Abnett and Lanning Discuss the Thanos Imperative

Marvel’s cosmic scribes gave soem more details on the upcoming Thanos Imperative cosmic event.

CBR has an interview up with Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. In the interview, the pair discuss their motivations for writing the Thanos Imperative, explain how it will tie together threads from all the Marvel cosmic books, and reveal their dream of writing a Thanos story that has been present since they started in Marvel Cosmic, and why they had to wait so long. The pair also reveal that Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova will go on hiatus during the event. Here’s a little snippet:

Who are some of the other central characters that we’ll be seeing in "The Thanos Imperative?"

DA: At the beginning of this story there are two particular
camps, and Thanos is slammed down in the middle of everything. On the
one side you’ve got Adam Magus, who is just as potent of a villain [as
Thanos]. Some of the great Jim Starlin stories of old have been Thanos
versus Magus. There’s no doubt in anybody’s mind that Magus can go
toe-to-toe with Thanos, and we’ve had great fun with him. He’s a
fantastic character. So he’s there with the Universal Church of Truth;
an ecclesiastical empire that stretches across the stars. Plus, there
is whatever it is that is lurking on the other side of the Fault, which
we’re going to reveal more about as we go into the story. They’re
facing off against basically all our good guys.

Our key characters are going to be Nova and Star-Lord, who will have
the Guardians with him. We’re going to focus on Nova and Star-Lord
particularly, though, because we’ve been following their adventures
since "Annihilation." They’re two war buddies who have been through
these wars together and have a slightly different take on the way
things work. Nova, in particular, in the last few years has really
accelerated into the premier division of cosmic superheroes. He’s got
the power and the experience, whereas Star-Lord is still this sort of
comparatively low-powered maverick. He’s got the wisdom and the
experience, but he has to sort of look to others for the serious cosmic

This story also brings in as co-stars some of the cosmic big guns
that we haven’t written much about before, like Quasar and the Silver
Surfer. This is probably our biggest story, because it requires some of
the biggest characters around to get involved. And as such, we’re not
leaving behind any of the threads that we set up in the other "Realm of
Kings" books.

Be sure to read the full interview at CBR.

Thanos Cometh

Source: CBR

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