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Skaar is coming!! Therapy is in order for the emotionally scarred son of Hulk, but until he gets that let’s all watch him beat up the entire Marvel Universe and his daddy!

skaarsonofhulk.gifSkaar: Son of Hulk #11  Is there a bigger character coming up the
ranks in the Marvel Universe? Absolutely 100 percent…..No. Don’t try the Daken
card here. Skaar is a complex character that will in fact sustain the test of
time. Daken, let’s just say X-23. Nuff said. Skaar’s birth basically created an
extension of the Marvel Universe. Yes, Greg Pak has quietly put together an
entire extension of the MU that will probably be touched on for years to come.
It seems like every week InvestComics is saying to get the first appearance of
this bastard child. Cannot stress this enough Investors, get Skaar’s first
appearance! When Skaar begins his beat down of just about everybody in the MU, look for the word to get out that this dude is for real. The second and third
prints will start, the buzz will start and you must start looking for that WWH
issue now!


Batman & Robin # 1 
While Marvel puts to rest their Ultimate line (for now), DC is starting
up theirs. Yes DC has tried their version of the Ultimate line already, the
All-Star line. That worked a little bit, and then just faded away. So what to
do next you ask? Well revamp and give comic fans a solicit that reads ‘The
Newest Era of The Dark Knight Begins Here!’ Wow and wow again. So let’s roll
with this okay. Put together Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely of the ‘All-Star
Superman’ and ‘New X-Men’ runs. Then throw out a beauty of a variant by J.G.
Jones that is going to be SO rare in terms of ratio that some parts of ebay and
comic shops have this thing coming in at $500 a pop! What is that about?? It’s
an all new Batman & Robin under the costumes, a superstar team of Morrison
and Quitely and a variant that is selling for a ridiculous amount of money.
What could possibly go wrong here? DC that’s what….



Here are some other comics to look at this Wednesday….. cotw63097.gif cotw63091.gif



























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InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 5-28-09






A plethora of number one issues hit this week as the Marvel Universe braces for a possible new magicial boss. Magic, death, mayhem and turning back the clock are the themes for this coming Thursday.


New Avengers #53  Who will be the Next Sorcerer Supreme? Find out in this issue right here. An issue that Marvel says will reshape the Marvel Universe. Have we heard that before? Who cares, it’s Marvel not D ….uh… you know it’s Marvel! 




isis1bluewatercomics.gif shazam25197612.gif

Legend of Isis #1  Bluewater Comics brings back an old favorite. If this decides to become a hit for some reason, look back to the year 1976 for the first appearance of Isis in a comic book. Shazam! #25 has the ancient Egyptian Goddess gracing the cover as well as the pages with a very low price tag on this one fans. A ten dollar bill plus a 5 dollar bill (you do the math) will get you a VF/NM copy of this comic. That is a 33 year old first appearance of a character that was signed to a Paramount Studios deal. Hello? What are you waiting for? Start hunting.



Aliens #1 (of 4)  Three years after Isis made her first appearance, the Alien movie debuted. Yes it’s been 30 years since the debut of that movie. Feel old yet? Were you even born yet? Dark Horse digs back into the franchise that practically put the Dark Horse name on the map. The debut of those pesky critters was in a comic called Dark Horse presents #24. If the Aliens franchise decides it wants to take off again, look for the DHP #24 to gain some steam. You could find it in some LCS in the $10-$20 range. Not a bad buy if you are a risk buyer. InvestComics recommends looking at that Isis book as a better risk buy. 


Last Days of Animal Man #1  Seems we’re turning the clock back here this week right? Let’s turn it back again, this time to 1988. 1988 brought us Grant Morrison’s retelling/reentrance of Animal Man into the DC universe. He did the first 26 issues before leaving his mark on the character that will last for years to come. Animal Man played a major part in the DC’s 52 series as well. Now it all comes down to Animal Man: The End. Oops, wrong company. This is DC’s telling of a future setting of Animal Man and his uh….last days. What the 1988 Animal Man run does depends upon the miniseries here. Is there still a big interest in this character? We’ll see. If you have a few bucks though, get Strange Adventures #180 from 1965. It’s the first appearance of Animal Man and could be found in very nice shape for a Benjamin and a couple of Andrew’s with a Hamilton thrown in. It’s a good buy if you get it for only a Benji.


Amazing Spider-Man #595  The direct lead to Spidey #600 begins here. What does that mean? No idea, but Editor Stephen Wacker is saying some big things about the lead up. What is he saying you ask? Why nothing, wouldn’t be Marvel without the hype machine churning away now would it?




Here are some other comics to look for this Thursday….. 

Ultimate Spider-Man #133  The final issue of this successful run. What comes next? Where do we go from here? Funny you should ask, Ultimatum #4 that’s where! Each issue setting up for the Ultimate universe to come back in a much different way. War Machine #6 brings American Eagle back since last seen in The Thuderbolts series. American Eagle’s first appearance still at a mega cheap Buy price. Marvel Two In One Annual #6 at a mere $5 should already be in your collection today! Wonder Woman’s status quo changes…..again. 3 number one issues crack the quick hits list. A new video game Starcraft, a very interesting offering from Michael Oeming /Dark Horse Rapture #1, Dellec #0 is gearing you up for a number one issue release in July and a very critically acclaimed zombie western called Rotten. Rotten #1 is a very big horror buzz book, don’t pass this one up! Wonder if Horror guru Bob Heske knows about this one?











 And also coming at you Thursday…..












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InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 5-20-09






This week: Hulk’s son is looking for some love, Heroes and villians kill each to wear a certain someone’s cape, the 90’s version of the X-Men return and Steve Rogers is still dead…..

battleforthecowl3.gifBattle for The Cowl #4  Well here it is fans, the winner gets the cowl. A new Batman is crowned. Sounds like a big deal right? The sad part here is that it would be a big deal if DC were to play their cards right. Did anyone hear about the death of Batman? Did anyone know that after DC sort of played the death card, Batman then went ‘missing’? Herein lays the problem why this particular comic will not be as big as it should be. Batman, Bruce will be back. Unlike the Captain, Steve won’t be back for quite some time. DC needs to have Batman either really be dead or bring him back in a few years. We all know that whoever wins the cowl will be fighting Bruce in a few months. Gotham needs new blood; let’s see if DC can give Gotham and its fans a good story here without another meek ending. According to the track record it does not look well.


firstskaarwhatifplanethulk.gifPlanet Skaar: Prologue  It cannot be said enough times here on InvestComics. Skaar is a force to be reckoned with. Not only as a Marvel character in the MU, but as a very sound investment. Greg Pak has continued to make Skaar a character for the ages. With this issue, this prologue, Skaar is introduced to the Marvel Universe. No more is he in his own realm. No more is he caught up in his emotional battle about his daddy (HULK) leaving him. Son meets Father and it’s going to get ugly quick. Yes Skaar is coming to the MU and you should be looking at the first appearance. What in Skaar’s name are you waiting for? Buy his first appearance and buy this book too. Welcome to the Marvel Universe Skaar!


invincible62.gifThe Boys: Herogasm #1  Garth Ennis brought the highly touted Boys back from the dead after  fans demanded  it. Well now here is the very first spin off of that series. Herogasm? Wow….that cover is um…..explosive! 


Invincible #62  New villain Conquest continues his onslaught.

Here are some quick hits coming at you this week as well. X-men Forever Alpha brings names like Jim Lee and Chris Claremont  back on an X title. Red hot Wolverine Noir series continues. Thunderbolts brings in a new recruit to kill Wolverine, Mr. X. Dark Avengers shows no signs of slowing down at all and the Captain America comic reaches its milestone 50th issue. 25 issues after the death of Steve and still no signs of him coming back. Good job Marvel keeping people dead.















Here are some other interesting comics to check out this Wednesday
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InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 5-13-09






2 young teams come back into the Marvel fold this week, as Wolverine goes through some changes….again.


Dark Reign Young Avengers #1  Marvel’s hot storyline reigns upon the Young Avengers. Will this mini eventually lead to a regular ongoing? Either way, the trend of Dark Reign hotness continues here.






GeNEXT United #1  Young is ‘in’ this week at Marvel. The return of GeNEXT means you should be looking for their first appearance. To find it you have to go way back to the year 2008 in some of the $1 long boxes at your LCS. 




Wolverine #73  Why Marvel puts this character through so much crap is a question we all ponder. Well this week makes no difference than the past 30. Marvel says this about the new issue: …’Wolverine comic book makes a change you won’t believe.’ What does this mean exactly? Your guess is as good as ours. Maybe the title of the comic will change to ‘The Incredible Wolverine’? Just keep an eye on this comic to make sure it doesn’t fly under your radar like Batman’s death did. HAHA!





Here are some others to look at this Wednesday….. 









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InvestComics Hot Picks – Modern Picks

Modern cbbskaar.gif





The latest from Chris comes your way. Some great picks in the back issue bins! Click ahead to find out what you need to be buying…..soon!

The Comic Broker’s Corner
by Topher Seal
Just returned from my local shop’s FCBD extravaganza and I must say that The Time Capsule in Cranston, Rhode Island pulled no punches trying to get every last person a free comic. I was pleased to see the store packed with kids instead of stoned fanboys and trust me when I tell you that the girl dressed as Harley Quinn nearly caused a few accidents as she bounced and giggled up and down the sidewalk.
Since then I have spent the last few days reading the comics I left with and posting tweets as Agent Orange: Larfleeze! If anyone knows where I can find a Larfleeze mask let me know, I want to create an avatar of him drinking on Orange Julius.



What if ? Featuring Planet Hulk (1st Skaar).
The son of Hulk makes his way to Earth to meet daddy this summer and that can only mean one thing-stalemate. Even so the action should be fun and generate good sales for Marvel so look to this book for the first peep at Big Banner’s offspring!





Wizard of Oz Book Market Variant Issue 1 (Marvel 2009)

cbboz.gifPersonally I don’t get the hype on this book but it already has a following so large it can’t be denied.  Though I am happy that a kids books has become so popular I have to wonder why parents would bother when you can give your kids the original books?  Comic adaptations like this bother me in some ways because they usually only act as a summary for  masterpieces.
With issue 1 selling enough copies to equal the oz.  weight in gold of the entire yellow brick road I think it’s time to tell people there is a book market variant for the first issue.  From what I gather it is the hardest version to find.




The Surrogates 1-5


Better get your copies of all 5 issues of this baby cause by the time Bruce Willis’s adaptation hits the theaters you are gonna be sorry.  With one of the more creative sci-fi setting this trader has ever read through,  the Surrogates manages to keep me highly entertained despite an artistic style that’s not quite this trader’s  thing.






Penny Comics of the month: SPECIAL DEADPOOL SECTION

I told you all last week to check back for Deadpool appearances.  Listed here are some of my favorites you just might not know about.

Wolverine 88 (Vol.  1)


Add Deadpool as a primary villain in Wolverine’s new action flick and this meeting between the two equals  back issue bargain.






cbbhfh10.gifcbbhfh11.gifHeroes for Hire 10 & 11




Silver Sable 23







New X-men 22 (Cover Only)




Blue Chip Book of the Month

cbbgreenlantern29.gifGreen Lantern 29 (Vol 1)

DC’s Blackest Night Storyline running through the GL books looks to be another engrossing read this summer.  Revealed in FCBD’s Blackest Night # 0, the Black Hand is a Lantern set to unearth more un-dead treats from the list of DC’s Deceased.  This classic  features The Black Hand’s first appearance.  I started my search for one and to my surprise I snuck one out for under thirty bucks in VF+.  Take a look around now before its too late.





InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 5-6-09


marvelgraphicnovel4.gifnm1.gifNew Mutants #1  A couple of weeks ago, InvestComics asked you to seek out The Marvel Graphic Novel from 1983 with the first appearance of the New Mutants. IC reiterates, good luck trying to find a mint copy of this novel. It’s a very hard find, but if you find a first print in good shape you should pick it up. The New Mutants (with the original lineup) new ongoing is going to be a nice hit. It had a stellar run back in the day and it’s going to have another good run today. Do not miss this one fans.



Power Girl #1  The Power  Girl finally gets her own book! So after years of demand from fanboys, our hero with great ‘assets’ will be, without a doubt, flying into stores and off of the shelves. The number one issue is brought to you by Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti. Good stuff here folks.






screenhunter_15_may._02_22.45.gifHere are a few very Hot Series all vying for your attention and cash. The Flash Rebirth #2 has hit the ground running and will not slow down now. Irredeemable #2 from BOOM! Studios is a sleeper. The team of Mark Waid & Peter Krause are bringing some heat. Agent of Atlas is still hot right now and issue number 4 is coming at you this week. The Daredevil Noir series is making some noise, just like the other Marvel Noir books. Issue number 2 comes this Wednesday.





 Here are some other comics to look for and to also admire






























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