Bill Birch, Geoff Johns to Write Shazam! Movie

Actor turned author Bill Birch has been hired to write the script for Shazam!, with Geoff Johns co-writing as well as acting as a consultant for the movie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter , the movie is finally getting off the ground after many failed attempts, with at least five other writers taking a shot before this.

It’s somewhat fitting that Birch takes on "Shazam!" as his very
name echoes the name of the comic’s hero, Billy Batson, a teenager
who becomes Captain Marvel when he utters the magic word "Shazam!"
The name is an acronym for six gods and heroes of the ancient world
as well as their attributes: the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of
Hercules, the stamina of Aries, the power of Zeus, the courage of
Achilles and the speed of Mercury.

Johns, of course, is one of DC’s top writers, and is also involved with an upcoming movie project for The Flash.


Posted originally: 2009-08-19 23:07:52

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