The Funny Man for receives 125,000 views in first 96 hours

Friend of Bob Heske and InvestComics sent over this press release. Some great news regarding Jake Barsha’s Funny Man horror web series. Also, check out the IndieCreator Interview with Jake Barsha right here!

Indy filmmaker Jake Barsha’s debut horror web-series The Funny Man for receives 125,000 views in first 96 hours over Halloween Weekend 2011

Indy filmmaker Jake Barsha’s debut horror web-series “The Funny Man,” an original horror web-series exclusively produced and distributed by, has received over 125,000 views in its first 96 hours over Halloween Weekend 2011, according to Right Hook Films, web-series producer.  The horror web series debuted on Tuesday, October 25, 2011 with ten original episodes slated to run daily through Thursday, November 3, 2011 to round out fall and winter programming.

“The Funny Man,” is a psychological horror thriller web-series in the vein of PSYCHO, featuring a compelling villain who videotapes his victims, demanding that they say something funny on camera prior to killing them. The murder scenes bring viewers into the deranged mindset of a psychopath, and the violence is realistically chaotic and painful.

“The Funny Man” is written and directed by Jake Barsha who made his feature film debut in January 2009 with the independently produced movie EUGENE, which received its world premiere at The Palm Springs International Film Festival.  Eleven other U.S. and international film festival screenings followed, garnering rave press reviews and warm accolades for “Eugene” from festival programmers. “Eugene” left audiences squirming in their seats at what The Palm Springs Film festival acclaimed as “a brilliantly disturbing psychological thriller.”

The Funny Man cast includes:  Ryan Reyes (Eugene); Abby Wathen (The Sinners, The Intruders, Skeletons in the Desert); Leslie Easterbrook (The Devil’s Rejects, Halloween), Nikki Tomlinson (Date Night), Shaun Gerardo (X-Men: First Class, Fast and Furious, The Kingdom), Domiziano Arcangeli (Scary or Die, Orgy of Blood, House of Flesh Mannequins); David Fine (The Red Door, Stricken, Blood Ties) with Sam Adun, Melissa Beithan, Devon Buck, Jessica Cameron, Sierra Collins, Michael Musa, Matthew Prater, Chelsea Vincent, Chris Watkins.

“The Funny Man” is produced by Jake Barsha for Right Hook Films.  Matthew Prater is assistant director and co-producer; Frank Tobin is co-producer;  Yuki Noguchi is director of photography;  Adam Taylor is production designer / 2nd unit director; Erik Diener is unit production manager / art director; Matt Brailey is sound designer; special FX are by Matt Gonos; Elliott Goldkind has provided an original music score.

Trailer Link:

About The Funny Man and Right Hook Films

For more information about “The Funny Man” web series visit: or connect on Facebook.


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InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 11-2-11

Welcome to InvestComics Hot Picks 11-2-11

A lot of Marvel to talk about this week; let’s jump right in……

Looks like Marvel has a real winner coming out this week. With DC’s Western titles doing well, it’s no wonder why Marvel will be anteing up. The title to look for this week is Six Guns. Not to be confused with Oni Press’ Sixth Gun. Six Guns #1 will feature an abundance of old style western characters and bringing them up to date. Some of the westerner’s first appearances are surprisingly very affordable, which means you should probably get your hands on them if Marvel decides it’s time for a very cool modern day western movie. Many of the first appearances came before Marvel in Timely Comics.
Here are the main players:
Black Rider – First appearance in All Star Western Winners #2 (1948) $1200.
Tarantula – First Appearance in Ghost Rider #2 (1967) $80
Matt Slade – First Appearance Matt Slade,Gunfighter #1 (1956) $240
Two Gun Kid – First Appearance Two Gun Kid #1 (1948) $1400
Tex Dawson – First Appearance Western Kid #1 (1954) $250. This comic features John Romita Sr. art throughout. A steal here at $250.






Avengers Origins: Ant-Man and Wasp #1 features a beauty of a cover from Marko Djurdjevic. However, beauty does not lie within the price of the first appearances from the napoleon complex guy and the shortest girl in the room. Ant-Man first appeared in Tales To Astonish #27 (1962) and is priced at $12,000. Seems like a bit much for a character that not many know who or what Ant-Man is. The scarceness of this comic is probably driving the price. 17 issues later in Tales To Astonish #44 (1963) we come across Janet Van Dyne as Wasp. This comic goes for a pricey $600. With your $600, you can talk a dealer down a little and get 3 of those western comics mentioned earlier.

In sticking with the female character for a moment, Thor: For Asgard – Deviants Saga #1 features the villain Ereshkigal, and she’s a bad as*. Herfirst appearance cost about $594 less than good ol’ Janet. Look for Thor #283 (1979).

There is nothing like nostalgia. This week we see 3 covers paying homage to yesteryear. Amazing Spider-Man #673 features an ode to Amazing Spider-Man #50 (1967) $1200. John Romita’s famous Spidey suit in the trash page goes on cover the cover of 673. It also features Kingpin’s first appearance. Image Comics Giant Sized Elephantmen #1 of course pays homage to Giant Sized X-Men #1 (1975) $1400. And if you’ve lived under a rock for the past 36 years, that book features the new X-Men from Dave Cockrum and Gil Kane. The third cover is an old Steve Ditko Spidey cover, but you’ll have to watch the video below to catch that one.





Here are some Independents to check out this week. Heart # 1 from image, IDW’s Jack Avarice is the Courier #1, Big Dog Inks Legend of Oz The Wicked West #1 (this looks awesome), David Paul and Sebastian Piccione (IC reviewers/FFFIC/Joseph!) rave about BOOM! Studios Planet of the Apes. Now we get Betrayal of Planet of the Apes #1. Let’s see if it lives up to the previous. And Peanuts #0, with a fantastic review from David Paul on Peanuts Happiness is a warm blanket Charlie Brown. Click here to check that out.

…..And be sure to check out Avengers Academy #21 with lots of new things going on in there as well as Marvel’s parody Shame Itself #1.

Lastly, check out the Covers Of The Week video below. With Halloween tomorrow, it only seems fitting that the music selection is from John Carpenter’s Halloween.

See you next week, Invest wisely.

Jay Katz

Oct. 28th

“Joseph!” will return this Monday to celebrate Halloween and begins all new adventures in FULL COLOR! And be sure to come back this weekend to catch the “Joseph! Marathon”. If you missed any of the strips from the first story arc you can  get caught up before the new adventures begin. In the meantime enjoy the return of “Boidtawkin” along with a new “extra”.

Giuseppe Camuncoli’s Connecting Variant Covers For FANTASTIC FOUR #601 & FF #13!

Marvel Unveils Giuseppe Camuncoli’s Connecting Variant Covers For FANTASTIC FOUR #601 & FF #13!

 Check out these cool connecting covers…….

The future of the Fantastic Four and FF collide this December as Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Giuseppe Camuncoli’s connecting variant covers for Fantastic Four #601 & FF #13! After the universe altering events of the highly anticipated Fantastic Four #600, Reed, his family and friends embark on a bold new journey into the Marvel Universe. No fan of superstar writer Jonathan Hickman’s critically acclaimed run can miss out on these exciting new variants!





Cover by MIKE CHOI

FOC – 11/28/11, ON SALE – 12/21/11


FF # 13 (OCT110651)


Cover by MIKE CHOI

FOC – 12/5/11, ON SALE 12/28/11






FOC – 10/31/11, ON SALE 11/22/11


To find a comic shop near you, call 1-888-comicbook or visit

Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. For more information visit


Dark Horse comics Usagi reaches a milestone. They sent this over to InvestComics, check it out!



October 25, MILWAUKIE, OR—Earlier this year, Usagi Yojimbo creator Stan Sakai was
named the 2011 Cultural Ambassador by the Japanese American National Museum. Shortly
thereafter, the JANM opened their Year of the Rabbit exhibit—the most comprehensive
collection of Sakai’s work to date.

Stan Sakai has won several Eisner Awards and has received over twenty Eisner Award
nominations. Prior to Dark Horse’s long run on the series, there were thirty-eight
Fantagraphics issues, sixteen Mirage issues, a summer special, and four color
specials. Dark Horse’s Usagi Yojimbo #141 marks the landmark two hundredth overall
issue of master storyteller Stan Sakai’s beloved series, and the rabbit ronin
celebrates with a special story perfect for new readers, “200 Buddhas”! With a
ruthless gang terrorizing his small town, a humble stonecutter receives a vision and
sets out to carve two hundred stone figures. Just as he has finished the 199th, a
long-eared stranger comes to his door seeking shelter from the rain!

“In a perfect world, everyone would read Usagi Yojimbo.”

—Greg McElhatton, Comic Book Resources

The Japanese American National Museum is the largest museum in the United States
dedicated to sharing the experience of Americans of Japanese ancestry. The founding
of the museum is a story of high hopes, remarkable achievements, frustration, and,
ultimately, success. The JANM is located in Los Angeles, and the Year of the Rabbit
exhibit closes its doors October 30, 2011 –

Usagi Yojimbo #141 is on sale October 26, 2011!


Guest Artist To Appear In Daniel Corey and Anthony Diecidue’s Moriarty # 7


Berkeley, CA – 26 October 2011 — The world of MORIARTY just got a little bigger with the announcement that Mike Vosburg will serve as guest artist for MORIARTY #7. Famed for his work in Marvel, DC and HBO’s Tales from the Crypt TV series, Vosburg joins writer Daniel Corey and artist Anthony Diecidue in creating a special flashback sequence for the 3rd chapter in The Lazarus Tree storyline.
When asked about his guest artist duties on MORIARTY, Vosburg stated, “Working on the Moriarty book was a real treat. Not only is the time period one that I’m very fond of, but Dan’s stories have an emotional impact and visual sensibility that made my job as an artist an exciting and rewarding experience.”
Diecidue adds, “Voz has been like a mentor to me for years now. Coloring his pages is like getting a lesson in storytelling. They’re awesome. I just hope I don’t screw them up.”


MORIARTY #7 (OCT110560), a 32-page comic for $2.99 published by Image Comics, will be on sale in stores December 7 and is available to order in the October edition of Previews. MORIARTY #6 (SEP110474) will be on sale in stores November 2. For more information, please visit and

As a teenage Mike edited and produced the fanzine Masquerader, which introduced him to many of his cohorts in the comic book world and helped jump start his career. He worked for Marvel and DC for a number of years until moving to LA in the mid 80’s where he branched out into the fields of animation, advertising and film. He has produced artwork for the LA Museum of Tolerance, has drawn the entire run of cover inserts for the HBO Tales from the Crypt series, won an Emmy as a director on the HBO animated series Spawn. Besides any number of advertising projects he has done storyboards for a number of music videos for the like of Emimem, Marilyn Manson and Gwen Stefani. Most recently Mike has storyboarded The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Prince Caspian, Voyage of the Dawntreader and Journey to the Center of the Earth.
In his spare time Voz continues to attend weekly figure drawing courses, still shoots baskets in his back yard and continues to create and produce his own graphic novels, Lori Lovecraft and Retrowood. For more information, visit
Daniel Corey is a director, screenwriter, playwright, and novelist. He has authored screenplays, teleplays, stage plays, two comic series, and a novel.
Daniel spent four years as writer in residence with the New York Acting Ensemble, where 10 of his plays were produced, several of which he directed. Titles included JOGGERS, PSYCHE IN A BOX, STAR OF INDIA, and THE WHITE ROOM. Several of his screenplays have ranked in distinguished competitions, including Francis Ford Coppola’s American Zoetrope Screenwriting Competition and the Austin Film Festival Screenplay Contest.
In 2007, Daniel created DANGERKATT CREATIVE STUDIO, a company that serves as an umbrella for all of his creative endeavors. In 2009, DANGERKATT published PROPHET, a graphic novel written by Daniel, with art by Anthony Diecidue. Since then, Daniel and Anthony have worked together to create a new comic series titled MORIARTY, which follows the misadventures of Professor Moriarty, arch-nemesis of Sherlock Holmes. The first issue of MORIARTY was released May 11th, 2011. The first volume collected graphic novel of MORIARTY will be released September 14th, 2011, under the full title MORIARTY: THE DARK CHAMBER. For more information, visit
Anthony Diecidue (dee-ETCh-eh-DOO-eh) was born in Morristown, NJ, and is an alum of the prestigious Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art.
His digital technique has a traditional flare inspired by everything from comic books and animation to concept art.
Anthony’s work includes principal art for Stan Lee and Walt Disney Home Entertainment’s digital motion comic series TIME JUMPER, MORTAL KOMBAT VS. DC COMICS for Midway Games, PROPHET with writer Daniel Corey at DangerKatt Creative Studio and MORIARTY with Daniel Corey for Image Comics.
Image Comics is a comic book and graphic novel publisher founded in 1992 by a collective of best-selling artists. Image has since gone on to become one of the largest comics publishers in the United States. Image currently has five partners: Robert Kirkman, Erik Larsen, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri and Jim Valentino. It consists of five major houses: Todd McFarlane Productions, Top Cow Productions, Shadowline, Skybound and Image Central. Image publishes comics and graphic novels in nearly every genre, sub-genre, and style imaginable. It offers science fiction, romance, horror, crime fiction, historical fiction, humor and more by the finest artists and writers working in the medium today. For more information, visit


Marvel sent this teaser of coming events in the new, post-schism, WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN book.

Looks pretty busy for the students and staff of THE JEAN GREY SCHOOL.

Excited for Wolverine & The X-Men #1 from Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo, on sale today?
Here’s a taste of things to come in 2012!

Click to Biggify
[nggallery id=52]  
Written by JASON AARON
Pencils & Cover by CHRIS BACHALO
Written by JASON AARON
Pencils & Cover by CHRIS BACHALO
FOC – 10/31/11, ON SALE – 11/23/11
Written by JASON AARON
Pencils & Cover by CHRIS BACHALO
FOC – 12/5/11, ON SALE – 12/28/11
Written by JASON AARON
Pencils & Cover by NICK BRADSHAW
FOC – 12/12/11, ON SALE – 1/11/11
To find a comic shop near you, call 1-888-comicbook or visit

Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. For more information visit

Warhammer 40K Martyn Pick

Warhammer 40K “Ultramarines” and Harry Payne Horror w/ UK Director Martyn Pick

Martyn Pick, digital artist,  British animator and Director, is renowned for his distinctive fusion of live-action and animation, and the fluid, painterly style of his film-making. Martyn studied film and fine art at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and ever since then his work has been driven by the crossover of painting and cinema. His credits include animation director for the 2009 film THE AGE OF STUPID (a documentary that depicts a fictitious future archivist played  by Pete Postlethwaite who looks at old footage to determine how mankind missed the obvious clues about global warming); LONDON 2012, the promotional film for the 2012 Olympics; the celebrated BBC promotional trailers for the Euro 2004 soccer tournament; and the Budweiser 2001 NBA commercials.

But fanboys will be most impressed with Martyn’s first feature ULTRAMARINES − a slick 76-minute CGI, sci-fi thriller set in Game Workshop’s fictional Warhammer 40,000 universe and based on the ULTRAMARINES Chapter of SPACE MARINES (for more detail on Warhammer 40K, see Wikipedia here).

The 2010 film, which had a £6 million budget (or about $9 million USD), features Martyn’s trademark blend of animation and live action − creating a visceral, fast-paced film that is a faithful adaption sure to please avid 40K fans.

Here is IMDB’s logline for ULTRAMARINES: “A squad of Ultramarines answer a distress call from an Imperial Shrine World. A full Company of Imperial Fists was stationed there, but there is no answer from them. The squad investigates to find out what has happened there.”

You can get a blu-ray copy at Amazon here.

Most recently, Martyn switched genres and directed a paranormal thriller called THE HAUNTING OF HARRY PAYNE on a micro-budget. The film, which is in post-production, is set to be released later this year. Here is the logline from IMDB: “Ex-gangster Harry Payne confronts his violent past and vengeance from beyond the grave.”

Martyn − who is also a fine charcoal, portrait and sketch artist (see his whimsical hand-drawn work called THE FLEA CATCHER below) − recently took time to talk to me “across the Pond” and give me an update on his exciting projects.

1) The film logline for ULTRAMARINES sounds like a cross between ALIEN and STAR WARS (and that’s a good thing!) What was your reaction when you first read the script?

(MARTYN:)  It was a terse lean script that gave the audience a convincing first cinematic glimpse of the Warhammer universe. Given the  immensity and detail of the Warhammer world, the script could have been overburdened with backstory and exposition. But by focusing on a small squad of warriors in hostile terrain, you had a tight contained story that held water and showed the dark grandeur of the world.

There was the menace and drama of the squads’ quest which is further brought to life by the character conflict between the marines. And there are big epic and action scenes that build as the movie drives forwards. Screenwriter Dan Abnett’s dialogue had a powerful, warlike poetry as if it was from an authentic ancient text much like Homer or the Norse sagas. 

You can see the official movie trailer on YouTube here:

2) How did the Warhammer film end up in your virtual realm? Were you a fan of the game before the project came to you?

(MARYN:)  In my directing career I had created an intense dark style of mixed media that is far from the sweet quirky conventions of animation. Working in commercial animation companies there was always a tension! Nevertheless, I made a living while I continued to push this dynamic look in my short films.

While directing commercials, I further evolved my work by producing a graphic novel SIEGE. Its atmospheric mix of photographic and hand-drawn artwork caught the eye of Bob Thompson, the producer who was developing ULTRAMARINES. It had common ground with the dark painterly look of Warhammer box art. With it, I could create an overall look that fused together the facial capture, CGI animation and matte paintings which would make the movie’s style. We worked together on a test that nailed this technique and secured the confidence of Games Workshop.

I had seen the Games Workshop stores everywhere and knew of its huge loyal fan base and its dark imaginative mythology. There is an extreme passion for the world from the fans and for its visualization from the designers and artists.

Only a limited quantity of the graphic novel were printed. You can buy SEIGE here.

3) For ULTRAMARINES, you took on more roles than director − you also commandeered the visual design of the Ultramarines characters, Warhammer 40K universe, and adapted them to your talented cast. What goes into pre-production for an ambitious project like this?

(MARTYN:)  Intricate designs were produced for all the characters, uniforms, weapons, vehicles and environments. A lot of nailing the design was down to casting the right artists. Initially we went for concept artists who had worked closely already with Games Workshop as they were immersed in the universe. As we needed approval throughout from Games Workshop, this made the process more streamlined and freed us up to put more energy into other areas. 

I did a lot of concept art on the test which gave the film a cohesive look with strong key lighting, rich atmospheric weather and overall color casts. I then worked on a color palette that progressed throughout the film’s journey in sync with the developing mood. Coming from an art animation background, this is specifically something I brought to it.

Pre-production included a drawn sketched storyboard cut to a quick table read of the dialogue. This enabled us to pre-visualize the film as a whole before committing to animation.

The facial capture process required that we filmed the actors individually and just head and shoulders (happily for them, without any dots or markers on their faces). This was tough as they did not have the other actors to play off and hard for me because I could not see how a whole scene was playing out.

Nevertheless we got great performances which were then pasted into the storyboarded edit so we could see how they gelled together.

4) Were you worried about alienating the Warhammer 40K fanbase? Tell us about the reaction so far.

(MARTYN:)  Sure, we had to think about the fans’ reaction as they were the core audience! We worked very closely throughout with Games Workshop checking the authenticity and tone of the world we were creating. Generally there has been a positive reaction. In late September at Games Workshops annual Games Day I spent 6 hours signing copies of the film non-stop for fans who love it as a very authentic focused introduction to the universe.

It was a challenging production in that we had finite time and money (a decent budget for a first-time feature but tight for a CGI movie). Some have expected Hollywood  blockbuster production values but our budget was a fraction of high-end games cinematics and movies like TRANSFORMERS ($150M budget) or LORD OF THE RINGS ($281M budget for the trilogy). Our budget was based on sales predicted globally to the fan base. Within that I know we pushed everything to the utmost and made a strong cohesive indie movie.

5) You have a great cast with Terence Stamp (THE LIMEY, STAR WARS: EPISODE 1), John Hurt (ALIEN, HELLBOY, V FOR VENDETTA) and Sean Pertwee (DOG SOLDIERS). What was it like directing them, and are any of them closet Warhammer gaming geeks? 

(MARTYN:)  Coming from animation it’s always a joy to see the craft, conviction and power that actors bring to the role, especially with great actors like these. My approach to directing acting is quite different to many animators. I prefer to cast precisely, give simple clear motivation and then work the results. This is a subtle cinematic approach to acting rather than the broad gestures and signposting that animation suggests. My animation background really comes out more in atmosphere, kinetic action, spectacle, camera movement and graphic compositions. 

When approached for ULTRAMARINES, Terence Stamp asked around his circles and immediately found out about the extent of the fan base. John Hurt knew all about Warhammer because his son is a fan and had taken him to the Games Workshop store on London’s Oxford Street. And Sean Pertwee was already immersed in the culture of Games Workshop through his voiceover for the WARHAMMER 40,000: FIRE WARRIOR video game. Terence Stamp brought a real subtlety to his performance and John Hurt and Sean Pertwee brought an impeccable precise strength and range to their roles.

Donald Sumpter (THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO) has a magnificently sour world-weary delivery. Steven Waddington (SLEEPY HOLLOW, LAST OF THE MOHICANS) brought an insubordinate tough arrogance to the role of Verenor. And Johnny Harris, who is very much up and coming (WAR HOURSE, ROCK ‘N ROLLA), has a real London method-acting intensity and extraordinary commitment. 

6) What was the distribution strategy? I hear there is a Special Edition version of the film. Are there plans to make it available as a game and graphic novel? 

(MARTYN PICK:)  The film is now available as Blu-ray, DVD and HD download. The  special collector’s edition has a bonus content DVD (with making of featurettes) and a graphic novel covering the backstory to the film. It had preview screenings in the US and the UK earlier in the year and will have a theatrical run in London.

At present it is a property that stands alone from the games that have been produced from the universe.

7) Where can we get the film? And are there plans for a sequel?

(MARTYN PICK:)  A direct way to get the film is from the ULTRAMARINES movie website. And yes, the intention was always that this film would be the first of a series.

8) On to scarier topics, you recently completed post on a nifty little project called THE HAUNTING OF HARRY PAYNE about an elderly ex-gangster who has to deal with bad karma from beyond the grave. This was another ambitious script which you handled with a fast shoot and limited budget. What was most challenging about this film? 

(MARTYN:)  The biggest immediate challenge for a tight budget and a four-week schedule was covering John Mangan’s complex narrative with its multiple locations. To achieve this, I sketched out the whole film as a rough board which helped focus and speed the shoot. And with the actors we had workshopped all the scenes to see what really played well and what needed pruning. Then while filming we improvised, condensing the script and finding alternate ways to tell the story visually. Andy Parsons, (the Director of Photography) and myself came up with a shooting strategy to give the film a unifying look: tight close-ups and wide shots with a lot of negative space. It worked very well.

9) What makes Harry Payne different from other films we’ve seen? And whom will it most appeal to?

(MARTYN:)  It has its own unique feel. Imagine a cult late 60’s/early 70’s British Horror but mixed with the surreal atmosphere of TWIN PEAKS. It should find an audience as a cult movie through its original mash up of the gangster and supernatural.

10) Where did you shoot it, what type of camera did you use, and how many days were you in principal photography?

(MARTYN:)  We shot across the atmospheric flatlands of England’s East Anglia in many locations: strip clubs, head shops, churchyards, forests and stately homes. We were constantly moving the unit across the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk. Particularly useful was an ex cold war US air force base where nuclear weapons used to be stored. It really was a stunning location with a network of bunkers and desolate woods. We shot on the Red camera package and the results really belied the budget with an elegant cinematic look. There were 24 long days in principal photography which was pretty fierce, but sometimes working at speed really gets your creative adrenalin going.

11) Tell us about the cast − several of them look familiar although we may not readily know their names.

(MARTYN:)  PH Moriarty was Hatchet Harry in Guy Ritchies LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS. Graham Cole and Tony Scannell were both lead characters for many years in the UK police procedural series THE BILL. Katy Manning is well known for the character of  Jo Grant in DR. WHO. These experienced actors brought great humanity and texture to their roles. In the other roles, we had Fliss Walton who is a fine stage actress and Anouska Mond who has been making a name for herself in UK genre cinema.

12) How will you release the film − limited theatrical distribution or straight to DVD and Pay-Per-View?

(MARTYN:)  The producers are going for limited theatrical release, then DVD and Pay-Per-View. 

Here is the synopsis posted on the official film website blog:

“Ex-London gangster Harry Payne retires to Norfolk to be close to his wife, driven mad when he was forced to kill his best friend, psychopathic gang boss Eugene McCann. Immediately he is drawn into a murder mystery in which an obsessive local police detective targets him as the killer. However, unknown to anyone, Harry has psychic abilities he has always suppressed with alcohol. Now he must confront the supernatural and his own personal demons to save his wife and free the tormented souls of the ghosts that haunt him.”

Watch the trailer for the film on here.

13) Which do you enjoy more − working on larger animation projects or more intimate live action films? And what is your favorite genre?

(MARTYN:)  In terms of the facial capture and blocking out the shots, my direction of ULTRAMARINES was very much a subtle cinematic live-action approach rather than traditional animation. I like equally working on larger animation projects and smaller live-action films. The experience of the last few years has been refreshing working on the bigger canvas after doing commercials, promos and short films. It opens up your lungs!

Making features is secretly what I signed up for. It’s what you wanted to do when you first saw movies as a kid. To name my favorite genre is hard to say but what I do like is when genre, be it horror, gangster or western, is done with an original twist and a personal perspective.

14) Who are you biggest influences from the artist perspective and from the director’s chair?

(MARTYN:)  I am a huge film enthusiast and there are many directors whose work I draw inspiration from. A short list is Sergio Leone, Lars Von Trier, Darren Aronovsky, Sam Peckinpah, Michael  Cimino, Josef Von Sternberg, William Friedkin, Tomas Alfredson, Paul Verhoeven and Dario Argento. Particularly I am interested in directors who work personality and expressive filmmaking into genre material, straddling both the art house film and the traditional genre (i.e., horror, western, sci-fi) camps.

In fine art, one strand I particularly like is the romantic sublime of the 19th century (Theodore Gericault, Eugene Delacroix, JMW Turner and John Martin) and how that later echoes in expressionistic and gestural painterly qualities in modern art and post-modern art (Jackson Pollock, Cy Twombly, Chaim Soutine, Mark Rothko. Anselm Kiefer,Peter Doig).

15) What are you working on next? Where we can follow your work and buy your films?

(MARTYN:)  LONDON WASTE is a script that I am developing with a friend which is a brutal revenge thriller set in the current recession (it’s kind of UK TAXI DRIVER meets FALLING DOWN). I want to see my graphic novel SIEGE as a film. The apocalyptic mashup of animation and live-action in my short film PLAZA I also want to extend into a feature.

Here is the film on YouTube:

There are some scripts I have been approached to direct and there is a classic property which would be a live-action/CGI/green screen horror feature. Strong tight stories that I can give cinematic scale and intensity. I am also currently working on an exhibition of my digital paintings to show an undiluted essence of my approach. 

A good place to get overview of my work is my website which has the links to my updates on twitter and my blog.

Here is a link to ULTRAMARINES official website:

Thank you, Martyn, for a glimpse your impressive palette of work. We look forward to ULTRAMARINES and THE HAUNTING OF HARRY PAYNE. Cheers! 

An award-winning indie comic creator and screenwriter, Bob Heske is currently writing/producing a micro-budget horror film called UNREST ( Bob wrote THE NIGHT PROJECTIONIST, a vampire horror series to be published by Studio 407 ( with film rights optioned by Myriad Pictures. Through his Heske Horror shingle, Bob self-published his critically acclaimed horror series COLD BLOODED CHILLERS. Bob’s trade paperback BONE CHILLER (a “best of” CBC anthology) won a Bronze medal in the horror category at the 2009 Independent Publisher Book Awards. His “end times” anthology 2012: FINAL PRAYER  was also released in late 2009. Email him at


Previews! Walking Dead #90, Red Wing #4 & Vault #3

Image Comics sent InvestComics over 5 page previews of Walking Dead #90, Red Wing #4 & Vault #3. Check out these awesome titles…..

Diamond ID: AUG110545
On Sale: October 26, 2011


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Price: $2.99
Diamond ID: AUG110547
On Sale: October 26, 2011
Genres: Horror, Zombies
Series: The Walking Dead
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Price: $3.50
Diamond ID: AUG110535
On Sale: October 26, 2011
Series: Red Wing
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Marvel Unveils Ed McGuinness’ Cover to AVENGERS: X-SANCTION #1!

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at superstar artist Ed McGuinness’ Avengers X-Sanction #1 cover. The safety of the future is at stake and it’s all up to Cable in order to save it – even if that means taking on the heaviest hitters in the Marvel Universe. With only 24 hours to destroy the Avengers, can he take on all of Earth’s Mightiest alone? Find out as superstar creators Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness kick off the countdown to the 2012’s status quo-shattering event in the Avengers: X-Sanction #1!


Written by JEPH LOEB
Art & Cover by ED MCGUINNESS

FOC – 11/7/11, ON SALE – 12/14/11

To find a comic shop near you, call 1-888-comicbook or visit

Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. For more information visit

InvestComics One and Done Anthology Announces The Creators To Appear In The Book

The InvestComics One & Done Anthology team announces the Creators that will appear in the book, benefiting The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

West Palm Beach, Florida
October 24, 2011, 2011 — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

(West Palm Beach, Florida; October 24, 2011) – The InvestComics One & Done Anthology team announces the Contributors that will appear the book, benefiting The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. “It was a long and hard decision, with so many fantastic entries that the team compiled this list of talented creators that will appear in the Anthology” says Katz, President and Founder of InvestComics. “We certainly have seen the best in so many creators, and we thank each and every one of them for their valuable effort and time to submit for such a good cause.”

One & Done Editor’s: Bob Heske says “We’re very happy with the turnout and cannot wait to see this book in print.” And Sebastian Piccione, “This was an exciting project that will certainly be a page turner, one at a time!”

Listed below are the Final entries that will be appearing in the One & Done Anthology.

Congratulations once again to the creators.

Release Date: TBA

About InvestComics

InvestComics™ started as a magazine in 2006; the first issue wasn’t released until June of 2007. The magazine was distributed as a free comic book Investment Guide throughout local comic shops in South Florida. It was also a giveaway on Ebay for any winning bid to receive with their order.

Although the InvestComics™ web site was on line in 2005, it wasn’t until 2007 the web site became the main focal point and the magazine ceased. InvestComics™ wanted to start reaching a broader audience and began to rapidly expand. InvestComics™ became the “Entertainment” Investment Guide as a result of covering many areas in the industry, focusing on entertainment as well as highlighting investment opportunities. Most recently the launch of InvestComics TV (ICTV) has made the site multi-media, attracting some of the biggest names in the industry to appear in a split-screen 10-12 minute interview format.

About Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of the First Amendment rights of the comics art form and its community of retailers, creators, publishers, librarians, and readers. The CBLDF provides legal referrals, representation, advice, assistance, and education in furtherance of these goals. If you wish to support CBLDF, you can visit their website at

*Lucky Charm*

Story & Inks: Mark McKenna

Pencils: Michael Oppenheimer

Letters: John Hunt


*Pusin up Dasies *

Story & Art: Joshua Boulet



Story: Shawn Aldridge

Art: Dean Parks


*Ped Texting*

Story & Art: RJ Balbuena



Story: Arno Hurter

Art: David Edwards


*Saying Grace*

Story: Arno Hurter

Art: David Edwards



Story & Art: Duncan Eagleson


*Captain Amazing to the Rescue*

Created by L. Burke, G. Sorkin and A. Maldonado


*Death’s Hand*

Story: Robert Heske

Art: Adam Swiecki


*Pyrrhic War*

Story: Mike Schneider

Art: Alex Kautz



Story & Art: Rob Jones


*Spouse Invaders*

Story: Dino Caruso

Art: Simon Fernandes


*The Balloon*

Story & Art: David W. Tripp


*Beyond the Heart*

Story: Fabrizio Spurio

Art: Andrea Pucci & Monica Rondino


*Day 366*

Story & Art: Emily McGuiness


*Looking Back Over My Shoulder*

Story & Art: Scott Jason Smith


*Nobody Heeds the Warning*

Story: Mike Schneider

Art: Dorian Bachman



Story & Art: Ramie Balbuena


*Pale Horse*

Story: Alex Williams

Art: Russ Leach


*Reid’s Payback*

Story: Jay Katz

Art: Apriyadi Kusbiantoro

Letters: Jaymes Reed


*Celtic Shaman: A Walk in the Park*

Story: Chris McQuaid

Pencils: Predrag Ivanovic (PEKA)

Inks: Peter Palmiotti


*Final Take*

Story: Arno Hurter

Art: David Edwards


*Blitz Randall – Man of Action*

Story & Art: Dash Simmons


*In Loving Memory*

Story: David Paul

Art: Thomas Tsigaridas


*Prime Directive*

Story: Arno Hurter

Art: David Edwards



Story & Art: Shaun Burnett


*Somebody Save Me!*

Story: Andrew Coppola

Art: Dejan Stevic


*Urban Hunting 101*

Story & Art: Sean D. Spinks


*12 Bells*

Story & Art: Scott Spinks


*Demon Birth*

Story & Art: Ed Quinby


*Edgar’s Song*

Story: Rita Gorgoni

Art: Stefano Cardoselli


*Alas, Poor Hercules*

Story: James M. Biggie

Art: Frankie B. Washington

Edits: Josh Van Reyk


*Dead Wrong*

Story: Robert Heske

Art: Zeu

Letters: Jaymes Reed


*The Bold Man and the Sea*

Story: Sebastian Piccione

Art: Martinho Abreau

Letters: Matthew Grant



Story: Mark Peaslee

Art: Alex Schumacher


*Hit List*

Story: Tom Alexander
Art: Sean Thornton
Letters: Glenn Arseneau


*The Spitfire*

Story & Art: Wm Brian Maclean


*The Vow*

Story: Arno Hurter

Art: David Edwards


*Time Log*

Story: Shawn Atkins w/ Pete Borrebach and Nick Marino

Art & Tones: Shawn Atkins w/ Nick Marino

Letters: Nick Marino


*The Tail-Gator*

Created by Antoinette Rydyr and Steve Carter


*Subject 32*

Story: Josh Southall

Art: James Stone



Story: Dino Caruso

Art: Gibson Quarter

Letters: Jaymes Reed


*No Quarter*

Story: Dino Caruso

Art: Shawn Richter


*A Force in Motion*

Created by Mike Schneider and Eric Schock


*The Hunting Lesson*

Story & Art: Greg Jolly



Story & Art: Chris Wisnia




*Mazscara Pinup*

Art: Gary T. Becks



Story: David Paul

Art: Gary T. Becks


*False Pretenses*

Story: Robert Heske

Art: Zeu

Letters: Alain Norte

*Reprinted with permission of Heske Horror*



Story & Art: Duncan Eagleson



Women of Wonder Day 2011



Women Of Wonder Day 2011

October 30, 2011


Returning for a SIXTH year with a new name and an expanded mission!

Images of the World’s Most Iconic Heroines Will Help Benefit Domestic Violence Prevention-Intervention Agencies in Oregon, New Jersey, and Texas! 

Portland, Oregon, October 14, 2010 — In October 2006-2010, five annual Wonder Woman Day events raised over $110,000 for Domestic Violence programs in Portland, Oregon and Flemington, NJ. The five-year combination of auctions of over 1,100 original art pieces, plus collectibles, autograph signings, and photo opportunities garnered spectacular turnouts and four Portland Mayoral Proclamations! 

This year, the event will take on a new name and an expanded mission! On October 30, 2011, the new Women of Wonder Day — again as a part of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month — will take place, returning to Excalibur Books in Portland, Oregon, and Comic Fusion in Flemington, New Jersey, as well as at Heroes and Fantasies in San Antonio, Texas! 

This year’s contributions for auction include not only artwork featuring heroines from the world of comics — Wonder Woman, She-Hulk, Storm, Michonne from Walking Dead, Leetah from ElfQuest — but also from the world of media as well, including Lisbeth Salander, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hermione Granger, and others! Plus, TV series such as Glee, Nikita, Big Bang Theory, Castle, and others have donated special items as well! And the all-ages events will include artists and writers signing autographs at each event, as well as costumed characters with whom you can take photos! And in Portland, white-hot writer Brian Michael Bendis is auctioning off a role in one of his upcoming comics!

Some key points:

  • The website for Women of Wonder Day is
  • Over 250 pieces of original artwork and collectibles will be auctioned between the three Women of Wonder Day events. All art is posted to view at the event and at
  • Portland’s Mayor, Sam Adams, has officially declared October 30th to be “Women of Wonder Day ” in the City of Roses.
  • Previous Wonder Woman Day events have raised a grand total of more than $110,000 to benefit survivors of domestic violence and their children. 100% of all proceeds went to the charities.
  • October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.
  • Producing the annual event for the sixth year is best-selling author and DVD documentary director Andy Mangels, who is also the curator of the online Wonder Woman Museum, and one of the world’s top experts on super-heroines. 

Details about the three events follow: 

Excalibur Comics, 2444 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, Oregon

Sunday, October 30, 2011 – noon-6pm, FREE

An ALL AGES celebration and benefit for domestic violence prevention-intervention agencies! Proceeds of the event will benefit Bradley Angle, one of Portland’s leading domestic violence agencies. The free all-ages event will include local and national artists signing comics and special edition prints, as well as a silent auction of original art and collectibles. There will be costumed super-heroes, pirates, and science fiction characters on-site, raffles and prizes, and more. 

Andy Mangels is chairing the Portland event, with Debbie Fagnant and Bradley Angle’s Rebecca Norman. “Women of Wonder Day is so special to our agency,” says Norman. “For the last six years, it’s not only been a key part of how we fund our domestic violence programs, but it’s also become a day that brings a different kind of energy and excitement into the work we do. Women of Wonder Day helps us reach out to an audience that might not know our services are available or might have wanted to get involved with charity work but never knew how. And the new format of the event just increases the potential to spread awareness–it means we’re going to be able to celebrate even more heroines, and involve even more fans!” 

“In 2010 alone, more than 40 Oregonians lost their lives due to domestic violence, which brings the number of victims since the downturn of the economy to over 100. During Domestic Violence Awareness Month and on Women of Wonder Day, we remember that countless men, women, and children continue to live in unsafe situations and fighting for survival–and we celebrate everyone’s potential to be a hero. How can you be a hero? Tell a friend or family member who you believe might be experiencing domestic violence that they deserve to be safe and help them find resources like Bradley Angle; bid on one of the amazing pieces of original comic book art that we’re auctioning off on EBay and at Excalibur Comics during Women of Wonder Day; and bring your family to the event and talk to your kids about what healthy relationships look like. You can be a hero, too!”


Comic Fusion, 42 Main St., Flemington, New Jersey

Saturday and Sunday, October 29-30, 2011 – noon-5pm, FREE

An ALL AGES celebration and benefit for a domestic violence shelter will take place on Saturday and Sunday, October 29th and 30th, in Flemington, NJ, at Comic Fusion, as part of their “Super-Hero Weekend.” Proceeds of the event will benefit Safe in Hunterdon, a domestic violence shelter in New Jersey. Comic creators will sign and sketch, and costumed characters will be available for photos. 

Stacy Korn is chairing the New Jersey event with Beth Delaney. Korn says, “From our first small event, this has grown into a Super Event our community loves! Super Heroes, Super Artists and Super Volunteers are all ready to put some smiles on faces. We look forward to raising money for such a worthy cause as SAFE in Hunterdon!” 

Heroes and Fantasies, 4945 NW Loop 410, San Antonio, Texas
Sunday, October 30, 2011 — noon-5pm — FREE
An ALL AGES benefit and celebration for Domestic Violence programs at Family Violence Prevention Services of San Antonio! The free all-ages event will include local and national artists signing comics and sketching art, as well as a silent auction of original art and collectibles. There will be costumed characters on-site, raffles and prizes, and more. 

Fred Bronaugh is chairing the Texas event with Adam Conley. This is the inaugural year for the Texas event.


Art images and Hi-Rez Posters are at

Portland Mayoral Proclamation is also downloadable at


For additional information about any event, or print-ready images, contact:

Andy Mangels 

For additional information about the New Jersey event, contact:

Stacy Korn 

For additional information about the San Antonio event, contact:

Fred Bronaugh
Partial list of contributors (all contributors shown at

Brian Michael Bendis – Dan Parent – David Lloyd – Gilbert Hernandez – Nicola Scott – Wendy Pini – Yldiray Cinar – David Mack – Ethan Van Sciver – Jamal Igle – Katie Cook – Michael Golden – Neil Vokes – Terry Moore – Ben Dunn – Billy Tucci – Bob Layton – Charlie Adlard – Don Kramer – Doug Mahnke – Humberto Ramos – Jeff Moy – Joe Benitez – Phil Hester – Scott McDaniel – Stephane Roux – the cast of GLEE – the cast of BIG BANG THEORY – the cast of CHUCK – the cast of NIKITA – the cast of CASTLE – Patton Oswalt – Robin Williams – Rick Riordan – Lynda Carter – and many, many more!

InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 10-26-11

Welcome to InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 10-26-11.

It seems fitting that with the video release of New York Comic Con 2011 coverage here on InvestComics that it’s called “Small Publishers Part 1”. This week there are more Independents to check out than anything else.

Here’s a quick rundown of the Indie’s you should definitely be checking out.  

Helldorado #1 from Ape Comics, 215 Ink’s The Alternate #1, Dark Axis #1 from Diezel Punk, Action Lab’s Snowed In #1 and Dynamite’s Dark Shadows #1.

If you were a collector back in the 90’s, you’d probably be one to say that you couldn’t wait for the new Wizard Magazine to hit. We all remember that first issue with Todd McFarlane’s Spider-Man wearing the Wizard hat. That 1991 issue can be found for only $5 these days. In many ways, Wizard Magazine was responsible for the birth of InvestComics. The price guide section became such a staple in the purchase of that magazine. Many of us couldn’t wait to see what comics were going up in value, what comics were hot, and the best part was the “hidden treasure” where they would tell you about a first appearance of a character that was about to break out. Those were fun times, but enough of the nostalgia……..

This week we see the return of a magazine that has the looks and smell of the old Wizard magazine. Behold! Thunder magazine #1! (Like the dramatics?). Understand by no means are we comparing the old Wizard to the new Thunder magazine, but the comparisons will arise because it does resemble it……A LOT. There is one huge sticking point with this magazine and its success, the price point. At $7.99, it’s a bit on the high side which may keep fans and collectors apprehensive in purchasing it. 

Marvel hits us with more Hawkeye (wonder why that is? Hmmm?). Avengers Solo #1 features the marksman. With all of the Avengers movie hoopla, it really won’t make much of a difference in Hawks previous appearances. But if you feel so inclined to get his first appearance, it could be found in Tales of Suspense #57 (1964) for a mere $600. The low price tag will stay put because this Avenger has nothing more to offer than…….well his bow and arrow. He’s not a first tier character, and the Avengers movie probably won’t change that. No demand for more Hawkeye keeps this book at bay for the long haul.

Another month, another Wolverine number one issue. This time with the ongoing Wolverine and X-Men #1.  Maybe InvestComics should rename to Jay Katz and InvestComics. Yes that’s as ridiculous as this new X-Men title. InvestComics is a “team effort”, why is Wolverine a separate enity to the X-Men? Why is Marvel insistent upon slapping Wolverines name on everything? It was nice when he made appearances every 3rd week of the month in a different title with his name on two titles instead of every week and his name on a slew of titles……..Incredible Hulk #340 anyone? Rant over. 

Oh wait, speaking of Incredible Hulk and the number one issue overkill. Marvel’s Incredible Hulk Vol 4 #1 comes out with 7, that’s right 7 variant covers. Why? Are we talking about those good old days of Wizard magazine again? The digital age may come quicker than previously thought. Okay rant over again.  

DC – Spaceman #1 (of 9) written by Brian Azzarello looks like an interesting pick up. 

Check out some covers of the week above……. 

See you next week. Invest wisely 

Jay Katz

[nggallery id=48]

New York Comic Con 2011 – Small Publishers (part 1)

Check out some quick clips from NYCC 2011. Be sure to check out the web sites, Facebook pages and help support all of these publishers in this video. They have some great things to offer.

There will be more video coming out of small publishers showing their stuff off, be sure to stay close….


IndieCreator – with Writer/Director/Producer/Animator Mark Tuit


Canadian writer/director/producer/animator/visual savant Mark Tuit is one of those refreshing talents you stumble upon and, when you look at his resume, you think: 1) “Damn, he’s done a lot of cool stuff” and 2) “he’s gonna break out REAL soon.”

Don’t take my word for it. Check out his website at and before you know it a good half hour will have disappeared as you click through the links for his trailers, special effects, animation, music videos, graphic novels, and demo reel. The man has more creative visions swirling inside his head than a hybrid Tim Burton/Walt Disney in an alternate universe. His projects are ambitious, they take a while to get done, but man … he does get them done and has one helluva busy pipeline. But why listen to me when you could be hearing from him? Without further ado, let me introduce you to Mark Tuit …

1. Looking at your website, you appear to be more of a “new millennium” director who can write, direct, animate and even edit your film and do post effects. Where did you learn to do all this? And is there a director − or directors − that you model yourself after?

(MT:)  Hi Robert, thanks for letting me chat a little about the film and projects I have in the works. Also thanks for the tag as a “new millennium” director. I think in this day and age it pays to be a hybrid filmmaker. I like to write, produce and direct because they are all incredibly creative positions. As far as the animation and VFX aspects of the projects, I usually ship out the bulk of the work to various studios. I’m involved in the creative designs, and the thematic and aesthetic aspects. Then I let the various artists create from the concept designs.

Usually up to 150 artists are working on the films at one time. BUNNY TALES took 3 years to complete, and BLOOD : A BUTCHER’S TALE is still in post with a good 4 years under its belt. My projects are ambitious and I learn as I go. However, I still have the basic foundations of film-making under my hat. The basics will save your ass every time. Some filmmakers I admire and attempt to mirror my style towards are Akira Kurosawa, James Cameron, Wes Anderson and the Coen Brothers. SEVEN SAMURAI (1954) and MILLER’S CROSSING (1990) are my two favorite films.

2. Fresh out of film school in 1995, you created a comedy called BARNONE about bartenders trying to survive one crazy night. The film went on to get North American distribution and achieve somewhat of a cult status. What was the incentive for BARNONE and have you ever thought about revisiting the concept now that you’re wiser and more sober?

(MT:)  Yes, I have a special place in my heart for BARNONE. It was actually my second feature. I did a Hitchcockian thriller named CURIOUSLY DEAD first. Boy, did I make a lot of mistakes on that film. Then as I was raising completion funds for CURIOUSLY DEAD, I decided to make BARNONE. It was shot in 26 nights and turned out to be a little cult film. At its time, I think it was the only film out there about the gritty underbelly of the service industry.

I did two follow up films to complete the trilogy − WAITING FOR LOVE and LUNCH. Incidentally, LUNCH was the second “one-take” film to ever be made. It was one continuous shot over 84 minutes, but we unfortunately lost the sound for it, and it shall remain an unfinished experiment. To this day I have fans asking me where they can obtain a DVD of the film BARNONE. So to keep the flow of interest in it, a talented artist named Ramie Balbuena and I have created a 120-page graphic novel of the film and we are going to include a DVD of all 3 films in the book. So this should satisfy all of the fans. BARNONE is a combination of about 10 stories I have either heard or experienced throughout my 12 years of bartending.

3. You’ve done music videos, animation and have written 25 screenplays (8 of which have been optioned or produced). Which do you prefer − being an artist, writer or director?

(MT:)  They all have varying levels of satisfaction. I love writing because it costs me nothing to create. I can just write without any pressure and I also find it to be great therapy. I love directing mainly because I love working with actors. They are a different breed of artists, and I learn so much about storytelling from their process. They think deeply about their characters and intentions. I also like producing because I am a bit of a control freak. In the end, the director is usually on the hook critically and financially for a film’s success. As a producer I build a comfort zone for myself, so when I step into directing I can be as creative as I can without the worries of production.

4. What is your favorite script that is yet to be made or is in consideration with a studio?

(MT:)  At the moment I am raising $8 million for a 3-D animated feature called THE DOWN DWELLERS. I love to work in animation from time to time because you have at least 3 kicks at the can to get the film right. However it is a long process (averaging 3 to 5 years). But I have a son and I want to make films for his generation. Plus 3-D animated films sell on the market forever and they span through generations of viewers. The film is set in the future where the world is evolved into a garbage planet and a young brother and sister recycle surrounding trash into beautiful works of art. It has a great message socially and ecologically.

5. Tell us about some of your 3-D animation projects, and where can we check them out?

(MT:)  BUNNY TALES is the first 3-D animated feature. It’s a child empowering series of fairy tales as told by a mother bunny to her bunnies. My wife, who has a background in child psychology, wrote the script. Then one of our producing partners opened an animation studio in India, where we worked on the film for three years. It’s been on the market and selling well for a few years now. I think you can order it online from Amazon. THE DOWN DWELLERS is the next project in line to be produced.

6. You are in post-production on BLOOD: A BUTCHER’S TALE. Give us the premise, please … and don’t spare the gore!

(MT:)  Well BLOOD : A BUTCHER’S TALE is about a lonely butcher, Sam, who finds out his wife has been seduced and bitten by a vampire. She begins to find ways to leech his blood until he clues in. Then all hell breaks loose. He slaughters her, then begins tracking down what appears to be the last living vampires in existence. As he butchers his way through the remaining 3, he finds himself falling in love with the last remaining vampire. As their relationship blossoms, Sam realizes that he is the key to repopulating the vampire race. He then takes drastic measures to prevent it.



To watch the gory trailer go here. Or watch a sexy 2nd trailer version here:


7. The film was shot totally in front of a green screen (i.e., the same technology many TV weather reporters use). You basically put your actors onto a set with a green sheet behind it and later superimposed whatever backdrops and visuals your wanted. Were you inspired by films such as SIN CITY?

(MT:)  We really wanted to create a new Gothic universe, one that had never been seen before. We couldn’t afford the budget to physically build the immense sets, so we figured we would leave all the design until post production. Some of our biggest influences were Zack Snider’s 300 and CASSHERN, a 2004 film based on a 1973 Japanese manga. Their environments were hyper stylized, yet simple. SIN CITY was a little too noir, but brilliant nonetheless.















8. Did using a green screen require working with a certain type of actor who could work in largely “make believe” setting? 

(MT:)  This film was an incredible challenge for the actors. Luckily we had concept art of most of the locations so they could imagine being within the environments. It’s psychologically demanding for both the cast and crew to be shooting on a bright green sound stage for weeks on end. We all went a little crazy, and I have great respect for our lead (Aaron Douglas). He was in every frame of the film, and he kept it together with an incredibly consistent and strong performance. 

9. What was the budget for the film, and how long did it take to shoot. 

(MT:)  BLOOD : A BUTCHER’S TALE’S budget is just over $4 million. We shot on the sound stage for three weeks and then shot miniature work for another week. 

10. I imagine post-production was tricky. What were your biggest challenges … and what worked even better than you envisioned? 

(MT:)  I think BLOOD : A BUTCHER’S TALE has been in post for over 3 years now. We produced over 4,000 plates, and every shot has some VFX element within it. The thing with VFX is that you come to a point where 80% of the work is complete and you finally see what the shot looks like. The killer is that last 20% where you have to make it look amazing, or believable. By the time a production gets there, we either burn out or run out of money. We ran out, but little by little we have been polishing this little gem, and I think the public will be impressed by what we have accomplished. 

11. You assembled a pretty impressive cast − the afore-mentioned Aaron Douglas from BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, Emily Perkins from GINGER SNAPS and GINGER SNAPS BACK, Kim Coats (TV’s SONS OF ANARCHY) and the ultra-hot actress Christa Campbell (DRIVE ANGRY 3-D). Were they all your first picks and how did you get them on board? 

 (MT:)  We were looking for cast with large fan bases. Most of our actors attend conventions and tour world wide, so they help build the buzz as the film creeps closer to completion. There were many producers involved, so when we were casting we were exploring our options as far as cast is concerned. We were talking with actors like Peter Green (MASK and USUAL SUSPECTS), Michael Rooker (THE WALKING DEAD, CLIFFHANGER). We are lucky and have a solid cast. Fan clubs have been going nuts to see something, but we feel it has to be great before anyone sees it.

12. You co-founded Pacific Gold Entertainment in 2005, a production company dedicated to film, graphic novels, games and music. A film called SUBHUMAN which has distribution in 29 countries and has sold 30,000 copies on DVD in the US was your first project. Tell us about it.

(MT:)  SUBHUMAN (originally titled “Shelf-life”) is a cool little horror I made in 2005. It’s about a seemingly psychotic man who claims that there is another species of humanoids that harvest people for their blood. He takes a naive couple under his wing and reveals the bloody truth. We got lucky with our distributor and managed to get a lot of traction out of our micro- budgeted feature. At the moment we are working a 3-D stereoscopic version of the film and the full graphic novel is complete. We want to sell it online as a package next year. I also have 2 sequels written (SUBHUMAN: THE CRIMSON PALACE and SUBHUMAN: BLOOD WARS). I think I would love to remake the series in 3-D and shoot them back to back with a fresh new cast.


13. Any plans to do a graphic novel and/or game of BLOOD: A BUTCHER’S TALE or do you not own the rights? 

 (MT:)  We have a graphic novel for BLOOD : A BUTCHER’S TALE as well as a video game called BLOOD: BUTCHERS BLOCK, which acts as a sequel to the film. Where the film ends, the video game begins and you get to shoot your way out of a gated community full of ghouls. I am no longer a rights holder, so the whole BLOOD concept is owned by Pacific Gold Entertainment.

14. Were you tempted to do BLOOD: A BUTCHER’S TALE in 3-D or as 3-D animation instead of live action? 

(MT:)  I originally wanted to do BLOOD as a 3-D animated film. It would have been the first, but my fellow producers were against it. They said it wouldn’t sell. It would have been great to try it. I have another horror script that I would like to make as an animated feature … maybe rotoscope (i.e., an animation technique in which animators trace over live-action film movement, frame by frame, for use in animated films). All animation sells. 

As for 3-D, we are exploring the possibility of a post stereoscopic conversion. We have the working files, so the conversion should be a breeze. 

15. The bio on your website says one of your early features − LUNCH − was the 2nd feature film shot on one take. What was the incentive to do this? One fly buzzing into a scene or an innocent sneeze could make you start at square one. How many takes did it take to do the one take (say that 3 times fast!)? 

(MT:)  LUNCH was an interesting experiment. I had shot a 10-minute short film (WAITING FOR LOVE) in a single take and I wondered if it were possible to do a feature. So I raised $8,000. and we rehearsed for 3 weeks, then shot it in 2 days (two takes a day until we got it). We blocked it like a play, with actors hitting their marks on cue and when the camera was on them. I think the most stressful thing was as we neared the end of the film/take, no actor wanted to be the one to flub their line or miss a mark, so it became incredibly stressful as we kept shooting. We had a scene where several cooks trash a customer’s car, smash in the windshield and side windows. We had enough glass for 4 re-sets, so if anyone was going to make a mistake, I prayed it was before the destruction of the car. Two of the takes were usable but in the end, we lost the sound so the film remains unfinished. 

16. For trivia’s sake, what was the 1st feature film shot on one take? 

(MT:)  It was a film shot in New York and I thinks it’s called A BIG DAY and is about a guy who makes his way to a job interview. I never saw it but Peter Broadrick (Indie Guru), told me about it. He said I missed being the first by 3 months. I did see the RUSSIAN ARK which was made 3 years after LUNCH. The one-shot feature is a gimmick. Tough to tell an intriguing story for that long. 

17. When will BLOOD: A BUTCHER’S TALE be available. What are you working on now? 

(MT:)  I hope BLOOD will be available next year, and if they decide to do a 3-D conversion, that will add another year. But it’s close and there are a lot of people that believe in the film.

I’ve just recently completed a little comedy feature called THE STICK UP and I’m gearing up for a brilliant film we are shooting next spring called KARL. As well as finishing the graphic novel for BARNONE and the 3-D conversion and graphic novel for SUBHUMAN. So I’m keeping busy and when the dust settles I plan to open a film school in my new home town of Nanaimo BC. 

Thanks for the interview, Mark. We can’t wait to see your final director’s “cut” of BLOOD: A BUTCHER’S TALE. It should be bloody good fun!

An award-winning indie comic creator and screenwriter, Bob Heske is currently writing/producing a micro-budget horror film called UNREST ( Bob wrote THE NIGHT PROJECTIONIST, a vampire horror series to be published by Studio 407 ( with film rights optioned by Myriad Pictures. Through his Heske Horror shingle, Bob self-published his critically acclaimed horror series COLD BLOODED CHILLERS. Bob’s trade paperback BONE CHILLER (a “best of” CBC anthology) won a Bronze medal in the horror category at the 2009 Independent Publisher Book Awards. His “end times” anthology 2012: FINAL PRAYER  was also released in late 2009. Email him at


Amazing Spider-Man – 2012 Teaser!

Marvel sent over this teaser regarding the Amazing Spider-Man. Looks like a rough year ahead for Spideyin coming in 2012…..

Coming in Amazing Spider-Man, 2012

Ends Of The Earth!

To find a comic shop near you, call 1-888-comicbook or visit

Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. For more information visit


THE VIGILANTE PROJECT gears up for a big debut at L.A.’s COMIKAZE EXPO

The guys over at YVETTE AVENUE PRODUCTIONS have sent us a cool peek at their upcoming comic, THE VIGILANTE PROJECT. While the book debuts at L.A.’s COMIKAZE EXPO, the gang is already hard at work adapting it for the screen.  Here’s their Press release with a teaser slide.
October 17, 2011. 
The California-based company, Yvette Avenue Productions is today announcing the  long-awaited “Vigilante Project: The Confessional” – an independent comic book that will  officially launch November 5, 2011 at the Comikaze Expo being held in Los Angeles at the  Convention Center.
Vigilante Project is the inventive child of creators Chris Dickens and Phil Morgenthaler. Friends since Junior  High School, they grew up as neighbors on a street called Yvette Avenue. For Vigilante  Project: The Confessional they relied heavily on the experience and knowledge of Lars  Swearingen III of Phoenix Fire Entertainment. Together they formulated an amazing,  international team of talent consisting of Chris Campana who supplies pencils,
Nik Poliwko providing inks, Jarrett Arthur contributing color, and Clayton Neal adapting the script to comic book  format.
Vigilante Project: The  Confessional will début fascinating and unique characters living separate, colorful  lives. However, at the heart of every issue is Father Charlie Contreras, a middle-aged, Latino  priest at St. Jude Catholic Church in New York City. Co-Creator Phil Morgenthaler states “We  liked the Father Contreras character so much, that he became the
central figure of the  comic book.”
The primary story arc  and the Vigilante Project film follow Alvin Gentry, an ordinary college student with a dark  past, as he tracks down the man responsible for the kidnap, rape, and murder of his sister.  When he discovers that there is more to his sister’s disappearance than meets the eye, Alvin  must take on more than he ever expected to save another little girl
being held by the same  man.
The film which will be  completed at a later date has already started to take shape and Chris Dickens, Executive  Producer is proud to announce the script’s completion. He states “It’s new, exciting, and  best of all we have a script ready to go and talent attached.”
Vigilante Project is  also proud to announce that they have partnered with, Killing The Grizzly, a Los Angeles  literary agency that represents both film and graphic novels. Chris Dickens said “Needless  to say, we’re excited and can’t wait to see where we go from here. We couldn’t have  partnered up with a better agency to represent who we are, and what we’re about.”
If you would like more  information on the Vigilante Project then contact Chris  at or
visit the websites
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NYCC 2011 – Words & Pictures


New York Comic Con 2011 was fantastic. As it is every year.

I have lots of pictures below for you to check out. The photos are low res, but it should suffice. I will be posting some video as soon as they are edited and ready to go.

The climate is definitely shifting very much towards the digital age. Everything on the main floor was geared in some way with a digital imprint on it. Even in the literal sense. Every flyer, postcard, pamphlet, or even business cards and comic book had the Apple QR on it. Amazing how technology is so rapid and was so prevalent at this show.

This year however I learned some valuable lessons. Some I can discuss and others that would be better left unsaid. One lesson I learned is the value of a small publisher and the friendship’s you develop over the years of doing so many of these conventions. The small publishers remind me a lot of myself and how hungry they are to meet their dreams. As I strode the endless aisles of the floor at the Jacobs Javis Center, I couldn’t help but notice that you’d be hard pressed to find any of the “big name” comic book web sites interviewing the small press guys. I’m quite sure they did have some sort of coverage, just that they never seemed to be around when I was around.

I want to personally thank 2 specific small publishers for their hospitality and the great detailed conversation’s we had about business and life. Creature Entertainment and Unstoppable Comics. You should click their names to be directed to their sites. If either one of these publishers ever come to your area, make it a point to visit their booth. Both Juan (Creature Entertainment) and Jay (Unstoppable Comics) are really cool guys (as are their counterparts in the booths).

And Banky, thanks for the original Powergirl picture.  

The crowds were controlled well for the most part, although an idea here; they should have an “empty” booth every few aisles or so and make that a point of interest to take pictures of fans walking around in cool costumes. Arrows can point to the nearest picture station on the corner of the aisles. It would really free up the middle of the aisles when a 20 year old “Dazzler” comes walking through. The aisles literally stall out and this sometimes creates tempers to flare.  

All and all, the NYCC 2011 was amazing again. It’s an experience that everyone should live at least once. It’s not San Diego (it will be!), but its well worth the time and effort to get there.

Enjoy the pictures, video coming soon.

Also like to thank Dan Jurgens, Dan Didio, Kevin Maguire, Bob Layton, Chris Claremont, Dan Parent, Tony Moore, Keith Giffen, Alex Maleev, David Baxter, Brian Hurtt, Cullen Bunn, Alex Saviuk, and Peter S. Beagle. You guys rock!!  

(Special personal thanks to Roger Bilheim)

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InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 10-19-11

Back from New York Comic Con 2011. It was a fantastic show, as usual. InvestComics will have some cool coverage coming up, but new comics will be out this Wednesday and we want to get you caught up!

DC presses on with the new batch of number two issues. Be sure to check most of these issues out folks. New origins, new costumes, and best of all new characters. Here is a typical scenario that may take place. A low print run of a new villain that winds up breaking out. Then you get stuck either waiting for the price to come down to grab a copy or you overpay for it. Yes you can and will get the second printing, but it’s that first printing that will elude the collector in you. So be sure to pay attention and you’ll have those first appearances you’ll need for your collection!

Marvel concludes Fear itself with issue number 7 a double sized, as it starts up another Fear book called Fear Itself: Fearless #1 (of 12). The finale of the Fear Itself book has a hint of something that you’ll have to catch. The best guess here unto what it relates to would be the new “semi-relaunch” Marvel will be doing. Back onto the new Fear Itself title, the focal point on this issue will be Valkyrie. Catch her first appearance in Avengers #83 (1970). Comics price Guide list this book at $100.

Also this week from Marvel, Avengers #18 promises some big changes………..again. 

One Independent Comic stands out from the rest this week and it’s not Star Trek/Legion of the Superheroes #1. It’s from Red Anvil ; War of the Independents #1. Just look at that cover! There are so many cool Independent characters we all grew up reading. This comic is for sure the standout of the week. Speaking of cool covers, check out Xenoholics #1.  

See you next week, Invest wisely. 

Jay Katz


















Zombie Spectacular!









This year we’re starting a whole new tradition. In honor of our favorite comic book/TV show/soon to be movie (you know it’s gonna happen!) we’re celebrating zombies. It’s true that this year’s offerings are scarce. We had hoped to bring in more strips featuring your favorite monsters. Perhaps next year there will be more. Much more. So here’s a challenge: Do a web search for zombie cartoons and post a link below. In the meantime, here’s today’s “Joseph!” along with a bonus re-run.


DC Announces fan favorite ANN NOCENTI will be taking over the writing chores for GREEN ARROW with issue #7. This is the second line-up change for GREEN ARROW, with fill in team Keith Giffen and GA penciller Dan Jurgens stepping in for a few issues to cover J.T. Krul’s departure with issue 4.

Nocenti has written various comics, including street level characters like Batman and Daredevil. She also co-created the lucky interdimensional sometime mutant, Longshot with Arthur Adams.

“I’m thrilled to be taking over Green Arrow. What I adore about the Arrow is his recklessness. He’ll shoot off on an impulse, dispatch someone if they deserve it; his heroism is instinctive. I start with a crazy trilogy that is chock full of surprises. Arrow gets a new woman (and boy, is it complicated), flings himself out of his old life into a new one, and meets a new world class villain. It’s gonna be a wild ride!”

Jonathan Hickman’s 1-shot, FEEL BETTER LATER, gets delayed but gets bigger

Hickman One-Shot Delayed
Berkeley, CA – 12 October 2011 — Jonathan Hickman’s FEEL BETTER NOW, originally solicited as a $3.99, 40-page one-shot is being delayed and retooled for a 2012 release as an original graphic novel.
“I regret to inform everyone that FEEL BETTER NOW will not be shipping on schedule,” said Hickman. “Unfortunately, during the course of creating this story, it got bigger. Far beyond the 40 pages we had allocated for the book, and, as a result, I have decided to give the story the scope I feel it deserves.
“Right now, we think the best thing to do is pull it from Diamond and re-solicit the book at a later date when we can firm up the final price point, page count and delivery date. I apologize for the inconvenience, but sometimes these things take on a life of their own and FEEL BETTER NOW is a story that deserves a full canvas.”
“This is one of those cases where the material really will benefit from a little more time,” explained Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson. “Simply put, we could have put the book out as planned, but Jonathan wouldn’t have been satisfied with it. He knew there was more story to mine here and felt the best way to do that was to expand upon it. Instead of just shipping the book late, everyone involved felt the best way forward was to give Jonathan as much time as he needed to tell the story he wants to tell and re-solicit when it’s ready. I think anyone familiar with Jonathan’s understands it will be worth the wait.”
Hickman added: “I would also like to note that THE NIGHTLY NEWS ANNIVERSARY EDITION HC and THE RED WING TP will still ship as scheduled, and that work has already begun on next year’s ongoing series SECRET and THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS. Both myself and Image Comics are extremely excited regarding our plans for the next 12 months.”
THE NIGHTLY NEWS ANNIVERSARY EDITION HC (SEP110423, ISBN: 9978-1-60706-4619), a 300-page full-color hardcover graphic novel for $34.99, will be on sale in stores November 16. THE RED WING TP (OCT110470), a 140-page full-color trade paperback for $14.99, will be on sale in stores December 14.

Image Comics is a comic book and graphic novel publisher founded in 1992 by a collective of best-selling artists. Image has since gone on to become one of the largest comics publishers in the United States. Image currently has five partners: Robert Kirkman, Erik Larsen, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri and Jim Valentino. It consists of five major houses: Todd McFarlane Productions, Top Cow Productions, Shadowline, Skybound and Image Central. Image publishes comics and graphic novels in nearly every genre, sub-genre, and style imaginable. It offers science fiction, romance, horror, crime fiction, historical fiction, humor and more by the finest artists and writers working in the medium today. For more information, visit

Guest Favorites and Exclusives from Titan for New York Comic Con 2011

The gang at TITAN BOOKS have sent us over their NYCC schedule, chock full o’ great stuff, super guests, and some mad-cool exclusives! Not to mention, Comics legend JOE SIMON celebrating his biography and 98th BIRTHDAY!!  If you’re hitting NYCC, be sure and check ’em out!


Joe Simon – celebrating his autobiography, My Life in Comics, and his 98th birthday! 
Comics legend Joe Simon will celebrate his 98th Birthday during the week of the Con and will appear on Friday in Room 1A23 at 3:45 – 4:45pm accompanied by his editor Steve Saffel for a panel on his autobiography, My Life in Comics.  He’ll then be at the Titan booth signing and meeting fans (Friday, Booth 940, 5:00 – 6:00pm). This will also be the first opportunity to pick up an advance copy of Simon and Kirby: Crime, the next volume in the critically acclaimed Simon and Kirby library collection! Also on-sale: two exclusive Fighting American T Shirt designs – available for sale only on Booth 940.

Roman Dirge – Boasting a New Art Collection and Lenore Merchandise. 

Fans of Roman Dirge will be thrilled to learn of his special appearance at the Con as a Spotlight Guest. He’ll be appearing on Saturday in Room 1A24 at 11:00am-12:00pm to discuss his new hardback of rare and previously unpublished artwork, entitled Taxidermied, but that’s not all.  He will also be signing books in the Autograph Area (Saturday, Autographing Table 8, 3:45-5:45pm). 

Titan will have Roman’s latest Lenore T Shirts & mugs for sale on the booth. 

COMIC CON EXCLUSIVE: Halo: The Art of Building Worlds Limited Edition

Published to celebrate the franchise’s 10th anniversary, Halo: The Art of Building Worlds is the ultimate gallery of the Halo universe collecting over 400 spectacular images as envisioned by over thirty amazing artists. The spectacular Limited Edition is slipcased and comes with four unique prints including Eddie Smith’s Master Chief (Halo: Combat Evolved), Sparth’s Forerunner architecture (Halo Cryptum), Vitaliy Anikin’s corridor battle and Vladimir Nenov’s ship interior (Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary).

Drew Struzan – Oeuvre Limited Edition 

Booth 940 will also be the place you can get hold of a Limited Edition of Drew Struzan’s new book Drew Struzan: Oeuvre. Struzan has created some of the most iconic movie poster images of the last 30 years, from Raiders of the Lost Ark to Star Wars: Episode III. With an Introduction by George Lucas, Oeuvre features over 300 pieces of art, including all of Drew’s most iconic movie images, as well as other highlights of his career, from album, book and comic book covers, to stamps, trading cards and original works. This sumptuous signed and numbered slipcased hardcover edition also comes with a signed and numbered art print. 

Other Titan Exclusives Available at Booth 940! 

In The Art of Sucker Punch, Zack Snyder (300 and Watchmen) guides you through the many amazing worlds and characters of his action-adventure epic. Pick up a copy with a new cover and specially designed bookplate illustrated by Alex Pardee and signed by Zack Snyder himself! 

Booth 940 will also be where to find a copy of Tank Girl Skidmarks, signed by Alan Martin, and signed copies of the latest collection of Pat Mill’s Charley’s War! In this explosive eighth volume, Charley comes face to face with a young corporal who will eventually change the face of the world as leader of the Nazi party: Adolf Hitler. 

You’ll be able to collect exclusive signed copies of Getting Off by crime fiction legend, Lawrence Block as well as Quarry’s Ex signed by Max Allan Collins on Hard Case Crime bookplates designed for the Con. 

Titan’s next wave of official DOCTOR WHO T SHIRTS will be launching at Booth 940 four never-seen-before designs including two NYCC exclusives: a very limited blue-shirt edition of our Exploding Van Gogh Tardis tee and a very limited gray-shirt edition of our Modern Art Tardis tee.  

For fans of 60s cult espionage UK TV show THE AVENGERS, we’ll have an extremely limited number of pre-launch editions of our John Steed & Emma Peel T Shirts (officially debuting in December 2011).  Get them before they’re gone! 

PLUS: pick up new issues of Clint issue 11, Lenore issue 3 and Tank Girl Carioca! 

Prize Draw 

Comic-Con attendees can stop by Booth 940 and enter our draw to win a 16GB ipod Nano and $50 itunes voucher! 

Titan Entertainment – Booth 940

Aw yeah, Batgirl Party! TINY TITANS #45 preview

Here’s a peek at the reboot immune TINY TITANS #45, From Art Balthazar and Franco! Featuring The Secret Six, Lobo, and Pantha (who is NOT a bat!).


Written by ART BALTAZAR and FRANCO; Art and cover by ART BALTAZAR
You are invited to a special Batgirl issue featuring Cassandra, Stephanie, Flamebird and, of course, Barbara. Find out what happens to The Batcave when the girls take over! Bonus: Coach Lobo’s Secret Soccer team versus…The Birds of Prey?! GO-O-O-A-A-AL!

  • Johnny DC, 32pg., Color, $2.99 US

On Sale October 12, 2011

Marvel Teases Adam kubert and Nick Bradshaw POINT ONE covers

Adam Kubert & Nick Bradshaw Cover POINT ONE!
The foundation of 2012 is here! Kicking off in Point One #1, by the biggest names in the industry, fans can get the inside track to the hottest new series, the return of fan-demanded characters and a teaser that will leave jaws on the floor…demanding more! With legendary artist Adam Kubert and rising star artist Nick Bradshaw providing awe inspiring covers, no fan can miss Point One #1 – this November!
POINT ONE #1 (SEP110496)
Variant Cover by NICK BRADSHAW
FOC – 10/17/11, ON SALE – 11/2/11

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To find a comic shop near you, call 1-888-comicbook or visit

Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. For more information visit


‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ Graphic Novel to be Released by Vertigo in 2012 with Sequels Following in 2013 and 2014

NEW YORK, NY,  October 11, 2011 – Best-selling comic book and graphic novel publisher DC Entertainment has secured the worldwide rights to adapt the international phenomenon and best-selling Millennium Trilogy novels into graphic novels. DC Entertainment’s Vertigo imprint will work with the estate of Stieg Larsson and Hedlund Literary Agency to adapt the books.  The announcement brings together two publishing powerhouses just in time for the Frankfurt Book Fair and New York Comic-Con.

Each book by Larsson will be presented in two graphic novel volumes that will be available in both print and digital formats.  THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO volumes will be released in 2012, with volumes for THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE following in 2013, and THE GIRL WHO KICKED THE HORNETS’ NEST wrapping up the graphic novel series in 2014.

“The intricate characters and stories Larsson created in the Millennium Trilogy are a perfect match for the graphic novel format, where we can bring Lisbeth Salander to life in entirely new, visually compelling ways,” stated Dan DiDio, co-publishers of DC Entertainment. “It’s a distinct honor to work on a story that is already so popular with millions of readers around the world.”

“Stieg always liked comics and it will be exciting to see the unforgettable characters he created come to life on the comics page,” says Joakim Larsson, younger brother of the journalist and novelist whose untimely death in 2004 meant he didn’t see even the first book in the Millennium sequence published.

DC Entertainment is the worldwide leader in producing best-selling graphic novels and comic books, including best-selling Vertigo titles SANDMAN, FABLES, 100 BULLETS and ROAD TO PERDITION.

Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy is an international publishing juggernaut, with more than 60 million books sold worldwide and reaching the top of numerous best seller lists. Sales for all three books exceed 17 million copies in the U.S. alone, including digital sales of 3.5 million copies. Since September 2008, when THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO was published in hardcover, Larsson’s books have been a constant presence on bestseller lists across America.

The various storylines in the Millennium Trilogy revolve around truculent computer hacker Lisbeth Salander and investigative reporter Mikael Blomkvist.

Marvel Comics App Launches on Android Devices Today!

Marvel Comics App Launches on Android Devices Today!
New York, NY—October 11, 2011—Marvel is proud to announce the debut of the Marvel Comics app (powered by comiXology) on AndroidTM devices, available for download right now at The unparalleled Marvel Digital Comics library, featuring the world’s most popular super heroes, epic stories and day & date releases, is now available anytime, anywhere to users with an Android smartphone or tablet.
“We couldn’t be happier for our fans on Android devices to experience the Marvel Comics app,” said Peter Phillips, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Marvel Digital Media Group. “This is a big step in our plans to both bring Marvel Digital Comics to a larger audience than ever before and create new fans of our great medium, which can only help drive more fans into comic shops nationwide to read about the Avengers, Spider-Man, X-Men and all of our great characters.”
“Android fans can rejoice that Marvel’s amazing comics are now on the Marvel Comics app and Comics by comiXology app for Android,” said David Steinberger, CEO of comiXology. “We’re head over heels to help Marvel bring their fantastic stories to comic consumers everywhere. Now fans can buy where they want and read where they want, and comiXology’s Guided View™ sings with Marvel’s creative talent!”
Fans who login to the Marvel Comics app on either Android or Apple® iOS devices using their username & password will be able sync purchases on either platform.
Experience the best in digital comics by downloading the Marvel Comics app, now on Apple iOS and Android devices!
Android and Chrome are trademarks of Google Inc.  Apple is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
To find a comic shop near you, call 1-888-comicbook or visit

Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. For more information visit

Steven Duquette Brings us BOIDS!


If you’ve ever received a cartoon version of yourself as a gift chances are Steven Duquette did the work. His website, Cartoon Portraits, proudly displays samples of his work. You can actually purchase his services and he will draw for you a caricature of the person of your choosing. It can be your favorite birthday boy or even yourself.

In 1990 Steven received the Commercial Award from the National Cartoonist Society and he’s been busy ever since. But let’s hear it– er… read it in his own words.

Even as a kid I found myself at the opposite end of a 2B Venus pencil.  I drew my way thorugh high school, the Navy and severall art schools.  I came to NYC from L.A. to sell cartoons to the major mags and I did.  I free-lanced by doing cartoon illstrustration
for different ad agencies and art studios.  I tried to syndicate but always came up with an idea that was ahead of its time or didn’t meet a demograhic need.  For awhile I did the caricature scene working parties, etc.  After awhile, I got tired of drawing moving heads and I switched to working from  given photos as they don’t move nor talk back. I then promoted CARTOON PORTRAITS and am busy drawing them for the past ten years.  I have my own webite  and I showcase my work on FaceBook. As long as I can keep these creative juices flowing I’ll keep on drawing because I feel that if ya’ snooze ya’ lose!   ~Steven Duquette

Steven’s bringing to IC Web Comics a unique series. Not only unique in its art and craftsmanship, but also it’s perspective. BOIDTAWKIN is a quirky look at birds. The cartoonist himself explains it best.

I find  birds to be interesting creatures. I will confess that I’m not an ardent bird watcher but they fascinate me.  I would watch a grouping gather under my bird feeders  and they can remind me of human beings,  They are territorial, humorous, sexual and full of mischief.  I would then think of them in conversation.  The swallow is making at a nuthatcher as well as a cardinal chasing a wren after a morsel of food. This idea gave  birth to my cartoon panel, BOIDTAWKIN.
The rendering of the panels are done with the use of colored papers that are cut out in different shapes and pasted down in forms of bird shapes and then a fine colored line is drawn to bring out the definition of the feathers, etc.   This gives them a unique look as for color, design, style and humor.  They’ re fiished off with a gag line that would give them something to talk about, thus you have BOIDTAWKIN! Let’s listen in…

Visit Steven’s site  today and get yourself caricatured. And look him up on FaceBook.


Steven Duquette to Join IC Web Comics

IC Web Comics is proud to announce the arrival of cartoonist Steven Duquette,  the National Cartoonist Society’s recipient of the 1990 Commercial Award. Be here this week as we launch his on-going series Boidtawkin with all the pomp and colors a boid could want.







WONDER WOMAN gets a new origin, ACTION COMICS gets a new artist (for 2 issues)


In DC COMICS-THE NEW 52, Wonder Woman will have a new origin, in which she is the daughter of Hippolyta … and Zeus! In recent interviews, writer Brian Azzarello and artist Cliff Chiang have teased that readers should expect the unexpected in this edgier, horror take on the superhero genre ­and the king of the gods will ensure that nothing goes as planned for his defiant daughter.

Originally created by the goddess Aphrodite and raised to perfection on the Amazon island of Themiscyra, the newest incarnation of Wonder Woman has a new costume and now a new origin ­ but she remains Wonder Woman. Strong. Proud. Fearless. WONDER WOMAN is the 12th title in DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 to sell more than a 100K copies.


DC also announced that Andy Kubert will be doing a two-issue sting (filling in for regular artist Rags morales) on Action Comics #5 & #6. They also teased at least an appearance by Krypto. This makes me happy.

Andy had this to share with readers:

“When Editor Matt Idelson asked if I would be interested and/or able to fit into my schedule two upcoming issues of Action Comics with Grant, I couldn’t say no,” said Kubert. “I don’t know of any other artist that would have. Drawing the latest incarnation of Superman and working with one of the best writers on the planet made it a very easy decision for me. And in this story, I get to do some VERY iconic stuff! I gotta admit, I’m a little nervous… Fun Fact for those keeping score: I had never drawn Superman in a comics interior for an entire issue. I had done inking over Dan Jurgens and Jerry Ordway for an issue each over their beautiful pencils way (and I mean WAY) back when but this is my first opportunity to pencil the Man of Steel interior pages for my very own!”



Ilaria Bramato is not only easy on the eyes in her black & white photo, but also in color as well!

Born in Brindisi Italy , she’s a young colorist who just joined Azurek Studios and InvestComics wanted to let the world know.

Her first comic will be featured in Black Magic TV – Vincent Price Presents from Blue Water comics. The release date is set for March 2012. Be sure to look for it!

ILaria is also working on 2 books with fellow creators Rita Gorgoni and Stefano Cardoselli.

Azurek Studios was born in 2000, and was the brain child of Stefano Cardoselli and Rita Gorgoni.

Azurek has also worked with Heavy Metal Magazine, 2000 AD, Com.x Comics, Blue Water Comics, Antactic press,DarkSlingers comics and many more. To learn more about Azurek, please visit

Check out some of Ilaria’s work below (Click to enlarge). Welcome to Azurek Studios!











InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 10-12-11

DC continues to run the table as Marvel plays catch up on both the real market and here on InvestComics Hot Picks. Let’s get started with the short week here….

Although DC is still running the table, they also seem to be slowing things down per say in the wow factor category. My Greatest Adventure #1? Okay we’ll give it a shot. This issue features Tanga, Garbage Man and Robotman. See the “wow” factor here? Anyway, check out the first appearances of Tanga and the Trash guy in Weird Worlds #1 from earlier this year. Robotman (Cliff Steele) on the other hand you have to go back to 1963 to My Greatest Adventure #80. The only real reason to pick up this comic is not so much for the first Robotman, but for the first appearance of Doom Patrol. It’s only $175, but there is no potential upside to this comic at the moment. Character Robert Crane as Robotman first appeared in Star Spangled Comics #7 (1942). That comic was created by some guy named Jerry Siegel.

On the complete opposite side of the spectrum of potential upside, as previously mentioned in InvestComics Hot Picks 9-25-11 DC Relaunch Special 4 is Shade The Changing Man #1 (1977) created by legend Steve Ditko for only $16. With the new Shade #1 twelve issue limited series coming out by some of the great talents within the industry, you really should put that 1977 book in your collection. The last of the DC books to check out this week is a book called Unexpected #1. Once again, a nice plethora of talent on one book as well as 9 stories, and 80 pages. Great stuff here.

If you want to be up on the latest Uncanny X-Men #1, and Wolverine & The X-Men #1 books, you’d probably want to get X-Men Regenesis #1. The X-Men Universe will never be the same!! Sorry, that was the Marvel hype bowl speaking.

Five Independents to check out this week, starting with legend John Byrne’s new creation; Cold War #1, IDW’s Monocyte #1, Ape Comics Dream Reaver #1, Dark Horse Comics Orchid #1, and I Feel Sick #1 from SLG Publishing.

See you next week.

Invest Wisely.

Jay Katz



GlobWorld comes to Action Lab!

On October 13th, Action Lab Entertainment is extremely proud to join forces with the children’s 3D social media sensation GlobWorld to produce the first children’s comic book adaptation of their fantastic universe.

In issue one, writer Kevin Freeman (Subculture) and artist Jason Strutz introduce you to Shirley Blooey, the hide and seek champion of GlobWorld; and she’s challenging everyone to a game of hide and seek.  All of GlobWorld is in-bounds, but as the game unfolds a Glob winds up missing, and the real hunt begins! The issue also features a backup story by Jeremy Whitley (Princeless) and Andrew Charipar.  October 13th also sees the release of a special 16-page zero issue from writer Jeremy Whitley and artist Andrew Charipar.  And best of all, issue zero is absolutely FREE! You’ll be able to check these books on Graphicly and other digital vendors.

GlobWorld is a digital-exclusive children’s comic book mini-series based off the online community designed and created for kids, which has been described as “Safe, wacky, fun, educational, and free– everything a kid’s first online community should be!” But above all else, the Globs encourage kids to treasure their own individuality and to appreciate the diversity in others.

Concurrent issues will be released in the following months.


BOOM! Studios’ 1st Comic Book Straw Poll results


October 6th, 2011 – Los Angeles, CA – BOOM! announces the results of DECISION 2012, the comic book industry’s first straw poll: Barak Obama has won, with the top Republican candidacy going to Sarah Palin and a shocking result for last place: Rick Perry!



The results:
1. Barak Obama
2. Sarah Palin
3. Ron Paul
4. Michele Bachmann
5. Mitt Romney
6. Herman Cain
7. Newt Gingrich
8. Jon Huntsman
9. Rick Santorum
10. Rick Perry

As explained in the original press release announcing the straw poll, only candidates who sell more than 1,500 copies of a book will have their biographical comic book printed. As a result, only the top 4 candidates made that benchmark: the other six candidates’ comic books will not be printed.

“I’m really excited about collecting all these comics,” said Brett Schenker, Online Political Strategist who has worked for such political luminaries as John Kerry and Chris Dodd. “I wish this were around when I was working on Presidential campaigns, it’s a fun thing to support, but a great souvenir to remember the people I tried to get elected.”

The DECISION 2012 line of comics and comic book’s first straw poll isn’t just a contest, but also a great way for voters and students to educate themselves on the candidates running in the 2012 Presidential Election. This series of biographical comic books details the history and political lives of the candidates for the 2012 Presidential Election, giving non-partisan background on the candidates. The DECISION 2012 line of comic books is aimed at anyone of any age who enjoys reading and discussing U.S. politics.
More information on the straw poll and the DECISION 2012 line of comics can be found here:

Interested in a biographical comic book from one of the top vote-getters? To find your local comic shop, just go to, or call 1-888-COMICBOOK.
About BOOM! Studios
Founded by Ross Richie, 2009 and 2010’s “Best Publisher” BOOM! Studios, an Eisner and Harvey Award-winner, generates a constellation of bestselling comic books and graphic novels with the industry’s top talent, including Mark Waid’s IRREDEEMABLE, new HELLRAISER comics written by Clive Barker, PLANET OF THE APES, 28 DAYS LATER, and Philip K. Dick’s DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP?. BOOM!’s all ages imprint KABOOM! publishes Charles Schulz’ PEANUTS, Roger Langridge’s SNARKED, and Scholastic’s WORDGIRL. BOOM!’s lit comix-focused imprint, BOOM! Town, recently won the Eisner Award for its first book, Shannon Wheeler’s I THOUGHT YOU WOULD BE FUNNIER.


Graphicly and Image Comics Announce Digital Publishing Partnership for Walking Dead, Invincible, Savage Dragon and more!

Berkeley, CA – October 3, 2011 – Graphicly, a social networking and digital distribution platform for the visual entertainment industry, announced today a partnership with Image Comics, the third largest comic book publisher in the US and the number one creator owned content publisher, to digitally supply and share their entire publishing catalog, including such hits as Walking Dead, Invincible, Savage Dragon, Chew and many more, to be released same day as print on Graphicly.
Working with Graphicly, Image Comics will be expanding their reach on all iOS and Android platforms including Barnes & Noble’s NOOKcolor and Amazon’s Kindle Fire. As the only comic book application on Facebook, Graphicly will be making the world of Image Comics available to this growing social audience. Image’s Facebook page will become a browseable comic store where potential readers can preview and purchase the wares while never having to leave the page. Fans can now like a new comic and share it on a friend’s wall!
“20 years ago, Image Comics changed the comic book industry and we’re excited that they’ve chosen Graphicly to help them innovate comics in the digital age.” said Micah Baldwin, CEO of Graphicly. “Image’s focus on creator owned content , making them THE cutting edge publisher for creator owned titles, is perfectly aligned with Graphicly’s philosophy of putting the creator first. We are excited to join them in becoming the leading cutting edge digital solution for creators.”
“For years, print comics have been dependent on a single distribution network, so it’s interesting to be a position to utilize a variety of different digital platforms,” said Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson. “As digital comics continue to become a greater concern, it’s important to embrace as many different options as possible.”
Graphicly is bringing the content to the communities rather forcing the people to come to them and is dedicated to providing visual entertainment for the communities that love stories. Image Comics is a venue where creators can publish their material while maintaining creative control and the rights to the stories and characters they create, as creator-owned properties. Together Graphicly and Image are spreading the idea of the importance of good stories by world class creators.
Graphicly is a cutting-edge entertainment digital content delivery system and community platform, providing an immersive solution to tell, share and collaborate around story. With more than 300 publishers and over 4,000 creators from major publishers such as Marvel Comics, Image Comics, BOOM! Studios, Top Cow and IDW Publishing to indie creators from around the globe, Graphicly is the leading story-telling and sharing platform online.  The Graphicly Network includes dozens of leading websites and blogs, mobile applications including the iPhone, iPad and Android; A desktop AIR application, and an industry leading HTML5 web app. For more information, please visit
Image Comics is a comic book and graphic novel publisher founded in 1992 by a collective of best-selling artists. Image has since gone on to become one of the largest comics publishers in the United States. Image currently has five partners: Robert Kirkman, Erik Larsen, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri and Jim Valentino. It consists of five major houses: Todd McFarlane Productions, Top Cow Productions, Shadowline, Skybound and Image Central. Image publishes comics and graphic novels in nearly every genre, sub-genre, and style imaginable. It offers science fiction, romance, horror, crime fiction, historical fiction, humor and more by the finest artists and writers working in the medium today. For more information, visit

InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 10-5-11

DC’s relaunch is finally over. All of their number one issue’s have come out, or have they? Apparently DC isn’t done just yet. Two more number one issue’s, this time (insert your best Voltron voice here) in form of Limited Series’. Aren’t we all lucky! Maybe not, we’ll see.

Marvel has answered the bell this past week with their Point One – The Foundation and The Incredible Hulk #1. It’s becoming total nonsense with the reboot’s and epic events. Comic books need to get back to basics and have heroes vs. villains, but then again THAT doesn’t make money for them anymore! Although, most of your Independent publishers are completely blowing that theory out the window now aren’t they?!

Enough of the meandering, let’s check out some books coming out this week.

DC for the fifth consecutive week here debut a new number one issue(s). This time as mentioned earlier, both limited series. Huntress #1 from writer Paul Levitz, with art from Marcus To and John Dell. Now if this series decides to take off and DC makes it a regular ongoing, shouldn’t 52 become 53? Oh wait a new month, so it’s still 52 last month but now it’s just 52 + 2. Just saying. The Huntress had several first appearances, so we’re going to cover all of our bases to ensure rumblings from the peanut gallery below (love you guys!). The very first Huntress (Paula Brooks) came in 1947’s Sensational Comics #68. If you’re interested in buying it, it’ll cost a heavy $750. The second Huntress (Helena Wayne) debuted in All Star Comics #69 (1977). Here you’re looking at another heavy sum of $60. The third Huntress (Helena Bertinelli – Valerie’s sister?? Oh never mind) came in herself titled comic in 1989. Find this comic in the $1 bins throughout the land, and why the mention of “heavy cost”, because the Huntress will always remain a third rate character with no upside to her first appearances. Well that’s not unless Geoff Johns gets a hold of her.

The second limited series comes from a villain within the Batman gallery that seems as though time has passed him by. He seems so dated, has for quite some time now. The only oblivious guesses here as to why the Penguin is in his own limited series are that DC has a story to tell and they’re trying to make him relevant again. Either way, the Penguin is going to stay on “ice” for a while. His first appearance though commands a pricey 12k in Detective Comics #58 (1941). The only saving grace for this Penguin story is that it’s written by Gregg Hurwitz. Otherwise, Penguin will waddle back into obscurity after this series.

There are a few Independents to check out this week. Blood Red Dragon #0. Todd McFarlane and Stan Lee create this new hero and hand over the reins to others to handle the writing and pencil duties. If the cover is anything to come for the inside, this looks awesome. Also from Image, Last of the Greats #1 and Strange Talent of Luther Strode #1 look to be interesting reads. And finally, Zenoscope’s Theater #1 looks like fun as well.

See you next week.

Invest Wisely

Jay Katz

InvestComics Hot Picks – Collecting New Modern Characters

Chris Seal – The Broker’s Corner

So my local shop is having a 50 cent blowout sale every weekend for a month.  I missed day one but got lucky and still found a stack of Valiant cover pricing variants and a complete run of Critters all in NM! I traded a guy (Gun Valkyrie) for the first appearance of Bananaman and this other dude tried to sell me a picture of a vintage R2-D2 trashcan converted into a motorized toilet.

State of the industry:

As the Modern Age nears its end we should all reflect on how important the last few years have been for our beloved medium.  We have enjoyed positive expanses in both content and quality as a healthy motion picture market drives new and old collectors to buy all things comic book related.

Variants and other treasures continue to trade for immediate gains as first appearances, CGC rarities, signed editions and comics with low printings fuel the base of the Modern Age market.

The new golden age has produced some great new characters.  These are my favorites!


10. The Canterbury Cricket

Oddball characters with cool origins often lead to huge back issue gains.  I love the potential for this creepy do-gooder down the road.

First Appearance: Flashpoint: TheCanterburyCricket

Value: 3.95


9. X-23

With a cool design and an unexpected first appearance,  X-23 hit collectors by surprise when she first appeared in NYX # 3.  Since then Marvel has used her wisely. 



First Appearance: First X-23 Serum: Wolverine Vol. 1 #80 Value: 1.95

First full appearance: NYX #3 Value: 75.00


8.  The Winter Soldier

Wonderful art and writing resurrect a beloved super hero!

First Appearance of Buckey Barnes as the Winter Soldier: CaptainAmerica#5 Value:  7.95



Dex may have one of the most heart wrenching origins in all of comics.  While that story appears in another comic the rarity of this book and its variants make it worth paying market value if you can find them. 

First Appearance:  Rage of the Red Lanterns Special Value: 5.95

Origin:  Green Lantern # 55 & # 55 VariantValue: 2.95 (Variant, 12.95)


6.The Deadpool Corps

This crazy concept was ripe for failure and could have sunk one of Marvel’s most popular creations.  Instead they treated us to a fully stocked mad house of the most twisted rejects ever put to paneled paper.  Dr. Bong anyone?

First Appearance:   Deadpool Rank & Foul One Shot Value: 4.95

First time Deadpool mentions creating a corps: Cable #25 & #25 Variant Value:  2.95, (Variant, 7.95)


5.Lady Bullseye

Originally inspired by Lady Snowblood,  a manga character bent on vengeance for the murder of her family – this underrated assassin is sure to create a back issue stir in the years to come.  With a well crafted origin by Ed Brubaker and some amazing early renditions I would lay down fair market value for the variants.

First Appearance: Daredevil # 111 Value: 5.95 (Variant, 9.95)


4.Blue Hulk

It’s not the first time Hulk went blue but definitely the definitive version.

First Appearance: Hulk # 6 Value:  3.95 (Turner Variant-9.95)


3.The Monkey King/Sun Wukong

Based on the famed Monkey King this character is my sleeper pick of the bunch.  He’s too new to start talking current values but this issue of Iron Man is his first appearance while most will mistakenly look to his Fear Itself one shot.

First Appearance: Iron Man 2.0 # 5 Value: 2.95


2.Hit Monkey

What’s better than a monkey assassin with a tragic past and a place in Deadpool canon?

First Appearance: Hit Monkey One Shot Value: 4.95


1. Agent Orange:  Larfleeze!

Yes I am biased when it comes to the greedy Agent Orange but I dare you all to present a better character from the last ten years.  His early appearances continue to rise in value, his only action figure is an Ebay firestorm and lucky for all of you his first appearance is a basement bargain written by comic legends.

First Appearance:  Dc Universe #0 Value: 1.95




Comic related collectibles I’d buy in a recession!

The Joker’s SDCC Dollar (Watch out for fakes!)








Thomas Wayne 100$ Casino Chip 2011 SDCC (The dark gray chip is very, very rare!)








DC Blackest Night Agent Orange: Larfleeze Action Figure











The Joker/Obama Doll (













Miracleman Coin











Next time:

I make good on past promises?

3rd to last issues of value!!!

Rare giveaways!

My favorite collected editions and more!




IndieCreator with Publisher and Letterist David Paul

Revisiting with Writer, Comic Creator, Publisher and Letterist David Paul

If you are a diehard, long-time frequenter of this column, you may recognize the name “David Paul” as an IndieCreator déjà vu. You’d be right! I first interviewed David a  few years ago when I started this column (gasp, has it been that long?). David was one of the first dudes I “met” (meaning we interfaced over the Web) when I entered the comic book biz. He was a letterist on a few of my stories  in my Heske Horror anthologies (Bone Chiller, 2012: Final Prayer) and even interviewed me back when he was a contributor to Project Fanboy. Now  I return the favor (again) as David embarks on a new venture: a-very-funny-but-you-don’t-want-to-laugh-in-front-of-your-Catholic-priest strip called JOSEPH. The comic strip is a modern day parable of Jesus − but as an insouciant teen who hangs out with Satan’s spawn. The moral isn’t about Religion; it’s about, well − being a teen and, in a quirky way, about living with a dysfunctional “family”.

Before we hasten on the path to Hell, I should also point out that David is a contributor to InvestComic’s ONE AND DONE anthology, as well as does kick-ass reviews for this venerable website. And the dude’s a drummer. Rock on, David Paul…!

1)  How did you come up premise for the hysterically unholy web comic JOSEPH? And did a bolt of lightning strike you immediately afterward?

(DP:)  This is funny. It sounds ridiculous but I had a dream that I was writing it. It was something very vivid. When I woke up it just wouldn’t leave and so I thought, well why not?! So I started writing all my artist contacts and friends to tell them about it and originally I was going to call it “Jesus!” … like something you exclaim before a truck hits you and you die.

All the artists loved the idea and wanted to do it. But you know artists − always busy. The only artist who wanted it and actually did anything with it was Gary T. Becks. I mean he took the idea and ran! When I saw his character studies of both Joseph and Jesus I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was the dream coming to life!


2)  How do you toe the line between funny irreverent and blasphemous “damn-you-to-hell”? From the dozen or so strips I’ve seen, you do it well.

(DP:)  Well the thing is I just don’t care. Wait. I take that back. I do care. But the thing I care about is if it is funny. I mean really, that’s all that matters. I think the people who did this sort of thing best was Monty Python. Or even Mel Brooks. They really pushed it. Come on. Blasphemy is funny! But in the beginning, just after Gary did his first character studies, I was concerned that it just wouldn’t fly. So I did the only thing I could do and I found religious people to show it to. I thought for sure they would tell me I was going to hell. But everyone who saw it reacted very positive to it. An old friend of mine is a minister and he finds it hilarious.  

3)  How did you find the artist? Tell us why he’s the right man for the job!

(DP:)  I knew Gary’s work from the web comic Mazscara and I was such a huge fan I just always wanted to work with him. I probably became annoying enough to where he eventually just gave me some work to letter. I think my first work for him was “Fiendy” which was published in Heavy Metal a while back. That got some cool responses, so we kept at it. I’m actually working for him on another long-term project right now called The Humorville Hillarions, but that’s something that will not be ready for submission for a long time yet. But yeah, when I had that dream I sent him the idea and like I said, he took it and ran. It was just something very surreal when I saw those first character studies.


4)  What goes into creating a comic strip, and what advice do you have for anyone who wants to go down that road?

(DP:)  I’ve read somewhere before that Charles Schulz felt like it was something that he had to do. That if he didn’t do it (every day) then Peanuts would have found another way to get out of him. And I tell you the truth: Ever since that dream “Joseph!” has been exploding out of me.

I write these short strips almost every day, sometimes as many as 12-14 strips a day, and there is no end in sight. I could see myself as an old man still writing these strips and the well from which they come from would be nowhere near even half empty, let alone dry. If I’m fortunate enough to be an old man and look back on my life and still be writing “Joseph!” I’ll be a happy old heretic and then I can advise any who would dare think about taking on an ongoing cartoon strip. For now I can really only say that a writer writes. If it’s cartooning that you honestly want to write, then 1) it must be funny, and 2) repeat Step #1.

5)  2012 is coming fast – any plans to make that “End Times” hoopla a storyline in the strip?

(DP:) Well, see? Now you’ve gone and given me ideas. And there are so many ideas floating around right now I can’t even guess what I’m going to write about. But off the top of my head I’d like to see Joseph looking at Jesus on that very special day when nothing happens and saying, “Don’t you have somewhere to be?”

6)   Who is your favorite character in the strip – and is there any “David Paul” in the Jesus with a teenager attitude character?

(DP:)  I love Ruthie. To me little girls are the world. They can just look at you in a certain way and say things in a certain way that will break your heart. If you don’t do whatever it takes to put a smile on her face and make her laugh, then you haven’t done your job. Hearing her say, “I love you” is the best thing in the universe.  And if any little up-start even thinks about hurting her, you’ll drop-kick him across the yard. 

As for 14 year old modern-day-Jesus, there are only a few sources I can draw from. One of those is my own youth. Dads, we were all boys once so we all know what that’s about. But the other source comes from my observations of kids today. When I write a conversation with Jesus and Lil’ D. it’s usually based on the way kids talk today. That’s not too far from the way I used to talk when I was 14. Come on, dads. Think about some of the words we used to use. Some of us even used the word “word”.   

 7)  You are a writer, letterist, and indie publisher. What’s the most fun you’ve had working on a project?

(DP:)  I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve done because I only work on those projects I genuinely want to work on. Sometimes it’s professional and I get paid for it. Most of the time it’s not. I’m okay with that because I’m happy. I love everything else that I am doing, yes. But I have to say that the absolute most fun I have had is right here, right now with “Joseph!”.

I get to write this cartoon strip every day and it brings me so much joy to do. And now that InvestComics is going to be the exclusive home to “Joseph!” I now get to do it for others to enjoy, and not just satisfy the voices in my head. …oh, the voices!  

8)  For a while, you published a webzine called RocknRoll Graphix.  What did you learn from that process? And would you ever self-publish a magazine again?

(DP:)  I learned so much that I just can’t possibly regret that experience. It was a massive failure. I tried things that didn’t work. At all. I’m not a business man. I was a good editor. But when it came to trying to run it like a business I just fell on my face. I borrowed a lot of money to make that thing happen and in the end it flopped. But I still don’t regret it. It was a great experience. As for doing it again, I would only go down that road if it was with a partner who knew much more about real business than I do and could tackle that.  

9)  Your book NAKED VITALITY was nominated for a National Poet Laureate’s award. Tell us about it and where we can get it.

(DP:)  My deal with the publisher actually expires this coming May. After that the book will be out of publication. It’s still available on Amazon and a few other sites, I think. I am proud of that book but it did not do well. When you receive literary nominations, unless you have a name or someone with a name is promoting it (*eh-hem*… Oprah!), then the work goes unnoticed and unappreciated.  

10) What is you most awesome unpublished literary work that you want the World to know about?

(DP:)  Man, you go for the jugular! Okay. I will put it this way: It is never up to the artist what he will be remembered for. Once you have created the work and presented it to the public, it is no longer yours. It is now the sole property of Humanity. Perhaps Melville in his lifetime didn’t want to be known for Moby Dick. After all, it was a failure. Not only was he a novelist, he was also a short story writer, essayist, and poet. We don’t know what he wanted to be known for. Certainly not a giant book about a whale that failed miserably. 

Wait. I forgot the question. Oh, yeah! I want the world to know about “Joseph!”.   

11)  What are your plans to make Joseph mainstream in 2012? Anything else on your plate?

(DP:)  I’ve tried to take control over my creations before. “Joseph!” is starting a life of its own. I’m curious to see where it will go so I am not going to try and force anything. My primary focus is just going to be writing the best cartoon strip I can.

And, oh boy. Do I have things on my plate! Amongst (do people still use that word?) all the lettering I’m doing on various projects I’m also writing under different names. Just started a studio with the artists Jason Lenox and Cindy A. Joubert called Ugli Studios with one of those other names. I’ll still be writing quite a bit under my own name, making contributions here at InvestComics. Something I’m very excited about is that Jay Katz (CEO InvestComics) has made me Web Comics Manager. So I’m now in charge of running web comics here at IC. I’ll be doing my best to recruit creators to bring their comic strips here and join “Joseph!” in making the world a better place.  

12)  Just as there were 12 Apostles, you get 12 Questions. What websites have you been associated with as a comic book reviewer, and what are the top five books that have blown you away?

 Well, recently I have made contributions to THWP! 

 Top five? Let’s see, in no particular order…


  • Chew
  • Hulk: The End
  • Batman: The Widening Gyre
  • Maus
  • The Dark Knight Returns






Thank you, David! We welcome you to the InvestComics family and look forward to reading you and JOSEPH! until, well (gulp) … Hell freezes over!


An award-winning indie comic creator and screenwriter, Bob Heske is currently writing/producing a micro-budget horror film called UNREST ( Bob wrote THE NIGHT PROJECTIONIST, a vampire horror series to be published by Studio 407 ( with film rights optioned by Myriad Pictures. Through his Heske Horror shingle, Bob self-published his critically acclaimed horror series COLD BLOODED CHILLERS. Bob’s trade paperback BONE CHILLER (a “best of” CBC anthology) won a Bronze medal in the horror category at the 2009 Independent Publisher Book Awards. His “end times” anthology 2012: FINAL PRAYER  was also released in late 2009. Email him at