If you haven’t checked out BOOM! STUDIOS’ new series DEATHMATCH yet, (Issue #1 was only $1, so you have no excuses) now’s your chance! The first volume of the trade, collecting issues 1-4, hits in April, and it’s only $9.99. Now, sure, the industry is saturated with BATTLE ROYALE/HUNGER GAME-esque storylines, but this one is the best of the bunch. Brilliantly written and gorgeously rendered, heck even is Sebastian and Shaun have raved about this book on FFFIC (our own comic review show, right here on InvestComics! Give it a watch!) and they rarely agree on anything, so that’s saying something!

Here’s the full release from BOOM!


February 27th,  2012 – Los Angeles, CA – BOOM! Studios is proud to announce that the first collection of its highest debuting original property, DEATHMATCH, will arrive in stores on April 17th at the low introductory price of $9.99.

The superhero battle royale you can’t get from Marvel or DC! A powerful and mysterious supervillain has imprisoned the world’s greatest superheroes, forcing them to fight to the death until there is but one victor. It’s kill or be killed as we settle the score on all those hypothetical superhero match-ups in the ultimate DEATHMATCH. The mystery of who their captor is, what his ultimate motivations are, and why these heroes keep agreeing to the matches will drive readers from volume to volume! Written by industry legend Paul Jenkins (FAIRY QUEST, INHUMANS) and drawn by comics superstar Carlos Magno (PLANET OF THE APES, TRANSFORMERS), DEATHMATCH is a dark, psychological deconstruction of the superhero genre that can’t be missed. This hard-hitting, emotional first volume collects the first four issues of the smash hit comic series that introduces the audience to a brand new superhero universe they won’t be able to get enough of!

But don’t take our word for it, here is what reviewers are saying about DEATHMATCH:
“How to do it right” – Bleeding Cool “DEATHMATCH is not only good, but far better than I ever expected” – Comic Book Resources
“Picking up the first issue was a no-brainer” – Ain’t It Cool News
“Boom’s next breakout series” – Comic Vine

DEATHMATCH VOLUME 1 trade paperback ships with a cover by Carlos Magno under Diamond order code FEB130865. The trade paperback carries an introductory price of $9.99 and collects DEATHMATCH #1-#4.

About BOOM! Studios Founded by Ross Richie, 2009 and 2010’s “Best Publisher” BOOM! Studios ( generates a constellation of bestselling Eisner and Harvey Award-winning comic books and graphic novels with the industry’s top talent, including Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning’s HYPERNATURALS, new HELLRAISER comics written by Clive Barker, PLANET OF THE APES, and Sam Humphries’ HIGHER EARTH. BOOM!’s all ages imprint KaBOOM! publishes Charles Schulz’ PEANUTS, Jim Davis’ GARFIELD, Cartoon Network’s ADVENTURE TIME, and 20th Century Fox’ ICE AGE. KaBOOM! recently won an Eisner Award for its first original series Roger Langridge’s SNARKED. BOOM!’s lit comix-focused imprint, BOOM! Town, won an Eisner Award for its first book, Shannon Wheeler’s I THOUGHT YOU WOULD BE FUNNIER, and just released SPACE DUCKS, the first comic book from indie musician legend Daniel Johnston.

New costume for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 revealed!

COMINGSOON.NET has posted an image of the new SPIDER-MAN costume for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2. The colors are a bit brighter and the eyes are larger (more like the comic book). Also, the eyes are white now, instead of the darker mirrored lenses from last year’s film.

All in all this suit is a nice blend of the Sam Raimi Spider-Man and the original Comic suit, with some of the sensibilities and that stylized spider-emblem from AMAZING SPIDER-MAN.

The NEW Version:


The Version from the last film:


Marvel sent this teaser to InvestComics. Count the marks, it adds up to a familiar number. Coincidence or mapping out the weeks? We’ll find out soon!


Cuts above the rest…

To find a comic shop near you, visit www.comicshoplocator.comor call 1-888-comicbook.
Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. For more information visit


How to make Death in Comics relevant again….

Okay so DC’s New 52 is a bold new direction and a retelling of everything DC. Yes Superman’s first appearance is not in Action Comics #1 from 1938 according to the new universe. The same goes for Batman, Green Lantern, Flash, Wonder Woman, well you get the idea. This unto itself is pure ridiculousness, but from the news this morning we get much of the same from the NEW DC universe as we did from the old. Robin, this time Damian Wayne, will bite the dust in Batman Incorporated #8. How does the Queen song go again? And another one’s gone and another one’s gone, another bites the Batman Incorporated 8dust. Hey hey gonna get you too another one bites the dust.

DC is depending on the media to pick up on the story here about Batman Incorporated #8, which will probably equate to some bank for them. In the real comic book collector’s world this is a non-story. Robin has taken a dirt nap once before; no one cares.

Comic book companies today seem to think that killing will make them money, but when does this get old and when will the sales show it? Many fans are already tired of it, while many non-fans (media) push it as though it’s an important event. Once the media catches on to the ridiculousness of these death stories, they eventually will all become a “who cares? event”. Can one imagine being at that DC board meeting? The same mundane board meeting that a writer gives his idea “Hey let’s kill off Robin in a last heroic battle.” And the answer is “Great idea!” Really???

So what to do? What to do? Is there a fix to the monotony of these killings? Sure there is, but much risk is involved. Who will be the first to take it? Who will step up to the plate and bring comics to a place it’s never really gone? InvestComics has a new take on the possible money grab that would take the death of a character to another level. As simple as it may sound, it would be a major event in the pages of either DC or Marvel and would sell millions.

How about if Robin was killed by Batman? Or better yet vice versa? How about if Wonder Woman killed Flash? Maybe Green Lantern kills Green Arrow? Get the idea here? Have a hero kill one of their own. Have a major player like the ones I just named murder/kill another major player. This would sell books and make national headlines. It would also be the first time a major hero would take out another within the murder/kill vein and we all know how much Marvel and DC likes to be first. There are rumblings about Wolverine dying in the pages of Marvel. Why not have Spider-Man do it?! Or Captain America? Or Thor? Make it count if you’re going to off a major character. The hero that takes out the other would then go on trial for the next 2 years or so, thus dragging out the story line and the company will reap the benefits of money because everyone will want to know the outcome, the fate of the fallen hero. (Insert hero name here) Guilty or not guilty? That could be the tag line. The trial would literally be carried by the news media as more evidence comes out and the outcome could be that the hero would “get away” with murder/kill, but will always have that stigma attached as does Casey Anthony, O.J. Simpson, etc. Some heroes will trust after the trial, some will forever have the approach of turning their back. More storyline! The constant battle within the heroes’ soul will forever endure as he/she tries to prove their worth and sometimes wanting to end their own life. Maybe many years down the road after so much suffering, pain, anguish, sorrow our hero gets vindicated. It’s here that the next money grab comes into play. Media coverage would carry that after 5 years of torment (Insert hero name here) has been vindicated. The second phase of our hero’s life will be redemption, but how will he/she react to the others that have turned their back for so long? More story line!!

Sure heroes have killed before, nothing new with that. The idea here is to have a major player (a hero, not a villain) take out another with their own hands. Then have a twist many years later that would get them off the hook. We do know this is all soap opera stuff for men right?

Would DC or Marvel take this chance and put out one of their own to be a murderer/killed? Has anyone ever thought that O.J. or Oscar Pistorius could be capable of murder or brought up on murder charges? The answer is no more often than not. But when it does happen, it’s a big deal. Let’s see Marvel or DC cab=n ever take this leap and then maybe the comic book world will respect the story lines of offing someone again and not say “oh geez not again?”

So what do you think? If you were the EIC would you give the green light on a hero murdering one of their own? What major player would you put through the ringer? Who would they kill? Share on Facebook, share on any of the below social media, or share here!

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InvestComics Hot Picks #258

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Welcome to the InvestComics Hot Picks for new comic releases on 2-27-13

IC-Publication-LogoIf you haven’t seen the latest InvestComics Newsletter, you should check it out right HERE. Big news coming out of the InvestComics camp! More to follow….

The new Breaking the 4th Wall Podcast here on InvestComics will have the Joe Harris interview! Be sure to check that out!

One consistency you will find these days here on InvestComics and in the Marvel Comics world these days can be summed up in 4 words; Guardians of the Galaxy. This week Marvel begins their quest to shove this team down our throats until the movie comes out in 2014. Although it may seem like a long time from now; hell we’re into the third month of 2013 already! It comes quick and the word quick should be in your collector vocabulary when it comes to any of these characters destined to appear in the movie. Marvel’s “primer” if you will comes out this week by the name Guardians of the Galaxy #0.1. With creators Brian Michael Bendis and Steve McNiven attached to this project, it’s very safe to assume here that there will be quick sellouts here with demand in the aftermarket. Although Marvel pulled out some heavyweights for this book, is the appearance of Iron Man in this book a little bit of an uncertainty factor? At least it’s not Wolverine!


[scrollGallery id=228]

The team within these pages and the movie for the most part are still out there to be had as far as the collectors market is concerned. With that said, the longer you wait, well the harder it’ll be to get your bid in. Prices will be going up and up fans, no slowing down here…..for now. Bad publicly, delays, budget woes, and a bad trailer could change things very quick to the downside. Be wary here. Be a smart investor, know your market. Pay attention.

The following characters appearing in the new comic (and movie, not all characters, but we still don’t really know) are still readily available for the investor right now at some decent (affordable) pricing. At the forefront of your search should be Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon. Star-Lord (as mentioned numerous times already on InvestComics) first appeared in Marvel Preview Presents #4 (1976). There are only 29 of these comics graded by CGC right now. Three of which sit in the 9.8 slot. Do you really need more motivation here? Okay here’s some more for you. Rocket Raccoon first appeared in Marvel Preview Presents #7 (1976). There are an astounding 12 graded copies of this book out there. Highest grade is a 9.6 and only one sits there. Next grade sits at 9.2 with two sitting there. Get the drift here? Then you have Gamora and Drax. Both of these characters have a big similarity. That would be Mr. Jim Starlin. Gamora first appeared in Strange Tales #180 (1975) and Drax debuted in Iron Man #55 (1975) both are written and penciled by Jim. Now we all know that if you are a comic collector, one must own the first appearance of what is to become the modern day Darth Vader (Thanos) in Iron Man #55, which commands some big bucks in the aftermarket, but still a very strong buy at the high prices. Looking at the Strange Tales #180 though we see a trend like the previously mentioned, excluding the Iran Man book. Only 79 of these comics are graded. Ten hold the 9.8 position. Then we have Groot. Tales to Astonish #13 (1960) is the first look at Groot. Okay only 28 graded here. Highest grades available are one at 9.4 and one at the 9.2 position. Here’s the kicker with this comic. A debut from Groot and only 28 total graded?? This comic is a golden egg ready to explode IF Groot somehow makes it to the big screen and kicks ass. Not because he’s “groot”, because it’s a first appearance drawn by legend Jack “the King” Kirby. Nuff said. Well one more thing. Jim Starlin is one of the main reasons if not THE reason the Marvel cosmo’s being as consistent and brilliant as it is. Don’t kid yourself. He’s the Frank Miller Batman of the Marvel Cosmic Universe. Now, nuff said.

DC Comics tells fans that Flash #17 will introduce us to one of Flash’s greatest foes! Great! The Flash rogue gallery needs a kick in the ass! The Savage Hawkman #17 re-introduces the Shadow Thief into the New 52 Universe. The Shadow Thief first appeared in The Brave and the Bold #36 (1961). This issue comes with a Joe Kubert cover. Nice!

Uncanny Avengers #4 has Omega Skull in it. Is this the first appearance? Not sure, but wanted to throw it out there!

And another Uncanny book to look forward to this week with the word “skull” in it is Uncanny Skullkickers #1. Check out these books as well; Five Weapons #1 (Image), Amalas Blade #0 (Dark Horse), and Professor Frink Fantastic Science Fictions #1 (Bongo).

See you next week, invest wisely.

Jay Katz


[scrollGallery id=229]

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IMAGE and Bob Fingerman take MINIMUM WAGE to the MAX


The definitive edition of Fingerman’s MINIMUM WAGE in March

Fumbling lives and loves, a New York City so real you can smell it, people with everyday problems, hopes, and heartbreak — this is the world of Bob Fingerman’s Minimum Wage, a slice-of-life comic that captured a devoted following in the late 1990s. One of that following is Robert Kirkman, who writes the introduction to the definitive edition of Fingerman’s seminal work, MAXIMUM MINIMUM WAGE, a hardcover collection to be released in March.

Minimum Wage is an important comic,” Kirkman writes in the introduction. “If I were tasked with introducing someone to comics in an attempt to make them love and cherish the medium as much as I do, I’d give them Watchmen, Bone, Savage Dragon, and Minimum Wage.”

At the center of Minimum Wage are Rob and Sylvia, a freelance cartoonist and a beauty salon manager — young, in love, and just trying to make their way to their real lives. An array of vivid characters and New York City “personalities” round out the supporting cast. Fingerman’s previous collection of Minimum Wage, Beg the Question, was nominated for two 2003 Eisner Awards (Best Graphic Novel — Reprint and Best Publication Design), one 2003 Harvey Award (Best Graphic Album of Previously Published Work), and one 2003 Ignatz Award (Outstanding Graphic Novel or Collection).

MAXIMUM MINIMUM WAGE includes the “lost” first issue of Minimum Wage, Minimum Wage Book One, as well as the script for the never-drawn eleventh issue, and an impressive collection of pin-ups by top comics artists, including Peter Bagge, Guy Davis, Dean Haspiel, Gilbert Hernandez, Joe Infurnani, Roger Langridge, Kevin Nowlan, Dave Johnson, Ted McKeever, Mike Mignola, Jill Thompson and more!

A 384-page, black-and-white hardcover book (with 16 pages in full-color), MAXIMUM MINIMUM WAGE will be in stores on March 20 and retail for $34.99. Its ISBN is 978-1-60706-674-3.


“Fingerman is a brilliant satirist, artist and mind.” ⎯ Trey Parker (South Park, The Book of Mormon)

“Bob Fingerman is a narrative master, as brilliantly adept with words as with images. His vision is urbane, riotous, and unflinching.” ⎯ Jonathan Lethem (The Fortress of Solitude, Omega: The Unknown)

“Mr. Fingerman is a deeply talented, creative, and disturbed man.” — Max Brooks (World War Z)

“It doesn’t seem fair that Bob Fingerman gets to be such a funny, savvy, cool and smart writer who can also draw. It gives him an advantage and I may need to have him assassinated.” — Augusten Burroughs (Running With Scissors)

“Fingerman’s visual style is a witty combo of old-school underground-comics grunginess and new-school precision; his dialogue is worthy of the stage — it’s terrific screwball-comedy byplay that rings true. A-” — Entertainment Weekly

“Fingerman’s dialogue is biting and realistic, and his drawing is exceptional.” — Publishers Weekly

Beg The Question‘s episodic, interwoven tales of career disappointments and romantic complications take on the mesmeric quality of a good soap opera…the writing and the art contain plenty of stark, truthful moments.” — The A.V. Club
“Fingerman depicts their eventful if directionless lives with humor and empathy… Anyone who has lived or envied la vie bohème should relate to this dead-on evocation of a contemporary version of it.” — Booklist
“Beg the Question is a coming-of-age graphic novel for twenty-somethings and anyone who remembers being that age. It is a funny, heartwarming, and poignant work. It helps make the case for comics being THE great American art form.” — The Comic Buyers’ Guide
“…a meticulous, smutty, hilarious quasi-autobiographical slice of life about a young cartoonist maintaining grownup relationships while struggling to rise from the ‘low-end of the New York food chain.’ Funny if you’ve been there, even funnier if you still are.” — The New York Press

InvestComics February 2013 Newsletter

InvestComics February 2013 Newsletter

Hello everyone,

Being a firm believer within the business mindset (for a website) that if one achieves at least one productive feat in a month, one will end up with 12 productive achievements for the year and this isn’t so bad. Sometimes aiming very high will hamper ones productivity, thus creating a dull month because of unachievable goals. Each month with InvestComics, I try to obtain things that are reachable/doable. Once in a while you reach for the stars and with a lot of work…..a Stan Lee interview may emerge. Some goals may be smaller than others, but they still are goals that are met and however small, they are achieved.

Reaching for the stars once again, emerging is the new logo that you are seeing in this newsletter. All I will say right now is a press release will be following soon. InvestComics will be taking on another medium and being excited is an understatement. Yes; a major goal achieved. Stay tuned for more….

In last month’s newsletter fans learned about a new InvestComics Podcast Breaking the 4th Wall with Shaun Cobble and Shaun Sorenson. Since that announcement, a few things have happened to the show. The first thing is that Kirstie Cobble and Jason Craycroft are becoming more of a mainstay, which is very awesome. The second thing is that InvestComics has lined up some upcoming guest. Comic writer/screenwriter Joe Harris, IDW Chief Chris Ryall, and DC’s Dan Jurgens. How’s that for a lineup of guest? Look for announcements on the InvestComics Facebook page for when they will be on and for future guest as well.

As spoken about in previous newsletters, the video show The Broker & The Artist that appeared on an Indiana public access station aired for 5 episodes. The television show has since gone dark, but the show must go on as they say! Erick Marquez and I will continue the show as an InvestComics Youtube show! Look for episodes of The Broker & The Artist to appear soon on the InvestComics Youtube channel.

InvestComics has some new sponsors on the website. Humanoids and Zap-Kapow! Humanoids is an amazing brand of novels that if you are a fan of reading great stories with all around high quality, this is for you. Visit their website right HERE. Zap-Kapow! is an itunes app that caters to the comic book collector. A price guide at your fingertips! This app is amazing, check it out right HERE.

Don’t forget about the other sponsors as well! Bags Unlimited (click HERE), ComicWow! (click HERE), and Mancave Playbabes (click HERE).

….And on the topic of Mancave Playbabes. The owner Sid will be heading out to California in a little bit to rub elbows with some major stars in Hollywood. He will be attending an Oscar’s after party. We are looking forward to some good media happening from this visit. Can’t wait for the pictures from this one!  Say hello to Angelina for us Sid!

A contest was held this month. A signed copy of the comic I wrote Vincent Price House of Horrors #1 was won by Steven Cordero. This contest took place on the InvestComics Facebook page, so be sure to LIKE that page to be in on the next cool contest. Congratulations again to Steven Cordero!

Another contest will be coming up on the InvestComics Youtube channel’s FFFIC show. Win an original signed FFFIC introduction from LEGEND Jim Steranko!!!

That’s it for this month. Thanks to all of the fans of InvestComics. Invest wisely.

Jay Katz

CEO InvestComics

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DC announces new GREEN LANTERN creative teams!

So, after coming back from another of those retreats that comic creators go on, DC has announced to MTV who will taking up the reins now that Geoff Johns, and the entire GREEN LANTERN creative line-up are stepping down.  The answers?

Green Lantern Robert Venditti and Billy Tan.

Green Lantern Corps Joshua Hale Fialkov and Bernard Chang.

Green Lantern: New Guardians Justin Jordan and Brad Walker .

Red Lanterns Joshua Hale Fialkov is pulling a double tour of Lantern service along with Alessandro Vitti.

Larfleeze will keep his creative team of Keith Giffen treatment and Scott Kolins, from his THRESHOLD back-up feature.

Plus, this look at BILLY TAN’s art from GREEN LANTERN suggests that Hal will be coming through his current situation A-OK!


Comic Broker Report – More Modern Heat

The Comic Book Broker’s Report ( March )

By Topher Seal

    This month is sort of a sequel to last month’s article concerning modern comics and the ridiculous prices being paid for new books.   If you love trading in volatile markets then this current comic market is the place for you.  Many collectors may be weary of investing at this time because of the similarity to an infamous bubble from the past.  Anyone who remembers the bad girl/Valiant/gimmick days can attest to what I speak of.   I always suggest caution when playing in the modern arena but many of these books have significantly lower print runs that the 90’s books and the writing is far superior to most of what was produced in those days.  ( Many Valiant titles are the exception here.  If you have never read Harbinger,  Archer & Armstrong or Solar then now is as good a time to buy sets as any. ) 

Invincible 19  

imagesThis one hasn’t blown up quite yet but it’s already  scarce due to it being part of one of the greatest superhero comics of the last 10 years.  So what’s so special about it now?  Yet to been confirmed, the similarities are hard to ignore as it is likely the first appearance of the Nowhere Men!  This book came out so long ago that it makes it a very interesting collectible.  Many previews or first appearances happen within the first few months of the title’s release.  In this case the situation is so odd you just have to love Image for it.  They continues to keep putting out great comics like the Nowhere Men.  If prices for early issues continue to skyrocket then this puppy is going to be huge.

Also see the Walking Dead 102 for a color preview of the Nowhere Men! ( look for the 2nd print also!)


Helheim  NYCC Sketch Variant


If you’re like me and you don’t put a premium of many modern variants then here is a rare exception.  Cullen Bunn’s been on fire with the Sixth Gun and much of his recent Marvel work has been great.  His latest work pits viking against Zombie!  That’s a money maker if I have ever heard of one.

Black Beetle 0,1 & DHP Vol. 2 11

dhGritty Pulp comics have a special place in my collection so when Francesco Francavilla’s Black Beetle appeared in DHP 11 I instantly knew he had a hit on his hands.  Francesco has done a limited amount of work but his earliest appears to be in the 1997 Comic Code Illustrated.  Early issues are already drying up so act now.

Judge Dredd Megazine 322


Diggle and Jock’s new Image mini is off to a good start.  Great art and writing almost always generate some buzz especially when the Image logo is on the cover.  The odd thing about this comic is that is was serialized in the Judge Dredd Megazine 322 some time ago.  They are nearly impossible to get in the states.  Buy and hold.

Peter Panzerfaust 8,9

pp imagepppsHook has made his debut in the beloved Image series set to be a TV show.  Issue 8 is his first appearance and 9 has a black cover making it very difficult to find in high grade.  That incredible close up on Hook’s hook doesn’t hurt its chances on the back issue market either.  It’s not often you see such rapid price increases but issue 9 was selling for 20-30 at online auction the day it came out.

Captain America Reborn 6 & Avengers 5 ( 2010 )


Both of these books have extremely rare variants.  If the Age of Ultron is popular with readers look to these two books for the Ultron War’s earliest references.   These issues that look to the future are always big with collectors.

Note:  The Ultron War was mentioned first via blackboard/timeline that has since been a bit overused.  One of my favorite splash pages that peek into the future is in The Amazing Spider-Man 695.  Check it out!

3 Story: Secret Files of the Giant Man ( Dark Horse )

$(KGrHqJ,!jYFDhpjMmUvBREEolh8sg~~60_57Last month I briefly touched on Matt Kindt’s Mind Mgmt and how it has been optioned by Ridley Scott.  If you haven’t read the series I suggest you buy the trade because there is no chance you will be able to purchase this book for cover anywhere online.  It’s a great read and the fact the Matt has included story elements that are specifically NOT being reprinted will make the individual issue that much more valuable.  I also recommend some of his earlier work such as the Pistolwhip Series and this gem above ( also the first appearance of Mind Mgmt. )

and finally…

With Grant Morrison’s Batman run coming to an end with Batman Inc. Vol 2 #8  there are many rumors surrounding the fate of Damian Wayne.  Damian has become a favorite among those who love Batman.   If Morrison kills of the bratty boy wonder it would be a real shame since it’s very hard to create new characters that generate  long lasting popularity.  One of the most satisfying aspects of the young Robin is the possible future where he has sold his soul to the Devil??? to protect Gotham the best way he can.  No matter what happens some of these issues are not that hard to find but that can change real quick.



The Mignola black & white variant above IS very hard to find.  Good Luck!



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InvestComics Hot Picks #257

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Welcome to the InvestComics Hot Picks for new comic releases on 2-20-13

A couple of things to get to before we get started….

First order of business this week is the mentioning of the newest sponsor to the InvestComics family. Zap-Kapow! Zap-Kapow is an itunes comic book price guide app that gives you instant prices right in the palm of your hand whenever you need. It’s a fantastic app that should be on every collector’s phone. Zap-Kapow will also carry InvestComics on their website as a token of their commitment to InvestComics under the Comic News tab. Check out their website right HERE and also go HERE to get the app! Or go to the Zap-Kapow Icon on the top of this article and just click. InvestComics and Zap-Kapow! a perfect match!

Shaun Cobble and Shaun Sorenson are making waves with the new InvestComics Podcast Breaking the 4th Wall. Be sure to check out the show each and every week on Sunday’s. The boys have a lot of fun with it. Coming up shortly, InvestComics got a hold of Joe Harris to come on the show! That’s writer Joe Harris; Batman: Battle for the Cowl, The Fury of Firestorm, screenwriter on Darkness Falls, and much more. Look for that show coming up soon with Joe on. Fun to be had! And MORE guest announcements coming soon too. Look for them on the InvestComics Facebook page.

Now let’s get to this week’s chock full of number one issues. That’s 12 number one issues and one number zero. I can’t recall such a big week in which so many number ones have hit from different companies. Excluding the new 52 and Marvel NOW! of course.


[scrollGallery id=226]

Five of the number one issues come from IDW Publishing. IDW is simply killing it right now! In case you have been living under a rock, IDW has arrived. With the recent success of 2 titles, selling out, it’s not a surprise to see IDW go back to the well here. Star Wars #1 was a tremendous success, so IDW is giving fans Gi Joe (2013 IDW Volume 3) #1. Great move here because a restart of the Star Wars franchise is just what the collector ordered. G.I. Joe will be no different here. Look for fast sellouts and some quick jump in aftermarket pricing. G.I. Joe originally appeared in the Marvel/Hasbro launch back in 1982. The CGC market seems a bit inundated with this issue. A total of 1,296 graded copies to date. 277 which are sitting in the 9.8 range while 332 sit in the 9.6 range. This doesn’t really help your aftermarket cause. That said, pull out one of your 1982 Joe’s in your collection and pair it up with the new Joe from IDW that will sellout out, throw it up on Ebay and watch the bids come in. The sellout of Joe will probably occur with My Little Pony Micro Series (2013 IDW) #1 as well. With the successful launch of the My Little Pony comic, the new Micro series (a la TMNT) will focus on each pony. Granted this comic may not be for the average fanboy, but the aftermarket money should be! Be sure to put this comic in the middle of your stack and not on the top. Not because of embarrassment, because you don’t want to tip anyone off that you’ll be selling this on Ebay in a few days for $10 apiece. The other IDW number one issues not to be ignored this week are Vitriol The Hunter (2013 IDW) #1, Fever Ridge MacArthur Jungle War (2013 IDW) #1, and Kill Shakespeare Tide of Blood (2013 IDW) #1. IDW is rockin’ n rolling, be there or be square.

Marvel has some number one issues to offer up this week too. Alpha Big Time (2013 Marvel) #1 will be headed our way after a brief delay. Was there really a demand for this Alpha character to have his own book? Why is this happening exactly? Guess it never hurts to try something new right? Alpha first appeared a long long time ago in Amazing Spider-Man #692….um late last year. It’s probably still sitting on the new comic book shelf at your local shop. The main number one issue from the pair that are coming out will be Nova (2013 5th Series) #1. Why you ask? No really, you’re asking why? I’d spell it out for you with little dashes in-between the letters here but that will take too long. Guardians of the Galaxy. That’s it, that’s mostly what you need to know. With the debut of the Marvel Cosmo’s on the big screen, Nova would be a character to have in your collection. Nova #1 will be a quick sellout because after 5 tries of a series starring Nova, this time the interest will stay around a bit longer. Thanks in large part due to Marvel’s push of the Guardians movie. The new number one issue however is not the one collector’s should be clamoring after. The 1976 Nova #1, now this is the one you should have. You can get some VF- copies on Ebay for very affordable prices, but one should not settle for those. Look for some VF+/NM copies and grab them. Get those near mint comics graded asap. If you can pull off a 9.8, you’re probably in the money. 466 total graded copies and 70 at the 9.8 spot. Lots at the 9.6 slot. I’m telling you, get a 9.8 and hold on to this comic. It has tremendous upside.

We get introduced to a new villain this week from Marvel. Her name is Jet Black. Check out Captain America (2012 7th Series) #4 for her debut. The secret of Scorpio is revealed in Ultimates (2011 Marvel Ultimate Comics) #21. Scorpio’s first appearance is no secret to us though. Nick Fury’s sibling debuted in Nick Fury, AGENT of Shield #1 (1968) from icon Jim Steranko. Watch in the future for an originally signed Jim Steranko autograph for you to WIN from InvestComics’ video comic book review show FFFIC! Awesomeness indeed. Daredevil (2011 3rd Series) #23 begins a new storyline that claims to be a big one as well as a jumping on point. So jump! And Avengers (2012 5th Series) #6 will give us the origin of the Universe. See, Stan Lee is God.

DC comics Justice League of America (2013) #1 will debut with a variant cover, all of them with the same cover, but with a different flag for each state within the U.S. Very lame, sorry DC you dropped the ball again on this one. See the original tirade on this debacle on InvestComics Hot Picks #255, click HERE for that. In more lame news we get Justice League of Americas Vibe (2013) #1 this week. This comic falls in the same realm as Alpha #1 from Marvel. Is this comic necessary? Don’t look for much on this one, but Vibe’s first appearance is in Justice League of America Annual #2 (1984) if one feels so inclined to waste their time hunting for this. Batwoman (2011 2nd Series) #17 is wowing us with a new status quo. Really? Why a new status quo? Wasn’t this what the New 52 was supposed to do in the first place? Okay, let’s buy into it, see where it goes. DC guarantee’s that Action Comics (2011 2nd Series) #17 will be THE book to own in the new 52 universe. Why is this? An answer that only Grant Morrison knows and for us to find out. The DC comic to really keep an eye out on this week besides Action Comics #17 has to be Legion of Super-Heroes (2011 7th Series) #17. Paul Levitz teams back up with Keith Giffen on a Legion book. Cool stuff here fans. Back in the early 80’s Paul and Keith were tearing it up as fans were loving it. The tandem first teamed up on a Legion book back in 1982’s Legion of Super-Heroes #285. They worked together in a backup story called The Forgotten Future. Here’s a nice kicker too, Adam Kubert was the letterer on the story. How cool is that? Three legends on one story!

Todd McFarlane continues his magic and amazing marketing plan on paying homage to several comic book covers. This week he pays homage to the most famous cover of all time in Spawn (1992) #228. He does a tremendous job as always too. Thanks for the eye candy Todd! X-O Manowar (2012 3rd Series Valiant) #10 debuts the new X-O Manowar so check that out. With the recent announcement of the Sixth Gun pilot on NBC, it makes sense to grab a copy of the latest Sixth Gun installment Sixth Gun Sons of the Gun (2013 Oni) #1. We all know Sebastian Piccione from FFFIC will probably be very happy to read this comic!

Rounding out this week we have Dejah Thoris and Green Men of Mars (2013) #1 (take a look at some of the variant covers on this one! Parental Advisory!), Hellraiser Dark Watch (2013 Boom) #1, and Baltimore Widow and the Tank (2013 Dark Horse) #0.

That’s it for this week, watch for the new InvestComics’ newsletter coming soon with some very special BIG news!

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz


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Final HAWKEN:GEN​ESIS Gives 5000 HAWKEN Credits!

Amazing Promotion With the Final Installment of HAWKEN: GENESIS

Archaia and Meteor Entertainment Partner with comiXology on the Last Installment With A Discount On the Full Digital OGN and In-game HAWKEN Credits

Los Angeles, CA (Feb. 13, 2013) – The fourth and final installment arrives through comiXology Feb. 13, 2013 and features a code for 50% off the full HAWKEN: GENESIS graphic novel on comiXology and a code to redeem for 5,000 In-Game Credits for HAWKEN. With thousands of players engaged in the free-to-play online video game since its Open Beta in December, award-winning graphic novel publisher Archaia Entertainment and free-to-play video game publisher Meteor Entertainment want to thank the HAWKEN community.

This preview is available across comiXology’s entire digital comics platform, including the iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows 8 and the Web. “The Cost of Doing Business” is written by Jeremy Barlow (Star Wars, Mass Effect), with illustration by Nathan Fox (DMZ). It can be accessed through comiXology via this link:

Downloading this FREE release by 12 a.m. PST on March 13, 2013 will entitle fans to receive a unique discount code that can be redeemed for 50% off the final HAWKEN: GENESIS graphic novel, to be released on comiXology on March 13, 2013. Fans will also receive a unique code that can be redeemed within the free-to-play online mech first-person shooter HAWKEN, good for 5,000 Hawken Credits—in-game currency that can be used to buy items, accessories, and to upgrade your mech. These unique codes will be emailed to fans after March 13, 2013 by comiXology, to the address associated with their comiXology account.

HAWKEN: GENESIS is written by Jeremy Barlow based on the original concept by Khang Le, with original story by Dan Jevons, and illustration by Kody Chamberlain, Federico Dallocchio, Nathan Fox, Michael Gaydos, Bagus Hutomo, Sid Kotian, Khang Le, Christopher Moeller, Alex Sanchez, Bill Sienkiewicz, and Francisco Ruiz Velasco. It will debut digitally on March 13, 2013, and on store shelves on March 27th.

The three previous FREE previews on comiXology can be accessed at this link:

HAWKEN is a free-to-play multiplayer mech first-person shooter developed by Adhesive Games and published by Meteor Entertainment. HAWKEN entered Open Beta on December 12, 2012 (12.12.12). HAWKEN creates an intense and enjoyable battle experience that captures the feeling of piloting a heavy war machine while keeping the action fast-paced and strategic. HAWKEN brings the quality of a AAA title to the free-to-play sector. HAWKEN has been called one of the most anticipated games of 2012, winning more than 22 press awards at industry events. For more information, visit

About Archaia Entertainment, LLC Archaia is a multi-award-winning graphic novel publisher with more than 75 renowned publishing brands, including such domestic and international hits as Mouse Guard, Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand, Return of the Dapper Men, Rust, Bolivar, Gunnerkrigg Court, Old City Blues, Awakening, The Killer, Tumor, Syndrome, Artesia, and an entire line of The Jim Henson Company graphic novels such as The Dark Crystal, The Storyteller, and Fraggle Rock. Archaia has built an unparalleled reputation for producing meaningful content that perpetually transforms minds, building one of the industry’s most visually stunning and eclectic slates of graphic novels. Archaia was named Graphic Novel Publisher of the Year by Ain’t it Cool News, Comic Related, and Graphic Policy, which honored the publisher two years in a row. Archaia was honored with nine 2011 Eisner Awards nominations and two Eisner Awards for Best Graphic Album and Best Anthology. In 2012, Archaia was honored with six Harvey Award nominations, two Harvey Awards, six Eisner nominations, and three Eisner Awards (Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand won for Best Graphic Album–New, Best Penciller/Inker, and Best Publication Design). Also in 2012, Archaia earned both Gold and Silver awards from ForeWord Reviews. In addition to publications, Archaia has successfully emerged as a prolific storyteller in all facets of the entertainment industry, extending their popular brands into film, television, gaming, and branded digital media. For more information, visit the Archaia website at   About Meteor Entertainment   Based in Seattle, WA, Meteor Entertainment is a newly formed videogame publisher focused on successfully publishing F2P games globally, with an emphasis on compelling content and setting the standard for customer service and community engagement. Meteor’s 12.12.12 open beta of HAWKEN, created by Adhesive Games, will be its first tent pole title. To learn more about Meteor Entertainment visit
About comiXology:   Founded in 2007 with the mission of bringing comics to people everywhere, comiXology has revolutionized the comic book and graphic novel world. With the development of the comiXology digital comics platform – with buy-once, read-anywhere availability across across iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows 8 and the Web— comiXology provides the easiest way worldwide for people to enjoy comics anywhere they happen to be! Regularly ranking as the top grossing iPad app in the entire iTunes App Store, comiXology is one of the leading drivers of the iPad economy. Providing the most digital comics on the most devices, comiXology will not stop until everyone on the face of the planet has been turned into a comic book fan.

Casey and Messina BOUNCE into IMAGE this May.


New superhero series by Joe Casey starts in May

bounce1_coverHe’s young, he’s fit, he’s got a gal who’s interested — and he’s superpowered. Jasper Jenkins, star of the new superhero Image Comics series THE BOUNCE by Joe Casey (BUTCHER BAKER THE RIGHTEOUS MAKER, SEX) and David Messina, pretty much has everything going for him. Why complicate things by taking things too seriously? Jasper’s about to embark on the greatest trip he’s ever known, and he’s going to ride it all the way…!

Described by Casey as a “slacker superhero comic for the 21st century,” THE BOUNCE gets underway in May with dynamic art, acrobatics, and an unabashed love of fun.

“As a storyteller, you pose the question, ‘What would it be like if you were a typical guy in your early 20’s and you had superpowers?’ and then you try to answer it honestly,” Casey related in a mini-interview posted on the Image Comics blog.

With a nod toward Spider-Man’s innovative, early days and Invincible’s origin era, Casey has added something all his own to the superhero mix with the mature-rated THE BOUNCE, hinting, “Sometimes the idea of ‘fun’ can get a little heady… as it does right off the bat in issue #1.”

THE BOUNCE is a full color, ongoing series. Issue #1 will be in stores on May 22. It will be available for pre-order from the March issue of Previews (MAR130444).


Ultimate Comics Spider-Man No More!

Marvel sent this to InvestComics. Looks like Miles has had enough already…..


Ultimate Comics Spider-Man No More!

mailThe story behind this image will leave readers in tears! What could possibly drive Miles Morales to abandon his role as Ultimate Comics Spider-Man? Find out this May, inUltimate Comics Spider-Man #23!




Art & Cover by DAVE MARQUEZ



To find a comic shop near you, visit www.comicshoplocator.comor call 1-888-comicbook.
Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. For more information visit

GEOFF JOHNS leaves GREEN LANTERN with issue #20

Geoff Johns has announced that his nine year run as the writer of GREEN LANTERN will wrap up with issue #20.

He told DC COMICS’ Official Blog

So here’s the sad news: Doug Mahnke and I are closing the GREEN LANTERN SAGA that began with GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH #1 with this May’s 64-page GREEN LANTERN #20. As every storyline is coming to a head, it feels like the right time. The book is still doing great. The characters are as vibrant as ever. Let’s go out how we started – on a high note.

Counting up between the GREEN LANTERN monthly series, REBIRTH, BLACKEST NIGHT and the various one-shots and specials…that makes over 100 issues of GREEN LANTERN I’ve had the absolute privilege, pleasure and fortune to write.

He went on to tease his final issue and his continued work on JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA.

So what will GREEN LANTERN #20 bring? The bizarre return of Hal Jordan, the final fate of Sinestro, the revelation of the First Lantern and an ending that I hope pays off everything we’ve ever done and ever created with GREEN LANTERN. It has art by Doug Mahnke, Ethan Van Sciver, Ivan Reis and Joe Prado and I’ve poured everything I can into the script.

I’m off to focus my energy on the JUSTICE LEAGUE universe as we head into what I hope is an exciting plan – Simon Baz and B’dg will be along for the ride in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA – and you’ll no doubt see Hal Jordan and some of the other Lanterns in the world of the Justice League before too long. And Sinestro…? You’ll have to read GREEN LANTERN #20 for that…

And, of course, he ended by saying

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night –

All Will Be Well,

As yet, no word on who will be taking over writing chores for the series.




POTATOES ASSEMBLE! Thor, Iron Man, and Wolverine get the MR. Potato treatment!


image012 image011 image010

MR. POTATO HEAD is ready to save the world as MARVEL’S WOLVERINE, IRON MAN and THOR

Los Angeles, CA(February 11, 2013) – MR. POTATO HEAD gets ready to slice, blast and smash into action as he takes on the Marvel Universe in a series of collectible toys launching Summer 2013.


Under license from HASBRO INC. and MARVEL ENTERTAINMENT, PPW TOYS is launching a line of MR. POTATO HEAD figures wearing the costumes of the beloved MARVEL Super Heroes!  These unique collectible- toys will initially be previewed at the upcoming NY Toy Fair in February.


Although several Marvel characters have already received the MR. POTATO HEAD treatment by HASBRO (Spider-Man and Iron Man), the PPW TOYS line of figures is targeting fans and collectors.


Like other co-licensed Spuds developed from PPW Toys, the new Marvel line is being designed with collectors in mind from the start.  The attention to detail, scale and consistent design elements will make these a must-have for both MR POTATO HEAD and MARVEL fans of all ages.  The Spuds are fully-functioning collectible toys with a variety of fun components to mix and match, or collectors can proudly display them thanks to their compact size and design intricacy.


The line-up for 2013 includes WOLVERINE, IRON MAN, and THOR and the line will be available at specialty retailers and e-tailers starting Summer 2013.


Created in 1952, MR. POTATO HEAD, the first toy to be featured in a television commercial, became an instant hit with youngsters. In the past 60 years, the beloved character has emerged as an American icon, a true evergreen brand with broad demographic appeal.


About PPW Toys

PPW Toys is the consumer products division of Promotional Partners Worldwide.  Specializing in co-licensed toys and games, PPW Toys has brought together such licenses as Mr. Potato Head, Elvis Presley, Star Trek, Major League Baseball and the National Football League.



About Hasbro

Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS) is a branded play company providing children and families around the world with a wide-range of immersive entertainment offerings based on the Company’s world class brand portfolio. From toys and games, to television programming, motion pictures, digital gaming and a comprehensive licensing program, Hasbro strives to delight its global customers with innovative, well-known and beloved brands such as TRANSFORMERS, LITTLEST PET SHOP, NERF, PLAYSKOOL, MY LITTLE PONY, G.I. JOE, MAGIC: THE GATHERING and MONOPOLY. The Company’s Hasbro Studios develops and produces television programming for markets around the world. The Hub TV Network is part of a multi-platform joint venture between Hasbro and Discovery Communications (NASDAQ: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK), in the U.S. Through the Company’s deep commitment to corporate social responsibility, including philanthropy, Hasbro is helping to build a safe and sustainable world for future generations and to positively impact the lives of millions of children and families every year. It has been recognized for its efforts by being named one of the “World’s Most Ethical Companies” and is ranked as one of Corporate Responsibility Magazine’s “100 Best Corporate Citizens.”  Learn more at

© 2012 Hasbro, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


About Marvel Entertainment

Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years.  Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing.  For more information

InvestComics Hot Picks #256

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Welcome to the InvestComics Hot Picks for new comic releases on 2-13-13

With certainty in life what goes up must come down eventually. Of course forgetting about taxes, I’m talking more along the lines of a ball, rocket, grenade, plane, stock market, and sometimes success. There have been many successors that have sustained the duration of a lifetime, but even they have bumps in the road, which brings us to a success that has yet to see a bump in the road. Marvel Entertainment. No not the comic books, boy have we seen some clunkers over the past few years with them. I’m talking about the movie aspect. When will Marvel hit that spot where movie goers give a thumbs down? Maybe it won’t happen for quite some time, but one guarantee here folks it will happen one day. How will Marvel react? Will it begin the downslide of the Marvel Entertainment golden eggs? Probably not, but it will set the studio upright a bit to an Star-Lord Chris Prattunderstanding that not everything they release will be a hit, thus maybe getting a slowdown on the movie releases. Now, not trying to be a Debbie downer here, but the reality is that this can and will happen someday.

News came out that Marvel cast the lead actor to play Star-Lord in the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie. His name is Chris Pratt. The rant regarding a Marvel clunker in the theater is not necessarily pertaining to the Guardians film, but pertains to the potential that maybe Marvel may miss here. Then again, maybe not. There are so many variables that go into a movie being successful that one cannot predict the ticket sales, obviously. That said, with the influx of films that Marvel is releasing, the odds are starting to stack against them just a bit. Getting back to Chris Pratt as Star-Lord, Star –Lord’s first appearance came in Marvel Preview Presents Star-Lord #4 in 1976. The aftermarket prices are commanding some big bucks at the moment and there will be no slowing down for a while. The pricing will see a spike and then level off when three things happen A: stills of the film start coming out B: the closer to the film we get C: the trailer release, if perceived in a good way will spike the market even more for a short while. The aftermarket pricing has seen Marvel Preview #4 as high as $200 already. Is this too high right now? Absolutely not. This market is a bull market right now. The asking price will go up from here, way up.

So risk verses reward. If you want to make some cash, definitely pick this book up now. If you want to make some serious cash for your investment, a no brainer here, buy a near mint 9.8 and send it off for grading. If CGC sends you back a 9.8, you have hit the mother lode. Only a total of 29 Marvel Preview #4’s have been graded to date. More so, only THREE are graded at 9.8. Yes fans, this is some very serious cash waiting for you in the aftermarket if you can pull this off.

Now with the negative Nancy stuff mentioned above about Marvel hitting a bad spot, what are the upside sides to the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie? The first thing one has to think is; are we witnessing the beginnings of the modern day Star Wars? The whole Cosmic realm of Marvel’s Universe is vast and has the potential of some serious bank if done right. The Guardians of the Galaxy team will provide a new universe for Marvel to explore. The storylines here can be endless; a trilogy (ala’ Star Wars) would not be that far-fetched. Spinoffs are not to be excluded either. A talking Raccoon though? Marvel Entertainment/Disney knows how to market and put together an amazing product. Guardians of the Galaxy will most likely be a huge hit, but Marvel really has to knock this movie out of the park in order for the Guardian comics in the aftermarket to hold some value, otherwise there will be a huge crash and Marvel will slow things down a bit on the big screen.


[scrollGallery id=224]

Speaking of Star Wars, Star Wars (2012 Dark Horse 2nd Series) #2 comes our way after a sold out number one issue. Don’t expect things to slow down with the second issue. Pick this up before the dark side makes it disappear off the shelf.

Wolverine’s bro comes back in Wolverine and the X-Men (2011) #25. Dog Logan first appeared in the critically acclaimed Origin (#1) mini. Easy book to find, a bit pricey in some areas.

Marvel NOW! continues their restarts with Uncanny X-Men (2013 3rd Series) #1 and Secret Avengers (2013 Marvel) 2nd Series #1. Of course the original Uncanny X-Men #1 appeared in 1963 while the original Secret Avengers #1 first happened in 2010. Any X-Men comic from the Bronze Age back will always be a commodity to hold on to.  Long term investment is the key to your back issues as far as the X-Men go. Early Avengers comics are a fantastic commodity as well. And with the modern Avengers? No one cares about them. Don’t think so? How about this week we get to witness more carnage in Avengers Arena (2012) #4. See no one cares about wannabe’s in the Avengers; off with their heads!

Marvel’s imprint Icon brings Powers back in Powers FBI (2012 Icon) #1. Check out Michael Avon Oeming/Brian Michael Bendis’ first Powers comic in 2000 (Image). Powers has been the talk of television and movies for years. Get this comic now while you still can.

Television has made the Peter Panzerfaust comic in the aftermarket very hot these days. If you are late to the party, there are still refreshments left. Get started on early issues with the release of Peter Panzerfaust (2012 Image) #9 this week.

As noted in last week’s InvestComics Hot Picks #255. Many (not all) female characters have a hard time staying on top of the leader board in a male dominated genre. This week a Justice League member breaks out into her own comic. Check out Katana (2013 DC) #1 and judge for yourself if Katana has what it takes to sustain her own title. The Brave and the Bold #200 (1983) is the first appearance of Katana. I’m looking at little to no movement regarding the aftermarket on this book. Unless Katana really brings something spectacular to the table, don’t expect much. A sellout on the first issue and interest of the storyline thereafter will be the only reason for movement.

And finally, Batman (2011 2nd Series) #17 will end the Death storyline.

Here are some number one issues you should definitely check out this week. Mylo Xyloto (2013 Bongo) #1, and Standard (2013 Comixtribe) #1.

Be sure to go onto the InvestComics Facebook page (LIKE IT) to possibly win a signed copy of Vincent Price House of Horrors #1 (Bluewater) that I wrote. Go now! Contest over on Valentine’s Day. Show your love!

See you next week, invest wisely.

Jay Katz


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The Future of Marvel NOW! Is SECRET ORIGIN!

 Normally the term “SECRET ORIGIN” is DC related, with the company having run several series and one shots with the title SECRET ORIGINS. But it looks like Marvel is giving it a go, most likely in IRON MAN’s ongoing title. Love the teaser image, though.

The Future of Marvel NOW! Is SECRET ORIGIN!


What is the secret origin of Tony Stark? Stay tuned to for more news behind the biggest Iron Man story no fan can miss!




To find a comic shop near you, visit www.comicshoplocator.comor call 1-888-comicbook.
Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. For more information visit


BOOM sent us this “Visual Press Release”. Not sure what it’s for yet, but it looks like we should be concerned.


About BOOM! Studios

Founded by Ross Richie, 2009 and 2010’s “Best Publisher” BOOM! Studios ( generates a constellation of bestselling Eisner and Harvey Award-winning comic books and graphic novels with the industry’s top talent, including Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning’s HYPERNATURALS, new HELLRAISER comics written by Clive Barker, PLANET OF THE APES, and Sam Humphries’ HIGHER EARTH. BOOM!’s all ages imprint KaBOOM! publishes Charles Schulz’ PEANUTS, Jim Davis’ GARFIELD, Cartoon Network’s ADVENTURE TIME, and 20th Century Fox’ ICE AGE. KaBOOM! recently won an Eisner Award for its first original series Roger Langridge’s SNARKED. BOOM!’s lit comix-focused imprint, BOOM! Town, won an Eisner Award for its first book, Shannon Wheeler’s I THOUGHT YOU WOULD BE FUNNIER, and just released SPACE DUCKS, the first comic book from indie musician legend Daniel Johnston.


Marvel’s INFINITY Is COMING!—First Contact At FCBD 2013!


InfinityTeaserThe biggest super heroes in comics today – the Avengers, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, Fantastic Four, Inhumans, Superior Spider-Man & more!

The most dangerous threat in the Marvel Universe – Thanos!

The grandest Marvel Comics event of all time – INFINITY!

This May for Free Comic Book Day, prepare yourselves for the greatest battle for survival ever waged in the Marvel Universe as Marvel marches towards Infinity! In this all-new story by the blockbuster creative team of Jonathan Hickman and Jim Cheung, witness the opening shots of the war that will be heard around the galaxy. Plus, get a sneak peek behind a major Marvel release that hasn’t been announced yet and relive Thanos’ first solo story.

With the entire Marvel Universe on the brink of intergalactic war, no fan can miss this year’s Free Comic Book Day!




Pencils & Cover by JIM CHUENG

ON SALE – MAY 4th, 2013!


To find a comic shop near you, visit or call 1-888-comicbook.
Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. For more information visit

InvestComics Hot Picks #255

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Welcome to the InvestComics Hot Picks for new comic releases on 2-6-13

So what’s better than the actual football game on Superbowl Sunday you ask? Two things; the new commercials and InvestComics Hot Picks of course! Duh!

Lots to cover this week, but before we do, InvestComics would like to give a warm hearty welcome to a new sponsor. Humanoids! Humanoids is an amazing brand of novels that if you are a fan of reading great stories with all around high quality, this is for you. Please go check them out by clicking right HERE, they have an amazingly user friendly website where you can easily navigate your way through a ton of really cool comic books, graphic novels and other things. Humanoids!

HumanoidsIf you’re a regular reader of the InvestComics Hot Picks, you probably know by now that we love the New 52 and Marvel NOW! For one simple reason. Well maybe a couple, but the main reason is the introduction of new ideas which in turn comes back to the reader/fan in the form of new characters and the return of old forgotten ones. This week in no exception with comics like Detective Comics (2011 2nd Series) #17 from DC. New villains will be hitting that issue. Earth 2 (2012 DC) #9 features the return of the new Wotan. Wotan first appeared way back in 1940 and comes with a $30,000 price tag. A first appearance of Wotan is worth that much you ask? Well yes and no. It is, but it also happens to be the first appearance of Dr. Fate. Avengers Assemble (2012) Annual #1 gives fans the return of Sunturion. Sunny first showed up in Iron Man #143 (1981). The creative team is enough for this collector to go searching for this book. John Romita Jr. on pencils and Mr. Iron Man writer himself Bob Layton. No need to second guess buying this comic for a few bucks. The issue also features a turning point for one of the most underrated characters within the Marvel library. Buy the Avengers #57 (1968) at any price you can and stash it away. When Vision finally makes it to the big screen you will kicking yourself that you did not pick this comic up at a reasonable price when you had the chance. Vision’s first appearance is a long term investment that has tremendous upside, do not wait. Fearless Defenders (2013) #1 is one of those comics that many of the comic book store owners will hear a collective sigh when the collector’s see it on the shelf. It features two second (third?) rate female characters; Valkyrie and Misty Knight. The ::sigh:: will be warranted. Most female lead comics have a very hard time sustaining long term interest. Birds of Prey were a great tandem, but that too grew tired with the fans. For some reason female leads do not tend to hold their own comics for very long. They make spectacular team players and there are very strong female characters out there. Some; most are even better than the men! Yes, Wonder Woman has succeeded in many ways, but how many relaunch’s, status changes, costume changes has she endured? Case in point. So will the Valkyrie (first appearance Avengers #83 -1970)/Misty Knight (first appearance Marvel Premiere #21 – 1975; Gil Kane cover) team up be any different this time around? Well this time….maybe. Remember a couple of weeks ago when InvestComics carried some news about some dude named Cullen Bunn of the Sixth Gun comic getting picked up for a pilot from NBC? Well that guy, he’s writing Fearless Defenders #1. So yes, maybe this time will be a bit different. Staying with the female theme here we also have Young Romance New 52 Valentines Day Special (2013) #1 coming out this week. This is DC’s very big attempt to test out the female market. Will the female fans buy into the comic book romance novel? Most men certainly aren’t. This isn’t a knock or anything, it’s just truth. Look at that awesome cover of Superman and Woman Woman in a make out session. Is this really geared towards men? If it were part of the storyline going through Justice League, yes, but a one shot of love story after love story pertaining to Valentine’s day? This is a fantastic way for DC to test the waters, but one possible fatal mistake they have made is a biggie. A $7.99 price tag is a bit steep guys. Having a two issue run leading up to Valentine’s Day next week would have made more sense. Now getting back to what some females may do to us men is driving us to be Madmen! Well not really, but it’s a silly lead in to Thunderbolts (2012 2nd Series) #4. This issue will focuses on the return of Madman. The Madman first appeared in the Incredible Hulk #363 (1989). Writer Peter David does the introductions here, so not bad for a quick search through some long boxes at the local comic shop or convention.


[scrollGallery id=221] Okay so we spoke about the GOOD that the new ideas from the New 52 and Marvel NOW! brings. On the annoying end of the spectrum we get books like Winter Soldier (2012) #15 and Iron Man (2012 5th Series) #6. Why are they on that side you ask? Well for the simple fact that we get the proverbial “new status quo” or “all new direction”. Really?? You’re 15 issues in and 6 issues in respectively. This is Marvel saying they are not really hitting the target they want to, so things need to “change”. No they don’t. Keeping up with a good story helps and or maybe, just maybe fans aren’t interested anymore. Don’t think so? How about learning on the recent InvestComics Podcast Breaking the 4th Wall Episode #3 with Shaun Cobble and Shaun Sorenson that Winter Soldier will be canceled. So what’s the new status quo matter now with the Winter book?

Justice League #1 – First Appearances

[scrollGallery id=222] Justice League #1 will be making its splash with 52 variant covers. The variant covers are extremely disappointing to say the least. The SAME cover with a different State flag? Wow, that is lame beyond lame. Why not have better planning here and have each state represented with its core city and its landmark? New York with Superman flying by the Statue of Liberty, Batman at the Arc in St. Louis, Wonder Woman hanging out at Fenway Park, you get the idea. This would have generated a tremendous amount buzz for each city, thus creating a big aftermarket blitz. Instead we get flags? Anyway, let’s focus on the team members for the first issue and their first appearances. We’ll go from high to low. Scroll through the covers below for a side by side of the new Justice book with the first appearance cover.

Catwoman: First appeared in Batman #1 (1940). If you need any explanation here, stop reading and go watch the Superbowl pre-game for 10 hours.

Green Lantern: All American Comics #16 (1940). See above.

Green Arrow: More Fun Comics #53 (1941).  This comic will garner more attention as the Arrow show continues to do well, also with the possibility of him appearing in the new Justice League movie.

Hawkman: Flash Comics #1 (1940). Refer back to the comment early regarding female leads. The same applies for a lot men character’s as well. Hawkman is a good team oriented player, not so much a solo character.

Martian Manhunter: Detective Comics #225 (1955). Justice League movie….buy this.

Katana: Brave and the Bold #200 (1983).

Stargirl: Starman #69 (2000). With recent interest, this comic has more upside to it.

Vibe: Justice League of America Annual #2 (1984).

There are quite a few number one issues that fans should take a look at this week. Don’t get caught sleeping on some of these. Dia De Los Muertas (2012 Image) #1, Fairy Quest (2013 Boom) #1, Snapshot (2013 Image) #1, Legend of the Shadow Clan (2013 Aspen) #1, Son of Merlin (2013 Image) #1 and Red Team (2013 Dynamite) #1.

The last order of business comes on the heels of Brian Michael Bendis recently saying this on Bleeding “Truthfully, if ever the day comes that Rom could legally appear in a Marvel comic, whatever story I’m in the middle of writing, Rom will crash into it. I don’t care who it is talking, Rom is going to crash into their head.” With that, the market on the Rom #1 enters into the Bull market (buy market). Marvel will get Rom in their books again and maybe even in the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie. I sound confident here don’t I? Well ask me the same thing BEFORE Disney bought out Marvel and most likely the tone here would be vastly different. With the talk of Rom came Rocket Raccoon too. InvestComics has told collectors time after time to pick up Marvel Preview #7 (1976), the first appearance of the rodent. The comic has gone from a $10 book to over $100 already. Here’s the good news bad news deal. Bad news, you missed out on getting a $10 book. Good news is there is more upside to this comic right now than anything else mentioned in this article. That’s right fans. You may be looking at the modern day Yoda, but in Raccoon form. As for Rom #1, you need to get this copies now! Get high grades at $8 apiece, send them off to CGC and reap the rewards when Rom comes back…..home.

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget to enter to win a FREE Signed copy of my comic Vincent Price House of Horrors #1 on the InvestComics Facebook page. Click at the beginning of this article to become a fan on the InvestComics Facebook page now!

See you next week, invest wisely.

Jay Katz


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Say Hello to the Bad Guys in the TMNT: VILLAINS MICRO-SERIES!

Say Hello to the Bad Guys in the TMNT: VILLAINS MICRO-SERIES!
Classic TMNT Foes are Spotlighted in Four Issues Starting This April!

San Diego, CA (February 1, 2013) – IDW Publishing is thrilled to announce a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro-Series! Hot on the heels of last year’s wildly successful Micro-Series, this new series of one-shots is taking a distinctly dark turn and concentrating on the evil deeds of the Turtles’ most nefarious villains! The first issue rolls out this April with TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES VILLAINS MICRO-SERIES #1: KRANG, written by Joshua Williamson and illustrated by Mike Henderson with a cover by Tyler Walpole. This issue explores the tales of Dimension X’s fearsome despot – and that’s just the opening act! The thrills continue with the tales of BAXTER STOCKMAN by Erik Burnham and Andy Kuhn, OLD HOB by Jason Ciaramella and Dave Wachter, and ALOPEX by Brian Lynch and Ross Campbell.
Powered by this talented creator lineup, the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES VILLAINS MICRO-SERIES is sure to delight fans with all-new tales of classic and brand-new bad guys. “TMNT has one of the finest rogues’ galleries in all of comics,” said TMNT Editor Bobby Curnow. “They’re deadly, charismatic, and often just plain weird! In short, they’re great fun to read and see in action on the comic book page. I’m extremely excited to see how our creative teams dig into these twisted psyches. AND they’ll set up important story points for our ongoing book!” The TMNT universe is absolutely packed with colorful and beloved characters and IDW is very excited to be bringing more of its amazing men, women, and creatures into the hands of its many fans! TMNT VILLAIN MICRO-SERIES #1: KRANG (FC, 32 pages, $3.99). In stores 4/17/13. Diamond Code: FEB130345 

About IDW

IDW is an award-winning publisher of comic books, graphic novels and trade paperbacks, based in San Diego, California. Renowned for its diverse catalog of licensed and independent titles, IDW publishes some of the most successful and popular titles in the industry, including: Hasbro’s The TRANSFORMERS and G.I. JOE, Paramount’s Star Trek; HBO’s True Blood; the BBC’s DOCTOR WHO; Toho’s Godzilla; and comics and trade collections based on novels by worldwide bestselling author, James Patterson. IDW is also home to the Library of American Comics imprint, which publishes classic comic reprints; Yoe! Books, a partnership with Yoe! Studio.

IDW’s critically- and fan-acclaimed series are continually moving into new mediums. Currently, Warner Brothers and Barry Sonnenfeld are attached to adapt LORE into a feature film starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jerry Bruckheimer Films and Disney are creating a feature film based on World War Robot, with Michael Bay‘s Platinum Dunes and Sony bringing Zombies vs. Robots to film.

First look at AQUAMAN #17.

Yesterday, AQUAMAN #16 hit the shelves, continuing the JUSTICE LEAGUE/AQUAMAN crossover, THRONE OF ATLANTIS. Today, DC COMICS has posted a peak at Paul Pelletier’s pencils to issue #17.

They also teased some things, including appearances by Amanda Waller, The Sea Devils, and the introduction of a new castmember!

  • AQUAMAN #17 will serve as a “Throne of Atlantis” epilogue.
  • The issue will feature an appearance by the Sea Devils, who are not too happy about the post-“Throne of Atlantis” world … AT ALL.
  • Following the events of “Throne of Atlantis,” Amanda Waller’s hands will get dirty.
  • The issue will mark the debut of new cast member, Murk!
  • And finally, AQUAMAN #17 will thrust us right into the next major series arc – with an all-new villain destined to shake what you know about AQUAMAN to its core!

Scroll down for a peek at Paul Pelletier’s pencilwork.


• A startling epilogue to “THRONE OF ATLANTIS”!

• With the secrets of Atlantis revealed, Aquaman is confronted by a horrible myth from Atlantis’s past that’s connected to his own. Plus: Mera confronts a longtime enemy.

Written by: Geoff Johns
Art by: Paul Pelletier, Art Thibert
Variant Cover by: Paul Pelletier, Art Thibert
Color/B&W: Color
Page Count: 32
U.S. Price: 2.99
On Sale Date: Feb 27 2013

The FF Get Superior In AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #17!

AvengingSpiderMan_17_Cover Doc Ock, Baby Sitter?

The FF Get Superior In AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #17!


Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Avenging Spider-Man #17 from the red-hot creative team of Chris Yost & Paco Medina! The Superior Spider-Man is forced to work with the FF as the literal future comes crashing in on them, threating to destroy the Foundation itself and expose Spider-Man’s ultimate secret! Can Spider-Man play nice with the kids of the Future Foundation while keeping the future at bay? Find out this February inAvenging Spider-Man #17!



Written by CHRIS YOST


FOC – 2/4/13, ON-SALE – 2/27/13



To find a comic shop near you, visit www.comicshoplocator.comor call 1-888-comicbook.
Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. For more information visit