Archie Not Going to Marry Veronica After All

The two-timing teenager proposes to Betty instead in an upcoming issue. Is Vince McMahon booking this stuff?

The latest news in the totally obvious category is that Archie, who proposed to Veronica in Archie Comics #600, will be dumping her and proposing to Betty instead. I don’t know whether to be ashamed or impressed that Archie comics has been milking the same plotline for 50 years. Here’s the solicit from Archie Comics:

Since the world first found out Archie was getting married, fans
everywhere hoped Betty would be the bride. But those fans discovered
quickly Archie Andrews chose Veronica Lodge over Betty Cooper and they
were angry! They felt Archie had made the wrong choice, and they are
very vocal about it! On television, in the newspapers, and on blogs all
over the internet, fans loudly rejected Archie’s choice.

Despite the tide of public opinion, Archie proposed to Veronica
in ARCHIE #600 and she accepted! Fans hoped that something would ruin
the wedding plans and Archie would end up with Betty. In ARCHIE #601,
not only did Archie and Veronica get married, but Archie joined Lodge
Enterprises! Despite all of that, fans everywhere still agreed – Archie
made the wrong choice. They didn’t care that Archie and Veronica are
happily married, that he has a good job and that they have twins. It
didn’t matter what Archie wants, the fans want Archie to choose Betty!

Now Archie Comics will listen to the cry of fans around the world and
in ARCHIE #603, Archie Andrews will propose to Betty Cooper!

What about Veronica? Will Archie and Veronica divorce? What
about the twins? What about Lodge Enterprises? Will Archie lose his
job? What will Mr. & Mrs. Andrews think? What will Mr. & Mrs.
Lodge think? What will Mr. & Mrs. Cooper think? What will Jughead

Most importantly, what will fans think when Betty finally gets Archie?

The answers to all those questions and more are in ARCHIE #603 –
#605 as the "Archie Gets Married" storyline continues. Remember; be
careful what you ask for. You just might get it!

Archie Proposes to Betty


Source: Archie Comics

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