InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 2-23-11

CaptainAmerica615InvestComics Comic Hot Picks for 2-23-11




 AmazingSpiderMan655InvestComics has a new team member! Sebastian Piccione will be joining the IC team. Sebastian will be a tremendous asset to InvestComics. To learn more about this new team member go here.

A relatively small week as the collecting side is concerned, but we forge ahead. Plenty of very cool reads as always though!

CaptainAmerica615Marvel throws not one, but two “Nothing will ever be the same” comics at us this week. The first is Captain America #615. Aside from Cap dying again (kind of hard to top that!), will readers and collectors be shocked at what happens next? Let’s wait for Wednesday to determine if this comic warrants the “Nothing will ever be the same” tag because boy is that line getting real old. The second claim of a life altering book is Amazing Spider-Man #655. THIS comic may truly live up to its potential of being “the book” of all books for Spidey fans and collectors. Why you ask? Well let’s just copy and paste a quote from Mr. Dan Slott himself from a recent Facebook posting (February 17, 2011): 

This issue, ASM #655, is coming out Wednesday (February 23rd), and I know this sounds like hyperbole, but it’s the honest to God truth—out of 20 years in the biz, this is my FAVORITE issue of a comic that I’ve EVER worked on! (Yes, even MORE than the REN & STIMPY: MASTERS OF TIME & SPACE from 1994! :-O No foolin’!)

The script was a blast to write, and our artist, Marcos Martin (in my opinion) pulled out some of the most beautiful artwork in his already stunning career. And if you like Spider-Man, this magilla is like one big, sloppy kiss to the entire 50 years Spider-Man history. That said? Anyone can jump in and read it – it is VERY new reader friendly.

So please, please, please do me a favor and pick this one up 🙂 I’m pulling out the BIG card – the one that can never be pulled out again – “If you buy only ONE of my comics in your life, this is the one!” There. 🙂 

So there you have it folks. Dan convinced this collector!

3 Independents to check out at your local comic shop on Wednesday, Mission #1 from Image Comics, 10th Muse Manga Giant Sized from Bluewater, and Savage Beauty #1 from Moonstone.








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InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 2-16-11

HP21611FPInvestComics Comic Hot Picks for 2-16-11




This week on InvestComics TV, we featured the Iconic Adult film Star and voice of Brenna from Darkbrain Comics Tabitha Stevens. Tabitha was one of the most humble and gracious guest we have had on. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Tabitha, you’ll be glad you did, great gal. Thanks Tabitha. Speaking of humble and gracious; Jamal Igle will be back for Part 2 of his two part interview this week. Next week on InvestComics TV we have the owner of Bluewater Comics Darren Davis in his own 2 part series! More guest coming up, stay tuned! 

Comic Hot Picks 2-16-11

A quick look at Hot picks this week……






Marvel has 3 number one issues this week that are definitely worth a look. Hawkeye: Blind Spot #1. Hawkeye first appeared in Tales of Suspense #57 from 1964. This book will run in the $600 range. Considering that Hawkeye is a neat character, and he will be in the Avengers movie as a total bad as* it’s safe to bet that this comic is a good buy. Marvel Girl #1 will be hitting the shelves this week. Why exactly do we need a Marvel Girl #1 issue? Anyway, check out Uncanny X-Men #1 (1963) for MG’s first, a pricey $28,000 but worth every penny. A collector can never go wrong buying back issues of any X-Men comic. Especially with the number one issue, and the recent release of the new movie trailer X-Men First Class. From the looks of the trailer, the X-Men franchise is on for another big payday. The final Hot Pick of number one issues goes to Silver Surfer #1. Find the shiny guys first appearance in Fantastic Four #48 (1966). This comic is way undervalued right now in the $1600 range. Why you ask? Well for starters, it’s Silver Surfer’s first appearance! Granted, maybe not everyone likes the character, but if Jack Kirby is drawing it? Well it’s a gimme that this comic should be in your collection. Here is a “not so secret” as to why you should really buy this comic. Marvel Studios has yet to tap into the VAST Universe they call Cosmic. Imagine what Iron Man #55 will do once Thanos appears in the Avengers movie, then branches out to the epic Cosmos in a Marvel Studios Cosmic Universe epic film? Just like their “regular” universe has so many tales to tell when it comes to screen time, the Cosmic Universe is still waiting in the wings for some epic space adventures! Rom anyone? One more number one issue to check out this week, Venom Deadpool #1 one shot. It’ll be a quick sell out. This will be a fun book to sit back and read!






DC: Justice League of America #54 begins the Rise of Eclipso story. Check out E’s first appearance in House of Secrets #61 (1963) for only $240. Nice book at a decent value for a second rate character. Green Lantern #62  brings more of a lead up to “War of the Green Lanterns”.  Will the Green Lantern events ever cease? Also check out Young Justice #1 this week.






Independents: The big indie to check out this week is Garth Ennis’ Jennifer Blood #1. Garth brought some great vigilante stories with the Punisher for Marvel. Meet the female version. This comic will be a no holds barred vigilante blood bath with a female doing the punishing this time. Cool! The delayed Sonic Universe #25 his stores THIS week. Maybe it took the extra week to get that 1990’s silver foil right. Also another delayed book hits THIS week called Captain Wonder 3D (no number on this issue). Once again, maybe a 1990’s delay in getting those green/red glasses right.

(Note) All comic prices provided by Comics Price

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InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 2-9-11


hp2911FPInvestComics – Comic Hot Picks for 2-9-11




First thing worth mentioning is this week’s upcoming InvestComics TV show. It features none other than artist of The War of Supermen, Supergirl, and now regular artist of Zatanna, Mr. Jamal Igle. Check out the first of a 2 part sit down with this awesome charismatic creator coming THIS Wednesday, ONLY on  InvestComics TV! 










DC introduces a couple of new charters this week. Keep your eyes open for Batman & Robin #20 with White Knight, as well as Flash #9 with Hot Pursuit. Superman is introduced to the “new” Wonder Woman in Superman #708. The cool thing about this issue is that Superman thinks he knows her already; he just can’t quite place it…..yet. Green Lantern fans will be all over the new Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #7 this week. It’s the prelude to “War of the Green Lanterns”. These Green Lantern event storylines keep on coming! Speaking of Green Lantern, isn’t it wonderful to still see the rivalry between DC and Marvel? This past week comic collectors saw Marvel’s first cover to the Event story named “Fear Itself”. This week DC releases a reprinting of the Green Lantern Fear Itself graphic novel from 1999. Coincidence? No, just some good old fashion competition.











Marvel comes in with a very busy week. Starting with Amazing Spider-Man #654. Marvel promises that “Things will never be the same” theme with this Spidey issue. Maybe one of these days, we’ll all really be shocked and say, “wow, now THAT is changing things!” Will Marvel deliver? Let’s see on Wednesday morning! Switching from changes to secrets, see what Nick Fury has been hiding for decades? Marvel once again beating on the proverbial hype machine drum says this issue will SHOCK you. Well, on to Wednesday morning for another shocker. Make sure to bring your Xanax, it may be a rough morning. Back to Spidey for a second, Ultimate Spider-Man #153 is the beginning of the end for the Ultimate Spider-Man in what looks to be a prelude into the “Death of Spider-Man” story. An interesting blast from the past from Marvel with Power Man & Iron Fist #1 comes out this week. Whatever happened to Cloak and Dagger? Well that’s another story for another time. So with the number 1 issue, we naturally should find when the first time these two heroes hooked up. Look for Power Man (1974) #48. Check out these names attached this comic, ready? Claremont, Byrne, Kane, Sinnott, and Goodwin. Wow that’s some lineup huh? All of this for $14! This is a no-brainer collectors. Anyone remember the 90’s in the comic book world? Everything you bought was going to send your next kid off to college, set up for an early retirement, or buy that new car you wanted. Rob Liefeld was a one of the main reasons for the boom. Collectors either loved him or hated him. Rob seemed to introduce characters, create characters at an alarming rate. Whether it was for Marvel or Image, didn’t matter, collectors loved buying his stuff. Fast forward to 2011. Onslaught #1 will feature, not 1, but 2 covers from Rob Liefeld this week. Both essentially the same exact covers, but who cares?? It’s the 90’s….err wait it’s 2011. Nah, just have fun with it will ya! Onslaught’s first appearance was in X-Man #15 (1996). Buy this comic in some $1 bin at any local comic shop.  We’ll get back to the 90’s in a minute, but want to see a good fight this week? How about Ultimate Avengers vs. New Ultimate’s #1?










Independents this week feature the return of the 90’s for one book, that one book being Sonic Universe #25. This comic comes complete with a “shiny silver” cover! Cool! Can you say, sold out with the second print being a “shiny gold” cover? Yea, thought so. Tim Seeley, Dan Leister, and Erik Larsen begin the regular ongoing Hack/Slash Ongoing #1. If you missed Tim Seeley’s interview on InvestComics TV, go right here to check it out! Spawn #202 introduces a major new villain. This series is hot right now, so expect a quick sellout on this one. Last but not least, don’t forget to check out the new SpongeBob Comics #1!










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