Avengers: The Origin

Joe Casey and Phil Noto revisit the early days of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Over at CBR , they’ve got news of Avengers: The Origin, a new 5-issue mini by Joe Casey and Phil Noto which goes back to the earliest days of The Avengers, and shows how such a random group of characters became a team. Choice quotes, go!:

The whole point of this series is that none of them are team players at the beginning. Fate – and Loki, of course – throws them together to team up and forces them to work together to get the job done. One of the main things that people forget, mainly because a lot of these characters have become such icons, is that these heroes were fuckin’ weird when they first showed up. They weren’t the square-jawed, Boy Scout heroes that the world might’ve embraced and trusted immediately. No, these guys could’ve been mistaken for villains when they first debuted. Some of them were.

Make no mistake, this series tells the origin of the Avengers. Period. The original 1963 #1 is our jumping off point, but this series goes much more in depth than that comic, simply because we’ve got five issues where they had one. You gotta love modern comics, huh?

The spine of the original story is still completely intact. The theme is what it always is in an origin story: it’s how a legend got started. It’s Day One. It’s cracking open the original story and seeing what kind of details we can explore – especially when it comes to characterization.

There’s a bit of Marvel Universe stuff that shows up, a few cameos. But the main thing I’m kinda digging on is the Teen Brigade, the guys that Rick Jones used to hang around with back in the day. Trust me, you only think you know what the Teen Brigade was and what they did (that is, if you’ve even heard of them at all).

I’m digging this, I was a big fan of Joe Casey’s Earth’s Mightiest Heroes mini-series and it’s sequel, which covered similar ground, and the Teen Brigade? Brilliance.
The good old days
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