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One of the most prolific comic creators of our time is Frank Miller. He single-handedly made two comic characters into iconic status. Several of his creator owned projects have either seen film/television time or will in the future. Frank Miller’s art is extremely distinctive as well. Everything from the overbearing board shoulders of Batman to the loneliness feel of Daredevil’s pain, to the violence of 300. His writing replicates his artistry. Usually very bold and forthcoming. A distinctive comic creator in every facet. A true legend and Icon in the industry.

Here are just a few of his key books in his vast career. It took a very long time to compile this list and we hope you enjoy every bit of it as we did putting it together.

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Twilight Zone #84 (1978) The first professional work from Frank Miller.

Weird War Tales #64 (1978) First DC Comics work.

John Carter Warlord of Mars #18 (1978) First Marvel Comics work with writer Chris Claremont. John Byrne cover.

Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man #27 (1979) First Daredevil pencils. Miller will go on to basically own the Daredevil character. Most of anything you will ever see on film or on television on Daredevil is based from Miller’s interpretation of the character.

John Carter Warlord of Mars #18 InvestComics

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Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man #27 InvestComics

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Twillight Zone #86 InvestComics

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Weird War Tales #64 InvestComics

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Daredevil #158 (1979) Miller’s first time on the Daredevil title will prove to be a major turning point in this characters life. The character is forever marked with the Miller touch. As said before, everything you see on paper or on a screen is a direct result of Miller. That is all. This comic is also the first professional cover he does in collaboration with Joe Rubinstein.

Marvel Premiere #49 (1979) Miller/Janson cover. Falcon graces the cover and this is also Falcon’s first solo comic ever.

Rom #1 (1979) One of the many reasons to own this comic; a collaborative cover with Joe Rubinstein. He goes on to do other Rom covers.

X-Men Annual #3 (1979) First X-Men, cover art only with Terry Austin.

Daredevil #158 InvestComics

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Marvel Premiere #49 InvestComics

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Rom #1 InvestComics

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X-Men Annual #3 InvestComics

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Daredevil #164 (1980) Origin retold. The first Miller Daredevil origin story (art only).

Daredevil #165 (1980) Miller collaborates on writing duties that will forever change the flow and dynamics for this character.

Daredevil #168 (1981) Origin and first appearance of Elektra. Miller also takes over the writing chores here.

Captain America #241 (1980) The classic Cap/Punisher cover with Bob McLeod.

Daredevil #168 InvestComics

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Daredevil #164 InvestComics

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Daredevil #165 InvestComics

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Captain America #241 InvestComics

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Avengers #193 (1980) First Avengers pencils and cover. Both in a collaborate model.

DC Special Series #21 (1980) First Miller Batman. We all know what influence he had on Batman right? Here’s the first time he pencils a Batman story. Written by Denny O’ Neil.

Marvel Premiere #53 (1980) A Miller/Rubinstein Black Panther cover.

Marvel Team-Up #95 (1980) A Miller/McLeod collaboration cover. Also the first appearance on Mockingbird.

Marvel Team-Up #95 InvestComics

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DC Special Series #21 InvestComics

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Marvel Premiere #53 InvestComics

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Avengers #193 InvestComics

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Marvel Spotlight #8 (1980) First Captain Marvel. Pencils and cover art.

Marvel Team-Up #100 (1980) Cover art with Klaus Janson. Also pencils interior story with first appearance of Karma. Chris Claremont writes.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #14 (1980) One of Miller’s (first?) solo cover’s with Spidey and Doctor Strange.

Star Wars #43 (1981) A Star Wars pinup page from Miller. This comic also happens to be Boba Fett’s second comic book appearance.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #14 InvestComics

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Marvel Team-Up #100 InvestComics

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Marvel Spotlight #8 InvestComics

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Star Wars #43 InvestComics

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Machine Man #19 (1981) Cover art with Terry Austin. Steve Ditko interior pencils. First appearance of Jack O’ Lantern (which appears on the cover).

Marvel Premiere #58 (1981) Second American appearance of Doctor Who. Miller/Austin cover art.

Rom #17 (1981) The infamous X-Men Rom issue(s). This comic and the next (issue #18) both had Miller art on the covers.

Incredible Hulk #258 (1981) Soviet Super Soldiers cover – Miller/Milgrom. Also the first appearance of this group.

Rom #17 InvestComics

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Incredible Hulk #258 InvestComics

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Machine Man #19 InvestComics

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Marvel Premiere #58 InvestComics

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Daredevil #170 (1981) Writer/artist Frank Miller brings Kingpin into the life of Matt Murdock, making Kingpin one of Daredevil’s greatest adversaries of all time. Besides Bullseye of course.

Daredevil #176 (181) First appearance of Stick.

Daredevil #177 (1981) Miller writes Daredevil’s origin. Retold.

Daredevil #178 (1982) First team-up with Power Man and Iron Fist. Will this equate to box office money because of the possibility of a Netflix team-up? Maybe. Still a great book to have regardless.

Daredevil #170 InvestComics

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Daredevil #176 InvestComics

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Daredevil #177 InvestComics

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Daredevil #178 InvestComics

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Marvel Team-Up Annual #4 (1981) Miller writes a story that includes Moon Knight. He also does the cover art with Rubinstein that includes Moon Knight.

Daredevil #181 (1982) The death of Elektra. Also the first Punisher appearance in the series. Miller creates another adversary for the ages here for the Daredevil character, but it’s a vigilante (hero) this time. As with the Power Man/Iron Fist team up, will Netflix heat things up here with the Punisher coming on board? Again maybe, but be forewarned, this comic is way over-printed and very easy to find.

Daredevil #182 (1982) A classic cover.

Daredevil #183 (1982) First Daredevil/Punisher cover.

Daredevil #181 InvestComics

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Daredevil #182 InvestComics

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Daredevil #183 InvestComics

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Marvel Team Up Annual #4 InvestComics

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Daredevil #184 (1982) …….And another classic cover.

Moon Knight #15 (1982) A Joe Jusko/Frank Miller Moon Knight cover.

Wolverine (1982) This limited series went on to change the Wolverine character forever. Written by Chris Claremont, pencils and covers by Miller. And issue #1; another ridiculous classic cover.

Daredevil #187 (1982) Like the cover says “Stop it please..” But we simply cannot. Here is yet another classic cover.

Daredevil #184 InvestComics

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Daredevil #187 InvestComics

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Wolverine #1 InvestComics

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Moon Knight #15 InvestComics

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What If? #35 (1982) This story asks the question “What If Bullseye had not killed Elektra?” An awesome story written and drawn by Miller.

Daredevil #189 (1982) The death of Stick. That cover though……Miiler’s Daredevil run would end with issue #191.

Wonder Woman #298 (1982) Here’s a random cover collaboration with Dick Giordano.

Ronin (1983) This critically acclaimed DC series was a Frank Miller creation. Writes, pencils, inks and cover art. This series was optioned by the Syfy channel.

Daredevil #189 InvestComics

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What If #35 InvestComics

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Ronin #1 InvestComics

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Wonder Woman #298 InvestComics

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Spider-Man and Daredevil Special Edition #1 (1984) Although a reprint special, a new Spidey/Daredevil cover makes this a must have.

Superboy #51 (1984) Cover art.

Destroyer Duck #7 (1984) Miller Eclipse Comics cover art of another ‘DD’.

Batman and the Outsiders Annual #1 (1984) Getting closer to that Batman book…..Miller teams with Aparo on this no Batman cover.

Spider-Man and Daredevil Special Edition #1 InvestComics

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Batman and the Outsiders Annual #1 InvestComics

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Destroyer Duck #7 InvestComics

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Superboy #51 InvestComics

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Marvel Fanfare #18 (1985) Captain America solo cover.

Superman The Secret Years (1985) Superman covers by Miller.

Daredevil #219 (1985) Miller is back on one issue of the Daredevil, as writer and cover artist. He comes back in issue #226 as regular series writer.

Batman The Dark Knight Returns (1986) Here is another turning point for a character because of Frank Miller. This comic changed the course of history for Batman as we know it. The crazy thing about this game changer of a story was that he was writing Daredevil at the same time and killing that too! Two issues into his return to the Daredevil title came this mastery opus.


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Batman The Dark Knight Returns #1

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Marvel Fanfare #18 InvestComics

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Daredevil #232 (1986) Miller is done writing the Batman opus. And continues to kick major butt on the Daredevil title. The Born Again story line, #231 not approved drug issue, Amazing really. Here he introduces us to Nuke.

Mazing Man #12 (1986) A Dark Knight Miller cover.

Batman #404 (1987) Miller begins the classic Batman: Year One story line. Once again altering the course of Batman comic history. Wow.

Give Me Liberty (1990) Critically acclaimed story written by Miller and pencils by Dave Gibbons.

Mazing Man #12 InvestComics

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Batman #404 InvestComics

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Daredevil #232 InvestComics

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Give Me Liberty #1 InvestComics

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Hard Boiled (1990) A two issue Magazine sized Dark Horse book written by Miller. Well received. Issue number three comes out two years later.

Dark Horse Presents – Fifth Anniversary Special (1991) The first time readers see Miller’s Sin City creation. We all know where this wound up too.

Valiant Comics (1992) Miller does a bunch of cover art for Valiant comics; Archer and Armstrong #1, Eternal Warrior #1, Harbinger #8, Magnvs Robot Fighter #15, Rai #6, Shadowman #4, Solar, Man of the Atom #12, and X-O Manowar #7.

Robocop Vs. Terminator (1992) Here Miller teams with legend Walt Simonson in this four issue mini. Walt pencils and Miller writes.


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DHP Fifth Anniversary InvestComics

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Hard Boiled #1 InvestComics

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Robocop versus Terminator InvestComics

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Spawn #8 (1993) Miller does a Spawn pinup. He writes issue #11.

Marvel Age #127 (1993) Here’s a nice nugget. A Frank Miller/Greg Capullo Cable cover collaboration. Looks like the cover (and Cable!) is literally cut in half as each creator took a side.

Daredevil The Man Without Fear (1993) The mini series retelling of Daredevil’s origin. Written by Miller, art by John Romita Jr.

Spawn Batman (1994) One shot written by Miller, art by Todd McFarlane.

Daredevil The Man Without Fear #1 InvestComics

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Marvel Age #127 InvestComics

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Spawn #8 InvestComics

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Spawn Batman InvestComics

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G.I. Joe #1 (1995) From Dark Horse. An ultra cool Miller cover.

Batman Black and White #2 (1996) Miller Batman cover.

Overstreet Fan #19 (1997) A Dark Knight cover from Miller.

300 (1998) Well here’s another comic of Frank’s that made it to film. Written, Pencils, inks, and cover art.

GI Joe #1 InvestComics

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Batman Black and White #2 InvestComics

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300 InvestComics

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Overstreet Fan InvestComics

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Green Lantern Superman Legend of the Green Flame InvestComics

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Green Lantern/Superman Legend of the Green Flame #1 (2000) An incredible Miller/Hollingsworth cover.

Dark Knight Strikes Again (2001) This followup three-part story did not fair all that well.

All Star Batman and Robin, The Boy Wonder (2005) This series was without its controversy. Issue number ten caused a stir (recalled) and Miller’s writing for this series was very edgy to say the least. Jim Lee art, Scott Williams inks, and Miller script. Series went up to ten issues. Miller also did a variant cover for most of the series.

Mighty Avengers #16 (2008) Daredevil/Elektra Secret Invasion Miller cover.

Detective Comics #27 (2014) A full spread variant cover Miller/Stewart.

Batman and Robin #1 InvestComics

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Dark Knight Strikes Again #1 InvestComics

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Detective Comics #27 InvestComics

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Mighty Avengers #16 InvestComics

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Jay Katz

IndieCreator: Jim Alexander

Both Sides of the Story with GOOD COP, BAD COP’s Jim Alexander 

I first “met” writer Jim Alexander back in 2009 when he penned a tale for my 2012: FINAL PRAYER anthology called “Manchester” (drawn by Andy Dodd). It was one of my favorite tales in the collection – and DAMNATION, hasn’t 2012 arrived fast?

By all accounts, Jim Alexander is not just a survivor – he’s a “thriver” as he continues to spin out quality tales, both as a hired gun for big and small comic press and under his new comic shingle BLACK HEARTED PRESS (love that name!). But you didn’t click here to listen to me prattle on. Let’s hear from the man himself …

1) Let’s get to the introductions: Who is Jim Alexander and — like your protagonist in GOOD COP, BAD COP — do you too have an evil alter ego?

(JA:)  Depends who you talk to, Bob. 🙂

2) After writing for many years, you’ve opened up your own comic shingle called Black Hearted Press. What made you take the plunge?

(JA:)  BHP was in existence before I joined up, I have to say. It was started by Dave Braysher, John Farman & Sha Nazir who, among other things, organize the Glasgow Comics Con (  We chatted; we imbibed, and in the midst of it discovered we had a lot in common, so they kindly invited me to join their merry band.

From my point of view, well I’ve had a lot of stuff published, but never really had that breakout hit. There came the realization that I’m knocking on the same doors of editors and publishers again and again while not really having anything new to show them. BHP has given me the opportunity to get new stuff out there and show (hopefully) that I still have something to say.












3) How have you fared in the tumultuous economy which has hit many in the comics industry hard?

(JA:)  I work full-time and it’s a reasonably paid job. So that’s Job 1. Writing is very much Job 2, and it’s a common occurrence for Job 2 to go to Job 1 (during negotiations I wear different hats) and ask it to subsidize my latest writing venture.  Job 1 is very understanding, I must say. But it’s scary out there, not just in terms of the comics industry — people are struggling to make ends meet. First piece of advice I give any prospective writer is to go get yourself a ‘proper’ job first. If you’re serious about writing, you will find the time.

Having said that, if you can give someone something they can take value from then, yes, that makes it all worthwhile. There are still a helluva lot of possibilities out there.  People are looking for stories that entertain and make an impact. This applies as much to the comics industry as anywhere else.

4) You’re building a pretty impressive library that has received positive plaudits from critics. Tell us about some of your notable titles.

(JA:)  For BHP, in addition to ‘GCBC’, I’m publishing ‘Gabriel’ and ‘Scout One’. I’m also hoping to reprint ‘Amongst the Stars’ published by Caliber a looong time ago, written by me and drawn by Mike Perkins (The Stand/X-Men). Very excited about all of these projects. I’ve also recently completed a short strip called ‘Eden’ for Dark Horse Presents. It’s drawn by John Higgins and it’s gorgeous. I’ve since worked on more ‘Eden’ strips. They are standalone stories wrapped around the theme of a world where technology still exists and, indeed flourishes, but people for various reasons are thin on the ground.

I think my main news at the moment is that ‘King’s Crown’ − based on the comic strip written by me, drawn by Richard Corben and published in Metal Hurlant − is the first episode in the upcoming TV series ‘Metal Hurlant Chronicles’. As a result, I now have my own IMdb page! There’s a trailer if anyone would like a look-see:

5) In addition to working for small indie press, you’ve also written for DC and Marvel. What comics did you write for and what was the experience like?

(JA:)  For DC, I’ve written for ‘Birds of Prey’, ‘Batman 80 Page Giant’ & ‘JLA Showcase’. In addition, I was a regular contributor to DC’s Cartoon Network books. If you’ve read a Johnny Bravo or Samurai Jack comic strip, then there’s a pretty good chance it was written by yours truly. For Marvel, I’m probably best known for ‘Uncanny Origins’ (the Storm issue) and ‘Marvel Milestones’ (reprinting a Spider-Man/Captain Britain tome scripted originally for Marvel UK). As for the experience of writing established characters/super-heroes, I love and embrace it. For me it’s a collection of dreams come true.

6) Your most recent endeavor is GOOD COP, BAD CAP with a pretty imaginative twist. Tell our readers about the story premise.

(JA:)  ‘GoodCopBadCop’ is a modern take on Jekyll & Hyde, where the good cop and bad cop just happen to be the same person. That’s the sandbox I’m happily playing in. The first issue has three stories which build on the premise.

7) Interestingly, the super heroes from DC and Marvel all seem to have a dark side. Was that an inspiration for this series as well?

(JA:)  Internal conflict is something I think that fascinates all of us. I love super-hero comics, but I think I have a broad range of interests. I love watching Romero zombie movies and I love watching Generator Rex. ‘GoodCopBadCop’ is an amalgam of all my favorite influences and super-hero stories − Batman, Spider-Man, Hulk & Superman − but not exclusively so I think.

8) What was your “Eureka” moment in coming up with the concept — when you said, “By Jove, I’ve got to write this?”

(JA:)  It’s in the first panel of the first strip. I saw a severed arm painted on a wall in a Glasgow side-street. That image stayed with me, wouldn’t go − and somehow, somewhere in the recesses of my mind came the idea for GoodCopBadCop.

9) When is your best time for writing? Where do you look to for creative ideas and inspiration?

(JA:)  I write when I can − it’s an infection, it’s in my blood. Sometimes I wonder what kind of person I would be if I didn’t write. Now that doesn’t bear thinking about. I get ideas and inspiration from everything. I have very broad tastes. If you were looking to pin me down, I would say I’m a member of a book club − every month we read a book then discuss it in a Glasgow pub called the Pot Still. To give you a flavor, the last few books have been ‘Old Man in the Sea’ by Hemmingway, ‘Naked Lunch’ by Burroughs and ‘The Spy Who Came in from the Cold’ by Le Carre. Those books are a great source of inspiration. And that’s another piece of advice I’d give to writers − when you’re not writing, watch great movies and shows like ‘Dexter’ on the box of course, but read as well.

10) How many issues do you envision the series to run?

(JA:)  I’m not sure. Plans are underway for issue 2. Issue 1 was great fun putting the idea out there, but I’ve since spent time working on a back-story. For ‘GCBC’ to have arms and legs it needs a much larger canvas to keep the reader − umm − reading basically. That’s now in place, so let’s get issue 2 out and see where we go from there. I can promise you; it will be the business!

11) Tell us about your artist co-hort Garry McLaughlin. What made him the perfect choice for GOOD COP, BAD COP?

(JA:)  Truth be said, I don’t know Gary McLaughlin very well. And even less when last year I put the idea of ‘GCBC’ to him. I was aware of his work on an indie comic called ‘Year of Fear’ and I could see he had real potential. I met him during a night out − bumped into him you could say − gave him a quick verbal pitch and before you could say ‘jim-bob-a-sandwich’ we were working together on the project. It just comes down to gut instinct basically. And the luck of having bumped into Garry at the right time, when the idea was buzzing and formulating in this febrile mind of mine.

And lo … GM has done a bang-up job. That’s a result I’d say. 🙂

12) Where can we buy the books? Will you be coming to the US anytime in 2012?

(JA:)  I’ve sold a few books to the US  through PayPal. If anyone would like a copy for £3 (UK) or $6 (US) including postage/shipping, contact me at:

Also on sale from Black Hearted Press: Gabriel #1-3 & Scout One #1.

I’m hoping to attend NYCC in October; so – if all goes according to plan − I hope to see some of you then.

Appreciate your time, Jim. Impressive work!

An award-winning indie comic creator and screenwriter, Bob Heske wrote THE NIGHT PROJECTIONIST. This graphic novel ships in May at a price point of only $12.99 and a Diamond code of MAR121187. Pre-order your copy at your local comic shop today! 

Bob has also published COLD BLOODED CHILLERS, the award-winning anthology BONE CHILLER and his end times tome 2012: FINAL PRAYER. His website is




November 9, MILWAUKIE, OR—Dark Horse Presents is renowned not only for publishing original work of comics luminaries but also for presenting powerful emerging voices of graphic fiction. Such is UXB by Colin Lorimer (Earp: Saints for Sinners), debuting in Dark Horse Presents #10.

In a shattered future postwar London, powerful experimental “life suits” that permanently graft to human bodies are created to counter the threat of terrorism. Given to three brothers, the suits could make the trio the saviors of mankind—if they can ever get past their obsessions for film, violent video games, and porn. Following in the dark footsteps of dystopian visions such as The Adventures of Luther Arkwright, DMZ, and Give Me Liberty, Lorimer’s UXB is challenging, thought provoking, laced with gallows humor, and illustrated with consummate skill.

“I’m thrilled that UXB has found a home within the hallowed pages of DHP. The journey of UXB is going to be rather dark and twisted and there’s no better place for that story to be told than Dark Horse,” says Colin Lorimer.

While you wait for Dark Horse Presents #10, be sure to check out Colin’s work at

Dark Horse Presents #10 is on sale March 21, 2012.

About Dark Horse Comics

Since 1986, Dark Horse Comics has proven to be a solid example of how integrity and
innovation can help broaden a unique storytelling medium and establish a small,
homegrown company as an industry giant. The company is known for the progressive and
creator-friendly atmosphere it provides for writers and artists. In addition to
publishing comics from top talent like Frank Miller, Mike Mignola, Neil Gaiman,
Gerard Way, and comics legend Will Eisner, Dark Horse has developed such successful
characters as the Mask, Timecop, and SpyBoy. Additionally, its highly successful
line of comics and products based on popular properties includes Star Wars, Indiana
Jones, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Aliens, Conan, Emily the Strange, Tim Burton,
Trigun, Serenity, and Domo. Today Dark Horse Comics is the largest independent
comic-book publisher in the US and is recognized as one of the world’s leading
publishers of licensed comics material.