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freecomics_troopsMike Rickaby from Comic Enterprise (CE) is making FREE comics for our Troops. You support our Troops? Then support this project.

So here’s the deal…. If you fail once, then Try and Try again…

Comic Enterprise (CE) Publishing Group is a tiny indy publisher that makes comic books. A bunch of guys making great adventure stories about our own comic book heroes (find out more about us at www.cepublishing.wetpaint.com. So I figured who is more deserving of reading cool free comic books than the TRUE Heroes today. The real heroes that day in and day out fight the tyrannical forces that threaten the freedom that we all so often take for granted. We want to let these incredible servicemen & women know that we appreciate them with this gift of our passion in comic books.

This project was started with the meager funding its publisher could find between the dust bunnies in his wallet and the kind people that have bought our first print edition. The first issue is a B/W cardstock cover with 40 interior pages. I have been able to purchase materials to print our first 80 copies and will send to troops in Afghanistan and Iraq with whatever goodies we can. The 10 dollar overseas shipping boxes are amazing. We are also fortunate enough to have a printer that provided free printing and trimming for this amazing pocket digest sized edition that is easily transportable in any fatigue pocket. So imagine what could be done with some REAL funding from generous people that love reading comics and support our overseas troops! This poor publisher’s fingers would really like a break from folding and cutting and instead making and planning the next edition of Heroes Preview (I’m an artist, not a paper cutter/folder). Real funding will also ease this publisher’s conscience from having to beg for really cool favors from really amazing artists and allow him to possibly pay them instead.

Well anyhow… I know it can be done with next to nothing, I’m doing it right now, so I want to give it a try with the amazing Kickstarter program. Everything that you contribute towards our cause will be dedicated to making absolutely free comic books of Heroes Preview for overseas servicemen. We will expand our shipment of the first issue and enable the publishing of 2-3 subsequent issues and beyond on the order of 300-400 issues at a time instead of 50 at a time. All funding will be used for printing and shipping costs, and paying some really cool and deserving artists that support these books with their great talents.

Making comics takes allot of time, every page you read represents 15-20 hours of someones time after their “day job” as their alter ego as a comic artist. So part of your funding can go to capturing amazing talent and paying a meager page rate or cool goodies to our cadre of “starving artists”.

The publisher (Mike Rickaby) is making absolutely nothing on this project, your money is not going towards his pocketbook or bank account whatsoever, even if he is a contributing artist. This project is THAT important to him and he is ever grateful for the opportunity to make this happen. Anyhow he’s used to working for nothing, so why start now… Your funds will be accounted for and reported on our blogsite transparently for all costs associated with Heroes Preview.

AND HERE’S THE REALLY COOL PART! You as a contributor will get cool and awesome comic rewards for your greatly needed and appreciated funding. See our Rewards listing and PLEASE, PLEASE (with sugar on top) consider becoming a part of this amazing project. Go to our CE Publishing website and checkout what we do, who is doing it and how you can get copies of great comic books. As a contibutor you will also get your name printed in Heroes Preview #2 and #3 no matter the size of your pledge. Your contribution will be seen and recognized by the great guys and gals in uniform.

















Your Friend and Fan,
Mike Rickaby
CE Publishing Group

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