Buy, Sell, Hold – New Mutants #87

One comic is chosen to go under the scope. What is the best course? As a speculator, is it worth buying, selling or holding?
Here are the pros and cons, YOU decide.

New Mutants #87 – 1990 – First appearance of Cable & Stryfe
Writer: Louise Simonson
Art: Rob Liefeld & Bob Wiacek
Inker: Bob Wiacek
Colorist: Mike Rockwitz
Cover Art: Rob Liefeld & Todd McFarlane

PROS: The first appearance of Cable. One of the hottest moderns in today’s market. Cable will appear in the second Deadpool film. With Disney buying Fox Studios, does this mean MORE Cable in the future? A CGC Graded 9.8 sold for $490 on February 4, 2018. The cover is a Rob Liefeld/ Todd McFarlane collaboration.

CONS: According to the CGC census, a total of 5,529 are graded a 9.0 or higher. 836 are CGC Signature Series under this umbrella (9.0 or higher) – The entire total CGC amount graded is 6,504. Not including the 27 restored copies – 1014 total Signature Series – This is not considering any of the CBCS graded and witnessed books (no census) – We must be closing in on the 10k mark here, or have we passed it? – Not a difficult book to find in near mint condition at all – The census here is extremely top heavy – Will the Cable character be a one and done with film? – If so, price will bottom out a bit and a $850/$1200+ signed copy will be substantially lower – When the correction hits the market, this may take a hit due to the abundance availability of this comic and its “easy to find” near mint copies.

What do you think? Is this comic a buy, sell or hold?

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