Sky Pirates of Valendor: Volume 1

1aaaaskypirlogoIndependent comics publisher Free Lunch Comics is proud to announce their latest graphic novel, Sky Pirates of Valendor: Volume 1!

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1aaaaskypirLOGO2Sky Pirates of Valendor: Volume 1 available for pre-order through Diamond Distribution. The 148 page graphic novel appears on page 284 of the August Previews Catalog and carries the order number: AUG101028 SKY PIRATES VALENDOR GN.

Sky Pirates of Valendor recounts the debut adventure of Pirate Captain Tobin Manheim and the rest of the crew of the Rogue’s Revenge. Set in the fantasy world of Valendor where giant continents float on oceans of sky! A mix of steampunk and high fantasy where magic co-exists with futuristic technology, Valendor is a fully realized world, with complex social structures, a guild-driven economic system, and a host of political intrigue.

Sky Pirates is the brainchild of Everett Soares, the award winning author of several stories appearing in Comicbook Artists Guild’s publications. He has won the Best Writer Award in CAG for the last two years. Sky Pirates debuted in and placed as the runner up in the 2007 Edition of Small Press Idol, a talent competition for independent comics projects run by Ian Shires. Shortly after the competition, Sky Pirates secured a publishing deal with Free Lunch Comics.

Penciller Brian Brinlee illustrated the epic story. Soares and Brinlee have collaborated for years on Sky Pirates of Valendor and other projects. The inking team consists of Michael W. Kellar, Alex Rivera and Keith Murphey. New York City based illustrator James Rodriguez provided the cover art for the graphic novel.

Free Lunch Comics has been publishing since 1998 and features several titles in addition to Sky Pirates, including: Bigger, Only in Whispers, Pork ‘N Beans, Beyond the Kuiper Belt, The Original Nutty Funsters, Cookie Bear and the Good Girl Art of Norman Katz.

To celebrate the inclusion of Sky Pirates of Valendor in the Previews Catalog, the various creators of the book will be appearing at comic stores throughout New York and New England. A partial list follows:

July 28, 2010 Friendly Neighborhood Comics, Bellingham, MA featuring Creator Everett Soares

July 31, 2010 Harrison’s Comics, Salem MA featuring Creator Everett Soares

August 4, 2010 Most Excellent Collectibles, Enfield CT with Free Lunch Comics President Matt C. Ryan

August 7, 2010 Casablanca Comics, Portland, ME featuring Creator Everett Soares

August 8, 2010 Double Midnight, Manchester, NH featuring Creator Everett Soares

August 14, 2010 Comic Monstore, Salisbury NC with Michael W. Kellar, contributing Inker

August 14, 2010 That’s Entertainment, Worcester MA featuring Creator Everett Soares

August 21, 2010 New England Comics, Brockton MA featuring Creator Everett Soares

August 22, 2010 Modern Myths, Northampton MA with Keith Murphey, contributing Inker and Art Director

August 22, 2010 Alternate Universe, Milford CT featuring Creator Everett Soares

August 28, 2010 Jetpack Comics, Rochester NH featuring Creator Everett Soares More dates and locations to be announced

Once again, the order code is AUG101028 SKY PIRATES VALENDOR GN. Use this number to pre-order your copy of the book through your local comic store. Use to find the store nearest you!

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