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InvestComics and Collaborate on You tube Videos

Videos Will Consist of Modeling’s Merchandise

(West Palm Beach, Florida; April 9, 2012) – Comic book and entertainment information website InvestComics is proud to announce that will be providing eligible candidates merchandise to wear in support of introduction You tube videos for the immensely popular weekly featured article “InvestComics’ Comic Hot Picks”. The 45 second to one minute videos will showcase the massive offering’s that has on their website as well as introduce what is coming up for that week regarding the InvestComics’ Comic Hot Picks. is a Superhero merchant seller of everything “superhero”. “This website showcases an abundance of merchandise to the likes that fans are accustomed to seeing from ,” said Jay Katz, President of InvestComics. “We are proud to be a part of such a spectacular Company like SuperHeroStuff .SuperHeroStuff supplies everything from T-shirts, Hats, Buckles, Jewelry, Figures, PJ’s, Kids, and even Home & Office. They have such a collection of goodies, one can spend days looking on their website and purchasing fantastic items. SuperHeroStuff has their pulse on the medium. They constantly update their site with the latest items available to the masses. Their front page always displays the Newest and Greatest available in the Superhero merchandise market”

Brian Welch, Marketing Director of SuperHeroStuff, added, “InvestComics has showed significant growth over the past few years and we are happy to join Jay Katz during the process of that development. Jay Katz has a vision and we are very happy to join him in this endeavor.”

Katz; “SuperHeroStuff has a substantial following via Facebook and that is a direct reflection on how their business draws in their customer base”.
Customers want to be a part of SuperHeroStuff in every possible facet.”

Visit SuperHeroStuff right now at

InvestComics still has potential positions open for viable female candidates to apply for a position to become part of the introduction videos. All
candidates should email InvestComics to inquire about details in becoming an InvestComics Comic Hot Picks Chick at All inquiries must be 20 years old or older.


About InvestComics

InvestComics™ started as a magazine in 2006; the first issue wasn’t released until June of 2007. The magazine was distributed as a free comic book Investment Guide throughout local comic shops in South Florida. It was also a giveaway on Ebay for any winning bid to receive with their order.

Although the InvestComics™ web site was on line in 2005, it wasn’t until 2007 the web site became the main focal point and the magazine ceased. InvestComics™ wanted to start reaching a broader audience and began to rapidly expand. InvestComics™ became the “Entertainment”
Investment Guide as a result of covering many areas in the industry, focusing on entertainment as well as highlighting investment opportunities. The launch of InvestComics TV (ICTV) has made the site multi-media, attracting some of the biggest names in the industry to appear in a split-screen 10-12 minute interview formats.

InvestComics™ also released an Anthology in January 2012 “One and Done” to benefit the charity organization Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.  Orders can be placed directly on line at or at this URL:

About started in a basement in Portland, Oregon way back in 1999. We eventually had a small warehouse/retail setting on NW 23rd street in Portland. We got bought out by eMerchandise Group in 2007 and now our warehouse ships superhero merchandise all over the world from Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania. Yeah, nobody outside of Sinking Spring ever heard of it either.

At SuperHeroStuff, we’re not just some company schlepping junk on the web for a buck; we’re a company comprised of people who actually live for stuff. Our catalog manager sleeps with a Captain Marvel action figure…seriously. Want a job at SuperHeroStuff? You’ll have to pass a comic book knowledge test during your interview. No joke.

We pride ourselves on having the widest possible selection of superhero merchandise. We carry t-shirts and other products from even the most obscure heroes and villains, so obscure that the guys at Marvel and DC probably forgot they exist. Find another site out there that has more Batman and Superman gear than we do. You can’t. We scour the ends of the earth for this stuff. We have personal relationships with our suppliers, so if there’s a problem, we won’t give you the “runaround.” We’ll do our best to let the manufacturer know that your Thor puffy doll has threads coming out of its head or the lead paint flavor of your pint glass doesn’t taste as it should (kidding). We ask all our suppliers to meet current safety standards, so you can be assured that our products are safe and bursting with fruit flavor.

Thanks for shopping at If you have any comments or suggestions or if you just want to complain about your job or next door neighbor, feel free to let us know and we’ll do anything we can to help. Try giving that grump next door a Green Lantern light-up ring and see if that puts a smile on his face.










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