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Guild Works Publications has a special announcment about Justin Leach and Majestic -XII. Check it out….



I would like to introduce you all to my newest client and his
recently released project.


Justin Leach is 30 year old writer/ creator from Mountain Grove,
MO. He

has loved art since he first learned how to draw at the age of 3
and comics

at the age of 4. All of his years growing up he knew that comics
would be

what he wanted to do when he grew up. However upon graduating high

found that no comic companies were hiring writers. He then left
that dream

to go and pursue other goals. Those same goals, changes in
technology and

the creation of the internet somehow brought him around full
circle and he

now is producing the super-hero/ alien/ conspiracy theory comic known
as the



MAJESTIC-XII is scheduled to be a regular series, with a bimonthly

schedule. Issue 1 was released on November 15th and is currently

through IndyPlanet at*<>

Here is the premise to the series.


There is an invisible war going on without our knowledge. A battle

waged between our government and an alien empire bent on enslaving

entire species. It is a fight that we are losing and our only hope
is a

super-human military force known as The Majestic-XII.


The series is illustrated by Andrew Kilian. Kilian was born in
1975. He

fell in love with comics in the mid 80’s. This fueled his lifelong
to draw

comic books. He is a graduate of the Joe Kubert School of Comic

Formerly of Buffalo, NY he now resides in Hamilton, MT.


A high resolution PDF is available at this link:*<>

We would appreciate any coverage you could give the project,

reviews and interviews.  If
you are interested in interviewing Justin or

Andrew, please contact me directly.


Susan Soares

Freelance Promotions Consultant

SJS Comic Promotions


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