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Chris Winters invites Lady Gaga to his review list. Is the music as sexy as she is? Find out in this spectacular breakdown of not 1, but 2 of her albums!


gaga1.jpgI hate that I slept on Lady Gaga when she debuted with "Just Dance" in 2008. It’s
hard to believe it’s been almost two years because it’s impossible for a day to go
by without the radio playing any of her singles but I’m happy to be able to review
her re-released debut which Gaga says deals with the darker side of fame and
compares to the Yin and yang concept. She also also mentions it’s experienced her
over the course of 2008–2009 while traveling around the world, and are expressed
through a monster metaphor. This album alone contains her newest songs such as the
currently released singles "Bad Romance", "Telephone" featuring Beyoncé and
"Speechless" including 5 others but I bought the deluxe edition of it which contains
the re-release and original album-that’s 22 tracks in all and I’m going to explain why
their worth your money whichever edition you buy.

The album starts you off with one of Lady Gaga’s top hits of now, "Bad Romance" but
I’m going to exclude this and the other released songs you’ve been hearing on the
radio non-stop. Those are top-notch hits but I will include "Speechless" and "Eh, Eh
(Nothing Else I Can Say)" which didn’t release on radio in the US.

"Alejandro" is fresh breath of air from Gaga. Just when you think you’ve heard it
all from her earlier released singles, this track surprises you. It’s a layed back
song which in my opinion is a cushion to break the fall from of "Bad Romance"’s
roller coaster. Next is "Monster" which in my opinion arrived a bit earlier than
expected. This track is not a bad one
but it makes the impact after the first 2 songs flat and I believe it’s an error on
The Fame Monster’s tracklist. Also, I must say though Lady Gaga is catchy with every
she’s sings on, the "mamamama" in the chorus is a disappointment after hearing it on
"Poker Face" numerous times before but it’s an overall catchy song. "Speechless"
makes the mood even more soft but after "Monster" ends, you’d have to take it and
deal with it. This is the song Gaga performed at the American Music Awards of 2009
on a piano that caught on fire which sparked controversy.
This is one of the best examples of hearing what her voice can do and separates
from her known fast-paced singles.

"Dance in the Dark". This is a track for fans who bought the original Fame wanted to hear,
though none of the songs on The Fame Monster are bad, once you reach this one, you’d
probably think, "finally". "Dance in the Dark" is an amazing track that would’ve
been more appreciative if was arranged the right way on the album’s list. Next is
"Telephone" featuring Beyoncé. Even though it’s a newly released single, I think it
deserves to be mentioned. There’s another song both had recorded together titled,
"Video Phone" that’s on Beyoncé’s current album, I Am… Sasha Fierce. This track
owns "Video Phone" in everyday and though I don’t get the catch why the word,
"phone" is on both titles, you might want to answer this one instead.

Next is "So Happy I Could Die" which battles with "Alejandro" for #1 on my Top 5 of
the album. This is one of the type of songs I think Lady Gaga aces at and those are
the laid back vibes that this track has. It’s beat is phenomenal and the lyrics
takes you to another world so be sure to listen to with good headphones and sound
system. The last song of The Fame Monster is "Teeth". It has different sound from
her released singles but Gaga doesn’t fail to deliver.

Now we move to the album I should have listened to before Monster released-The Fame
which made Lady Gaga who she is today. Passing the first four released singles on
the tracklist, "Just Dance", "LoveGame", "Paparazzi" and "Poker Face" is "I Like It
Rough". "I Like It Rough" is really a pleasure to listen to and something you’d
expect from Gaga. The production is top-notch and one of the gems in this treasure
chest of fame-this is on of the tracks buyers want. "Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can
Say)". Just like "Telephone", this is also already a released single but it’s so
polished that it also deserves to be mentioned. I like to compare this to Monster’s
"So Happy I Can Die" because when Gaga delivers that laid vibe, she delivers
flawlessly. Next is "Starstruck" featuring Flo Rida. I like this track a lot because
it’s a song that would be a must for playing in clubs and Flo Rida’s verse made the
song better though Lady Gaga could record an album alone and
it’d still be amazing if she did it right. I also want to add that I give whoever
is producing her music is a genius and whatever Gaga is asking for is a great idea
which stresses my take on "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich".

"Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" is my top favorite song with both Monster and The Fame
combined. Everything about this track is polished from the funky beat to the
contagious chorus. It’s a perfect song to play during a road trip with your friends
and even better in a convertible. Also, this is yet another great song to experience
in clubs which almost all of Lady Gaga’s songs has the quality to do so. Next is the
album’s self-titled song, "The Fame". I’m happy this track is listed next to
"Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" rich because both are identical and only keeps the
adrenaline running. I like to this if it as a sequel to "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" and
it does a good job of not using the same trances like the next track.

"Money Honey" is what I think the worst of both albums combined. It comes off as
lazy and dull in production the first 7 seconds and once the eighth hits, if you’ve
heard ‘Just Dance" times before me and many others, you’d sigh at the "echoed moan"
or whatever it is when you hear it. The only thing that keeps you from hating it
entirely is the chorus which makes you not stay made at Lady Gaga. The Fame is like
a luxury car you just bought and don’t want to damage it on your ride home-this
track is a dent in it that’s hard to see far off until your friend admires the
detail and soon notices. Unlike in real life, you won’t be able to repair this one
flaw on the album and I think more work could have been done to avoid this average
song…it makes me hesitant to call it a filler thrown on The Fame but barely. "Boys
Boys Boys" can be compared to "Money Honey" but not because of production but
because of holes I think could have made it better. I’d say it’s
above "Money Honey" on a top chart because even though we’ve heard of it before
just buy reading it’s title, it knows it has a responsibility and I think it
learned from the track before it as ironic as that sounds.

"Paper Gangster" battles for #1 with "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" on The Fame. I know it
uses the "echoed moan" but unlike "Money Honey", you’ll barely notice it and if you
do, it’s used tastefully. This song succeeds in lyrics, production and
presentation-it’s a very rich track and one of the best examples that shows Lady
Gaga’s one of a kind. Gaga takes it slow with "Brown Eyes" using the piano and can
be proudly compared to "Speechless" Just when you think she wouldn’t sound right on
a track that doesn’t make you dance-you’re corrected and surprised once again. Now,
we reach the last song of the album, "Summerboy". Gaga ends with a cheery, head
nodding, toe tapping track that after listening to it makes you say, "This is money
well spent". I’d go so far to say download the bonus tracks, "Disco Heaven", "Again
Again" and "Retro, Dance, Freak". "Retro, Dance, Freak" may look like a remix of
"Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" but you’re wrong-it’s a whole new song
that’s as amazing as can be.

Lady Gaga is the most unique artist to debut in years and I’m happy to be one of her
biggest fans-I can’t wait for what she releases next. Buy the deluxe edition of The
Fame Monster including the bonus tracks and enjoy 25 eargasmic songs-you’re now
‘Googoo for Gaga’ and nothing will stop you.


gaga2.jpgThe Fame Monster’s Report CardA

The Fame’s Report CardB+


The Fame Monster: Deluxe Edition’s Report Card  A


The Fame Monster’s Top 5 Songs

1. Alejandro

2. So Happy I Could Die

3. Monster

4. Speechless

5. Teeth

Honorable Mention

Dance in the Dark



The Fame’s Top 5 Songs


1. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

2. Paper Gangsta

3. The Fame

4. Starstruck

5. Summerboy


Honorable Mentions
– Telephone, I Like It Rough, Brown Eyes and Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say).



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