Marvel Unveils Dale Eaglesham’s ALPHA FLIGHT #1 Variant

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at superstar artist Dale Eaglesham’s variant cover to Alpha Flight #1 (of 8) – featuring the return of Canada’s greatest heroes! As the shadow of Fear Itself falls across the globe, will a nation turn to – or turn on – Alpha Flight in Canada’s greatest hour of need?
“I’ve always wanted to do Alpha Flight, but didn’t think I’d ever get the opportunity, so I’m very excited about this,” said Eaglesham. “This is the ideal team book – the characters have such depth and are so unique, so colorful. We have the heroic and iconic in Guardian, Snowbird and Northstar, for example, along with some quirkier heroes like Sasquatch and Marrina. As an artist, this is something I can really sink my teeth into and I’m loving every minute! With Greg and Fred writing, we also have some very topical, gripping and moving stories. I think the fans are going to fall in love with this book. I know I am.”
Discover why the team still stands tall as the greatest heroes of the Great White North, only in the Alpha Flight #1 (of 8) Eaglesham Variant! No fan can miss the thunderous return of a legendary Marvel superteam this June!
ALPHA FLIGHT #1 (of 8) (APR110547)
Variant Cover by DALE EAGLESHAM
FOC – 5/16/11. On Sale – 6/8/11

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3 thoughts on “Marvel Unveils Dale Eaglesham’s ALPHA FLIGHT #1 Variant

  1. Why is the Canadian flag upside down? Is it meant to be a slight on the country. If so, you would think that Marvel and Disney wouldn’t want to insult the Canadian people and the Canadian superhero team that way.

  2. TheMark, the upside down flag is a universal sign of a country in distress. Marvel and Disney would probably know better not to do something to insult an entire country. 🙂

  3. Plus, according to the solicits, the storyline has the ALPHA FLIGHT brabded as traitors to the Canadian Govt. as a result of FEAR ITSELF.

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