Art Brut visit DC, talk about comics

British popsters go behind the scenes at 1700 broadway, thanks to Pitchfork.

I don’t know how many of you are insufferable indie hipster douchebags like me, and regularly visit insufferable indie hipster douchesite Pitchfork , but today and yesterday they’ve put up 2 pretty cool videos featuring the Indie band Art Brut on a visit to DC’s offices in Manhattan.

Art Brut are pretty renowned comics fans, lead singer Eddie Argos writes reviews online, and a song on their most recent album is called ‘DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshakes, so it’s good to see people who know what they’re talking about chat comics, plus Argos is a huge Booster Gold fan. They go behind the scenes at DC and meet Paul Levitz, Dan Didio and Mike Marts. Man, DC’s offices look awesome.

In another video, the band go to New York comic shop St Mark’s Comics, and recommend some titles, including Booster Gold, Scott Pilgrim, Fables and Jeff Lemire’s Essex County. Which is cool because Lemire did the artwork for the band’s latest album.

These are pretty interesting videos, and DC’s offices really do look cool. Plus, it’s good to see comics getting some play on a ‘cool’ website like Pitchfork.
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Posted originally: 2009-09-16 06:40:31

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