Paradigm Shift Achieves 5000!

PS_prParadigm Shift Achieves 5000!



For Immediate Release:

After 12 years of producing Paradigm Shift as both an online serialized graphic novel and three collected and printed volumes, creator Dirk Tiede announced the sale of his 5000th book.

The landmark sale occurred at Ohayocon in Columbus, OH the weekend of January 28 through 30, 2011.

Dirk, pioneer cartoonist and illustrator, accomplished this amazing feat through a variety of different methods but most notably via his convention schedule. Dirk travels the country attending conventions as far and as large as San Diego Comic Con, several of which he has been invited as a Featured Artist or even Guest of Honor. In 2011 alone, Dirk is scheduled for a dozen convention appearances, three of which are Guest of Honor and Featured Artist titles. Dirk also successfully raised the funds needed for his entire run for Paradigm Shift: Emergence, his third book through presales.

Paradigm Shift, currently in its fourth chapter, focuses on smart-ass detectives Kate McAllister and Mike Stuart who are propelled into the paranormal while investigating a strange back alley mauling. Kate was one of the best detectives in Chicago, until she developed a bad case of lycanthropy. Now she and her partner Mike are on the run to find the truth. This serialized graphic novel is a police procedural punctuated by explosive gunfights, sardonic humor, and supernatural horror set in a gritty and authentic Chicago backdrop.

Dirk I. Tiede was born in California, grew up in the Midwest, and cut his teeth as a graphic artist in Chicago. He holds a BFA in commercial art from Millikin University, but has been drawing comics for as long as he can remember. He began Paradigm Shift as an online comic in 1999, and is a founding contributor to premiere comic portal Modern Tales. His artwork is showcased in the books Toon Art: The Graphic Art of Digital Cartooning and Webcomics, appears the documentary Adventures in Digital Comics, and was featured in Season 3 of NBC’s Heroes. In 2008, Dirk relocated to Boston’s North Shore with his wife, where he continues to work as a professional cartoonist and freelance illustrator.

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