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Alright, the first review for this thread will be on Shakira’s third English studio album and sixth in total, She Wolf. It’s only right for me to point out this is the most critical received album she’s ever released…in a mixed kid of way. Most of long time fans of Shakira’s older work have cried foul of her move from latin and pop rock to electropop including a bit of dancehall but though transitions can cause a riot, it could also be gold.

She Wolf opens with the song of the same name and first single which will give you yet another taste of you’ll be expecting if you’re familiar with it. If you’re like me, you’ll immediately want to dance but that’s alright because it’s She Wolf’s goal to do that. Also, if you’re like me and almost everyone else, the first round of listening to the album will rarely have anything to do with the lyrics-usually, most of dance music will go out of it’s way to make you dance while making the lyrics so nonexistent, you’ll barely notice the lack of a full baked masterpiece. Of course-there’s always a catchy line *Ahem* (can you say, "Boom Boom Pow"?) and this album does that and everything else.

One line you’ll notice in She Wolf’s self-titled song is, ‘I’m started to feel just a little confused like a coffee machine in an office’-I’ve already read another fellow reviewer point this out. It’ll make you think, "Hm…" and while you’ll still be grooving, after the song is over, you’ll want to listen to it again but this time observing the lyrics along as you go-I can’t explain any further how I appreciate it when an album accomplishes everything it needs to create an excellent album. 

After the first nine tracks, you’ll be treated to three tracks of Did It Again, Why Wait and She Wolf in spanish. These different versions don’t loose their charm whether you have the International or Latin America/Spain edition-don’t be surprised if you find yourself sing them in another language without noticing. Also, you might want to check out the deluxe edition for a remix, two live additions and the bonus track, "Give It Up to Me" featuring Lil Wayne and produced by Timbaland-you won’t be disappointed.

I’ll have to admit between you and me-I’m not so familiar with Shakira’s older work as I would like…especially since she’s been my crush since as a kid but this new move she’s taken isn’t bad for a first try. I also want to give The Neptunes (co-producers) for showing their peak for She Wolf.

Top 5 Songs-

5. Gypsy – Though it’s the slowest track of all of the others, it isn’t slow at all. In fact, it’s still fairly danceable but it gets your attention to listen to what the lyrics are saying. Gyspsy is a unique track that has a different mood but doesn’t throw you off.

4. Did It Again/Lo Hecho Está Hecho – Sexy! Sure, Shakira’s moans may make some listeners uncomfortable (not here!), but it’s what makes the track so different. The Neptunes did a good job on the idea of marching band influences in the background. Did It Again is pretty much the continuation of She Wolf-she’s at it again. 

3. Mon Amour – This track should remind and please fans of her older work which is good to do showing their one of their favorite artist didn’t ditch their roots. Mon Amour is latin pop and pop rock packed together and shipped nicely for listening-melody at one of it’s best.

2. Why Wait/Años Luz – What can I say? This track’s contagious way to make you dance and memorize it’s lyrics is definite. Again, The Neptunes’ proves on this track they and Shakira belong to each other. Though Timbaland is at the top of my favorite producers, Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo can put it down!

1. Spy ft. Wyclef Jean – This is it! Remember Hips Don’t Lie? Spy reunites Shakira and Wyclef once again and records another track of ear candy. I seriously hope this becomes a single-this song is perfect in every way, I’ll just have to post a video of this classic track below!

She Wolf’s Report Card –   -A

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Shakira & Wyclef John – Spy – Listen Here!

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