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Matman reviews the Captain America Siege comic. Is it worth a look? Read the review and find out!



screenhunter_03_apr._27_20.55.gifIf ‘Blackest Night’ is the
big event at DC than ‘Siege’ is the current biggie in the Marvel Universe!
Problem is I’m not reading ‘Seige’! To get me to read one, it took the one shot
‘Seige – Captain America’. The only reason I picked it up because it’s a Cap
story and I love me the Captain! But I wondered since I’m not reading ‘Seige’ would
I enjoy or even understand the book.

Let’s find out!

The first page is a text
page; containing an abbreviated origin of Captain America, why Bucky is back
and the story thus far in ‘Seige’. I got the gist of what is going on so I’m
ready for more. This is a big plus the way Marvel explain to the unenlightened
what is going on. Everyone should be doing this.

The story starts in
Oklahoma where a struggling family is having issues. This particular one
revolves around the fact that the parents want to try to get pictures of the battle
in Asgard. If they do they could get some big bucks and by the looks of their
cars and home, they certainly could use it. The kids are worried because it’s a
battle zone still. But since no one listens to kids, the parents go and a short
time later the kids go too trying to help. This never works out well.

In the midst of the
fighting, Captain America and Bucky are taking down some D – list villain (who
I don’t even know) and reminiscing about old battle tactics and their history.
As they finish one battle, the father comes running to the duo to tell them his
family is buried in the rubble of the fallen city. Before they can jump into
action, another D – lister (Razor – Fist) has taken the kids and is going to
kill them with his fists of razor! Cap and Bucky jump in, save the day and then
ready themselves to jump into the action of ‘Seige’ # 4!

This was a very average
story that could have had anyone in the roll of Cap and Bucky! Not horrible
just very ordinary. I expect more from Captain America and writer Christos Gage
who is one of my favorite writers. He is one of the deeper, more intelligent scribes
in the biz today and this story seemed very forced! It appeared to me someone
was just trying to make a story fit the event. The art by Federico Dallocchio
was great in some spots, just ok in others. This will add serious fuel to the
fire about meaningless crossovers. This was part of a five issue interlude that
also features Spider – Man, Loki, Young Avengers and Secret Warriors with
interlocking covers by Marko Djurdjevic. The cover is the best part of this
book! Featuring an incredible action shot of Cap and Bucky, it captures the
heroics and stature of the two timeless warriors.

If you aren’t looking to
complete your ‘Siege’ checklist, just pass by this one. You aren’t missing


Matman Rating – 3 out of 5 cuts trying to get
dressed with razor hands





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