Batman: Arkham Asylum – Deals, Trailers, and More!

Batman: Arkham Asylum comes out today, and the Outhouse is here to make sure you get the most for your money. Trailers too!

Twenty-Somethings poster and Outhouse News Correspondent Mr. Black was the first to report on Arkham Asylum deals here :

Arkham Asylum looks good, but I’ve got my fill
of video games right now. Still, I’m tempted by the offer from Best
Buy: Two B:TAS DVDs and a $10 gift card.

But video game guru and Twenty-Somethings lutzmaster TheScantronman had a counter offer :

If you buy it Toys R Us you get a $30 gift card.

That can net you Prof Layton and the Diabolical Box.

Further investigation shows that the gift card offer is questionable, as Toys R Us seems to actually be offering Free Shipping and a free copy of Lego Batman instead.

Still, here are the offers, so you can decide for yourself:

Best Buy: Two Batman: The Animated Series DVDs and a $10 Gift Card

Toys R Us: $20 Gift Card or $30 Gift card between 10AM and 2PM

Toys R Us: Free Lego Batman and Free Shipping

That’s not all, loyal readers! Trailers have been piling up over the weekend for the game:

Arkham Retrospective

Launch Trailer

Spike’s Batman Special

Whereever you decide to make your purchase, you won’t want to miss out on this highly anticipated comic book video game featuring DC’s Caped Crusader! Hurry up and get it today, so you can review it for the site!

Source: The Twenty-Somethings

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