Bethesda, Maryland:  GraphicAudio® A Movie in Your Mind® in conjunction with Marvel Entertainment, brings you two original stories of the Ultimates, the ground-breaking series that re-imagined Marvel’s premiere super-team with new depth, realism and emotional complexity.


GraphicAudio’s award-winning action packed productions have a full cast, sound effects and cinematic music all wrapped up into six hours of audio entertainment.  In THE ULTIMATES: TOMORROW MEN written by Michael Jan Friedman, the first government-sponsored cadre of super heroes has been assembled to face threats too insanely powerful for other operatives to handle. Led by Nick Fury, the super-powered roster includes Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Wasp.


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But even the Ultimates are unprepared for a quintet of mysterious visitors who appear in the midst of the team’s top secret base of operations, claiming to be emissaries from the future.


These “Tomorrow Men” say Earth’s civilization is at a crossroads — on the verge of enslavement by a secret organization known as Tiber. Only the Ultimates have the skills and the firepower to ferret Tiber out of its nests around the world and crush its plans for global conquest.


In addition to THE ULTIMATES: TOMORROW MEN, the Ultimates’ story, AGAINST ALL ENEMIES will be available from GraphicAudio® in April 2014.  Several other MARVEL titles in the GraphicAudio® A Movie in Your Mind® format including IRON MAN: EXTREMIS and ASTONISHING X-MEN: GIFTED will be released in 2014.


THE ULTIMATES: TOMORROW MEN is available in MP3, M4B and FLAC Download File Formats as well as CD Audio Format from  This audio entertainment experience can now be heard on the go with the new GraphicAudio Access™ Mobile App which allows customers to directly download titles on their Android or iOS smartphones and tablets and iPads. The GraphicAudio Access® App is available for free in the Apple Store and Google Play Store.  Fans and customers can purchase one of the download formats from the GraphicAudio online store and then login to the App to start downloading and listening immediately to THE ULTIMATES: TOMORROW MEN.

About Marvel Entertainment:

Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of more than 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years.  Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing.  For more information visit


About GraphicAudio® A Movie in Your Mind®:  GraphicAudio® A Movie in Your Mind® is an imprint of The Cutting Corporation.  Since 2004, GraphicAudio® has published approximately 900 titles and 60 different series in their GraphicAudio® A Movie in Your Mind® audiobook entertainment format.  GraphicAudio® has adapted other comic prose novels in GraphicAudio® A Movie in Your Mind®. The Cutting Corporation and Marvel Comics began working together in 1983 on CLASSIC COMICS:  Deluxe Comic Book and Tape through Fisher Price. For more on GraphicAudio® A Movie in Your Mind® visit:

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