BOOM!/ARCHAIA tease Jim Henson studios comics for 2014.

BOOM! Studios’ and it’s acquired imprint of ARCHAIA have teased new JIM HENSON material for 2014. In the past Archai has done such Henson properties as Fraggle Rock, Jim Henson’s The Storyteller, and the first two volumes of THE DARK CRYSTAL prequel/histories graphic novels.

This is interesting, considering Jim Henson Studios are part of the Disney family, which recently announced that they would be moving the Disney acquired STAR WARS comics to the Disney owned MARVEL COMICS.  Personally, I’ve loved Archaia’s Henson projects, especially the Dark Crystal books, and am glad that the project will stay in house.

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For Immediate Release
January 20 Visual Teaser

ABOUT ARCHAIA Archaia (, an imprint of BOOM! Studios, is a multi-award-winning graphic novel publisher with more than 75 renowned publishing brands, including such domestic and international hits as MOUSE GUARD, RUST, COW BOY, CURSED PIRATE GIRL, GUNNERKRIGG COURT, and ARTESIA. Archaia has also published an entire line of graphic novels in partnership with The Jim Henson Company, including the multiple award-winning JIM HENSON’S TALE OF SAND and such beloved tales as THE DARK CRYSTAL, THE STORYTELLER, and FRAGGLE ROCK. In addition to its partnership with Henson, Archaia has forged creative partnerships with storytellers in all facets of the entertainment industry, resulting in print and digital expansions of such noted properties as BLEEDOUT and HAWKEN (video games), IMMORTALS and PLANET OF THE APES (film), and SPACE: 1999 (television). Alongside these celebrated titles, Archaia has released English translations of numerous renowned foreign titles to much fanfare, including THE KILLER, Sergio Toppi’s SHARAZ-DE: TALES FROM THE ARABIAN NIGHTS, and THE SECRET HISTORY. In June 2013, Archaia was acquired by BOOM! Studios ( Founded by Ross Richie in 2005, Diamond Gem Award-winning “Best Publisher” BOOM! Studios generates a constellation of best-selling Eisner and Harvey Award-winning original and licensed comic books and graphic novels with the industry’s top talent.

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