InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 4-29-09






Hot Picks has a bunch of quick hits for this week, including one very nasty bear! Come inside and enjoy the rapid firing Teddy Bear and Hot Picks.



Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #5  Does the Ultimate universe still exist? If it does and anyone cares, this comic gives us a first appearance of the Ultimate She-Hulk.




Captain America Theater Of  War Brother In Arms (One Shot)  An all new story with the original Cap, Steve Rogers.



Mr Stuffins #1  In a re-release of sorts. This comic was a big success over 2 years ago at many comic conventions across the states. The Teddy bear secret agent comes back this week with a vengeance. Don’t miss this one. It’s a hit from BOOM! Studios.





darkavengers.gifSkaar #10  If you’re not collecting Skaar, you should be. Greg Pak is creating an entire Hulk universe, so get in on the early years here. Skaar is going to be around for a long time…….


Dark Avengers #4  Red hot series continues this week….



The Complete Dracula #1  Dynamite Entertainment brings the first full/complete story of Dracula. The 112 year old story gets told from start to finish. Has this been done before? If Dynamite say this is the first time, I guess we’ll believe them.




Here are some other Comics to look at this Wednesday……






























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Jay Katz


InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 4-22-09






An Image character starts getting a serious beat down this week and we all get to witness it. Meet Conquest! Boy Markus…’re in trouble.


Invincible #61  Well Invincible fans, looks like your boy is in a heap of trouble here. This week is a start of a big storyline that introduces us all to Conquest. This looks and feels like a biggie. Markus hasn’t faced the depths of hell like this, ever. Once all of the dust settles, Conquest is probably going to be a thorn in Mark’s side for years to come and this issue will be the first issue that introduces him. You really should pick this one up. 




Amazing Spider-Man #592  Amazing Spider-Man is scorching right now. Following the events of last issue comes the All New Vulture. Plus Marvel says that Peter is dropping by Aunt May’s house and ends up with a shocking surprise. Could it be that Aunt May is downloading the new Wolverine (bootleg) movie?? Oh the horror! 




Detective Comics #845  Part 2 of Neil Gaiman And Andy Kubert’s Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?” Simply put, a classic in the making here. 





Fantastic Force #1  Another reboot of a failed team book. What makes this time so different? Writer Joe Ahearne? No. Pencil work by Steve Kurth? No. Cover art by Bryan Hitch? No. Let’s see, on second thought, happy reading on this one. Hope it last at least 12 issues!



Here are some other Comics to watch this week or just look pretty
























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Jay Katz


InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 4-15-09







A short week with Marvel promising to hammer the internet in half! A huge Marvel comic is coming your way this week and it is NOT to be missed.


Amazing Spider-Man #591  Well ‘THIS IS THE ONE’ folks. Marvel is promoting this comic as the change all comic of the year. What do they have in store? Amazing Spider-Man has been a good read and fans are waiting with bated breath for this one!  Marvel has stood and delivered on many occasions when they say that an event is going to be big. This here though is ONE comic; it’s not an event which brings more interest to the book. This comic will affect many of the Marvel titles and I for one am looking forward to this very much. Marvel will deliver, you’ll see. 



Secret Invasion Aftermath Beta Ray Bill The Green of Eden #1  The Marvel universe continues to feel the Secret Invasion aftermath. This week we focus on one of the hottest characters to come out of the 80’s, Beta Ray Bill. His first appearance could still be purchased at a very reasonable price. Thor #337 was the first look at Beta and the start of the classic run from Walt Simonson. So pick this up before that Thor movie comes out anyway….. 



action845.gifAction Comics #876  A couple of years ago DC went with a writer by the name of Richard Donner. Mr. Donner was the director of the original Superman movie back in 1978. DC and Donner ran into some delays right in the middle of his very short storyline. A few fill in issues filled the gaps as DC scrambled to get back to the much anticipated Donner story, including a 3D issue. Anyway, during his mini run, he introduced us to Ursa. Ursa makes her comeback this week. Action Comics # 845 is the first appearance of Ursa. 



Captain America #49  Not since issue number 25 have fans gotten a glimpse of what happened that day we lost Captain America. Now start getting some insight into what exactly happened as Sharon Carter starts spilling the beans. Captain America (Steve) will probably be back in a couple of years just in time for the movie, so don’t hold your breath though waiting for a miraculous comeback because it’s not happening anytime soon. 





100bullets100.gifWolverine Noir #1  Marvel continues the very successful Noir run with Wolverine. Do you need anything else??



100 Bullets #100  The highly regarded Vertigo series comes to a close. (ring ring) ‘Hello Hollywood?’



Here are some other interesting Comics to look at this Wednesday…… 














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Jay Katz


InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 4-8-09






Marvel goes to the future (2099) and red hot past (Noir) this week, as a Marvel character is about to break out in a very Cosmic way. DC brings some past back this week too. Click into this weeks Hot Picks! 


daredevilnoir11.gifDaredevil Noir #1  Marvel has a great series going here, so they’re putting all of their flagship characters into the Noir style comics. All success all the time with this series, so the problem begins when they put out the Ms. Marvel Noir comic. Watering something good down is not too far out of the realm for Marvel. If Marvel keeps to the flagships with the Noir deal, you’re good to go on a nice asset(s).



War of Kings: Ascension #1 (of 4)  Darkhawk has been featured a few times in the past few weeks. The number one issue from 1991 should be in your collection by now. If it’s not, you’re going to miss a good deal here. Darkhawk is about to break out in a very huge way. Marvel is about to make Darkhawk a colossal force in the cosmic universe. Why are they choosing Darkhawk you ask? Well why not?





Dark Reign: Hawkeye #1  Who doesn’t like Hawkeye? He’s everyone’s favorite archer! This week brings Hawkeye to his own four issue miniseries. This is not the first time the bow and arrow dude got his own mini. Check out his very first mini from 1983. It’s a fun mini and an affordable one too. 



spiderman209911992.giftimestorm200920991of4.gifTimestorm 2009/2099 #1 Back in 1992 Marvel introduced us all to the 2099 Universe. It was a fun deal. Now they bring back 2099 in 2009. Get on board with the first 2099 Universe release ever with Spider-Man 2099. If Timestorm decides to take off, you’ll have the first appearance all tucked away already. 




firstissuespecial8.jpgWarlord #1  When last year’s San Diego Con wrapped up, there was an article right here on InvestComics (it’s still on here in the Market Talk section) that spoke about this Warlord comic. So what I’m going to do is just bring you that short article right here for you to read. Sound good? Now read it and then buy it. Here’s the short snippet on from year…….Mike Grell is coming back to the DC fold. It was his imprint on the character Warlord that made the warrior stick around for 133 issues and 6 annuals starting back in the late 1970’s. In the spring of 2009 DC will be going back to Mr. Grell to create his magic once again with Warlord. Easy equation here, get Warlord’s first appearance with a pick up of First Issue Special # 8. The not so easy equation is finding a good copy of it. Warlord will be a hit once again and you do not want to miss out on this STILL affordable first appearance. 


exiles12001.gifExiles #1  Marvel goes back into the archives again, this time to the year 2001. Exiles first run can be picked up for very cheap.





Solomon Gundy #2  Nothing that special here except that 2 villians that have been around for an extremely long time in the DC Universe meet up and fight for the first time. Who doesn’t like a good fight? It’s Gundy vs. Bizzaro. Ding ding, Gundy wins! (It’s his comic, he should win right?) 




Wolverine Weapon X #1  Might be a bunch of the same old, but be prepared for this comic to sell out quickly. Fans love Logan. Maybe waiting on the Deadpool Weapon XI # 1 is going to be the better deal. No it’s not planned yet, but it will be. 




All New Savage She Hulk #1 (of4)  Not too sure why Marvel is doing this one. That red hair, those knee pads, the one shoulder pad……don’t think I get this one at all actually. On second thought, this has fail written all over it. I’ve been wrong before, but this looks outright silly. 









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