy it and hold on to it because this comic will be a collector’s item.




battlestarcylonwar1.gifBattlestar Galactica Cylon War #1 When the release of the television series came out for Battlestar Galactica, the franchise was reborn. The comic books soon followed and that too has had success. Now we are going down a path never visited for the BG franchise in the comic book world. Witness the birth of the Cylons.






X-Men Spider-Man #3

Red hot Series Continues this week.


 Death-Defying Devil #2

Daredevil, i mean Death-Defying Devil introduces Silver Surfer, i mean Silver Streak in this issue.


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Spider-Man and President Barack Obama Team Up

spmfistbump.gifThere will be plenty of fist bumping and cash registers going when Amazing Spider-Man #583 comes out this week. Expect to see people you haven’t seen at your local comic shop since the Death of Captain America. Marvel’s flagship character teams up with the President Elect Barack Obama on Wednesday’s new comic day 1/14/09. This comic is sold out already at many comic shops and is going to command some serious bucks on the days to follow after its release. Try to find this comic if you can, but in the mean time check out some of the interior of this monumental comic that will make history along with Barack Obama making his own on January 20th 2009. So Click ahead, join history. 


Click on the RED link or any images to buy/bid on Ebay right now.




InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 1-07-09






X-Men Noir #1 sold out before it hit stands last month. This week the second issue of the red hot series continues. Do not miss this comic or you’ll probably be looking at a second print following rather quickly because it has already sold out on some major online comic book sites….

A well written X comic with pencils that are simply awesome, what more can you ask for? X Noir is hot and you better get in on the ground floor with this one. Look inside this week’s short list of Hot Picks. Remember, a short week means heading to the back issue bins or the wall to find some REAL treasures! One word – Bronze Age……..Okay that was 2 words, but still you get the idea. 


X-Men Noir # 2


Marvel Superhero Squad Hero Up



What do you get when you mix a super cool Marvel toy withmarvelsuperherosquadherouponeshotmarcelodichiaracover.gif Marvel Comics? A hit! Here we have a one shot of Marvel’s collected series from Marvel is testing the waters here and the water will probably boil over to a regular ongoing. Pick this up for junior or the princess and buy yourself a copy while you’re at it. 






Faces of Grundy #1  Your favorite zombie super villain gets his FIRST EVER soloall_american_comics_61_1944.jpg comic after 65 years of existence. DC what was the hold up here?? Let’s see, Marvel has had huge huge success with the Marvel zombie run and still till this day does. DC has a ‘Zombie’ super villain that just plain kicks ass! For 65 years!! Okay enough of that. Get this comic and reap the benefits of a good zombie villain and probably a good bang for your buck. Speaking of good bang for your buck, you should pick up All American Comics # 61 for about $7,000 (First appearance of Solomon Grundy). That’s a steal right now.



Shrapnel #1  Let’s go through the check list shall we? Robots… check, a space war…. check, a hot female hero….check and how about a bestselling sci-fi author…..check. A hit…..check. 






And now judging a book by its cover, covers of the week…… 

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