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Warwick, RI, May 11, 2010:  Since 2002, writers, artists and fans have
converged on Philadelphia each May to acknowledge Black creators and comics
featuring Black characters, particularly superheroes. To celebrate the
release of The Enforcers Zero Issue - The Director's Cut, which debuts at
The East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention (ECBACC) on May 15, Publisher
of Three J Productions, LLC and Creator, Carl Herring Jr. plans to also
offer a limited number of copies of The Enforcers Part One featuring Maddox
Turner, before its July release date.
Carl Herring Jr. has been reading and collecting comic books for over thirty
years, particularly a fan of the comic books from the sixties right up until
the mid eighties. Losing interest in comics in the nineties, Carl decided to
create his own characters and write story lines that could entertain like
the stories from days long gone. Carl also wanted to seek out talented
artists who could recreate those master strokes reminiscent to the artists
of his yester years. Thus with this in mind, Three J Productions, LLC was
Having created the company, now it was time to create the book. Carl sat
down one night to pen his first story. Several weeks later Carl finished his
first script. The book was The Enforcers. The title of the story was "The
Chosen Ones." With script in hand, Carl set out to find an artist. After
several months of going through samples of various artists, Carl came across
the portfolio samples of Tod Smith, the perfect artist to give the book the
old school look. After reading the script, Tod agreed to do the artwork. The
Zero Issue was released in 2005.
The Enforcers focuses on America's war on drugs that has taken a turn for
the worst as drug lords across the country unite to create stronger drug
cartels that openly challenge the nation's law enforcement communities. To
combat these cartels, newly appointed Federal Drug Czar, Senator Lawrence
Fulton has created The Enforcers Project. The goal of The Enforcers Project
is to place small teams of specially trained and equipped men and women
appointed as D.E.A. Enforcers in major cities throughout the nation. Their
mission will be to target specific drug cartels and use all their resources
to destroy the illegal operations.
To kick-start a five-issue Enforcers mini-series set to begin the summer of
2010, Carl is re-launching The Enforcers: Zero Issue. This Director's
Cut version includes several new pages of artwork and is printed in full
color. Regarding the mini-series, Tod Smith will again be contributing his
art to the series, with Carl performing the writing duties.  The mini-series
will run from the summer and continue through 2011 and will be published by
Three J Productions, LLC.
Fans and members of the press can find Carl Herring Jr. at the Three J
Productions booth at ECBACC on Saturday May 15, 2010 from 10 am to 7 pm at
the Crowne Plaza Hotel 1800 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA.. For more
information about Three J Productions LLC, Carl Herring Jr. or the Enforcers

mini-series, visit


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