Classic Comic Revelations: From Warlock’s Soul Gem to Brainiac’s Debut

Welcome back to InvestComics Key Comic Thursday, Episode #17, where we explore the quirky, the odd, and the downright legendary in comic book firsts and almost-firsts. And overall cool comics

Dial back to 1972 with Warlock #1, where the Soul Gem first glimmers its way into Marvel’s vast universe. Yep, before it was cool and way before it decided the fates of half the universe in a snap. Then there’s the vintage 1958 Action Comics #242, introducing Brainiac. This is where Superman meets his match in brainpower. An alien with a penchant for collecting cities? Only in comics, folks. Fast forward to 1999, and Detective Comics #737 gifts us the third appearance of Harley Quinn. Because clearly, twice was not enough to satisfy Gotham’s appetite for chaos served with a side of mallet. Swing over to Amazing Spider-Man #135, where The Punisher graces us with his presence for the second time. Still armed, still dangerous, and still sporting that iconic skull long before it was a fashion statement. Deadpool Max #5 from 2011, where the female Taskmaster steps into the scene. Because even the mercenary training game could use a little shaking up. There you have it—a rollicking ride through the annals of comic history, revisiting the gems that brought depth, drama, and a dose of dastardly to our favorite heroes’ lives. Tune in next week for another episode of eccentric entries and comic lore! Until then, be good humans to each other.

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