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CaptainAmerica615InvestComics Comic Hot Picks for 2-23-11




 AmazingSpiderMan655InvestComics has a new team member! Sebastian Piccione will be joining the IC team. Sebastian will be a tremendous asset to InvestComics. To learn more about this new team member go here.

A relatively small week as the collecting side is concerned, but we forge ahead. Plenty of very cool reads as always though!

CaptainAmerica615Marvel throws not one, but two “Nothing will ever be the same” comics at us this week. The first is Captain America #615. Aside from Cap dying again (kind of hard to top that!), will readers and collectors be shocked at what happens next? Let’s wait for Wednesday to determine if this comic warrants the “Nothing will ever be the same” tag because boy is that line getting real old. The second claim of a life altering book is Amazing Spider-Man #655. THIS comic may truly live up to its potential of being “the book” of all books for Spidey fans and collectors. Why you ask? Well let’s just copy and paste a quote from Mr. Dan Slott himself from a recent Facebook posting (February 17, 2011): 

This issue, ASM #655, is coming out Wednesday (February 23rd), and I know this sounds like hyperbole, but it’s the honest to God truth—out of 20 years in the biz, this is my FAVORITE issue of a comic that I’ve EVER worked on! (Yes, even MORE than the REN & STIMPY: MASTERS OF TIME & SPACE from 1994! :-O No foolin’!)

The script was a blast to write, and our artist, Marcos Martin (in my opinion) pulled out some of the most beautiful artwork in his already stunning career. And if you like Spider-Man, this magilla is like one big, sloppy kiss to the entire 50 years Spider-Man history. That said? Anyone can jump in and read it – it is VERY new reader friendly.

So please, please, please do me a favor and pick this one up 🙂 I’m pulling out the BIG card – the one that can never be pulled out again – “If you buy only ONE of my comics in your life, this is the one!” There. 🙂 

So there you have it folks. Dan convinced this collector!

3 Independents to check out at your local comic shop on Wednesday, Mission #1 from Image Comics, 10th Muse Manga Giant Sized from Bluewater, and Savage Beauty #1 from Moonstone.








That’s it for this week. Check out InvestComics TV this Wednesday for Part 1 of 2 with President/Owner of Bluewater Comics Darren Davis!  

Invest Wisely 

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