Captain Atom Co-Feature Ends in Action Comics #889

The co-feature by James Robinson and artist CAFU will be coming to an end as the character moves to Justice League: Generation Lost!

On the DCU Blog, James Robinson had this to say about the conclusion to his co-feature:

“It’s been an honor to work with the supremely talented CAFU for the past year, documenting the adventures of Captain Atom. We got to establish Sorcerers’ World in the 21st Century, which was a blast. We also got Captain Atom to a place where he is free and clear of his tangled past to stand among the heroes of JUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST. I’m very proud of my work on this co-feature and thank DC, my editor Matt Idelson, assistant editor Wil Moss, co-plotter (for the first few episodes) Greg Rucka, inker Bit, colorist Santiago Arcas and letterer Rob Leigh for being a part of this with CAFU and I.”

Artist CAFU followed up with this:

“This is, by far, the project I’ve enjoyed the most doing, ever. I’ve enjoyed every single one of these chapters with Captain Atom born in James and Greg’s brilliant restless minds. For me, it’s been a great challenge – things as different as huge battle scenes with orcs against wizards; epic superhero fights, dinosaurs, and a lot of my favorite DC characters… This series has had it all! If you add Santi Arcas’ incredible color work that gave so many life to these stories, and Bit’s invaluable help in some of them, and the perfect work environment our editors Matt and Wil have created for all of us, everything has clicked! So I can just say…I’m very sorry it’s over!”

Here’s a preview of some pages from the final issue:

Captain Atom Co-Feature Ends in Action Comics #889

Captain Atom Co-Feature Ends in Action Comics #889

Captain Atom Co-Feature Ends in Action Comics #889

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