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The Siege begins! The Hulk Falls! More Inside!

NOTE: Comics are coming out Thursday December 3rd
this week.

siegethecabal.gifsiegethecabal_2.gifthor604.gifSo it all comes down to this, the end of the Marvel epic storylines end here. Six years in the making Marvel says, the ‘Final’ story to straighten out the Marvel Universe once and for all…….again. Ahh promises, promises.  Let us all enjoy this Marvel train for now as we all await the next epic storyline next year shall we? Asgard will be front and center in the Marvel Universe as the Siege begins. Check out Siege: The Cabal for the start of a hostile takeover of Asgard. Thor/Asgard (and Norman) will be the main focal point here as Marvel really starts cramming Thor down our throats for the next year before his movie comes out, which is completely fine by the way. Thor is a total bad ass and it’s been a while since Thor has been the premiere player in the Marvel Universe. So Norm, stir some stuff up and make Thor real angry. It’s going to be fun watching you get your butt handed to you. Yes Norman you have made the grave mistake as Hitler did trying to invade Russia. You’ve underestimated your opponent. You will lose now. Why will you lose? The hero always wins that’s why.

nova32.gifnova6_8bones1977_1stsphinx.gifSo while Thor has to defend Asgard, The Marvel Cosmic Universe has been in some serious battles over the last few years. Marvel has really put together the cosmos in a very quiet way almost. But, this week a return of a character named Sphinx comes in Nova #32. Find this villain first
appearance in Nova #6 from 1977 for only $8. Good buy here because the Marvel cosmos are a much/untouched unrated place as far as the back issue market goes. Iron Man #55, First Thanos $240? See, case in point.



hulkwinterguard1.gifincredhulk258_sovietsuper1st_1981.gifcap352_1stsupremesoviet.gifHulk will fall! Well not really, but Fall of The Hulks Alpha #1 will be kicking off some serious Hulk smash story. Hopefully, if there is a Marvel God the GREEN Hulk will be the last one standing (along with Skaar, we like his green Conan looking son!) and the Rulk and Red She Hulk will just finally go away. The Strawberry Hulk deal has to go away, it’s a silly premise
and Hulk as we know him to be is only the color Green and sometimes Grey. So the Fall of The Hulks will be the beginning of the end for this ridiculous
story of Red Hulk deal. So most of us can only hope it will be. If it is, then
this will be worth it. If not, then move along nothing to see here. Speaking of
Hulk, Hulk Winter Guard #1 answer’s DC’s Great Ten from a couple of weeks ago. DC’s super China team fared alright as far as sales go, so now Marvel comes at us with Winter Guard, Russia’s super team. If you feel like looking for the first appearance of this team, look for Incredible Hulk #258 for the first Soviet Super Soldiers then look for Captain America #352 for the first appearance of Supreme Soviet, put these 2 teams together and you have Winter Guard!

ironmanvswhiplash1.giftalesofsuspense97_firstwhiplash_150_1968.gifwhatifsecretinvasion1.gifIron Man vs. Whiplash #1 will be hitting theaters, er…..your local comic shop that is this Thursday. Did anyone demand to see this comic book made? Anyway, check out what’s probably going to be a good old fashion comic book brawl because these two have known each other for about 41 years. Back in the year 1968 these guys meant up in Tales of Suspense #97, it’s been a love fest ever since. So much so that now they’ll meet in the Iron Man 2 movie. Sticking with Marvel here, it seems to be a Marvel week huh? Pick up Dark Avengers annual #1 to see if Captain Marvel goes to the dark side or not, should be an interesting read. Also check out What If? Secret Invasion #1. This will not
only be a fun read, because who doesn’t like a good What If? story? This will also be a first for artist Pow Rodrix. He’s a new guy coming up and he’s only done a few comics for DC so far. A newcomer also writes a story in this book, Chris Acosta. So a cool What If? story with some newbie’s in it!


The new Superman: The World of New Krypton #10 will lead right into the series finale, which leads into, ready, sitting down, the next BIG event from DC next summer! When will the madness stop? And talk about madness, what is up with Frank Castle on the cover of a DC comic??? Isn’t that him on the cover of Mighty #11 with the letter ‘A’ on his chest instead of the skull? What’s up with bkwonderw1.gifthe lookalike DC?? The Blackest Night storyline marches onward and kicking major butt with Blackest Night The Flash #1 and Blackest Night Wonder Woman #1. Blackest Night has DC seeing nothing but green! 

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InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 11-25-09






A short week from InvestComics brings the best back issue buy…..Ever! Check it out in this weeks InvestComics Hot Picks….

jimleeinsentivesketchcover.gifimageunited1.gifmegatoncomicsexplosion_1987_20.gifyoungblood1_1992.gifAs the Blackest night presses on this week, Image Comics will be pressing in their own way, your wallet that is. It’s going to feel a lot like 1992 all over again this Wednesday. This Wednesday, Image United #1 will be coming at us with 10, that’s right, 10 different covers. While the ridiculousness is completely unwarranted, there is some sort of reason for the madness here believe it or not. All 7 original creators of Image Comics will have their own cover coming out, with of course 2 incentives and 1 Blank cover, which equals….10! Wow we can count. At least there won’t be any glow in the dark or gold embossed cover, right? Yes the questions remain here, was it necessary to have 10 covers? Probably not, will Image sell a lot of these covers? Probably yes. Will there be any value to any of these books come comic book judgment day? No way. Except maybe one, the Jim Lee Incentive Sketch cover. This will be the only pick of the litter because of the scarceness of it. The others will fall in line with the first ever Image comic Youngblood #1, which can be found in the $1 bins. The first appearance of Youngblood ever would be a more enticing buy. Check out Megaton Comics: Explosion from 1987 for $20.Hard to believe that after 17 years that Image will be reverting back to some old tricks of the multiple covers and silliness. While totally unnecessary, Image will stand to make a few bucks here, but the interest will die quickly. Find your favorite old time Image artist and buy that particular number one issue and enjoy how times used to be without thinking you should buy ALL 10 copies, thus keeping more cash in your pocket. Image United will be a fun ride with Robert Kirkman writing the series. Thank goodness for this because if any of the original 7 were writing this, you wouldn’t be reading this right now at all. It would have been omitted from the Hot Picks list this week.

powers1.gifpowers1_2000_13.gifpowers2_18.gifMarvel will be doing its thing this week with the release of Powers #1. This will be a guaranteed sell out folks. Marvel is bringing back the creators of Powers Michael Avon Oeming along with writer Brian Michael Bendis. A monthly book featuring these two creators on a widely successful brand, what more could you ask for? Well you could look at the original Powers #1 from 2000 for only about $15. If you want a better find, look for the short print number 2 issue for about $20. Get these books before Marvel has a hit (which they will) on their hands and you’re left out of all the fun. 

thordefiningmomentsgiantsize1_oneshot.gifthor126_500_1966.gifLooks like Marvel is starting to sure up the entire Thor line as it gears up for the release of the movie in a couple of years. Yes while a bit early, it’s never too early I guess. After Thor Defining Moments Giant Size #1 hits, then some (fill in) time in-between, we get Siege. Wow is this going to be a biggie. Asgard/Thor becomes the primary focus in the Marvel Universe and one primary comic should be picked up. Thor #126 is the first Thor comic that doesn’t read ‘Journey Into Mystery’ in front of its title, thus making this the first true Thor comic, kind of like a number one issue, but not really. The comic is around the $500 to $600 range. Usually movies do not have dictate the comic book market, but Thor will have a huge impact on the movie circuit and will have a positive effect on the Thor #126 issue. Owning this issue is a gimme. An explosion awaits this book, don’t get caught when it’s out of reach for you. This comic with no doubt is the best back issue comic buy on the market today. 

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