Call For Reviews: X-Men Forever Annual

The Review Group is covering X-Men Forever Annual #1 and we want YOU to post a review.

Are you as excited for this week’s X-Men Forever Annual as Jude Terror is? Do you want to write a review for it and discuss the book in depth with other members of the Outhouse community? Yes, yes of course you do.

See that ‘Post A Comment’ button a little ways down the page? Click it already! Follow the tips in the first post and by this time next week you can see your review posted along side your fellow reviewers here on the front page of The Outhouse just like everyone who reviewed last week’s pick, Kill Shakespeare #1 .

The fine folks at Marvel provided The Outhouse with a preview and you can see it here .

0421-xmfannual_cover.jpgX-Men Forever Annual #1

WRITER: Chris Claremont

PENCILS: Sana Takeda

JOIN COMICS LEGEND CHRIS CLAREMONT AS HE CONTINUES TO REDEFINE THE X-MEN UNIVERSE IN HIS OWN VISION. One of the most explosive revelations of X-Men Forever #1 was the unconsummated and clandestine affair between Logan and Jean Grey. Now, Claremont takes you deep into the intimate history of this unsung love between two of the most popular X-Men—and gives insight to the betrayed heart of Cyclops! DON’T MISS THIS X-MEN FOREVER EVENT! Rated A …$4.99

But wait, there’s more!


Eyjafjallajökull is a jerk! As a result, anyone who’s comics fix has been interrupted due to the volcano is invited to post a review of any comic they can get their hands on. The latest issue of 2000AD maybe? How about an old Chris Claremont X-Men back issue? It’s a Reviewer’s Choice week for everyone outside of North America, you can review whatever you want!

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