InvestComics Hot Picks – June 13 2012

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Welcome to InvestComics Hot Picks for 6-13-12.

As comic book fans we all knew this was going to happen, although it happened in a quicker manner than initially thought. Its Amazing Fantasy #15 meets Ultimate Fallout #4. Peter Parker will meet Miles Morales this week in Spider-Men #1. What will this bring exactly? Probably some cool reading, but nothing as far as long term collecting goes. You’d have to pick up the variants if you’re looking for a collectors value at all to this meeting of the minds between Parker and Morales. There are only 2 variants (only 2? Thank goodness!) to this “historic event”. One featuring the talented Humberto Ramos while the other is a comic shop dealer variant done by another great talent Mark Bagley. Where will Miles fit into the Marvel Universe is the question that we all ask…..

As for the Spidey story, we all know it right? Way back when Stan Lee introduced us all to Spider-Man back in 1962, Stan said he was inspired by the idea of Spider-Man from the Pulp magazine The Spider. The Spider #1 from 1933 in G/VG condition on EBay has a Buy it Now price of $699. There are some comics worth having in your collection, and then there is the “inspiration” comic that began the wheels turning for one of the most iconic Superheroes of all time. Yes a nice addition indeed.

Switching gears dramatically here, there are two first appearances you can hunt for this week along with your new stack. DC’s Before Watchmen have started their arrivals upon your local shop. This week we get Silk Spectre #1. If you are one of the few that do not own the original Watchmen series, simply put you should. Forget the trade here, get the original set. Within the series, issue #2 features the first appearance of Silk Spectre.

The second of our two searches comes off of the new IDW comic this week Kiss #1 Dressed to Kill. Anyone rememberwhen that Dressed to Kill album came out? Yes showing the age here, time goes quickly! Anyway, as many of you know or may not know Kiss’ first appearance came within the pages of Howard the Duck #12. The 9.8 CGC copy on EBay right now has a Buy it Now price of $89.95. Or you can buy a “Near Mint” copy in the $40 to $50 range from some Top Rated sellers. Although the first appearance of Kiss is a decent comic to own, it’s the Marvel Comics Super Special Kiss #1 that draws blood here…..literally. For those of you who don’t already know about this comic here’s the short story. Before the comic went to print, each member in the band Paul, Gene, Peter and Ace drew blood and proceeded to mix it in within the ink. Either really gross to some or very cool. The coolness here has to be the price the CGC 9.8 is fetching on EBay. $1250.00! That’s some rich….*ahem* blood.

Batgirl #10 brings us an introduction of a new villain, while Uncanny X-Force #26 greets us to the Omegas and Image Comics Planetoid #1 looks like an interesting book to not pass up.

This was one of the lighter weeks we have had here on InvestComics Hot Picks in a while, but never fret there are always busy ones lurking ahead!

In the meantime, scroll through some beautiful artistry in the best of the best below – Covers of the Week.

See you next week. Invest wisely.

Jay Katz

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InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 11-30-11

Welcome to InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 11-30-11 

Avengers’ origin series leads off this week, this time following the foundation of Thor. InvestComics’ Comic Hot Picks from 9-29-10 features one of the most comprehensive Thor checklists you will find on the internet today. Go check it out by clicking right HERE. Back when that article was published, Thor’s first appearance was a whopping $25,000. His first appearance in Journey into Mystery #83 (1962) today goes for $46,000. That’s a 84% gain! Better investment than some blue chip stocks. 

One of the strangest team ups since Archie meets the Punisher comes out this week from the same publisher. If you thought that Archie meets the Punisher was a weird concept, how about Kiss meets Archie #1? Funny how 35 years ago Kiss was frowned upon as “Satan music” or “Devil worshipers”, now they’re in an Archie Comic!

Probably one of the best cover ideas in comic book history is linked to the rock band Kiss. If you’re not aware of it, here is a short version. When Marvel released the Kiss Marvel Comics Super Special #1 in 1977, they wanted to do something that had never been done before. So they set up their photo cameras (for proof), hired a notary (more proof), got a hold of a phlebotomist (legal vampire doctors), and drew blood from all 4 band members. What for you ask? Well to inject the blood of the band mates into the red ink for the cover, duh! Isn’t that just a wild concept?? Who comes up with this stuff? That “real blood” cover/comic goes for $140. Don’t believe this? Google it. No not the price, the blood story.

However, that Marvel comic was not the first appearance of the Kiss band within the pages of a comic. Howard the Duck #12 (1977) holds the distinctive cameo at $24, the very next issue Howard the Duck #13 (1977) is listed as the first appearance of Kiss and comes in at $28. Those were done in regular red ink.

Moving on from one history lesson to another, Marvel’s History of the Marvel Universe #1 is said to catch everyone up to speed, new and old, from Fantastic Four to Fear Itself. All of that history…….in 48 pages?

This week’s tribute cover goes to Ultimate Comics Ultimates #4. It pays homage to one of the greatest Marvel events ever (back when events mattered) to Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1 (1984). This once hot commodity is now only $6. 

Guess it’s a history week here on the Hot Picks. Atlas Comics brings some history themselves this week. Back in 1975 they debuted Wulf #1 ($14), The Grim Ghost #1 ($8), and Phoenix #1 ($12). This week they bring all 3 of these characters back with individual covers in Atlas Unified number one issues. If Atlas hits on this with success, well just look at those back issue prices, wow they look inviting don’t they? An look at that, connecting covers too.  

Two more independents to check out this week, My Best Friend’s a Booger #1 (possibly the best comic book title ever) from Arcana Comics, and mega sold video game comic Uncharted #1. If you’d like to watch a great review of Uncharted the video game from Jared Amundson and David Lampe on InvestComics, click HERE

Check out the covers of the week below. Click on the image to go to the next cover.

See you next week.

Invest wisely. 

Jay Katz