InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 9-1-10

1aaa1ahp9110frontpageAre you a collector? Maybe a reader? Well InvestComics covers it for you this week. And also, looks like Archie Comics will be making some history (again) this week!




For 71 years Archie Comics have been published. Archie himself will be 70 years old in December, and still not one gray hair. Wait, didn’t he get married recently? Yes that hair color might change after all! Well Archie and the Archie Comics line have been through some changes over the years. Changes like the marriage, the “real style” look, and now Veronica #202. This historic Veronica comic is just that, historic to epic proportions. The local/national news, radio, newspaper and just about any other medium you could possibly think of has covered this comic….months ago. Yes months ago when the press release went out that revealed Archie Comics will have its’ first gay character ever. Welcome Kevin Keller to Riverdale gang! Indeed Archie Comics have turned the corner, so stop thinking the Archie line is for kids only. It’s not; the company has grown up a bit and it is starting to deal with real issues, real stories, real people and real life period. Is this what the comic medium needs is another “real” life scenario type based comic book company spilled out into a company that is known for its lighter approach to life? Well, you have to go where the money is, and it’s not little kids reading comics anymore. Granted Archie Comics still have their regular Archie books, but this “other approach” is making some huge noise in the media market and the lining of their pockets. Lest we forget everyone, this IS in fact a business, don’t kid yourself.

Archie Comics is about to break loose in more ways than one. Theater, music, television, and motion pictures, yes an Archie movie is on the horizon and it will be very successful. Do you think that Archie is covered in over 70 markets worldwide, been in business for 71 years because they aren’t a savvy, intelligent, and 100% committed and aggressive in their market? They know what they are doing, and they do it extremely well. Editor in Chief Victor Gorelick has his company firing on all cylinders, he continues to keep his foot on the throttle, so you better buckle up because Archie Comics is taking off! Veronica #202, sell out immediately, you better get to your shop early.








DC comics Freedom Fighters # 1 from Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray has fun written all over it. It also has the words “sold out” probably written all over it as well. If you’re in the market for a great deal, look for Justice League of America #107 (1973), inside this comic is the first appearance of Freedom Fighters for only $32! Great cover from Nicholas Viscardy as well! Or if you want to go a bit cheaper, check out the first number one issue from Freedom Fighters #1 from 1976 for only $16.

Taskmaster #1 from Marvel will be a mild success, but you could get Tasky’s first appearance for a mild $8 in Avengers #195 (1980). Don’t look for this comic to break the bank in terms of investment value, but anything that is 20 years old, with names like David Michelinie and George Perez attached to it, and is a first appearance should be in your collection.


Sellouts for Marvel this week will be Thor for Asgard #1, Wolverine #1 (another number one issue for this guy?? And better yet, 6 different covers?? Why?), Wolverine: Road to Hell #1, Heroic Age: One Month to Live #1, I Am an Avenger #1, and Origins of Marvel Comics #1 X-Men. The most interesting books of this bunch have to be Herioc Age: One Month to Live #1 and Origins of Marvel Comics: X-Men #1. “Heroic..” seems that it will be a good story. While Origins is a retelling of the same ol’ X-Men, but this time Marvel gets some big guns to write and draw them. Do we have an original idea here? Not in the least. A fun non-original idea? Yes, so run with it.

Cartoon Network Action Pack #51 gives us a first look at a cartoon star in a DC book. He’s called Generator Rex. 2 sleepers hit this week. IDW’s 5 Ways To Die, and Aspen’s Scourge #1. Scourge comes at us with some overkill with 4 covers. Micah Gunnell variant getting the nod here for best of the 4 (picured below).








See you next week, Invest wisely.

Jay Katz

InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 8-25-10

1aaaa1catscrfeverInvestComics has cat scratch fever! Also, check out 2 Bronze Age characters that should be on your radar. All that and more….



1aaaa1actioncomics8921aaaa1shadowlandmoonkight1This week we begin our focus group on 2 extremely underrated characters that have the potential to absolutely break loose in a huge way if ever used to the capacity they are capable of. Now granted, each one of them has had success in their own way, but “really” break out? Not yet. 2 comics come out this week that remind us that these 2 need to get their due. Action Comics #892 & Shadowland: Moon Knight #1.

Let’s start with Moon Knight, well we have six volumes of Moon Knight spanning from 1980 till 2010. Yes some were mini-series, but that just meant Marvel was testing the waters to see how hot the reception might be with the limited series. Instead they received a cool one and never went “live” with a regular ongoing follow up to the minis. Many have said that Moon Knight is a blatant rip-off of DC’s Batman. If you really look at the origins and into the character development of each, It doesn’t seem too much of a rip off at all. You want to talk rip-off? Look at Rob Liefeld’s “SMASH”, now THAT is ridiculousness at the height of just being flat out unholy. Getting back to the White Knight, the recent Vengeance of Moon Knight 1aaaaaa1werewolfbynight321stMOONKNIGHT_1975_GILKANE_ALMILGROM_1001aaaa1moonknight1_2006DAVIDFINCH_VARIANT_161aaaa1marcSpectorMoonKnight55STEPHENPLATT_1993_4series has been faring rather well, the problem is so did the other regular series and they ultimately meet their demise. Writer Greg Hurwitz is doing an amazing job of keeping Moon Knight relevant. As for the art, David Finch is to Moon Knight what McFarlane is to Spidey, Adams is to Batman, Keown is to Hulk, etc. When David draws Moon Knight, his style is immediately recognized much like the “other” Moon Knight artist that MUST get kudos, Stephen Platt. Take a look at Finch’s Moon Knight #1 from 2006 and take a look at Platt’s Marc Spector: Moon Knight #55 from 1993 and you will see exactly why these 2 guys OWN this character. Both of the comics just mentioned are the first Moon Knight work from both of them and can be bought for only $4 each. A nice book to have in your collection is the Variant Moon Knight #1 (2006) from David Finch. It’s the beautiful penciled cover. Here’s the thing fans, if Marvel ever gets Moon Knight firing on all cylinders, and also decides, since THEY have their own movie studios that a film is in order, it’s going to be big. Too long Marvel has clamored for that “dark, edgy” sort of character (Ghost Rider/Blade excluded). If Marvel were to ever go for a strong PG rating (no R here, Disney says so), THIS would be a perfect movie to start with. Speaking of a starting point, a nice place a collector should start would be Werewolf by Night #32 (1975). This would be the very first appearance of Moon Knight, and features a cover by Al Milgrom and Gil Kane. This alone should be worth the price of admission, but at a much undervalued $100, this 1st appearance should be stashed away in your collection.

1aaaa1newteentitans2_1980_GPEREZ_MWOLMAN_48Action Comics #892 features Deathstroke, and he too needs HIS due. Countless appearances and series runs are the makeup of DC’s number one assassin. With DC taking their time in the comic book movie market (lets go people, chop chop) it’s a crying shame we haven’t seen the likes of a Deathstroke on film yet. It’s a crying shame we haven’t seen much of anything from DC actually, but that’s for another time. The New Teen Titans #2 (1980), 1st appearance of Deathstroke from Marv Wolman and George Perez cost ONLY $50?? This is a steal of epic proportions. We all know that DC (WB) will eventually get their act together with the movie front. Why would anyone think that Deathstroke would not be a part of a film someplace, somewhere? He will be, so get $50 together and buy a nice copy of this extremely affordable comic now before Deathstroke becomes a force like he was back in the 80’s.

1aaaa1supermanbatman75Sticking with DC, Superman/Batman #75 hits your local comic shop and will most likely fly off the shelf. This anniversary issue features names such as Levitz, J.T. Krul, Hughes, Kelly, Tucci, and the list goes on. But one name that sticks out is a previously mentioned name in the Moon Knight spotlight in this article. David Finch will be writing and penciling a story for the first time in this issue. This is great news for Finch fans.

1aaaa1namorthefirstmutant1Marvel will be dipping their toe in the pool again, the ocean actually. Namor The First Mutant #1 will be another attempt for Marvel to get this fisherman going. Although a favorite among certain fans, and a very loyal following, do not look for Namor to break through this time. Yes the first issue will sell out (thanks to a sweet Joe Quesada variant cover), but the interest will die rather quickly. Look for this comic to sustain a moderate run, but nothing substantial.

Some very interesting Independents headed our way this week. Let’s do a quick rundown of them. Not too sure which ones are due out exactly. Diamond does not have some of them listed, but check out these titles if you see them on the shelf. Ani-Max #1 from Dynamite Entertainment, this one shot is set to be a cartoon series in the near future. Dracula The Company of Monsters #1 from Kurt Busiek and BOOM! Studios looks like a good old fashioned monster book. Not sure if this next comic has been released yet, but A-10 Comics Presents #1 looks very interesting and deserves a look. A sell out for sure. Scratch 9 #1 from Ape Entertainment Comics is an appealing take on the 9 lives of a cat. This cat will be a sleeper hit so watch out for this one. Bluewater’s Nanny and Hank #1 dives into the vampire fold with a twist. And the last of our Indie’s to check out is the continuation of One with issue #2. Yes that is One #2.






See you next week, Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


InvestComics Cosmic Hot Picks Special 8-18-10

1aaa1hp81810fpInvestComics goes to the far reaches of the Cosmo’s this week. Check out a few InvestComics Marvel Universe Cosmic picks….



A special InvestComics Picks this week gives a small run down on the Marvel Cosmic Universe. Some of this article was originally written in the exclusive Comics & Cinema from InvestComics for Project Fanboy a while back. 











This week Thanos Infinity Gauntlet #1 comes out and one burning question remains within the mind of this writer. Where are the Marvel Cosmic movies?? Yes we got a glimpse of the Silver Surfer (and Galactis if you want to count the Purple fog as a Marvel character) in the Fantastic Four movie, but that’s it? Besides comic movies running the table in Hollywood these days, there is an entire section within the Marvel Universe that is still untapped. The Marvel Cosmo’s is as vast a universe as one could possibly imagine. The obvious choices for a Marvel Cosmo film would be the previous mentioned characters within this article, but here are a few that deserve to see some screen time in an ALL out Marvel Cosmic movie. So check these characters out with their first appearances. Buy these books collectors if you do not already own them. Marvel will eventually come around to the universe they are seemingly ignoring at the moment. So when the announcement comes that Marvel’s “other” Universe will get its due, remember where you heard it first, and remember who told you what you should pick up. The explosion will happen, and you will be prepared!

Thanos should be in serious consideration for a Marvel movie. Think about all of the Marvel movies that have come out, all “good” guys. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a villain wreaking havoc on some innocent people then have Warlock show up, or better yet a “Cosmic team” Guardians of the Galaxy? The storylines and characters are endless. Captain Marvel would be spectacular wouldn’t he? Let’s get that Silver Surfer movie going and introduce some of these characters, thus spinning some of them off into their own solo movies. It would open another arena for Hollywood and Marvel that would be a fanboys sci-fi dream. Think about this, Marvel has spent the last couple of years absolutely killing the comic book market with everything Cosmic from Annihilation to the War of Kings. Fans are eating this stuff up. It’s storytelling at its best here folks, that’s why it’s doing so well. Warlock, Drax, Guardians of The Galaxy, Quasar, Terrax and Captain Marvel, and the list goes on. The epic Marvel ‘Space’ movie has yet been made and with the special effects as ridiculously good as they are these days, what is the hold up?  The Cosmo’s await their turn on the silver screen and a Thanos flick would be a choice that would be a hands down slam dunk.

So here is a very small list of some Marvel Cosmic characters that should be in your collection. What do you think? Do you have some heroes or villains that need to be on this list? Please share with us…….



Warlock: First Apprearance – Fantastic Four #’s 66 & 67 (1967) $240.00 & $280.00

Thanos & Drax: First Appearance – Iron Man #55 (1973) $240

Guardians of the Galaxy: First Appearance – Marvel Super-Heroes #18 (1969) $60

Quasar: First Appearance – Incredible Hulk #234 (1979) $6

 Terrax: First Appearance – Fantastic Four #211 (1979) $8

Captain Marvel: First Appearance – Marvel Super-Heroes #12 (1967) $140

Rom: First Appearance – Rom #1 (1979) $3 

See you next week, Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


InvestComics Hot Picks 8-11-10

1aaaaaahp81110Check out what you might be missing this week, and 1 comic that has the collector looking for 4 different first appearances….










Daredevil is front and center these days in the Marvel Universe. Daredevil is one of those great characters that seems to always be on the fringe of greatness, but never seems to pass. Fans constantly get the best writers and artist on this book though. Daredevil goes on some great runs, then for some reason takes a back seat for a while to make room for the “Secret Invasion: or “Siege” events. It’s great to finally get an event happening within the pages of this awesome character. This week we get Shadowland: Blood on the Street #1, with a nice cover from Francesco Mattina. This comic will not break records with sales, nor will it even sell out. It’s a nice fill in issue to bleed more money out of any Daredevil fan or anyone that’s following the Shadowland storyline. With that said, this issue features 4 insignificant character within the Marvel Universe, but 4 character’s that span at least 38 years and very affordable first appearances. The most expensive of the 4 books comes with Marvel Team-Up #1 from 1972 at $225. This is the first appearance of Misty Knight. No, this comic is not $225 because of Misty Knight, but still a nice book to own regardless. Daredevil #150 (1978 -$16) would be our first look at Paladin. Super-Villain Team-Up # 5 (1975 – $12) is the first appearance of The Shroud, and Amazing Spider-Man #265 (1985 – $6) brings us the first Silver Sable. With all of the superhero movies coming out these days, one never knows where the next “big thing” may lie. Will it be one of these characters? Maybe, maybe not, but as a collector you always want to try to own any first appearance regardless of how silly or irrelevant they may seem.

1aaaaaINCRDHULK6111aaaaaIncredibleHulk369_1990_4DDale Keown has the Variant cover duties this week on the Incredible Hulk #611. If you had to pick a modern day creator to draw the Hulk, Dale would be the guy. He was born to do the Hulk. The mass, the raw emotion, and the anger he exudes into this character is unmatched at the moment. Certain creators are made for certain character, McFarlane Spidey, Miller Daredevil/Batman, Simonson Thor, Keown Hulk. Yes InvestComics™ needs Dale Keown for a 10 for the Pros™ spot, so if anyone would please page him for us that would be great, thanks. Anyway, although Dale’s first Hulk work came with issue #367, it wasn’t until Incredible Hulk #369 (1990 – $4) that he did his first Hulk cover. And it’s a beauty isn’t it?!

1aaaaad_d_19881aaaaaadand1IDW publishing will be going with an oldie but goodie this week, Dungeons & Dragons #1. If you want to hit the market for the very first D&D comic, look for DC’s Advanced Dungeons & Dragons #1 (1988 – $4). If the IDW number one issue restarts the popularity again for D&D, that $4 book won’t stay at that price very long.

A few sell outs will occur this week so be on the lookout for these comics. The first oblivious sell out will be Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #1. Anything Green lantern, is well….Green Lantern! Image comics will surprise many with their hit Morning Glories #1. With great art from Joe Eisma, and a good story to boot, mark this one down under the category of “oops I forget to pick that one up.” The last comic that will definitely fly under the radar will be The One #1 from GG Studio. This comic is primed to be an underground hit.






See you next week, Invest Wisely.

Jay Katz


10 Questions with Pat Broderick

1aaaaaforprosPatBSee what Pat Broderick had to say in his own words! See the actual print copy he filled out for 10 for the Pros.
























































Pat Broderick with the InvestComics Golden ticket! Thanks Pat!



Comics Price Guide and InvestComics Team-Up!

1aaaaaCPGlogoInvestComics and Comics Price Guide Join Forces!




1aaaaaaIClogo and (CPG) have teamed-up to better inform collectors and serious investors regarding the comic book market and collectible field. At the heart of this partnership is the addition of a new weekly column, entitled “Comic Hot Picks” to CPG’s current line-up of news, as well as the input and market savvy of into the CPG Comic Watch List.

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InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 8-4-10 Avengers Special

1aaaHP8410fpCheck out a short list of Hot Picks, and hot on the heels of SDCC comes a list of Avengers comics you should own…



1aaaHP8410asmThis week comic fans will finally be getting some answers. Well at least we hope. In what looks to be another short week as far as the potential investments go; Amazing Spider-Man #639 will give us another piece of the “whisper” puzzle. Follow this series closely because this has the potential (we hope again) to reveal something big and make it to the cable news network’s. And we all know what happens when that happens right? Look for the very nice sketch variant from Joe Quesada to capitalize on this comic. This rule would apply for all 4 parts of the One Moment In Time storyline. O.M.I.T + Quesada + Variant (sketches only) + CGC 9.9 = nice return.


Check out a few number one issues coming out this week.
34 years ago, this would be the number of years that Spitfire first appeared in the Marvel universe. Spitfire #1 comes out this week, and you could find her first appearance in Invaders #7 (1976) for only $14. Granted there is no demand for a first appearance of Spitfire really, but with a Jack Kirby cover and writer Roy Thomas attached to this book, it does make the $14 look more attractive doesn’t it? 2 One shots coming out, Thor #1: Rage of Thor and Daredevil #1: Black and White will be quick sell outs. 2 very hot series continue this week, Shadowland #2 and Neal Adams Batman Odyssey #2. 1aaaHP8410batmanODNAOnce again, sell outs, although these comics will leave the shelf quicker than the One Shots.
1aaaHP8410CAPbaronzemoCaptain America #608 promises a big revelation from Baron Zemo on the last page. Baron Zemo is discussed in this week’s throwback on InvestComics™. The article below was from an original write up that InvestComics™ did on Project Fanboy last year. Of course it’s a bit dated in some spots, but do note that almost every single pick still has a potential upside. Enjoy….

Out of all of the comic book movies we hear of coming our way, only one (maybe 2) make us all wait like that 8 year old child on Christmas Eve with the butterflies all tangled up in the gut. Thor will come upon us in 2011, while 2012 brings the Avengers. One could only hope that the end of the world doesn’t come early to spoil the Avengers fun. The anticipation of watching Thor lay down his hammer to the ground, striking it with the power of thunder, watching the ground reverberate and then watching the ground and every living thing around it succumb to nothingness will be astounding. Yes we’ll get the image of the hammer in the air on top of a mountain shot, yes we’ll get the whirl and throw as Thor takes flight, but nothing will beat that fury when he’s had enough and lays the God of law down. It’s going to be 1aaaHPAvengers11aaaHPAvengers4movie magic like never seen before. Thor is a badass, always has been and always will be. Now we all finally get to witness it first hand in a live action epic movie. What could possibly be better than this you ask? Well, the Avengers movie. To have the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and Captain America on the same screen at the same time is a comic book fans dream. The biggest question mark remains, will this movie be done ‘right’? It probably will be. If you look at the other ‘team’ movie the X-Men, it wasn’t until the third movie where things really started going wrong with that franchise. The very first X-Men movie was the best one, the introduction of characters, the structure of story and a nice balance of character development. For the reasons the first X-Men movie succeeded will be the same reason the Avengers movie will supersede it. The X-Men movie did not have the introduction of characters in their own films before the movie came out. People will have a very good general knowledge of the characters like Iron Man and Thor etc. when the Avengers movie hits. So what you didn’t like the Hulk movie or maybe even Iron Man, but they are not going to be the headliner here. They ALL are, so if you don’t like a certain character, you could just eat your popcorn, roll your eyes and wait for your main guy or gal to come on. Didn’t most of us do this with Wolverine in the X-Men movie?
1aaaHPavengers571aaaHpavengers71Captain America is the leader of the Avengers, so his movie “should be” very fine tuned. He is the lead character of the Avengers film and his movie “should be” the best of all the solo Avenger movies. Although, Thor will probably be better, but who cares really? We’re going to be getting a true live action Captain America movie! How great is this?? One of the probable reasons that Cap will be a good movie and not a great one is the overseas worry in releasing an “American War Hero” in today’s political climate. It might not seem like a big deal to anyone here in the states, but even Hollywood did say that this will pose for a slight problem and they do recognize that America is not exactly on top of the ‘like list’ these days with many countries. So with that, we as an audience could suffer a bit if Hollywood decides to make too much “nice” in order to attract the overseas market. Thus, Thor will be a better movie, no one in Asgard we have to worry about offending or making amends with. Besides Norman is about to get his ass handed to him by Asgard (Siege), so we’ll let him deal with them.
1aaaHP1stTHOR1aaaHPTHOR126With the excitement of all of the solo Avenger movies coming, there is also excitement in looking at where all of these characters were first seen on the pages of a comic book. The very first time the Avengers appeared as a team was Avengers #1 from 1963. This comic could fetch at least $9000 or higher depending on the condition. It’s a classic issue brought to you by to classic creators, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Surprisingly there aren’t that many key issues in the Avengers run. One of the best standouts in the run comes in with Avengers #4. This issue was the first Silver Age Captain America coming in at a $5000 price tag, this is one to really grab right now. Avengers #57 gives us the first Vision. If Vision is a part of the Avengers movie, this comic will be gaining some exposure. Vision would really translate nicely to the big screen. One could only hope that he’ll make an appearance. This comic is only in the $100 range. The last of the best Key issues in the Avengers run has to go to issue #71. The first Invaders appearance cost $75.
As far as the actual Avengers team members, we’re talking a little more cash, but these comics are the cream of the crop. These are comics that will in fact appreciate in value with no sign of any downside. While the Avengers have a ton of members that have come and gone, 84 to be exact at last count. Let’s focus on some of the bigger ones that have already been mentioned in this article as well as some others.
Thor, first appeared in Journey into Mystery #83 in 1962. The classic Kirby/Sinnott cover alone is nothing short of beauty here. The going price is about $15,000 and shows no signs of slowing down. 1aaaaHP1st1aaaHP1stHULKIf you’re in the market for another key Thor issue that has a tremendous upside and is undervalued at the moment, look for Thor #126. It’s been recommended on InvestComics for a few years now and since that time; it’s gone up in value about 9% in each of those years. Might not sound like retirement money (Public service announcement! Please don’t think you could retire collecting comic books, nor send your kids to college). Although 9% may not sound like a lot to some people, it’s a nice return over a 15 year span if you hold on to this comic. Thor #126 currently comes in at only $450! This comic is basically the very first Thor solo comic, a Thor #1 issue if you will. In issue #125 of Journey into Mystery with Thor, Marvel decided to drop the “Journey” name and simply call it Thor with the next issue. This is the most “affordable” recommended buy right now in the InvestComics portfolio. You cannot go wrong with buying this issue. The Thor movie is going to explode, get in on the Thor craze now before the hammer becomes a regular toy item for every boy to have in their toy chest. Thor #126 is THE buy here folks. Sticking with Thor and Journey into Mystery, check out Journey into Mystery #85. This issue is the first appearance of Loki and cameo of Odin. This comic is only $2500 at the moment. Look for the popularity to increase before the Thor movie comes out.
1aaaHP1stIRONMAN1aaaHP1stCAPThe big Green guy, Hulk first appeared in his self titled comic; Incredible Hulk #1. This also came out in 1962. There isn’t really much to say, except that for $70,000 gets you ownership here. So put that Red Hulk nonsense down and start saving, because at 70k this is a nice deal. You probably could buy this comic right now in the 40k range in the right circumstances.
Iron Man first appeared in Tales of Suspense #39. This first appearance will cost you about $20,000. Robert Downy Jr. will be doing his thing in Iron Man 2, but look for this to climb in value as the Avengers movie gets closer. It’s not going to happen with the Iron Man sequel.
Now we have come to the biggest star of them all, Captain America. Way back, some 68 years ago, that’s right 68 years ago Steve Rogers first appeared in Captain America Comics #1. Almost right smack in the middle of WWII we received the greatest solider the world has ever seen. Steve Rogers is the American Super solider and will cost about $140,000 to buy. Although very pricey to most, it’s an issue that will forever be as valuable as Action Comics #1. A true American Icon of American Comics will never fail in the value of collecting, whether it’s emotional value or monetary value.
1aaaHP1stSTANLEE1aaa1stHAWKEYESpeaking of value, check out 2 issues later in Captain America #3 for Stan Lee’s first work. How cool is that?? This comic is worth about $35,000. Owning this comic is basically owning a piece of history. Without Stan, the superhero climate in the Marvel Universe looks vastly different. Wouldn’t say it doesn’t exsist, just saying that Spidey maybe isn’t the Spidey we know, Fantastic Four aren’t who they are, etc. 

As said earlier, there have been many Avengers that have graced the pages of the awesome run. A few other Avengers have had their names mentioned to appear in the Avengers Movie, one of them is set to appear in the Iron Man sequel. This character also is probably going to be the front runner to get his own movie as a result of his popularity. Clint Barton a.k.a. Hawkeye will be a nice addition to the Iron Man film if they fit him in. If not, he will be in the Avengers movie. Too much talk about this guy appearing in one of these films if not both. Lots of times they say a character will appear in a movie, but they somehow end up on the cutting room floor. Cutting Clint out of the Iron Man 2 movie would be a travesty. It would be neat to see a hero in that movie that isn’t behind an iron suit. War Machine will be awesome, so will Iron Man, but throw Hawkeye with them and you 1aaaHPTTA11aaaHP1stttahave awesomeness. A great buy goes out to Tales of Suspense #57 (1964) for only $800. A $500 bill will probably get a deal done. Pick this up because with an appearance in Iron Man 2 the interest will start right there. Don’t wait 5 months before the Avengers movie to look at this comic. By then you’d have already missed the boat. Another Avenger mentioned is Ant-Man. He first appeared in Tales to Astonish # 27 (1958). Talks of a solo movie for Ant-Man dried up mainly because the interest wasn’t there for the studios. This issue will run you about $8000. A few issues later in Tales to Astonish #44 (1959) came Wasp. This female hero will not amount to much in the Avengers Movie if she does appear. It’s not a home run with this character nor is the investment. $475 is the going tag on Wasp. Pick it up for $400 at the right place, right time and plan on a very long hold pattern as far as Investment value goes.
So with that, you have your short list Avengers Movie “Heroes” checklist.

Avengers Assemble! 

see you next week.

Invest Wisely.

Jay Katz