Chris Noeth’s MAYA Press Release






Soon to be regular columnist for InvestComics, Chris Noeth will be coming at fans with MAYA! Check out the mini Press Release along with Cover art! Click ahead to see….



‘Tales From The Crypt’ artist Chris Noeth is publishing his
creator owned comic series MAYA as a webcomic starting in December 2009 at

The cover image for issue #1 is showing the main character MAYA
and her teddybear friend Ringo. What appears to be a book for children (beside
the bloody sickle in Maya’s hand) in reality is a sci-fi action story with
superhero elements.

If this sound interesting to you and you want to be up to date
on this comic you already can join the MAYA fan site on facebook: or of
course follow the news on






Learn more about Chris Noeth as he will be arriving to InvestComics soon! Until then, check out his preview art and concepts right here on InvestComics! 

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