Celebrate 75 Years of DC History with a New Book!

With DC Comics celebrating its 75th anniversary this week, the company has announced a new comprehensive history book!

The massive, 650 page book contains over 1500 images and will tell stories abotu DC’s long and memorable history from Paul Levitz! Here’s the info from DC’s blog:

DC Comics has joined forces with TASCHEN, the book publisher known for its eye for quality, modern design aesthetic and high-end art books spotlighting every aspect of culture: from art and movies to lifestyle and comics, to produce an ultra-comprehensive, extra large book so impressive, even super heroes may have trouble lifting it.

Clocking in at nearly 15 pounds and with over 650 pages (all details are still to be confirmed), 75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking features more than 1,500 images — including covers, interiors, original illustrations, photos, film stills and collectibles — using the latest digital reproduction technology to bring you the characters, stories and the creators that brought them to life as they’ve never been seen before.

And the man behind the story, telling the tales? None other than Paul Levitz, former DC Comics Publisher and upcoming LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES and ADVENTURE COMICS writer. Paul’s in-depth essays trace the history of DC Comics, from its pulpy beginnings to the modern era.

The book also features massive fold-out timelines and an in-depth appendix that includes bios on artists, writers, editors, publishers and actors — what more do you need to know before this gets an automatic spot on your wish list? I was sold before I even started writing this here blog post.

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