Christian Kane Interview

InvestComics sits down with Actor/musician Christian Kane before the  Wizard World Fort Lauderdale event. One of the most humblest experiences InvestComics has ever had with an interview celebrity. Christian Kane is the real deal.

Hosted by: Josh Onimus

Produced/Camera/Post: Jay Katz


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6 thoughts on “Christian Kane Interview

  1. Great Interview with the amazing Christian Kane! I enjoy learning new things about him. Huge fan of both his acting and his singing! So glad Dean Devlin and John Rogers wrote the character of Jake Stone for him! I am loving The Librarians and not just for Christian, but the magic, books and Indiana Jones feel of it.

  2. Thanks for posting your interview with the fantabulous Christian Kane! He won this girl’s ❤️ years ago with his humility, caring, and many talents. Gorgeous too! #Kaniacs forever!

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