Airfighters Return with Chuck Dixon!

Look! Up in the sky! It’s not a bird, it’s a plane! And what
a plane it is!  Airboy’s “Birdie” returns this January and he’s not flying solo.

Writing legend Chuck Dixon once again mans the stick for the
adventures of Airboy in Moonstone’s all new Air Fighters #1.

Flying in Airboy’s squadron you’ll see Sky Wolf, Black
Angel, Flying Dutchman, Bald Eagle, Flying Fool, Iron Ace and Captain Midnight
as they take on the original Axis of Evil in the air, on the ground and
anywhere else their fight for freedom takes them.

With stories navigated by Tom DeFalco, Martin Powell, Jeff
Limke, Len Kody, Mike Bullock and Joe Gentile, the Air Fighters will once again
earn their wings by making the skies safe for liberty!


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For more information on Airboy and the Air Fighters,
navigate your patrol to
then cool your jets on the newly remodeled Moonstone Forums at to join the

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