InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 2-25-09






With the recent death of Pa Kent, Superman is going through some serious changes, changes in status quo that begin in this week’s release of DC’s flagship title…….


Superman # 685  DC is telling everyone that this issue is a direct lead in to a major status quo change in the life of Superman. Let’s just hope that this issue brings more to the table than the recent ‘death of Batman’ did. DC seems to be at a crossroads in the sense they know changes need to be made as far as their major characters go. Green Lantern has been spot on, recent Wonder Woman sales have been very nice and Batman was a miss. Let’s hope 3 out of 4 here with Superman up next.




Incredible Hercules # 126  Looks like we’ll be getting an origin issue here. Marvel claims (hard to believe really!) that this will be the first time in Marvel continuity that Hercules origin will be told. Sounds like a keeper here folks!




New Avengers #50  An anniversary issue of a successful Marvel comic. It’s New Avengers VS. Dark Avengers with a wraparound cover from Billy Tan. 





Sonic Universe #1  When Sonic The Hedge Hog #1 came out years ago, many fans saw it as just another video game character getting his own comic. That comic now commands a few dollars. This week a new number 1 issue comes out that brings a whole new spin and a new universe for Sonic fans. Besides, a Sonic movie isn’t too far behind is it? 


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InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 2-18-09






Hot Picks brings the current President back with President number 16, a couple of hot series continuing, some number one issues, a finale and The Warriors come out and plaaaay. All this and some nice cover art too….
thewarriors130thanniversary.gifWarriors # 1  A movie cult classic makes it to the comic book form. What fun this is going to be! The Dabel Brothers are going to score big with this comic and so are you. With about 4 variant covers coming with this one, it’s the photo variant that will command the big bucks when all the dust settles on the Coney Island boardwalk. So get in early for this comic because it’s already selling out in some places online. So Dabel Brothers, when does Clockwork Orange come out?




savagedragon145obamacvrb.gifAmazing Spider-Man  #583 & Savage Dragon # 145  Obama fever is reaching its peak here folks.  So this should be the last of the nonsense Obama covers. Here we have The Fifth printing of ASM #583, but this time with President number 16 in the background. Good work Marvel, once again. Then you have Savage Dragon cover ‘B’ fist bumping the prez on his cover. Hopefully we’ve seen the last of these Obama covers. They are going to get stale rather quickly if we see him on covers every other week.




Dark Avengers # 2 & Spider-Man Noir  # 3  Two very hot series continue this week with the Dark Avengers really heating things up. Snatch up these comics or get the second prints in a couple of weeks.






Johnny Monster # 1 & Amber Atoms # 1  Image comics releases 2 interesting number one issues this week. Go to your shop on Wednesday and take a peek at them. No, didn’t say to read them, that’s for the library! You buy, and then you read! 





Invincible #59  A new villain to annoy our favorite Image Hero (sorry Savage) appears  in this issue. His name is PowerPlex. Again, take a peek…..




Ultimate Fantastic Four #60  It all ends here for the Ultimate 4 family. This will be the final issue. Who lives? Who dies? Who cares??? 

Witchblade Annual #1 2009  After countless years of number one issues and restarts and new beginnings and team ups, we finally get the first ‘annual’ from Witchblade.


 Frazettas Sun Goddess Statue – Here is an absolutely beautiful statue from ReelArt Studios. Priced at $189.


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InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 2-11-09





Hot Picks this week has 2 highly recommended choices. One features an Icon artist while the other features an Icon writer. Click ahead to make a couple of guaranteed Investments this week.

Batman # 686  In case you might not have heard, but Batman is dead. Well that’s what DC wants everyone to believe; too bad Marvel released that Obama/Spidey book the same week Batman supposedly died. Not much play for Bruce taking the dirt nap (maybe it’s because we all know he’s coming back). Okay so DC dropped the ball (again) on this one, but they are back with a biggie. Anyone remember how big the Superman story written by Alan Moore called ‘Whatever happened to the man of tomorrow’ was? Yes it’s still one of the best Superman stories ever told. Now enter Batman. Alan Moore isn’t returning for this one, but Neil Gaiman is coming on board for the ‘Whatever happened to the cape crusader?’ 2 part story that promises to be a high-quality, well written, demandable comic book. Andy Kubert is on board to work his great illustrations into a comic that has mass appeal already. Kubert only helps the value of this comic. Do not miss this comic collectors, it’s going to be a sure fire hit with multiple printings to follow. 


Masquerade # 1  Here’s a comic coming from Dynamite that has some potential. Good storytelling, good artwork and a virgin variant from John Romita Sr. The variant, if you could get it should be bought. A John Romita Sr. variant is a great treasure to have, a virgin variant is even better. Buy this one and hold on to it for a long time. Romita Sr. will be legend one day, or maybe he already is, whatever your opinion, hold onto that as well. It’s yours. 




Thor # 600  Stan Lee returns to Marvel again for a special Thor story within these 104 pages of comic good heaven. Join the party! And look at that Dell’Otto variant cover, now that’s cool.




Incognito # 2  The second Installment of the hot series hits your local comic shop. Do we hear ‘Cinema?’




Here are some other Interesting things coming your way this week……. 

R.E.B.E.L.S. # 1


 X-Men Origins Sabretooth


 Dredd VS. Alien Statue – By First 4 Figures and Dark Horse. Retail $250


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InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 2-4-09


Marvel releases a couple of comics this week that should have collectors going to the $1 bins as well as the showcase wall at your local comic shop.




Marvel’s also releasing their third installment of a red hot series, 2 Ultimate heroes go at it in a new number one issue, a new team book and they do the old swap of male to female gender on a character that has been around for quite some time. So it seems to be a busy week for Marvel while DC comics release’s only 10 comics this week. Also, check out some Independents making the list. 



Astonishing Tales  Vol 2 # 1   Marvel brings back a comic that had some success back in the early 70’s. It looks like some good old comic book fun coming back into the fold in 2009. With the second go around here, Astonishing will be brought to you in a double sized every month with various artist and writers contributing to the comic. Here’s the hunch though, way back in 1974 Astonishing Tales # 25 gave birth to a Marvel character that has not been around the Universe in a way that he deserves. Many times Marvel has given some sort of rumblings on how they’d like to see Deathlok come back in the mix. Marvel just never had the right time or storyline to do so. What better way than to‘re-introduce’ him in his own title he was created in some 35 years later? InvestComics has been big on Astonishing Tales # 25 for a long time and now might be the time to start on the Deathlok bandwagon again. This character is destined to be a huge force in the Marvel Universe, get the first appearance at a good starting bid right now, you’ll be happy you did. 


darkhawk1.gifWar Of Kings Darkhawk #1  The same semi-scenario is playing out here with Darkhawk as previously explained with Astonishing Tales. Big difference plays out with Darkhawk being a character that is sort of established already within the Marvel Universe. The second difference is that you could actually find Darkhawk # 1 in the dollar bins in some comic shops across your way. Marvel begins the push right here with Darkhawk. Will he be a force as Marvel hope’s he will be one day? At a dollar a piece for his first appearance, who cares if he does?


Here are some other New Releases to check out……….xmenmoir2.gif

X-Men Noir # 3 Red hot series continues here! 






Ultimate Hulk Vs. Wolverine # 1





      X-Men Vs. Hulk # 1



Dead Irons # 1






                       Golem # 1


Mighty # 1  Winter Solider wants his ‘A’ back DC.






       Secret Warriors # 1


I am Legion # 1





       Agents Of Atlas # 1


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