Bendis Talks Powers TV

The TV show will kick off with an adaptation of the Who Killed Retro Girl storyline from the comic!


"We’re making a cop show with superhero elements to it, not a superhero
show with other elements to it," he continued. "It’s a cop show—a dark
one, hopefully in the same vein as ‘The Shield’—and it really seems to
be shaping up that way. Fingers crossed for the green light!"

"We’re telling a story about Christian Walker, who has a very sordid
past as an almost-immortal," he said of the relaunched series’ first
story arc. "He’s traveled the world in different guises [and] we’ve
never seen certain chapters of his life. A murder happens in the modern
day that harkens back to his life after World War II in the ’50s, when
the Rat Pack was filled with corrupted superheroes. Walker was the Dean
Martin of the group. It’s a fun era and a fun story."

Source: MTV News

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Posted originally: 2009-10-29 18:18:23

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