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press1.jpgSteven T Seagle and Mike Allred didn’t make an announcement about a new project at Comic-Con.

They are continuing to not announce something as we speak.


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The famed creators of MADMAN ATOMIC COMICS and IT’S A BIRD… confirm they did not announce their new project at San Diego Comic Con International!

29 July 2009 (Berkeley, CA) –  MADMAN ATOMIC COMICS’ Mike Allred and  SOUL KISS’ Steven T. Seagle confirmed they did not announce a new project at this year’s Comic Con International during the Mike Allred spotlight panel, citing the sheer number of announcements made at the show this year as reason enough to withhold information.

"We would have been be lost in the shuffle," Allred said. “Especially since I was already announcing the new graphic novel I am co-editing, ONE MODEL NATION, by writer Courtney Taylor and illustrator Jim Rugg as well my all-new the Vertigo series, I, ZOMBIE. I thought it might be better to just wait until later, and Seagle just kept saying we shouldn’t do it at all.”

While the duo had expressed concern that announcing a project at this time could be detrimental to all parties involved they did not deny that the book will be a co-production of Allred’s AAA POP, Seagle’s MAN OF ACTION STUDIOS and publisher Image Comics. Nonetheless, Allred and Seagle refused to confirm the five issue series was set for 2010.

Seagle and Allred have begun work on – but not completed – three previous series: LOOK for shuttered publisher Tundra, JAGUAR STORIES for shuttered publisher Comico, and BIG WORLD which was not approved years ago by Vertigo.

When asked what information he could provide about the project Seagle said he couldn’t confirm the existence of a script, nor of almost a hundred pages of art already produced. When asked if the project would be announced at a later date Seagle reiterated his pre-con sentiment: “Some stories should not be told.”

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