Brian Michael Bendis Talks Marvel MMO

In case the Grant Morrison videos don’t fulfill your craving for baldies on film, check out this video of Marvel’s superstar writer Brian Michael Bendis.

Bendis spoke to MTV News about the failed Marvel MMO, which stopped production in 2008, and other comics projects that never get off the ground:

"There were literally dozens of missions written, there was the Baxter Building built, the X-Mansion was built," Bendis told MTV News. "But it all just… poof… just went away."

"It’s too bad. It’s weird," he said. "I always think about that. Even in comics, I always think about all the projects that never got finished or were close to finished, and every once in a while I’m at Marvel and someone shows me some old thing that never saw the light of day by some master artist of the ’70s or ’80s — it’s just crazy."

Check out the video here:

Source: MTV News
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Posted originally: 2009-12-01 19:52:09

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