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Captain America Returns (?), Barry is back (he really is) and the search in the back issue bins are aplenty this week!!! Much more inside!


captainamericacomics70anniversaryspecial1variant50.gifCaptain America Comics 70th Anniversary Special #1  Marvel begins celebrating their 70 years of existence with none other than Captain America. A tale never told before about Steve Rogers is told right here in this issue.

A very large glaring mistake on Marvel’s part and not many fans are talking about it, yet. In the Marvel solicitations it says, and I quote, ‘James (STARMAN, SUPERMAN) Robinson and Marcos (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) Martin bring you an untold story of the living legend. Did they say ‘Living Legend’ about a ‘dead guy?’ Good way to confirm that Steve will be back just in time for that July 22 2011 release date of The First Avenger movie. Actually it’ll be on July 20 2011 because that would be a Wednesday. We’ll see you then Steve!

asm590wolverinevariant.gifAmazing Spider-Man #590  Marvel is billing this comic as a comic that will effect just about every comic in the Marvel Universe. What is up with that? Just wait and see I guess. In the meantime, if this comic has any sort of potential, the super cool Paolo Rivera Wolverine variant is the way to go here.






The Flash Rebirth #1  DC is reinventing a character once again. This time Barry Allen is up. With names like Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver attached, with these covers that are absolute eye candy and the ‘number one’ on the cover as well, you have a hit. DC will make The Flash hot again as they have done so well with Green Lantern. The task is sustaining the interest to readers. Hopefully DC turns some corners here and wins some fans back.




marveltwoinoneannual2.gifMarvel Assistant Size Spectacular #1 (of 2)  Here we have a comic that is a fun guessing game of who will be the next big character push for Marvel? The list goes something like this: Elsa Bloodstone, American Eagle, D-Man, the daughter of Galactus, Mini Marvel cake-eating Hawkeye and Luke Cage. Marvel says that one of these characters might go A-List. American Eagle is my guess. Why you ask? Well way back in InvestComics Magazine #3 a couple of years ago, American Eagle’s first appearance was looked at as a potential to put on the Cap uniform after the ‘living legend’ got shot. So it’s a long shot again, but maybe this time American Eagle gets his due now. An American Eagle first appearance in Marvel Two-In-One Annual # 2 can be bought for $5 in some places.



Seaguy Slaves of Mickey Eye #1 (of 3)  Grant Morrison does a complete retake on Seaguy. Why? Why? Just in case Grant fires it up here with this DC Vertigo title, Seaguy’s first appearance from 2004 is probably sitting in some dollar bin at your local comic shop. Buy it and see how this series goes, if it’s hot, then you have leverage. If it’s a bust then you have liner for the bottom of your birdcage. It’s a win win either way.




detectivecomics400197050fine.gifBatman Battle For The Cowl Man Bat (One Shot)  That is some name huh? Man Bat. Did DC really just switch the whole Bat Man name and think it was cool? Regardless of this ridiculous name, this one shot might get hot and create some buzz. If you want to do a very high risk buy, you could look to Man Bat’s first appearance in Detective Comics # 400. 39 years ago this Man Bat fellow was introduced to the comic world (39 years ago makes it 1970, so put the calculator away). At a very fine condition, you could buy this comic at the $55/$65 range. While not bad for an almost 40 year old book, this has very limited potential. Man Bat is not an A-listed character, nor will he probably ever be. This is an older comic to buy and sit on for 20 more years to make a $40 return, your call on this one. Not a huge margin of profit but a nice memento for the meantime.


marvelgraphicnovel4.gifNew Mutants Saga (Free)  A free comic making the Hot Picks? Well not really. You see back in 1982 a very successful team was created for the Marvel Graphic Novel series. Issue number 4 brought the New Mutants to life with great fanfare and critical acclaim. If you could somehow find and I mean really search and find a first printing of this Marvel graphic Novel, get it. This is an extremely hard book to find, but it’s well worth it if you’re looking for a keeper. Marvel is releasing the free comic to re-introduce the original team, yes the original team back into the Marvel Universe. The series will be hot and the Novel will be sought after even more. Again, warning you now, that first printing is going to be very hard to find. Good luck.


Irredeemable #1  Mark Waid and Peter Krause deliver a number one issue from Boom! Studio’s with the concept of ‘What if the world’s most powerful hero wanted to become a villain?’ Okay you had me at Waid and Krause.





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InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 3-25-09








Marvel Comics dominates the Hot Picks this week. Take a look inside to see what 2 characters are making their way back into the Marvel Umiverse…. 

and get their first appearances for a bargain. DC meanwhile is putting the JLA through some hard times.




War of Kings Darkhawk # 2  Looks like Marvel is going full throttle on Darkhawk. Billing him as the next big thing in the Cosmic Universe, so when you’re at your LCS this Wednesday pick up Darkhawk’s first appearance in the long box for a few dollars. If Darkhawk is going to be as big as Marvel says he will be, then get in on the  grond floor here with Darkhawk #1. InvestComics recommended this comic a few weeks back and is recommending it again. 



spectacularspiderman98.gifAmazing Spider-man #589  Well the title on the front cover kind of says it all. A villain named Spot is coming back to wreak havoc in Spidey’s life. Spot came back not so long ago in the Ultimate Spider-man series, now he comes into the flagship title. It seems Marvel is digging the Spot dude. Will readers and collectors like him as much? That remains to be seen. Until that all figures itself out, you could get Spot’s first appearance right in the pages of Spectacular Spider-Man #98. This too, just like Darkhawk #1 is a bargain right now. Get them now before either one of these second rate characters catch on.


Avengers the initiative Featuring Reptil #1  You gotta love when a first appearance by a character  happens in their own comic in a number one issue. It’s always a crapshoot though, a hot hero/villain sells out and you’re left scratching your head saying ‘how did I miss that one?’ then you have many busts, in which you’re not scratching your head saying ‘that dude is lame, I’m not buying that.’ Same was sort of said about Darkhawk # 1 when he came out. Your call on this one!



newavengers51.gifNew Avengers # 51  It’s kind of funny what marvel has done here. They have made Doctor Strange a total badass and then take his power away. What’s up with that? Guess it’s making for a cool storyline here. Who is the new Sorcerer Supreme? This has potential to be a very interesting read. So when Hollywood comes around eventually and grabs the Doctor as its newest pet project (yes it will happen, you heard it here first), maybe this would be a nice way to introduce and build around the first movie. Just a thought, but yes Strange will be a major movie someday.



Skaar Son of Hulk #9  if you are not buying this series yet, you should. Not only is it well written, but this Skaar dude is a bad dude. Bad as in ‘good’, Greg Pak is quietly creating an entire Skaar universe and Hulks son is not going anyplace away from the marvel universe for a long time. He will be in your face and you will have to like it. Would you tell him he’s not cool to his face? And that cover of Surfer is awesome ain’t it?



Nova #23  Another week, another status quo change. With new penciling duties by Andrea (Annihilation) Divito and new Identity changes, this issue is one to take a look at.




jla31.gifJustice League of America #31  Will the JLA survive the fallout from Final Crisis? From the looks of the cover, things are not looking so well for this team. Ed Benes supplies this very nice cover to a turning point in the JLA? Read and find out!





Batman Battle for the Cowl : Commissioner Gordon (One Shot)  In what seems to be one of the longest titles of the week, Gordon gets in on the Battle for the Cowl business. Well, he kind of should. He is the Commish of Gotham. Good luck with that gun!





The ‘Okay what is Marvel thinking on this one’ pick of the week…..

X-Force / Cable New Messiah Prologue  Doesn’t it seem like this Messiah thing has gone on forever and Doesn’t it seem like this Rob Liefeld cover is from 20 years ago? Wow Rob, guess some things never do change…..


Here are some great covers and Comics to take a look at this week……

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Investcomics Comic Hot Picks 3-18-09








Marvel said less than a year ago that Deadpool was going to make his presence felt in the Marvel Universe. Well folks, here comes Deadpool…..


Thunderbolts #130  Deadpool crosses over to one of the hottest Marvel titles going right now.  He has his annual coming out this week too. He has his own title and is set to appear in other places before too long. InvestComics has said it before, even ran an entire article about this guy. Deadpool is going to be a force in the Marvel universe. This crossover into a hot title spells SOLD OUT.




Invincible #60  It took Image a very long time to figure out that keeping their characters out of each other’s tittles is a dumb idea. Crossing them over into their titles is a very good idea. With Invincible # 60,we get a double sized issue with just about every Image hero you could think of in here. InvestComics likes the idea of The Pitt getting a say in this one. Bring back PITT!!!




Frank Frazetta’s Freedom # 1  Here is Frank’s first Western comic ever. This has potential. Buy it. And look at that cover! 






Night of the living dead New York # 1  A couple of weeks ago we saw an old movie make a comeback in the comic book world. The Warriors showed some success. This week, Night of the living dead comes back to terrorize New York. Zombies in New York? Nah….





Azrael Death’s Dark Knight # 1 & Ultimate X-Men # 100 An end to one series at Marvel and a beginning of a mini at DC. Happy reading.



 Deathlok Bowen Statue. Retail $175. Beauty.



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 Happy Birthday Mom. r.i.p.



InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 3-11-09






Have you seen The Batman on the side of your milk carton? Yea, he seems to be M.I.A. and just about every DC character cannot seem to wait to jump in his grave starting this week…



Batman: Battle for the Cowl #1  No body, no funeral, but the DC Universe seems to not mind making claims on their most beloved mentor. A battle royal ensues this week; the winner gets the right to call themselves The Batman. Check out this series and gauge where it might be headed. If it looks as though one of the usual suspects will become the new Batman, pass on this. If DC wants to really make things interesting they need to make someone you least expect take over the mantle, in which case you need to look at this comic as more of a keeper. If DC really really really wanted to make things interesting, we’d find Bruce Wayne’s dead body floating in that water, then introduce the new Batman. Hey we can all dream can’t we?


Action Comics #875  The Introduction of the new Flamebird and Nightwing happens here.




X-Men Noir #4  The hot series concludes this week.




X-Men: Quitting Time (One Shot)  Nightcrawler is branching out and away from the X-Men. This one shot is suppose to have Nightcrawler walking away from the X-Men forever. If Marvel stays away from the religious aspect, the struggles with faith in which we have seen too many times already, this comic is a good one to keep an eye on.




Super-Zombies # 1  Dynamite Entertainment releases a Zombie book. Dynamite says that this comic is poised to be the biggest book of 2009. Too much hype, overconfidence or maybe they could be right. Having writer Marc Guggenheim at the helm helps matters here.



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InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 3-4-09







A few red hot series continue this week as a few new ones look to start up. Look for a war to break out in the Marvel Cosmic Universe. The aftermath of Secret Invasion spills out forever changing Marvel’s cosmic landscape……


War of The Kings  #1  Marvel is putting together an event for their cosmic universe. With the successful runs on some previous mega storylines, this one will probably hold up very well. Marvel’s cosmic universe is a very interesting and fun place to be. So sit back and read away, enjoy as Marvel takes the steps to tighten up their celestial chronicles. This is going to be fun!




Solomon Grundy #1  DC brings the monster back again with his own 7 part mini. With the new series comes his origin and do not be surprised if the demand makes Grundy go beyond the 7 issues here. A regular series is either on the horizon or extends after number 7.




Spider-Man & Human Torch in bahia de los muertos (One Shot)  Fantastic Four go to Puerto Rico and spider-man joins in on the fun. This comic comes in both and English version and a Spanish version. Oh and in case you’re wondering, Bahia de los muertos = Bay of Dead Men.





Strange Adventures # 1 & Hulk: Broken Worlds 1  2 interesting number one issues from Marvel and DC. Don’t pass these up.






Secret Warriors # 2 & Agents of Atlas # 2  Both number one issues were sellouts. Both number 2 issues will do the same. Don’t blink.





X-Men/Spider-Man #4  This hot series concludes and promises to tie it to the current universe.





Batman Cacophony # 3  Yes Kevin Smith has done it! A 3 issue miniseries that came out on time and is concluding right here!






Mighty # 2  DC’s appealing new series continues and you should continue buying it.





Covers of The Week…… 


















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