Image Comics – #1 ongoing titles in 2013

Here are all the Image new ongoing series #1 issues this year


Sales are pretty consistent (20,000 to 30,000 range) for most of them and they are now all sell outs
After the peak of hype in hot Image comics a sales peak happened in March and April 2013. Prices have slowly been dropping down
Only Sex Criminals and Lazarus have had extra strong sales compared to the average Image title in recent months.
It can be debated that Zero is the rarest ongoing #1 Image title of 2013 as there is only 8,000 copies of each regular cover
Here are all the new Image titles ranked in order of rarity and smallest print run of #1
Ghosted #1 17,000 copies – 1 cover
Sheltered #1 19,000 copies – 1 cover
Chin Music #1 22,000 copies – 1 cover
Sex #1 23,000 – 1 cover
Zero #1 – 24,000 copies – 3 covers  (8,000 per cover)
Bounce #1 24,000 copies – 1 cover
Rat Queens #1 25,000 copies – 1 cover
Sidekick #1 27,000 copies – 2 covers (13,500 per cover)
Satellite Sam #1 32,000 copies – 1 cover
Sex Criminals #1 46,000 copies – 1 cover
Lazarus #1 48,000 – 1 cover
East of west #1 49,000 – 1 cover
Ten Grand #1 57,000 – 2 covers
Jupiters Legacy #1 105,000 – 4 covers (26,000 per cover)
Back in 2012 Image comics could actually gain in sales that wont happen now if readership grows on a title then back issues prices go up if all these new image titles don’t grow in readership than the #1’s are never gonna be worth much Comic sales need to grow or stay consistent and not continually drop month to month. Lets analyze some of the recent Image titles.
Great Pacific #9 4,700 an ongoing that just isn’t going anywhere sales wise Those sales are really weak for a Image ongoing title
Bounce #1 was 24,000 and #4 is 9,000
Sheltered #1 19,000 and #2 is only 9,000
Ghosted #1 17,000 and #2 is 10,000 no wonder they stated both issues sold out LOL cause nobody ordered them
Chin Music #1 22,000 and #2 was 14,000 notice the trend that most #2’s drop by about 40% that is a huge drop need to stablize by issue #3 or these titles are in trouble
Sex #1 was 23,000 and now at #6 its at 14,000 – that title has done quite well!! sex has only lost about 40% by issue #6 thats actually more popular than most
Ten Grand #1 57,000 and #4 is at 19,000 thats a drop of 60% by issue #4 not a good sign though of course it started way too high
Satellite Sam #1 32,000 and now #2 20,000 – again about 40% drop instantly
Lazarus #1 was 48,000 down to #3 24,000 – 50% by #3
East of West #1 49,000 to #5 36,000 that is super strong – barely lost any readers in 5 issues
Saga #1  37,000 and #13 is 55,000 – a gain in readership of 50% – SUPER HOT !
Walking Dead #1 6,000 and #114 is 70,000 – a gain in readership of 1200%
Its a simple formula release a great comic that readership grows and demand for back issues also grows The 3 Image titles on this list that have held the most readers are also the most valuable demanded back issues !

In comparison in late 2012 what were the sales figures of the latest new Image titles

I Love Trouble #1 7,900 copies

Clone #1 23,000 copies

Great Pacific #1 15,000 copies

Nowhere Men #1 11,800 copies

Bedlam #1 22,000 copies

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5 thoughts on “Image Comics – #1 ongoing titles in 2013

    • Both of those series are now ongoing but they were only mini-series when stores ordered them

      Todd #1 7,800 copies
      Five Ghosts #1 13,100 copies

  1. Both have impressive retention rates, especially Todd. I wonder why 5 ghosts’s secondary prices are so poor given that there isn’t a big dropoff in readership.

  2. Lately, it seems like 9 out of 10 dentists agree an Image #1 issue has a good chance of increasing in value.

    I am surprised on the readership for Lazarus and Ten Grand. Admittedly, I did not intend to read Ten Grand until Mr. Katz challenged me to check it out.

    I’m curious to see how Rat Queens #1 does.

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