InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 12-29-10

CHP122910fp2010, gone in a Flash. Comic Hot Picks 12-29-10, the last one of the year 2010. Then next week will be the first of 2011! Great!



Another Wednesday, brings new comics, and a NEW episode of InvestComics TV! Check out this Wednesday’s feature on Scott Williams, the man behind the awesome web site Project Fanboy. Project Fanboy has been one of the instrumental parts in getting InvestComics some great coverage, so thank you to them, and thank you to Scott Williams for the interview. Be sure to check it out!

Comic Hot Picks 12-29-10








This week Flash #8 gets a nod as Geoff Johns keeps his finger on the throttle. Check out a prelude to the soon to be mega hit storyline Flashpoint, with great covers by Scott Kolins and Stanley “Artgerm” Lau. DC’s other hot book this week is Batman The Dark Knight #1. Especially exciting about this issue is the creator that will have full control of this series; one of InvestComics favorite artist, David Finch. Although this is the first issue of David’s on the new Batman series, this is in’t the first time David has done a Batman book. Way back in 1999, he did a crossover with Top Cow. The book was simply titled Darkness Batman #1. Cool stuff here to look at how David has honed in on his craft to become the superstar he is today.  You could find this comic in most of your 1 dollar bins at your local comic convention. A nice book to own to see where Finch was, and where he is today. As for the new Batman series from David, expect sellouts, so get to your store early.

Marvel’s red hot series Nemesis wraps up this week. Here the thing, if you didn’t get any of these issues, you should. It’s really just a matter of time before this comic becomes a feature movie. Each issue has sold like Hot cakes, and Mark Millar is on fire right now. No reason not to think this comic will be anything but a film in a few years. Do yourself a favor, pick this series up now.

The What If? Series is celebrating a milestone issue this week. The alternative Marvel Universe really is a great book for any comic collector. This series dates all the way back to 1977 with Spider-Man joining the Fantastic Four. What comic collector doesn’t remember that issue? How about the Conan issue? The Daredevil issues? The Wolverine/Hulk issue? The Thor issue? See, just the mere mention of the character from the What If? Series, and a comic book collector knows exactly what issues are being spoken about. The What If? #1 from 1977 is only $32! Dave Cockrum cover, Jim Craig pencils, and a Roy Thomas story all equals up to some fun, and a cheap buy at only $32.











The Indie comic of the week has to go to the much anticipated, much hyped part one storyline No Way Out from The Walking Dead #80.

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That’s it for now….. And a special thank you to all of the InvestComics fans for making 2010 such a fantastic year. InvestComics looks forward to the New Year, and entertaining you every week with great articles, reviews, interviews, and Comic Hot Picks of course! Even a Pick of The Week on InvestComics TV coming soon too! Look for InvestComics TV to have a tremendous impact on the comic book world in the upcoming year as well. We look forward to bringing you the best talent in the industry on every Wednesday, so much more to look for from InvestComics in 2011.

Thank you, and have a happy, safe and healthy New Year.

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InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 12-22-10

fp122210Indie comics are the way to go this week. Check inside for more details.



It’s a few days before Christmas, Have you done all of your shopping? Here are a few goodies for yourself….

Now on to a rapid fire session of the Weekly Hot Picks…..








Independent comics are ruling the land this week. A few weeks back InvestComics told you about a very cool book on the WHP from 11-24-10 called Cyclops #1 (Archaia). It was pushed back until this week, so nothing different here, pick it up! Untouchable – One Shot (Dynamite) looks like an interesting pick up from writer Mike Carey of Marvel’s X-Men. Red hot series Morning Glories (Image) reaches its fifth issue already. Pick up these early issue’s of Morning Glories, something special going on here. Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook makes his debut into the comic book world, thanks to Blue Water comics. Also from Blue Water comics is Styx & Stone #1, check that one out as well.

The biggest Indie book this week goes to the much covered Archie #616. Many news outlets and other media have covered this comic well before its release this week. President Obama teams up with Sarah Palin in part 1 of Campaign Pair. That’s real sweet that they are sharing a shake from the same cup, wonder how the First Lady and Todd feel about this. Anyway, pick this collector’s item up, it just may be the first time that a former president, and a new president appear on the same cover at the same time.








Marvel comes at us with Iron Man #33. The Finale to Stark: Resilient storyline. Marvel says that the last 3 pages of this one will be “shocking”. Looking forward to getting zapped!

Check out the latest InvestComics TV episode which comes out December 22. Every Wednesday is new comic book day and every Wednesday we will have a new show for you! This week, Neal Adams Part 2 of 4! Boy is this one good! Look for extra episodes coming out periodically during the week as well. Have you seen the new InvestComics TV web site yet? It’s a work in progress, but check it out. First quarter of 2011, ICTV web site will be in full tilt! We’ll see you there.

Have a great holiday, remember buy lots of comics, and invest wisely.

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InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 12-15-10

hp121510fpComic Hot Picks for 12-15-10 from InvestComics!











With the birth of the new investComics web site; InvestComics TV happening (shameless plug!) we get the birth of yet another new Spider-Man costume. Amazing Spider-Man #650 will introduce the first of a few new costumes for Spider-Man. What does this mean for you exactly? Well it means with the influx of Hollywood, Cartoon Network, and a host of other media knocking down the doors of the comic book world, you should pick these up. One never knows if one of these new Spidey duds will become the next big thing for the kids and fanboys alike. So with issue #650, we get the Tron looking Spidey. The first (and only) ‘real’ costume change to ever matter had to be Amazing Spider-Man #252 but, the isssue to really get and cherrish has to be Amazing Spider-Man #300, the edgy black and white, and Venom was born! A close second, judging a book buy its cover, had to be the late Michael Turner Civil War Variant with Spidey’s tentacles holding him above the ground. Wow that was an absolutely beautiful cover. Michael, you surely are missed.








….Moving on to another classic character, nowhere near the Spider-Man status, but iconic nonetheless. Conan will be coming out with another number one issue this week. Conan The Road of Kings #1 from Dark Horse. This issue will be a bit on the special side, because the original writer from Conan the Barbarian #1 (Marvel 1970) comes back to this Dark Horse series. Check out that classic cover from Barry Windsor-Smith too. If you want to talk about movies or television again, Conan WILL be back on either the big screen or television. Why not get a jump on things and get the original 1970 book for only $360. It’s an upside book due to the fact that there is a new generation that has not yet been introduced to Conan in the movie/TV genre yet. It will happen, so get this book now when it’s still at a collector’s price.








Speaking of Iconic, John Byrne makes his way back into comic book land. John Byrne’s Next Men #1 from IDW Publishing makes its way to your local comic shop. Check out the first appearance of the Freaks (aka Next Men) that was featured in a DC comic as a pitch Idea that never materialized, but later became John Byrnes’s Next Men. History of the DC Universe would be that book.








Birds of Prey #7 features a new artist on the title. Ardian Syaf takes over the pencils. Check out Ardian’s first work from free comic book day 2008. He did the cover to Dabel Brothers and Del Rey 2008 Preview. You can buy this free comic for only a $1. If you want his first interior art, look for Jim Butchers The Dresden Files Welcome to the Jungle #1 from 2008. This comic cost only $4.

The Indie pick of the week goes to Magus #1 from 12 Gauge. Also check out Dark Horse’s The Occultist #1 from the awesome Tim Seeley.









See you next week, Invest wisely. 

Jay Katz


InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 12-8-10

HP12810fpCheck out the 4 comics you should check out this week!










Only 2 comics make the cut this week. Doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of awesome reading out there, just means there is a dull moment as far as growing your stash of comics to add to your already awesome collection.

So what are the 2 comics to check out this week? Well, it’s actually 4 comics you should be checking out this week. Captain America Korvac Saga #1 is a new limited series from Marvel. Find the first appearance of Korvac in Giant Sized Defenders #3 (1975) for only $10! And it’s a Jim Starlin book to boot! Gotta love Jim Starlin if you’re a comic fan.

Chaos War: Ares #1. Isn’t this the Ares that literally got ripped in half by Sentry? Yes that was way cool! And just in case you missed this gruesome, but very awesome scene in Siege #2 check it out below.


Okay so now that Marvel is bringing back the dead again, look for Ares’ first appearance in Thor #129 (1966). This comic will run you in the $160 range. With the Thor movie looming, and with a Jack Kirby extravaganza exterior/interior here, this is a bargain!









As always, special thanks to Comics Price Guide for the pricing of comics within this article.

Don’t forget to check out InvestComics TV with the first part of a 4 part series with Legend Neal Adams coming up on Wednesday 12/8/10! This is an extraordinary fans, don’t miss it! 

See you next week, invest wisely. 

Jay Katz


InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 12-2-10

MM1_12210Image Comics debuts their water hero, and Gods rule! Check out what’s inside this weeks InvestComics™ Comic Hot Picks!




Batman 80 Page Giant #1 will feature various NEW creators within the industry taking a stab at drawing, inking, writing, and coloring a Batman tale. This comic will be one of those comics you look at 10 years from now realizing that you have a first work of a Batman artist that will blow the doors off. Pick this comic up and hold on to it.

Ian Churchhill’s Marineman #1 from Image Comics hits this week. This one has instant sellout written all over it. Don’t miss this comic; it’s liable to become the next comic to appear on Cartoon Network.

Speaking of selling out, don’t pass up the ultra violent debut of Wolverine The Best There is #1. Once again, an instant sellout. Fans have been looking for a no holds barred Wolverine title, so here it is folks!


Chaos War: God Squad #1 has quite a few characters appearing in it. A few non first rate characters appear within the solicit. Here are their first appearances:

Sersi – First appearance was in Eternals #3 (1976). With Jack Kirby art and cover, this is a no-brainer at an $8 price tag.

Hellstorm – First Appearance was in Ghost Rider #1 (1973). This is a number one issue with a Gil Kane cover for $100. Another good deal.

Venus – First Appearance was in Venus #1 (1948). This one goes back to the Timely comics days. Timely = Marvel Comics. We’ll save the history lesson for another time. This Stan Lee edited comic goes for $2440. 

….And the last name mentioned in the solict is Silver Surfer. His first appearance is in Fantastic Four #48 (1966). Lee, Kirby, Sinnot, plus the first appearance of the baddest man (besides Thanos) in the Cosmic Universe……for $1400?? This is the steal of the week!

As Always, special thanks to Comics Price Guide for the pricing of the comics!   

See you all next week, Invest wisely.

Jay Katz