InvestComics Press Release InvestComics jumps into the Publishing Arena

West Palm Beach, Florida

InvestComics website announces their publishing comic book line. InvestComics Publications.

New original publishing stories from comic book website InvestComics.

IC-Publication-Logo(West Palm Beach, Florida; February 26, 2013) – Comic book and entertainment information website InvestComics is proud to announce a new publishing banner under the popular site. “InvestComics is finally branching out to another medium and it’s very exciting,” said Jay Katz, President of InvestComics/InvestComics Publications. “We will deliver top quality stories just as the website brings top quality.”

David Whalen, VP/Art Director of InvestComics Publications, added, “I’m super excited to have my novel The Dawning as the very first InvestComics Publishing comic to come out under the new venture. The story has been a dream of mine to get published and it couldn’t have happened at a better place.”

“I see a fantastic vision coming out of the InvestComics Publications brand” echoed Erick Marquez (Industry artist), cover artist on The Hunted. “I look forward to delivering some very intriguing covers.”

The new InvestComics Publications marque will showcase the talents of VP/Art Director David Whalen, a teacher in upstate New York. David is the writer/artist/creator of The Dawning comic book. The new publishing line will also showcase Erick Marquez. Erick; owner of and premiere artist within the comic book industry will lend his talents as the cover artist for The Hunted. Erick has worked on several comics including Bluewater’s Fame books; Taylor Swift and Conan O’ Brien.

“Joining the publishing side of things will be a unique experience. I look forward to being on the other side of the business.” says Katz relating to the new venture. “It’s exciting to have such an open canvas like this.”


About InvestComics

InvestComics™ started as a magazine in 2006; the first issue was released until June of 2007. The magazine was distributed as a free comic book Investment Guide throughout local comic shops in South Florida. It was also a giveaway on Ebay for any winning bid to receive with their order.

Although the InvestComics™ web site was on line in 2005, it wasn’t until 2007 the web site became the main focal point and the magazine ceased. InvestComics™ wanted to start reaching a broader audience and began to rapidly expand. InvestComics™ became the “Entertainment” Investment Guide as a result of covering many areas in the industry, focusing on entertainment as well as highlighting investment opportunities for entertainment purposes. is a well-known comic book website within its industry. It has grown rapidly since its inception in 2005.

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  1. Great to hear guys! I love the IC crew and my hat’s off to you for making this move. It is a perfect blend of expertise and fun and I look forward to great things now and in the future!


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