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Hot Picks has a short list this week, but a list that could land you some extra cash for those comics on the wall you can’t afford. Look inside for details…


peterparkerspec64.gifUncanny X-Men #513  Chapter number 2 of the hot
UTOPIA story. Look for an appearance of Cloak and Dagger in this one. Marvel for years has been saying it wants to get a good story going for C&D. After stints in The Civil War and Secret Invasion, Dark X-Men is their next stop. Look for Marvel to be planting the seeds here for a possible Cloak and Dagger mini or an ongoing. In the meantime, pick up their first appearance in Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #64.

capreborn1.gifCaptain America Reborn #1  Well much to the dismay and delight of some fans, Steve Rogers is coming back. Will this comic be worth the attention it deserves? Of course it will. Will this Reborn series be worth anything as far as an investment value goes? Of course not. Here is what you need to do if you want to get that Thor #126 (becomes Thor, after ‘Journey into Mystery’ is dropped off of title. Thor number one!). Buy the variants of these covers, make sure you get some real good copies. Seal them up in a bulletproof box and send them off to CGC. If they come back with a 9.8 or higher, you’re in the money. Sell them quickly. Do not; do not become attached to these comics. With each issue that comes out, sell it as soon as you get it back from CGC. The demand will be at its peak for a short time, so you need to do move quickly. Make your money and go buy that gorgeous Jack Kirby cover Thor #126. 

irridem4.gifIrredeemable #4  While a lot of fans are looking at the big 2 doing their thing. BOOM Studios is flying under the radar with a comic that seems to be gaining some steam. Irredeemable number 1 was recommended on Hot Picks a little time ago, number 4 hits this week with more hits than the previous 3 issues. Take a look at what Mark Waid and Peter Krause have been putting together.


batmanandrobin2.gifBatman & Robin #2  Follow the same directions as Captain America Reborn with the first few issues of this series. This series is hotter than hot right now. Anyone remember All Star Batman? Yea thought so. So why not pick up Iron Man #55 (First appearance of Thanos) with this cash?



 Here are some other Comics to Look for this Wednesday….  marveldivas1.gifscreenhunter_18_jun._22_21.29.gif

























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InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 6-24-09






Dark Reign is dominating the charts. DC brings some heat too. Check it all out in this weeks Hot Picks.
527cameokatekane.gif5211full.gifDetective Comics #854  Kate Kane makes her dramatic comeback this week. Really digging that Bat costume! Batwoman gets hot, look for the first modern appearances in the 52 series. Issue number 7 gives the fans the tease and issue number 11 brings all goods. Batwoman will be making some noise DC says, so will these back issues if that happens.

darkwolverine75.gifwolverineorigins10variant80dollars.gifDark Wolverine #75  Well here it is fans. Daken will be stepping it up beginning here. The Hulk seems to have his problems with Skaar and Wolverine will endure the same plight it seems. So with that, getting a hold of the first appearance of Daken is not that hard. It’s getting that very cool variant for under $70! The most fun we all get to have about all of this? Which son will stand the test of time and be a force in the Marvel universe in 25 years? Pick up both Daken and Skaar’s first appearance. Cover your assets and see you in 25. 


ca4491stzodiac.gif Dark Reign Zodiac #1  Being on the cusp of a Zodiac sign myself, I’m not too undecided about this comic this week. Very
simple actually, Zodiac is your run of the mill second rater, but he has his own number issue coming out to many fans approval. Find this dudes first appearance in Captain America # 449 from not that long ago and is probably sitting in some dollar bin someplace. Easy find, big risk and big fun.

darkavengersuncannyxmenutopia1marcsilvestri.gifDark Avengers Uncanny X-Men Utopia #1  Okay Dark Avengers is ripping through just about every Marvel title for weeks now. It’s a big series and deservingly so. It’s well written and the fans are eating it up. So what to do next? Well just put the hottest Marvel comic on the planet, Dark Avengers, slap the name Uncanny X-Men in the title and what do you get? Yes the longest comic title of the week, besides that. You get a hit, a huge one.  One more thing, add Marc Silvestri to draw it up for you. Get variants, slab them, and sell them. Then look to the bronze age like you should always be doing with these quickies.


darkavengers1.gifDark Reign The Sinister Spider-Man #1  Dark Reign is kicking series butt this week. This week Marvel gets you on board with Mac Gargan as Sinster Spider-Man.  If Mac decides to become ‘big’ (sorry had to!!) look no further than Dark Avengers #1. This Dark Reign variant cover from Deodato is a beauty too. Follow the same directions as the Dark Avengers/X-Men issue this week. By doing so you should have enough money now to buy the first appearance on Deathlok. Yes Deathok, a
much prettier buy than the 2 Dark books recommended to slab.


Wonder Woman #33  DC says if there is ONE comic
you should buy or not miss this year, it would be this one. Okay so now you got
us, make something of it.





Gotham Sirens #1  Is Batman still dead? Boy DC
is really milking this one huh? Weel at least they are making it somewhat interesting with releases like this one. Enjoy the “Babes of Gotham” in an all new ongoing. Funny how they all fit so darn well in those outfits isn’t it? Check out that variant, nice stuff here.


Here are some other cool comics to look at this Wednesday…… 























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InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 6-17-09






It’s an early release for one comic this week. Monday is the biggest Captain America issue since #25. It’s already sold out. If it’s not on your pull list, too bad for you.

captainamerica600.gifdeathofcapimg.gifCaptain America #600 
Has it been 575 issues since Steve Rogers departed? No it hasn’t, but it sort of fells like a long time doesn’t it? This is where Marvel comics super exceeds DC by leaps and bounds. DC kills characters almost every other week it seems and every other week someone comes back from the dead. Marvel has kept Steve Rogers, yes “The” Captain America dead for about 2 years. That’s impressive by today’s standards. Not as impressive as keeping Captain Marvel
dead for all those years before tinkering to bring him back, but impressive nonetheless. Yes Marvel has had their share of bringing the dead back to life. Phoenix and  Elecktra have more lives than Pa Kent. Getting past that, Marvel has done this one right. How else could anyone explain that the Captain America title has done so well without Steve Rogers as Cap? One word needed here: Brubaker. Here’s a news flash fans, riveting storytelling will always win over anything else in the comic book
world. The mere fact that the Captain America comic has sustained its core audience and turned new readers by the droves to jump on board is a huge victory here for all. So what is the big draw here to number 600 exactly? Marvel’s hype machine will hit full throttle on this one. Like the release on Monday instead of Wednesday. The television coverage it’s gaining. Here is the million dollar question. Is Steve Rogers coming back? Not to sound too crass but hopefully he’s not coming back. Bringing him back now would just seem, well not real enough. Yes these are comic books and yes it’s not supposed to be taken so seriously, but tell that to the readers of the Cap series. It’s realism at its finest form. So real in fact we all saw Steve’s lifeless body on the gurney, super serum gone and all, we also saw his body drift away into the abyss. He’s dead right? How do you reverse this? How compelling or brilliant must a writer be to bring him back? Brubaker obviously has had a plan since day one as so Marvel has told us. This better be big Ed. You must make the fans gasp when the reveal happens. We really hope not to see Steve Rogers (Patrick Duffy) in the shower saying, “good morning honey”.  The funny thing about all of this is that Steve Rogers is probably not even coming back in this issue. The foundation might be set in this issue for the Cap’s Rebirth coming soon; Steve might not even show up in there! Well Mr. Brubaker
looks like you have a monumental task on your hands. You have all of us waiting to see the next chapter in the new Captain America era. There is no reason why we should all think that now will be the time you let us down. No pressure Mr. Brubaker, no pressure.


Dark Reign: Mister Negative #1  Here is a comic that you could have fun with
this week. Search for 5 villains and their first appearance from this ONE
comic. Scorcher in Untold Tales of Spider-Man #1, Speed Demon from Amazing
Spider-Man #222
, The Squid could be found in Peter Parker:Spider-Man #16, the sexy White Rabbit in Marvel Team Up #131 and last but not least, Mister
Negative could be found in the first part of the Brand New Day storyline, Amazing Spider-Man #546. All of these comics are under the $5 mark except for the first White Rabbit; she comes in at the $15. Happy hunting!


marvelteamup1311stwhiterabbit.gif wolverineorigins37.gif





Here are a few first appearances you could look for this week. Romulus makes an appearance in Wolverine Origins #37. Find Romulus’ 1st ever in Wolverine #50 from 2007. X-Men Origins: Gambit #1 (One Shot) is coming at you this week. The Wolverine movie has sparked the interest of our favorite Cajun hero. Find Gambit’s cameo in Uncanny X-Men Annual #14 and his 1st full in Uncanny X-Men #266. American Eagle starts kicking butt in War Machine #7. Already featured on IC as a BUY, it’s a cheap first appearance of a character that has tremendous breakout ability as far as popularity goes. Find the Native American’s 1st spot from 1981 in Marvel-Two-In One Annual  #6 at a bargain price! xmenoriginsgambitoneshot.gifscreenhunter_06_jun._11_21.18.gifxmen2661987.gif screenhunter_07_jun._11_21.23.gifmarveltwoinoneannual2.gif





….And here are some quick shots: Invincible #63 Conquest
has arrived and our hero feels it. In the face, in the stomach, in the legs, in his head……Cable #15 final chapter in the successful storyline Messiah Complex. Ultimate Spider-Man has died so check out the Ultimatum Spider-Man: Requiem #1. Origins of Flamebird and Nightwing in Action Comics Annual #12 and finally Batman arrives with another number one issue with Batman Streets of Gotham #1.
This new ongoing series will be brought to you by
  Paul Dini, Marc Andreyko and Dustin Nguyen. A variant cover from JG Jones is a plus too.
Check out this one folks. invincible63.gifscreenhunter_08_jun._11_21.32.gifscreenhunter_09_jun._11_21.34.gif     actioncomicsannual12.gifbatmanstreetsofgotham1.gif





Here are some other cool things to check out this week……cotw617091.gifcotw617092.gifcotw617093.gif cotw617094.gif





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