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InvestComics news and Hot Picks! A hint at 2 articles that will hit InvestComics next week and rock!! Click ahead now!

Last week Action Comics #1 became the very first million dollar comic. It was also last week that Detective Comics #27 was bidding around the $420,000 mark with a few days left to bid. So in the end, Batman proved to be a bigger draw than Superman as far as first appearances go selling OVER a million dollars. Congrats to the winners on their wins. Now only if Todd McFarlane could return that million dollar baseball…..Finally, check out who could be cast to play Captain America! I could care less at this point who they get. Every person Hollywood picks to play a part I used to say, nah Michael Keaton, Toby Maguire, Hugh Jackman, they won’t work. Apparently Hollywood knows a lot more than I do in this department so I have kept an open mind to any choice’s they have made as of late. Dying to see Cap, Thor Green Lantern, all of these are going to rock.

InvestComics newest IndieCreator article focused on “Working Title’s” Alex Rodrik of Comics Bulletin. A great article as always Bob! Coming up next week though, a HUGE article from Bob Heske’s IndieCreator with…..nah you’ll have to wait for this one. It’s going to be big!! I can tell you though that this creator has one of the hottest indie titles on the market today. His book will be coming out next week, so a little “food for thought.”
The hot new section on InvestComics 10 For The Pros came out with Tim Seeley. Tim is always an awesome interview and InvestComics looks forward to crossing paths with him again in the future. Another tease here, 10 For The Pros will have a big artist next week a creator that also has a very hot Indie title out right now. If you want any hints on this one go to the InvestComics Forum under the “Independent Comics” section. 

Hot Picks 3-3-10

kevinsmithsgreenhornet1.gifdetectivecomics862.gifOkay so Kevin Smith was in the news this past week for all the wrong reasons. If you don’t know what it’s about, I’m not telling you because I could care less about it. What IS to care about is Kevin’s new Green Hornet #1 comic from Dynamite. Looks as though Dynamite will be going with 5 different covers for this one. If you want to make some cash, look for Alex Ross’ 1 in 200 copy variant to ultimatecomicsnewultimates1.gifwolverineweaponx11.gifcommand some nice money in the aftermarket when this book sells out. Get it graded for some serious cash back on your investment.
Detective Comics is hitting on all cylinders lately. Creators Rucka & Jock are introducing a new villain into the mix. His name is Cutter. Check out DC #862 for all the mayhem. Marvel is continuing to reintroduce us to the Ultimate universe. Check out Ultimate Comics: New Ultimates #1 from Frank Cho and Jeph Loeb. The Ultimate line looks to be making a strong comeback.
Wolverine: Weapon X #11 will probably
be the sleeper sell out of the week. “Tomorrow Dies Today” part 1 with none other than cult fan favorite Deathlok. Deathlok will be making his presence known astonishingtales25_1974.gifonce again in the Marvel universe so once AGAIN InvestComics directs you to the year 1974. Astonishing Tales #25 -1st appearance of Deathlok & First published work of Legend George Perez-. This comic is a very strong buy at $75. This comic today remains one of the most undervalued first appearances out there right now. If you do not have this comic, buy it. A very good investment here.




Here are some more Hot Picks coming out this Wednesday…… 

icx33101.gif icx33102.gificx33103.gif







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Superman/Batman Comics break records





 Check out this article from Reuters. Comic books are on the rise as far as Investments go. 

This article is from Alex Dobuzinskis from

Batman comic fetches $1.075 million, rewrites record


Thu Feb 25, 2010 8:22pm EST

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Superman
and Batman’s first appearances in comic books have each set auction sales
records and broken the $1 million barrier, in an age when traditional
investments have fared badly and superheroes look attractive.

A 1939 comic with the first ever appearance of masked crime fighter Batman sold at auction in Dallas on Thursday for a record $1.075 million, said Heritage Auction Galleries. Three days earlier, a buyer paid $1 million for Superman’s world debut in Action Comics #1, more than tripling the previous comic book sales
record set last year.

Shirrel Rhoades, former publisher and executive vice president of Marvel Comics, said high sales for those comics is partly a reflection on the poor economy. “When the stock market is down, when real estate investments are over the cliff, collectibles offer an alternative that you can invest in that
may have some growth potential,” Rhoades said. He said the 1938 Action Comics #1 is arguably more historic than the first appearance of Batman, but that this week’s sales seem to be following their own logic. “We’re probably seeing a little bit of a feeding frenzy,” Rhoades said. “With the sale of Action #1 for a million, I think that’s going to keep prices up for awhile.”

Heritage Auction Galleries did not disclose the name of the previous owner or the winning bidder for Detective Comics #27, the first book featuring Batman. The previous owner is a savvy collector who bought the comic for $100 more than 40 years ago, a figure which at the time seemed a large price, said Heritage Auction Galleries.



The Action Comics #1 sale was handled by, and Vincent Zurzolo, chief operating officer of the website, echoed Rhoades’ view that comics are fetching record sums because they are an attractive investment in a down economy. He said buyers pay high sums for vintage comics because they want something “they’re familiar with, that they feel comfortable with, that they think are good investments.”

Back in the 1930s, both Action Comics #1 and Detective Comics #27 sold for 10 cents. Experts said the same edition of a comic can vary widely in price, depending on condition. Heritage Auction and CommicConnect said the books they sold this week were pristine, well-preserved copies. Rhoades said he owns a ragged copy of Action Comics #1 that lacks a front cover and is worth very little. But he said that more than eight years ago, he gave an art college a 1963 Amazing Spider-Man #1 then worth $40,000. He estimates the figure has since climbed above $100,000.

“My wife jokingly said why did I give it away, when I could have kept it and sold it a few years later for more than double its value,” Rhoades said.

(Reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis: Editing by Bob Tourtellotte)


10 Questions with Tim Seeley






Tim Seeley stops by InvestComics in this week’s 10 For The Pros!


10 For The Pros


Tim Seeley – Artist/Writer



(From Bob Heske’s IndieCreator…)

Back in 2004, Tim Seeley created the stylish and sexy HACK/SLASH at Devils Due Publishing. Today, he’s sitting atop a franchise that has spawned several successful “one shots,” an ongoing series, and an upcoming movie (potentially) starring Megan Fox (Transformers 1, 2 and 3). Not to mention, he recently got married. Life is good for this horror comic rock star.




tims6.gif1. What are you working on (creatively) right now?

I’m drawing WILDCATS for DC/Wildstorm, and writing my creator owned horror

2. If you could have 1 superpower, what would it be?

To slow down time. Though being able to turn invisible would be ideal for 80s sex comedy type hijinks.

3. Do you have a routine that you follow before or during work?

I work 9-5 basically, to keep me on schedule with the rest of the world.

4. Who is your favorite creator to work with?

Y’know, I like and despise them all pretty well equally.

tims5.gif5. In your opinion, do you feel that the movie industry is doing a good job with the Comic Book movies?

They’ve done a good job at making money with them. A few of the movies
Have actually been really good, but every once in a while a G.I.Joe or
Transfomers 2 will come along and stinks it all up

6. What comic book hero/villain do you want to see on screen?

Cassie from my comic, HACK/SLASH.

7. Which part of your job do you find most stressful?

Finding new work sucks.

8. What does the future hold for Tim Seeley?

Hopefully a lot more comics, and maybe a hover board or a female robot.

9. “My best Investment in life was…….”

tims3.gifMy education. Also, my wife.

10. Have anything you’d like to plug?

….Any issue of my Wildcats run is pluggable for me.  🙂












InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 2-24-10





Blackest Night carries on as Siege does as well. Also, check out some InvestComics news and of course this weeks Hot Picks…

In InvestComics news, The Secret Identity Podcast will be airing an InvestComics ad spot into their regular rotation. Check out the Secret Identity Podcast as they bring a very polished show every week. 

There was plenty of original content to peel your eyes to this past week. The Brokers Corner had 2 articles this week, check them out here and here, while The Secret Identity Podcast reeled off 2 game reviews here and here. An extremely awesome Bob Heske interview occurred on Comics Bulletin, check that out right here and an extremely awesome new IndieCreator article hit as well! Finally, 2 Comic Book Guys gave InvestComics a movie review of Wolfman. Read this review and know why fans anticipate their next article ALL the time. These 2 guys simply bring FUN into their articles! 

Hot Picks 2-24-10 




Short week, but with Blackest Night and Siege, it’s an awesome time to be reading comics ain’t it?!?!
Last week, SuperginraiX of the Outhouse pointed out a glaring mistake in the Hot Picks. It was stated that the Blackest Night epic was on its final issue. This is obliviously not true and was a big error. These things happen once in a blue moon and InvestComics apologizes for the misstep. …..So with that, Blackest Night #7 comes out this week with a ‘Top Secret’ cover. The
flashrebirth6.gifthor607.gifseries DOES press on and continues to be the hottest comic event on the planet. Follow MORE Lantern in Black Lantern Green Arrow #30. It looks like Flash: Rebirth #6 will finally come out. Although many fans have been disgruntled about the delay, watch this comic fly off the shelves as the second and third printings will be following very shortly.
Marvel’s own epic Siege is living up to its hype so far. Thor #607 looks like THE Siege book of the week. Don’t miss this one! This week brings the end of a Marvel comic. Ms. Marvel #50 will be a fight to the finish between Ms. Marvel & Mystique. Look for this comic to sell out quickly.

captainswing1.gifmsmarvel50.gifOne Independent title jumps out this week. Captain Swing #1 from Avatar, written by the awesome Warren Ellis.




Here are some other comics to check out this Wednesday…… 








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10 Questions with Joseph Michael Linsner






Joseph Michael Linsner joins the great list of pros coming on board for the hot column 10 For The Pros!
10 For the Pros

Joseph Michael Linsner – Artist/Writer



nottotouchearthdawn.gif1. What are you working on (creatively) right now?

I am wrapping up the Dawn one-shot “Not To Touch The Earth”. That should
be coming out by the end of the summer

2. If you could have 1 superpower, what would it be?

I would fly. If I could leave the ground, I might never come down.

3. Do you have a routine that you follow before or during work?

Not so much. I do my best work at night when the rest of the world is
sleeping. I try and work every single day. I don’t feel right in my skin
if I don’t draw every day.

4. Who is your favorite creator to work with?

Eva Hopkins, my co-colorist, and co-creator on Dark Ivory. I have been
working with Eva for 15 years, and I couldn’t imagine doing a project
without her
darkivory2.jpg5. In your opinion, do you feel that the movie industry is doing a
good job with the Comic Book movies?

Yeah, it seems like actual comic fans are finally getting the chance to
make these movies. It something ain’t broke, don’t try and fix it. If it
works in the comics, then don’t change it. I am dying to see Iron Man 2

6. What comic book hero/villain do you want to see on screen?

I would love to see a Dawn movie, obviously. I was really let down that
they botched Galactus in the second Fantastic Four movie. That could have
been the coolest thing ever. I wanna see Galactus on screen

7. Which part of your job do you find most stressful?

Deadlines. It is a real pain trying to create with that ax hanging over
your head, but without deadlines, nothing would ever get done, so what
are ya gonna do?


8. What does the future hold for Joe Linsner?

More pin-up art. There may come a day when I quit comic books and just
devote myself to pin-ups

9. “My best Investment in life was…….”

All of the thousands of dollars that I spent on comic books in my youth.
They made me the man and the artist I am today

10. Have anything you’d like to plug?

2010 will finally see a Dawn tarot deck. The fans have been asking for
that for 20 years, and this year they will get it. I promise that it will
be well worth the wait














InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 2-17-10





Supergirl reaches a milestone, Green Lantern:Blackest Night continues, Marvel’s Siege continues and much more!


On the InvestComics front page. IndieCreator Bob Heske (Heske Horror,2012 Anthology) was interviewed by Comics Bulletin Alex Rodrik. Check out the great interview right here. Jimmy Palmiotti stopped by to the 10 For The Pros column! Next up…..Joe Linsner!! Look for it THIS weekend. Also look for The Brokers Corner and a 2 Comic Book guys articles as well!


Hot Picks 2-17-10 

greenlantern51.giftinytitans25.gifsupergirl50.gifjla42.gifWhat will go down as one of the biggest events in comic book history is concluding. The Blackest Night will continue in Green Lantern #51. Be there for the continuation of the most prolific run on Green lantern ever. Geoff Johns has simply turned the DC Universe on its head and we have enjoyed the ride. Thanks Geoff! So what’s next for Geoff you ask? Tiny Titans #25 of course… Yes that’s right; Johns will do a special co-writer guest spot this week. This will be one of those comics, that by the end of his long career, you’ll scratch your head saying “huh? He did a Tiny Titans book?” With all of the hoopla surrounding the Lantern book, this Geoff Johns comic will without a doubt fly right under the radar.
Supergirl reaches a milestone this week. Supergirl #50 will introduce a new villain, which is always good from a collector’s standpoint. Also check out the Michael Turner cover provided here. Man, we sure do miss you Michael.
Justice League of America #42 lets us know who Dr. Impossible really is. With a name like Dr. Impossible do we really care?

Dark Avengers #14 continues the Siege event as the character Sentry goes front and center for this issue. With his secrets revealed, will he drop dead now or will he truly become the Superman of the Marvel Universe. I’m opting for the latter. Don’t forget to pick up Sentry’s first appearance in his self titled book for an affordable price. So will Hercules demise happen or not? Incredible Hercules #141 is set to reveal something, but what that something is remains a mystery. Greg Pak chasevariant_oneshot.gifsimpsonscomics16_1996.gifsimpsonscomics163_sergioaragones.gifsaid a whole lot of stuff this past week, but leaves us with unanswered darkavengers14.gifincrediblehercules141.gifquestions. This issue might answer some of them.

Simpson’s Comics #163 will be the first FULL issue done by Sergio Argones. Sergio will handle the art, writing and cover. If you want Sergio’s first Simpson issue ever, look for Simpson Comics #16 (1996). Sergio writes a backup story in here. Images unveils Chase Variant #1 with a variant Rob Liefeld cover. A female assassin with 4 arms? Wow this has fail written all over it. Then again, it’s such a silly premise it’ll probably be a hit! …..And thanks for the boob variant cover Rob!

Check out some other comics coming this Wednesday…….

21710icx1.gif 21710icx2.gif








See you all next week, Invest wisely.
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Bob Heske Interview on Comics Bulletin





 Bob Heske gives us the latest in this Interview by Alex Rodrik on Comics Bulletin!


Robert M. Heske: Slicing Through the Chills Behind the End Times

By Alex Rodrik (

bhcb1.gifRobert M. Heske is the man behind “killer” anthologies like Bone Chiller, Cold Blooded Chillers, 2012: Final Prayer, and the original graphic novel The Night Projectionist. Along with this work in the creative field of comics, Bob also writes a regular column on entitled IndieCreator, where he chats with industry professionals about the art that is comics. Recently, I got the chance to catch up with Bob and pick his brain about his work, the horror genre, and what it’s like being an Indy comic book Publisher and writer.

Alex Rodrik: Tell us a bit about yourself. Who is Robert Heske?

Robert Heske: A late bloomer in the comics world. The longer description? I’m a married forty-something, with two kids and two dogs (technically 1 and ½ since the 2nd pooch is an 11-pound cockerpoo), who is a financial writer by day and a screen writer/comic creator on lunch breaks and late at night.

I’ve been writing screenplays for over a decade and, up until recently, my biggest accomplishments were winning a few screenwriting contests and having some shorts produced that won awards at film festivals (most notably, Waiting starring Richard Schiff which can be seen at this link ).

In more recent developments, in May ’09 I won an award for my Bone Chiller indie anthology collection and have a vampire OGN called The Night Projectionist that is being published by Studio 407 (Hybrid, Night & Fog, Smuggling Spirits) with film rights optioned by Myriad Pictures (10 Items or Less, The Good Girl, Jeepers Creepers 2, Kinsey, Van Wilder 1, 2 & 3). And oh yeah – I have a dark comedy called Love Stupid that hopefully (fingers crossed) will secure financing soon and I write a bi-weekly column called IndieCreator for .

But enough about me …

AR: What brought about the move from screenplays to comics?

RH: I was doing a polish on an animated script (that never got made) and pitched my vampire idea. The gent I pitched it to was Alex Leung, the Managing Director of Studio 407 who helped bring The Ring series to the US and was an associate producer on the 2004 Jackie Chan film, Around the World in 80 Days.

I sent Alex Leung a detailed treatment. He loved it . . . but as a COMIC BOOK. Nearly three years later the graphic novel has been written, inked and colored. It will release later this year in comic book stores pretty much everywhere. Alex’s company, Studio 407 , shared space with Myriad in LA while the book was being developed. The Myriad people saw some galleys, their interest was piqued, and the film was optioned in December 2008 (announced in Variety on 01/01/09).

bhcb2.gif AR: With titles like The Night Projectionist and Cold Blooded Chillers under your belt, what is it about Horror that draws you to it so much?

RH: I don’t know, man. Ever since I got married, my wife thinks I’ve become a much darker writer. I used to write screwball comedies and animation. But, especially with Cold Blooded Chillers, there is something about horror shorts that really amps my creative juices. Thriller novelist and short-story writer Jeffrey Deaver once wrote that “Short stories are like a sniper’s bullet. Fast and shocking.” With horror shorts, it’s totally true – except I’d add “fast, shocking, and fatal.”

As for The Night Projectionist, the idea of an audience held captive in a theater where the night projectionist turns out to be a vampire and the coven he fled is coming to town – well, that set up a cat-and-mouse game that really appealed to me as a writer. The big questions surrounding the story are: Is the night projectionist friend or foe to the human audience he holds captive? Why did he abandon his coven? And why did he seek refuge in the town of Crosston Falls, inside this theater? In fact, I’d characterize The Night Projectionist as a mystery wrapped in horror – not just another vampire tale.

AR: Tell us a bit about 2012: Final Prayer.

RH: Well, you pretty much covered it A to Z in your Working Title column in January (thanks for that, by the way — it was a great column!).

AR: [Laughs] Thanks man! It was my pleasure.

RH: Anyone who hasn’t heard of the 2012 phenomena has been pretty much under a rock – it’s in movie theaters, in books all over Amazon, and has over 27.3 million hits on the Internet when you Google “2012 end of world”.

For the layperson, it relates to the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar which stops on 12/21/2012 at 11:11 GST. The calendar cycle is 5,126 years and began in 3114 BC.

What happens when it runs its course on 12/21/12?

bhcb3.gifSome people think Armageddon. Others think it will usher in a transformative event – such as a coded gene in all of humanity triggering and awakening us all to a singular consciousness. Others think it will merely be a re-setting of the clock – in other words, it will be just like us re-setting the calendar on New Year’s every January 1st.

What makes it eerie and intriguing is that some strange things are brewing in the cosmos which could impact the sun and our planet. For instance, on 12/21/12 the sun will be aligned with the Milky Way for the first time in 26,000 years. The alignment of energy between the sun and the stars (the sun will be allegedly blocking the black hole in the center of the Milky Way) will be disrupted at 11:11 GST.

Also, 2012 is supposed to be a year of peak solar activity (i.e., mucho sunspots blotching the sun’s surface) which could wreak havoc by triggering a solar flare that shuts down the national grid; not just for hours or days, but for months or years! If that happens, we go back to being an uncivilized world pretty fast.

It’s not just the Mayans that pinpoint 12/21/12 as “el final” (although many will say the Mayans don’t believe this at all, it is just Western hype), the date is also chosen as an end date by the Hopi Indians, the Hindus, the Chinese I-Ching (“Book of Changes”) and even at least one interpretation of the Bible. People focus on the Mayans probably because they were such amazing star gazers with an incredible system for mapping and tracking the cosmos. They were literally centuries ahead of their time.

Speaking of numbers, fans of numerology will enjoy this tidbit – the date 12-21-12 reads as, A-B-B-A-A-B (each number has a corresponding letter – 1=A, 2=B). When you consider that the Hebrew language is read from right to left, this date would read BA ABBA which, translated from Hebrew, means “Father comes / is coming.”

(For an entertaining podcast on the subject, go to Jim Harold’s Paranormal Podcast at “2012: Final Prayer Roundtable” to listen to a one-hour panel discussion with myself and best-selling 2012 authors Marie D. Jones and Marshall Masters.)

Sure, no one knows what WILL happen until the proverbial Fat Lady Sings. But there are so many wild “could be” scenarios floating out there, that I thought I’d throw the premise out to comic creators to see what they could cook up.

Hence, 2012: Final Prayer.

AR: What brought about you choosing 2012 as the theme to your newest anthology?

RH: I began work on the 2012 end times anthology last May when I was at Borders looking for a book to read. My indie anthology (Bone Chiller) had just won a Bronze medal at the 2009 Independent Publisher Book Awards for Outstanding Horror, and I was trying to figure out what I’d tackle next. For some odd reason, I ended up in the “Divinity” section and saw a whole bunch of 2012 books. I’d listened to a few podcasts on the subject and started skimming back covers, thumbing through books.

bhcb4.gifI ended up buying Apocalypse 2012: An Investigation into Civilization’s End by Lawrence Joseph. It was a compelling read with a credible journalistic vantage. I realized the 2012 phenomena would make a great anthology, but knew I couldn’t write a whole end times anthology by myself (I wrote all of the stories in the Bone Chiller anthology, and hired different artists for each tale).

So . . . I opened up a contest on my website and contacted a few indie creators whose work I admired. I got some great submissions and, well, the rest in history.

Until 12/21/2012 at 11:11 GST, that is . . .

AR: What’s next for Heske Horror?

RH: Recently, I’ve been focusing on screenplays. I’ve done a few re-writes of a contest-winning dark comedy called Love Stupid (co-written with Kevin Passarelli) and have hooked up with a director, producer and a production company. They’re trying to finalize the $1.1M budget now so fingers crossed that it happens and we start shooting this Spring.

I also finished a screenplay version of The Night Projectionist which is out to gather financing as well ($6-$10M projected budget). I am cautiously optimistic about both projects since 8 out of 10 film options never get made.

And I am working up a pitch with a talented artist and letterist to send out to the smaller indie publishers in a month or so for a new graphic novel series. It’s a cool comic, and has a great marketing angle so we hope it catches on.

Finally, I am working on a project that I can’t divulge any details on BUT hope to have published by year’s-end. Oh yeah, and I may be collaborating real soon with a director on a micro-budget horror feature or two. So I’ve been pretty busy.

AR: Who are some of your biggest influences? What about their work inspired you to pursue writing?

RH: It is so embarrassing to say that I am late to comics and have only recently been inspired. Still, there is so much terrific talent out there from legends like Stan Lee and Bernie Wrightson to modern era wizards like Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith. More recently, I like Chew written by John Layman and drawn by Rob Guillory. Like the old Guinness beer campaign says — It’s BRILLIANT!

AR: How do you define a good horror comic? Film?

bhcb5.gifRH: Fresh. Unsettling. Surprising. Those three words apply to both comics and film. Too many comics and films are “been there, seen that.” People who take a premise and turn it at an angle people have never seen before are, frankly, visionaries. It’s like looking into a prism and finding a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end. A classic example is M. Night Shyamalan’s The Sixth Sense. Since the film broke new cinematic ground in 1999, how many people have copied that “he was really dead all along” twist at the end?

Oh, and you need an uber-talented artist. Diego Yapura drew The Night Projectionist and when the book comes out later this year I think that many people will agree he draws a “beautiful vampire book.” For those who want a sneak peek, check out Night Projectionist Noir on Studio 407’s website by clicking here — (the color artwork holds up magnificently in black and white).

AR: Of all the comics you’ve written, which one is the most personal and revealing? Why?

RH: None are too revealing about me. Although I wrote a short called Dead Dog which was drawn by Zeu (Infiniteens,Charlatan, Project Elohim) that quasi-mirrored my life.

One day I was writing at my computer when the doorbell rang and a man with a toy cocker spaniel told me, “Did you know there’s a dead dog in your driveway?” At the time, I had two dogs so my first reaction was to ask “What color?” It turned out the dog wasn’t mine, but an abused pit bull that had been dumped into my driveway. Mind you, this was 1:00 pm in the afternoon and no one had told me until then (it was a weekend and I hadn’t gone out to do errands yet). The police told me that since it was on my property, I had to get rid of the body myself (the Dog Warden was away until Monday). I was a bit surprised that they weren’t even interested in inspecting when I told them it looked like it was a fight dog that had been dumped (this wasn’t too long after the Michael Vick dog abuse incident).

Anyway, the first 2-3 pages are based on my firsthand experience but the story quickly takes a dark turn that has nothing to do with my actual life. You can read a few pages on MyEbook for free here . (Note: To read the ending, you have to buy the e-book!)

One other story that is a bit personal is Demented which appears in 2012: Final Prayer. It takes place at a nursing home with a son visiting his mother with Alzheimers. My mother has severe dementia; although she is not in a nursing home yet (my 81-year old dad takes care of her). My mom was at my house and went to use the bathroom. Inevitably, she locked herself in. I was yelling at her through the door not to break the lock. When I jimmied the door open she looked at me with an angry and then confused face and asked, “Who are you?”. WHOA!! It hit me that from one minute to the next she may not know who I was. After this unsettling incident I sat down and wrote Demented and was fortunate enough to have Irish artist Stephen Downey draw it for me (he did the artwork for Cancertown by Insomnia Publications).

AR: Any update on the Night Projectionist film?

RH: No, just that the script is still being tweaked and we hope to have funding locked up this year and to go to production in late 2010/2011. As always, screenwriters’ hearts get broken a million times, but I am extremely hopeful this project will get made.

bhcb6.gifAR: What titles do you have coming in 2010 that our readers should look out for?

RH: Aside from The Night Projectionist, I will probably publish another anthology and begin work on it in the summer. That is, if my wife lets me and I have enough cash infusion from any screenplay sales. I have an idea of what the theme will be for the anthology, but can’t announce it yet. I will likely go the same route as 2012: Final Prayer, and seek submissions from talented writer/artist teams rather than write all the stories myself.

AR: Where can readers go and buy their copy of your works?

RH: Amazon , , Haven Distributors , , Last Gasp Publishing . . . and I hope to be added to a few other distributors in the next month or so since I just got approved by major distributor Baker & Taylor. Digital downloads are available at DriveThruComics , MyEbook (store) and

Zaldiva has the most copies of 2012: Final Prayer and Bone Chiller, so I’d try them first.

Also, the Cold Blooded Chillers comic books are available at IndyPlanet , ComicsMonkey , and Comixpress .

I greatly appreciate anyone who takes the time to buy a book and support indie comics – this is a tough gig to survive!

AR: And last, but certainly not least, rumor on the street is that your next anthology will feature the writing styles of the Alex Rodrik. From what I hear he’s pretty damn awesome! Care to comment? [Laughs] . . . sorry, man. I had to, I just couldn’t resist . . . [Laughs]

RH: Dude, you hook up with an artist and you are IN!!

AR: Awesome — I’m looking forward to it! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Bob. Keep us posted on what’s coming.

RH: Thanks for the interview, Alex.


This article comes from the pages of Comics Bulletin, visit them now at: 

Also, Bob Heske NOW appearing at the InvestComics Forum! Click here to be directed to his threads.