Brett Ratner Responds to Critics of X-Men 3

The director of X-Men: The Last Stand and the hopefully upcoming Youngblood movie had some choice words for his online detractors.

Bitching on the internet is a uniquely satisfying experience, but the really special reward is when the subject of that bitching is foolish enough to be bothered by it and responds. This is our lucky day then, as Brett Ratner, the director behind one of the internet comics community’s favorite bitching targets, X-Men: The Last Stand, had these words for his critics:

"You can’t make these people happy. I’m kind of the anti-Christ to these comic book geeks. Every single person that wrote shit went to see that movie multiple times because a movie doesn’t gross 200 something million unless people go to see it more than once."

"Every single person who said, ‘I’m never seeing that movie’, they were the first ones there. What are they concerned about? It’s out of the filmmaker’s hands. A film is a collaborative effort. How’s a person sitting at home going to worry about how a movie is going to turn out to be?"

"The most ridiculous statement I’ve read is – and of course I looked at the internet after the movie came out – that I buried the franchise."

"If I buried the franchise how the fuck did they make a Wolverine? I mean, that’s ridiculous. And they’re making three other fucking X-Men movies. Mine kept the franchise alive!"


Source: Digital Spy
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Posted originally: 2009-10-15 17:57:25

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