1aaa1aaflalliedForceSebastian Piccione of Project Fanboy has a very cool project called ALLIED FORCES #1. Check out this exclusive press release for more information….

ALLIED FORCES #1 is my first FULL LENGTH comic. Everything else I’ve had published has been 8-10 page stories in various anthologies.


ALLIED FORCES is a WWII super-team, that is formed in 1939 with heroes from Poland, England, France, Canada, Scotland, and Australia. I do the writing, and my friend Joe Kuzma (king of background detail) handles the art.

We’re trying to rasie some funds for coloring and for our cover, which will be drawn by Karl Moline (Buffy, Fray, Loners, R.E.B.E.L.S. Annual, Route 666).

Check out our KICKSTARTER page, which explains the book in more detail, and has a cool (IMHO) video. It also explains the rewards program for pledging funds. Basically, you get cool exclusive stuff, depending on how much you pledge. The money is handled through AMAZON.COM, so it’s all well taken care of.

We only have until Nov. 15th to reach our goal of $1,200, so every little bit helps. Even if you just pledge $1, that dollar goes a long way.

Here’s the link:…r-h?ref=search

Sebastian Piccione


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